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The December, January & February Edition Of Camino- The exclusive Luxury South America Travel Magazine.

2. Better Value Airfares

2. Better Value Airfares America, many of them vaild for travel well suit. Currently, you can travel to Santiago from 3. Zika is Almost Out documented, even athletes who had trained INCREDIBLE IGUAZU FALLS ON THE BORDER OF ARGENTINA & THE BRAZIL. The cost to get to South America was often The Zika Virus showed up as flu like symptoms in carriers and was of particular risk to decried as an a major obstacle to travelling there for many world weary travellers. But all pregnant women, with their babies born with a brain deformity called microcephaly. these extra flight services means more seats Last November, the Zika Emergency, which at on planes to fill which sees a recent plethora of competitive airfares around. Latam Airlines its height reached continentally as far north as the United States, was declared over by the has consistently released sale airfares to South World Health Organisation. into 2018, which often sees competitors follow The countries where Zika was reported such as Brazil, Argentina, Colombia have steadily Sydney between the $1,300 - $1,450 mark reported decreases in cases over the past 12 months to the point the risk of contracting has including taxes. lessened significantly. Whereas in Ecuador, Peru & Bolivia where the infected mosquitoes were detected but no cases were reported so In the lead up to the Olympic Games in Rio de travel with precautions is advised for pregnant Janeiro in 2016, the threat of contracting the women or those of parents looking to Zika mosquito borne virus was so widely conceive. plans to South and Central America. O M A D I C | 2 4 N 06 for years for the event, cancelled their travel

America. Which means that the higher the mark, the currency jumped more than 10 Iguazu. Travel along the gorgeous coastlines of Brazil, or to the sparse wilderness of Patagonia COSTUMES USED IN THE PERVIAN COLOURFUL DATING BACK TO INCA TIMES< INTI RAYMI. FESTIVAL tourists, if possible. Whilst South America has travellers, its reputation is building. Even countries, each with its own unique heritage beliefs. Each country has centuries of history depth, and discover the similarities and 4 - Strong Aussie Dollar Whatever your preferred vibe, you’ll find striking scenery beyond what you could Makes South America a imagined in South America. great option And the thing about natural marvels, is they are best discovered without the multitudes of Most travellers may not realise that the US Dollar is the main currency used by not always been front of mind for Australian international tourism suppliers within South Lonely Planet designated Chile as one of its aussie dollar is against the greenback, the top 10 countries to visit in 2018. further your travel goes overall. Whilst the dollar hovers around the 0.70 cent percent in the last months of 2017, currently 6 - Be Inspired by the South sitting at 0.79 which makes travel to countries like Brazil and Argentina more attractive than American People and it has been for some years. Culture 5 - Unforgettable Natural South America is made up of 13 different when it comes to food, culture, traditions and Wonders Abound in South America and customs to uncover and is worth South America is home to an incredible exploring in their own right. And if you’ve diversity of natural wonders. From the highest waited this long already to learn about this of mountains of the Andean regions, to the often forgotten part of the world, there is no deep lushness of the mighty Amazon better time to start delving into this region in rainforest or even the waterfall spectacle of differences between them for yourself. at the end of the world. B y M a r i a n S m i t h P h o t o b y J e s s i c a L e e N O M A D I C | 2 4

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