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Trinity Academy 2017 Annual Report

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LETTER FROM BOARD CHAIRMAN From Trinity Academy’s Chairman of the Board Dear Parents, Grandparents, Alumni, and Friends of Trinity Academy: At the start of 2018, Trinity Academy is on the threshold of a transformative future. Over the last decade, Trinity’s leadership has focused on moving us to a place of financial strength while also advancing our program excellence. We are strong in both areas and ready for the next stage in Trinity’s history. Our school’s history can generally be divided into three eras: 1. Formative. This was a time marked by substantial financial underwriting by a few key donors. The generosity of this era allowed the school the flexibility to focus on its mission and to form its core identity without fear of financial distress. To this day, we all enjoy the fruits of this time. 2. Foundational. During this period, Trinity transitioned financially to a place of selfsufficiency. With strategic moves by our leadership, we moved from a position where tuition and other program revenues covered only 67% of operating expenses to a position, by 2012, where those same sources of revenue covered 97% of operating expenses. The national benchmark for excellence in this area is 90%. 3. Thriving. In the 2014-2015 academic year, we moved into a new era by launching our first annual fund effort, The Trinity Fund. This was an important step as we worked to broaden the stable of families that own the Trinity mission through their time, talent, and treasures and as we attempted to fund important strategic initiatives and supplement our operating budget. The Trinity Fund has been a remarkable success. Over the last four years, we have seen broad-based giving include parents, teachers, grandparents, alumni and board members – and the giving has been reliable, with over 95% of pledges fulfilled. Be assured that the Board and administration are both prayerful and strategic in their thinking as we plan for tomorrow. Our recent successes lay the groundwork for us to take the next step as we consider ways to grow and make more permanent our physical infrastructure. We are all blessed to be a part of Trinity at such an exciting time. As we transition our administrative leadership and plan for the continued development of Trinity’s campus, we are in a place where we can all make a difference – through our prayers, our time, and our gifts. I trust you will enjoy reading this Annual Report and see it for what it is – a very eager thank you for all that each of you has done, and will continue to do, to support and grow our Trinity Academy community. Matthew A. Young Board Chairman 2

OVERVIEW One of our top priorities as Trinity parents is to provide our children with an education that will equip them to live with wisdom, excellence, and purpose, whatever the future may hold. The tuition we pay for our children’s education (K-College) is our investment in their future. We all sacrifice to provide them such a generous gift. And we entrust Trinity to steward well our children and our finances. In a sense, we are also called to be stewards of the next generation. Our children’s development of an authentic, Christian worldview at Trinity, combined with their ability to think critically and creatively, and to communicate effectively, will give them the ability to Transform Tomorrow in the realms of business, politics, technology, culture, and the Church. This is a tomorrow worth investing in. This publication provides you with important financial information on how Trinity is stewarding your resources. In addition, we share Stories of Stewardship that prove your investment is making an eternal impact as Trinity students Transform Tomorrow. OUR FIVE PILLARS ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE CURRICULAR ATHLETICS SPIRITUAL FORMATION CHRIST-LIKE COMMUNITY THRIVING FUTURE Stewarding minds, cultivating thought Stewarding competitive drive, cultivating humility Stewarding hearts, cultivating joy Stewarding grace and love, cultivating lives together Stewarding resources, cultivating long term security PAGE 4 PAGE 5 PAGES 6-7 PAGE 8 PAGE 9, 15 3

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