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Berita TAC, Issue 2 2017

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SEEK GOD’S GLORY: THROUGH OUR LOVE Dear Friends, It is wonderful to be able to reach you through this issue. Since this is a National Day edition, we must humble ourselves and ask him; how do we Seek God’s Glory within the context of our nation? Scriptures teach us that all our relationships are important to God and we need to have His agenda as the basis of our relationships; which will then surely bring Glory to God. By accepting one another within our nation Romans 15:7 teaches us that we need to accept one other, just as God himself has accepted us. God cannot be glorified in us if we choose to hate or reject others. If God can accept us and love us even while we were still sinners (Romans 5:8), it would simply be arrogant and sinful for us to think or act otherwise. It would be useful at this point to ask God to show us how and why we have rejected certain people from our lives. Only God can help us to glorify Him by making us mature enough to accept others without conditions. By forgiving one another in our nation Ephesians 4:32 teaches us that we need to forgive one another as God has forgiven us. The Bible also warns us of God withholding forgiveness from those who refuse to forgive others (Matthew 6:15). Forgiving others is truly a difficult thing to do. In fact some people do not even want to forgive themselves! Yet, it is so easy when we want to quickly seek forgiveness from God when we have done wrong. Surely this is double standards; we want forgiveness but refuse to render forgiveness. God can never be glorified through us if we secretly harbor such attitudes and wrong precepts in our thinking. By letting God to be the Judge of our nation Very often people don’t accept each other or choose to forgive because of their hurts that have caused them much pain. They wrongly think that by not accepting or forgiving those who hurt them, they are getting even. However, the sad truth is; they are the ones who are continuing to suffer from their festering wounds. The devil has actually deceived us to continue hurting in this manner instead of receiving healing from God. We have chosen our own response rather than choosing how God wants us to respond. Why? It is possible that we actually do not trust God to be fair to us or our concerns. This too is a trap of deception that we fall into. If we consciously humble ourselves by removing pride and are willing to let go of anything that dishonors God, He will surely show us what it means to Glorify Him in our beloved nation, Malaysia. GOD BLESS YOU 3

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