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Trinity Academy 2017 Annual Report

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FINANCES REVENUE AND EXPENSES - $4.4 M BUDGET REVENUE 2017-18 Budgeted Numbers 92% 4% 4% - Tuition and Fees - Donations - Additional Sources of Revenue* EXPENSES 2017-18 Budgeted Numbers 73% 7% 7% 7% 3% 3% - Salary and Benefits - Operations - Debt Service - Facilities - Health Insurance - Programming *Camp Trinity/Extended Learning, Corporate Champions, and Facility Rentals THE OPERATING BUDGET AND TUITION Tuition revenue currently covers 92% of the cost to educate our students. National independent school associations state that 90% and above is a solid indicator of fiscal health. There are two ways to fund the other 8% it takes to run Trinity Academy: 1) raise tuition rates to the level they need to be in order to cover 100% of educational expenses, or 2) use a combination of donations and alternative sources of revenue to make up the difference and relieve the pressure on tuition levels. Trinity’s leadership is committed to continuing our work to boost enrollment, build a consistent culture of annual giving, and seek alternative sources of funding, with the goal of keeping annual tuition increases low and continuing to provide a superior Trinity education. CAMP TRINITY/EXTENDED LEARNING (EL) NET PROFIT 2016-17 Over 310 families served by Camp Trinity in the 2016-17 fiscal year. EL After-School Programs EL Private Music Lessons Camp Trinity Camp Trinity Donations $71,598 $4,032 $9,796 $10,932 12 Total Net Profit 2016-17 = $96,358

FINANCES International Residence INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARS PROGRAM In coming years, the International Scholars Program will be a new revenue stream for Trinity Academy. However, the vision for this program is much more than financial - it is a mission focused to transform the hearts of our international students and our own. Hear our heart in this video: FACILITIES RENTAL INCOME We generated $69,667 in revenue for the 2016-17 fiscal year by entering into partnerships for the use of our facilities and fields. OUR CAMPUS Appraised Value = $11.0 M Mortgage = $4.9 M, 4.5% Fixed 25-Year AM, 6 -Year Call $26,462 Monthly = 7% of (2017-2018 budget) 45% LTV 13

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