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The December, January & February Edition Of Camino- The exclusive Luxury South America Travel Magazine.


CONTENTS 0 2 EDITOR'S LETTER It's New Year, it's a New Schedule for CAMINO magazine. 0 3 THE BULLETIN The latest travel news from around the continent just for you. 0 5 6 REASONS TO FINALLY VISIT SOUTH AMERICA IN 2018 If you weren't already considering crossing SA off your travel list, here's why you should. 0 8 GORGEOUS GLAMPING SOUTH AMERICA STYLE Soft Adventure lovers rejoice. South America is home to several unique glamping experiences to spark your wanderlust. 1 1 5 WAYS TO MAKE GALAPAGOS MORE GLAMOROUS Because if world exclusive wildlife wasn't enough to get you to these islands, here's a rundown on how to make your trip even more fabulous. 1 7 PHOTOESSAY: ANTARCTICA Yes, discover the captivating Antarctic Peninsula through pictures. 2 8 YOUR 2018 SOUTH AMERICA HOLIDAY PLANNER The ultimate guide to get you from pondering to planning your ultimate SA adventure this year. LEFT: VIEWS OF THE AMAZON RIVER. 01

- The Bulletin- IGUAZU AIRPORT FOR CLOSED MAINTENANCE BITE 'YOUR NEWS SIZED Travellers will not be able to fly into Iguazu Airport (IGR) on the Argentinean side for a month due to runway renovation works. BRIEFS' Iguazu airport will be closed to air traffic from the 15th of April to the 15th of May in 2018. Alternative landing areas have not been confirmed yet and holiday goers should consider delaying their visit or seeking other possible routes. Travellers can continue to arrive in the Brazilian side, Foz do Iguassu airport (IGU) if they are flying from most main Brazilian cities. The popular land crossing, with most travellers flying into one side of the mesmerizing waterfalls, crossing the border and flying out of the other countries’ airport and continuing their journey will not be possible by air. Bus journeys to Iguazu are possible within Argentina, however the distances are considerable. The bus road trip from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls for example is approximately 17 hours. 03

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