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The December, January & February Edition Of Camino- The exclusive Luxury South America Travel Magazine.


TOP: SOUTHERN CHILE ABOUNDS WITH LUSH GREENERY. BOTTOM: VOLCAN LANIN ON THE BORDER OF ARGENTINA IS A SIGHT BEHOLD. THE JACUZZI LIFE. FROM THE SUN DECK ONBOARD THE GALAPAGOS SEA STAR JORUNEY, AWARDED THE BEST BOUTIQUE CRUISE IN SOUTH AMERICA. Observing the Galapagos whilst indulging in your jacuzzi For many travellers, a visit to Galapagos is a privilege in itself. But having a space to repose, recharge after your days hiking and island explorations can make a world of difference. Not all cruise vessels have a jacuzzi and only those at the higher end of amenities scale will offer them, but if yours does, why not take advantage of it? CAMINO MAGAZINE 14

GALAPAGOS JORUNEY CRUISE COMES WITH ORTHOPAEDIC THE FOR A GUARANTEED GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP BEDS Enjoying a well deserved slumber as you explore Galapagos Galapagos cruises are a great way to explore Darwin’s archipelago but not everyone is comfortable with the idea of being on a smaller ship for so many days. One reason is that for most of us, a great night sleep is essential if we want to be at our best for exploring. And sleeping on a bunk style bed does not always equate with a great night especially after the long days spent on the islands. Luckily, some of the more luxurious vessels will have cabins with flat double sized beds and some vessels like the Seaman Journey and Galapagos Sea Star even have orthopaedic beds to ensure your recovery is as comfortable as possible. Seeing the Galapagos underwater life crystal clear Let’s face it, a chance to see the collection of wacky wildlife that lives on the Galapagos Islands is the major reason most travellers make the journey. So how can you see more wildlife? Only a few (La Pinta) is one that offers glass bottomed boats whilst on their daily galapagos islands tour excursions. Which means that you get even more wildlife viewing before you even step on an island or get in the water to snorkel. THE MARINE LIFE IN GALAPAGOS IS ALMOST AS IF NOT MORE IMPRESSIVE THAN THE WILDLIFE ON THE GROUND. 15

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