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Trinity Academy 2017 Annual Report

Read Stories of Stewardship at Trinity Academy.


STEPHEN’S STORY Story 1 Stephen West (Academic Excellence) stewarding minds, cultivating thought 4 MEET STEPHEN WEST ‘10 College: North Carolina State University ‘14, Park Scholar Major: Aerospace Engineering Post-Graduate: Stanford University ’16, M.S.; Arizona State University ’21, Ph.D. Favorite Trinity Class: AP Calculus Three Words to Describe Trinity: Classical, Christian, Community Fun Fact: Stephen is a commercial pilot and certified flight instructor At Trinity Academy, Stephen developed the ability to think critically, communicate effectively, and filter everything he learned through a Christian worldview. From an early age, he grew an appreciation for and a love of learning. Taking on the most challenging classes, both while attending Trinity and throughout his college and postgraduate years, quickly became Stephen’s norm, not because he felt pressured to, but because he genuinely wanted to. Stephen attributes his love of learning to the standard of academic excellence Trinity Academy encouraged day in and day out. As a result, he’s felt well-equipped in his pursuit of higher education to take on studies of new topics with steep learning curves. To date, he has not only gone on to obtain his Masters in Aeronautics & Astronautics from Stanford University, but he is also currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Geological Sciences at Arizona State University where he’s studying planetary science and nuclear instrumentation. Stephen says there’s no question that the academic foundation with which Trinity blessed him has and will continue to help him excel to his “ “ ” Trinity is important to me because it provided an exceptional education spanning all disciplines, surrounded and continues to welcome me into community, and cultivated my ability to articulate and defend my Christian faith. ” fullest potential and set him apart in his academic pursuit. Trinity shaped me into a person who can boldly engage with any line of inquiry while standing strong in my Christian faith.

MATTHEW’S STORY Story 2 Matthew Duggins (Curricular Athletics) stewarding competitive drive, cultivating humility MEET MATTHEW DUGGINS ‘11 College: Denison University ‘15 Major: Political Science, Arabic Favorite Trinity Class: AP US History Three Words to Describe Trinity: Community, Faith, Purpose Fun Fact: Matthew has lived in the Middle East Academics were only half of what Trinity Academy gave Matthew Duggins. His participation in swimming throughout his years at Trinity was as much a vital part of his school experience as the academics themselves. Curricular Athletics taught Matthew the value of hard work and leadership by example, critical values that are important in any stage of life. They also taught him how to persevere through difficult times while showing him the importance of leaning on friends and faith. Matthew believes that the real-life experiences he learned while at Trinity, especially through team sports, prepared him for life beyond high school and set him up well for life as an adult, living in the Washington D. C. area and working for the United States Department of Defense. Trinity’s first state champion in swimming, Matthew went on to swim on Varsity his freshman year at Denison, making lifelong friends in the process. He eventually went on to direct the campus-wide intramural sports program his last two years in college. Sports have been and always will be an integral part of his life and much of that can be attributed to his years at Trinity. Congratulations to “ The experiences you have with your team in the pool or on the field add another layer of meaning to the ” already strong friendships you have. Matthew upon his December engagement to Anna Apostel. 5

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