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Berita TAC, Issue 2 2017


SEEK GOD’S GLORY Dear Friends, Warm Greetings to all of you in the name of JESUS. Glad to reach you through this communique. Kindly note the dates and matters below for your information and prayer. ‣ 28th July: President and B.O M. Chairman to meet STM Students. ‣ 29th July: TAC Website administrators meeting. ‣ 30th July: Preaching in TMC Seremban. ‣ 3rd August: HQ Prayer in Wisma. Organized by the Meth. Women. ‣ 4th August: Fasting Prayer and waiting upon the Lord by President and the Prayer Team. ‣ 6th August: Preaching in TMC Cheras. ‣ 8th to 10th August: Pastors Development Program in Melaka. ‣ 12th and 13th August: School of Evangelism in Bentong. ‣ 17th August: Council of Presidents in Sibu, Sarawak. ‣ 18th to 19th August: GCEC Meetings. ‣ 20th August: Preaching in TMC Klang. ‣ 26th to 28th August: Methodist Women Conference in Melaka. Prayer Concerns - Rev Dr A E Joseph was admitted in the hospital due to problems in his spine. Please pray for a complete recovery. - Bishop Ong and his wife are recovering from Denggi fever. President Jayakumar’s wife and son are also recovering from Denggi fever. - August is the month we celebrate our independence. We need to pray for our nation especially for the upcoming General Election. - In the month of September we will be having our local Conferences. It pains my heart when I see leaders who do not pray or obey God’s word getting elected. How will they be able to discern God’s will for their churches? Please begin regular prayers sessions in your churches so that only God fearing people get elected into the LCEC, District and Conference leadership. It would be good if the pastors and leaders ensure that a copy of this letter could be enlarged and printed out for the church notice board. Thank You and God Bless You. In His Grace, Rev. Dennis Raj 4

THE BOOK OF TITUS – MANUAL FOR CHANGE MANAGEMENT IN THE CHURCH In Titus 1:5, Paul wrote to Titus that he had left him in the island of Crete to ‘set in order’ that which was lacking among the members of the church there. Paul then wrote this epistle to Titus, laying the foundations of church management’ 1. GETTING OUR CALLING RIGHT (Tit.1:1-4) In the first 4 verses of chapter 1, Paul describes himself to Titus as :- I. Servant of God (v.1) A more closer translation may be ‘a slave’ of Jesus Christ! Paul had no identity or agenda of his own but to do the will of God. He was to do what God wanted him to do. That was the mindset of Paul. II. Apostle of Jesus Christ (v.1) An Apostle was one who went to places where nobody had preached the Gospel before – a pioneer worker called to declare Jesus Christ as the Lord and Saviour through his words and walk, and ‘plant a church’ among the saved people. Paul’s lifestyle evangelism! III. Preacher of the Word (v.3) The primary purpose of Paul’s ministry was to preach the Word. In serving God, one can be easily preoccupied with many, not necessarily bad activities and forget the best – preaching the Word of God for the salvation of the people. Preaching the Word was Paul’s commitment. IV. A spiritual father (v.4) Paul reached out to Titus with the heart of a father and not as a teacher or an elder. He did not pull ranks or try to intimidate the young man. In all humility Paul appeals to Titus with a father’s heart of love. Through the above, Paul seems to impress his young recipient that he had got his calling right. There is absolutely no use in engaging ourselves in activities for which we are not called by God. Our skills and gifts of grace are very important but nothing significant can be done for the Lord, outside His calling! Indirectly, Paul is conveying to Titus that he too must get his calling right, to effectively bring about a change in the lives of his church members. One cannot give what one does not have. Change management begins inside the person who is trying to bring about a desired change! To be continued........ S. Selvaraj Conference Lay Leader 5

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