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Trinity Academy 2017 Annual Report

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THANK YOU TO OUR 2017-18 CORPORATE CHAMPIONS Platinum - Gold - Silver - Second Empire Restaurant & Tavern, Grossman Orthodontics, Britt Dental Center, JCM Telecom, Campbell Orthodontics, Mason & Clark Wealth Management Group Williams & Daily Dental, Avian & Exotic Animal Care, Kilpatrick Law Group, Bumgarner & Martin Orthodontics, Advanced Research Monotoring, Inc. Franklin Watkins Financial Group, Pursuit Wealth Management, HMD Development, Au Family, Wake Orthopaedics BOARD OF DIRECTORS Matt Young, Board Chairman Samantha Kilpatrick, Vice Chairman Mark Slaga, Finance Chairman Chris Evans, Chairman Emeritus Kathryn Ayers, Past Board Chairman Allison Ashley David Bulzan Allin Foulkrod Kim Garnas Veronica Greear David Horner Dave Kern, QISP Chairman Lawrence Kissling Steve Yager TRINITY ACADEMY STAFF LEADERSHIP Matthew Breazeale, Interim Head of School Jane Houchin, Upper School Head Susan Hofer, Interim Lower School Head Kris Hinton, Chief Financial Officer Jane Currin, Director of Marketing & Communications Susan Dougherty, Director of College Counseling Chris Freeman, Director of Extended Learning Brad Hodgson, Director of Technology Celeste Huffstutler, Director of Admissions Bill Michaels, Director of Facilities David Schenk, Director of Athletics Courtney Woodfin, Director of Development Together, We Transform Tomorrow 10224 Baileywick Road, Raleigh, NC, 27613 919-786-0114

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