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Strings Catalogue

Tuition and repertoire books for string instruments are a big part of our publishing catalogue. We hope that this resource will help you find out more about the titles that you already know, and highlight those hidden gems you may not have come across before.

Education Technique

Education Technique Takes Off! Technique Takes Off! presents imaginative, original studies for violin, viola and solo cello, specially designed to lead on from elementary studies for younger players to more advanced material. Each piece concentrates on one or two aspects of technique, and the whole set covers a wide range of left- and right-hand skills, including spiccato bowing, string-crossing, moto perpetuo, cantabile, and easy double stops. Teachers and pupils will find this invaluable, yet light-hearted, series both enjoyable and stimulating. 0571513077 Technique takes off! (violin) Mary Cohen £7.99 €11.17 0571514197 Technique takes off! (viola) Mary Cohen £7.99 €11.17 0571514200 Technique takes off! (cello) Mary Cohen £7.99 €11.17 0571532632 Jazz Technique Takes Off! (violin) Mary Cohen £7.99 €11.17 0571524842 More technique takes off! (violin) Mary Cohen £7.99 €11.17 0571518273 Technique flies high! (violin) Mary Cohen £7.99 €11.17 Jazzin’ About This incredibly popular, best-selling series has it all: cool syncopation, funky riffs and smooth, stylish tunes. Get into the groove as you cruise from blues to rock to jazz! There are a range of books suitable for different levels, including festive arrangements, all by Pam Wedgwood. 0571522017 Really Easy Jazzin’ About (violin & piano) Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17 0571513158 Jazzin’ About (violin & piano) Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17 0571516947 Christmas Jazzin’ About (violin & piano) Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17 0571513166 Jazzin’ About (cello & piano) Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17 0571516955 Christmas Jazzin’ About (cello & piano) Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17 0571568807 Jazzin’ About. Stringsets (score & parts) Pam Wedgwood £18.99 €25.19 Up-Grade! Pam Wedgwood’s Up-Grade! series is perfect for those looking for something to bridge the gap between grades. Guaranteed to breathe new life into a student’s playing, the varied pieces and duets in these bright collections range from toetapping jazzy numbers to more classical styles, all designed to ease the player gently on towards the next grade. bEST-SELLER 0571519547 Up-Grade! Violin Grades 1-2 Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17 0571519555 Up-Grade! Violin Grades 2-3 Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17 0571519628 Up-Grade! Cello Grades 1-2 Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17 0571519636 Up-Grade! Cello Grades 3-5 Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17 8 Faber Music strings Catalogue

Education Unbeaten tracks Unbeaten Tracks offers eight contemporary pieces for players. The composers have created pieces which are fun to play as well as helping to develop new techniques. This approachable set of pieces introduces contemporary sounds and styles in an interesting and playable way. The books also contain ‘biopics’ for each composer where they explain their inspiration and give further insight into the music. 0571519148 Unbeaten Tracks (violin & piano) Edward Huws Jones £8.99 €13.04 0571519768 Unbeaten Tracks (cello & piano) David Matthews £8.99 €13.04 Other Education Titles We had to bring these worthy educational titles to your attention. For more information, visit our website or your local music retailer. 0571521878 Nifty Shifts (violin) Mary Cohen £6.99 €9.30 0571534260 Red Hot Violin. Grades 3-4 Rachel Jennings £9.99 €13.97 0571534279 Red Hot Violin. Grades 5-6 Rachel Jennings £9.99 €13.97 0571510086 Red Parrot Green Parrot (teacher’s book) Edward Huws Jones £7.50 €9.81 0571511716 Red Parrot Green Parrot (violin) Edward Huws Jones £4.99 €7.01 0571529070 Real Repertoire Violin Duets Mary Cohen £8.99 €13.04 0571510922 Really Easy Viola Book (viola & piano) Edward Huws Jones £6.99 €8.25 0571510914 Really Easy Violin Book (violin & piano) Edward Huws Jones £7.99 €11.17 0571506232 Scales and Arpeggios for Violin (violin) Derek Collier £14.99 €20.09 0571514235 Scaley Monsters (violin) Mary Cohen £6.99 €9.30 0571518060 Space it! (violin) Mary Cohen £6.99 €9.30 1859097448 Take the Lead. Christmas Songs (violin with CD) Various £9.99 €13.97 0757901514 Take the Lead. Classical (violin with CD) Various £9.99 €13.97 0571510981 Play it Again (viola & piano) Daniel Scott £7.99 €11.17 0571516688 Quick Change (viola) Mary Cohen £6.99 €9.30 0571519172 Learning the Tenor Clef (cello & piano) Alan Gout & Pat Legg £8.99 €13.04 0571511449 Position Jazz (cello duets) Pat Legg £5.99 €8.18 0571529836 Scaley Monsters (cello) Mary Cohen £6.99 €9.30 057151801X Thumb Position for Beginners (cello) Pat Legg £8.99 €13.04 0571518028 Thumb Position Repertoire (cello & piano) Pat Legg £8.99 €13.04 0571511708 Really Easy Bass Book (double bass & piano) Tony Osborne £7.99 €11.17 Faber Music strings Catalogue 9