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Berita TAC, Issue 2 2017

Lay Academy

Lay Academy 2017 Module 1 – Ministry Foundations Dates : 28-29 May 2017 Venue : Emmanuel Christian Assembly, Taiping Participants : Male : 12 Female : 11 Total : 23 Lecturer : Rev. Dr. A.E. Joseph Introduction TAC started off with barely 3 local Pastors and a handful of teacher pastors from India, Sri Lanka and the West. Seeing the need, TAC embarked on a concerted effort to recruit and train ministers. The emphasis was Pastoral Ministry. The need arose as more churches and outreaches were formed. Local Preachers and Supply Pastors were recruited. The Lay Preachers Training Institute was started with the support of the Board on Laity and continued till it was stopped in 2013. With Seminari Theologi Malaysia offering Theological Education by Extension and later also in Tamil, the role of the LPTI needed to be reviewed. The need was to have a holistic training module that not only concentrated on preaching but on all the ministries of the church. In order to be effective, lay people in ministry need to be nurtured by proper training programs. The Lay Academy hopes to emphasize Bible knowledge, practical skills, theological understanding and spiritual growth. Topic: Ministry Foundations The first session of the Lay Academy was held on 28-29 May 2017, on the topic of Ministry Foundations. Rev. Dr. AE. Joseph taught on the fundamentals of Ministry. He began on The Call to Ministry: He stressed the importance of Salvation- the starting point in every Christians life which then progresses to Sanctification- the process of being made holy, a progressive growing in Christ. Finally he ended in Christian Service-the greatest honour anyone can get to be set aside by the Holy Spirit for the work of God. The call begins with a burden or compulsion to serve. It then grows into a desire to fulfil God’s will by surrendering your own will to God. The evidence can be seen in the end result or the fruit. The second part was on Spiritual Formation and Development. The need to grow and be nourished by the Word of God was stressed. Wanting to grow, being nourished by the Word, attending church and worship is important. Prayer, obedience, self-denial, fasting and holiness are fundamental for spiritual formation. 12

The third part concentrated on the Identification and Utilization of Ministry Skills. There are necessary skills in every area of life, be it sports or music or any other discipline. Knowing your skills in teaching, preaching, leading in worship, conflict management, communicating and delegating and being good in them will help in ministry. The sessions were lively and very educational. The shortcomings included late publicity and distance. We apologize and hope to do better next time. We are truly thankful for the management of Emmanuel Christian Assembly for their help and support. We thank our President and Board Chairman for their well wishes. Reported by Rev DB Laurence Our Conference Lay Leader, Mr. S. Selvaraj was present during the opening session and exhorted the participants to work together with the Pastors. He reminded that much depended on the Pulpit. “We can have our differences but unity must prevail in the end.” He requested for other modules like Church Management (LCEC) and Finance Management be included. He also requested to have more sessions in the year to finish the course faster. 13

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