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Drop In Housings Cartridges catalogue

Wound sediment Melt blown polypropylene Carbon block Granular activated carbon We are a wholesale supplier of products, solutions and services in water treatment. We provide only businesses companies such as distributors, retailers, manufacturers and assemblers. A catalog that includes products carefully selected from the most prestigious brands in the Water Treatment market, operative site, personalized services, logistics precise and efficient, flexible organization, but also the basic importance that is attributed to human factors and relationships with partners, are of Sinergroup Srl a reference for many companies of the sector.

Flow rate 50 micron:

Flow rate 50 micron: Variants 20 gpm (76,6L/min) Code Description 04003002-03 Big Melt blown polypropylene cartridge 20" - 1 micron (4) 04003002-01 Green Filter Big Melt blown polypropylene cartridge 20" - 5 micron (10) 04003002-02 Green Filter Big Melt blown polypropylene cartridge 20" - 50 micron (10) Carbon block cartridges Code: 04004001 Carbon Block cartridge 2,5''x5'' - 5 micron (50) Carbon block cartridges. Compressed extruded carbon. Dechlorination and stench deletion. For alimentary use. Code: 04004002 Green Filter Carbon Block cartridge 2,5''x9-3/4" - 10 micron (25) Features Internal diameter: 28 mm. External diameter: 68 mm. Pressure: 6bar (87psi) max. Max differential pressure: 0,8 bar (80 kpa) at 20°C Temperature Rating: 122°F (50°C) max. Flow rate: 0,9 gpm (3,6L/min) Service life: 3.170 gallons (12.000L) max. 1 year Extruded carbon block for dechlorination, odor removal. 13 February 2018 12/26

Code: 04004003 Pentek SCBC-10 silver Carbon Block cartridge 2-7/8''x9-3/4" - 0,5 micron (12) Features Internal diameter: 28 mm. External diameter: 74 mm. Temperature Rating: 40 - 180ºF (4.4 - 82.2ºC) Flow rate: 0,99 gpm (3,78L/min) Service life: 998,4 gallons (3.780L) max. 1 year The SCBC-10 Silver-Impregnated Carbon Block Filter is the same as the CBC-10 but is silver-impregnated making it bacteriostatic so it remains hygienic for longer. Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon combines the special advantages of two technologies into one product. Silver and activated carbon together make an ideal bacteriostatic water filter media bed. Silver inhibits the growth of bacteria within the filter media bed. The cartridge fits standard 10 inch housings for counter top and under counter water purifiers. The unique structure enables it to reduce Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Entamoeba, and Toxoplasma cysts and fine sediment particles down to 0.5 microns. Removes Chlorine Taste and Odor, Pesticides, Organics, THM's(Trihalomethanes) & HAA5's(Haloacetic Acids). The SCBC10 activated carbon filter works by adsorption and physical screening of contaminants. The carbon adsorbs contaminants by collecting organic molecules and other substances on its porous surface. Carbon block filters consist of activated carbon particles fused into a uniform block with enhanced adsorptive capacity and efficiency. Contaminant Reduction: * Chlorine Taste and Odor * Removes over 99% of Cryptosporidium, Entamoeba, Toxoplasma * Pesticides * Organics * Cysts * THM's (Trihalomethanes) * HAA5's (Haloacetic Acids) Code: 04004010 Ionicore Silver Coconut Carbon Block cartridge 2,5''x10" - 0.5, 5, 10 micron (20) Features Service life 0.5 micron: Service life 5 micron: Service life 10 micron: Flow rate: Pressure: Max differential pressure 0.5 micron: Max differential pressure 5 micron: Max differential pressure 10 micron: Temperature Rating: Gasket: End Caps: Outer Wrap: Netting: 20.000 galloni (75.708L) max. 1 year 17.000 galloni (64.352L) max. 1 year 15.000 galloni (56.781L) max. 1 year 1,0 gpm (3,7854L/min) 87psi (6bar) max. 20 kpa (0,20 bar) max. 13 kpa (0,13 bar) max. 13 kpa (0,13 bar) max. 40 - 180°F (4.4 - 82.2°C) Buna-N Polypropylene Polypropylene Polyethylene 13 February 2018 13/26

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