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Berita TAC, Issue 2 2017

not contain himself when

not contain himself when he saw the elderly pastors on their knees and in tears. The young Provisional Conference based itself to be ‘selfsupporting, self-propagating and selfgoverning’ by trusting God. We have come a long way now and the recent survey and statistics speaks of our growth and strength. We had an interesting Q&A session after that. He voiced his concern that the only way our TAC’s Mission is to be achieved is through Evangelism. Thus, he challenged all Pastors, Leaders and churches to rise up to the call of Evangelism without delay. The next talk was on ‘Methodist Schools in Malaysia’ by Mr. S.Selvaraj. In the 19 th century Christian missionaries were the pioneers of education in the then, Malaya. They served as principals/ teachers and church pastors. Methodist mission schools saw their birth in the 1880s. At present, we have 49 Methodist primary schools, 26 secondary schools and 6 private schools. We also have 2 private colleges. He pointed out that our Methodist strategy is to produce ACE students – which means Academic excellence, Character development and Extra-curricular achievement. Apart from our private schools/ institutions, we have lost our distinctive Christian ethos and character in our government aided schools. His session interestingly ended with some thought provoking questions such as: 1. Home skills are neglect in schools – why? 2. Is it possible for TAC to take control of our own Tamil schools? 3. What is the challenge the church faces? 4. Why can’t the private education be brought into our students? 5. Many of our Methodist members are ignorant of the Methodist Discipline – how are we to overcome this? After a challenging talk on education, Mr. Goh Keat Seng shared on ‘Bringing Church History Back to Life’. He described the difference between Church Archivist, a qualified person and Church Historian, anyone can be appointed, no need for any qualification. Then we all stood up to sing the song, ‘Find us Faithful’. History is ministry. History is a source of inspiration. History helps us in understanding who we are. He gave a description of the responsibilities of a church historian. Writing our church history is basically to tell the story of God at work in the life of our congregation. The 3 fold purpose is to gather and preserve the record of faithful witnesses through the years, to teach the members and friends of the congregation for now and in the future and to help our church to see its ministry and mission as an ongoing pilgrimage in maintaining the church history and records. Mr. Gopal Sundaram presented the final talk on Methodist Heritage. He shared 7 points; we come from a heritage of a Holy Club, a 8

great cloud of witnesses which should ignite the desire to obey and do God’s work and bring the good news to our world today, a focus on teaching and special needs, a methodical way of doing things, an itinerant ministry, connectional system and the local church where ministry takes place. He stressed the all Methodists should look into Para 71 in the Methodist Discipline for further understanding. Rev. Dennis Raj did the closing address on ‘Where do we go from here?’ He stressed that where we are now and what we have has come about because of the past and what have we learnt. What we do now will determine our future. In Judges 2 we read that a generation grew up who did not know God. They forsook the Lord. Therefore, we must be careful. We can achieve the numbers but lack the character. We will have glamorous events but shameful people. He shared on 1 Cor. 3:8-9. The FUTURE is NOW! We must work hard and invest on our youngsters too. Our future is in God’s hands. We must patch up all our shortcomings and weaknesses. Rev. Dennis Raj invited and led us to make a commitment to do what the Lord says and to go where he points and to whom he sends. At the closing remark, the BOAH Chairman, Mr. Steven Sekhar thanked all the speakers. At the 2 nd session of the forum at Wesley Kuala Lumpur eight hampers were given out to the Quiz winners. The goal of bringing the awareness of our TAC history to the churches was achieved through this forum. The program was beneficial to many as they learnt a lot of new things. It was a blessing to all those who attended. Praise be to GOD! Compiled by, Ps. PP. Abraham and Jacob Paul Korinthiar 9

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