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Trinity Academy 2017 Annual Report

Read Stories of Stewardship at Trinity Academy.


HAILEYS’S STORY Story 4 Hailey Price (Christ-Like Community) stewarding grace and love, cultivating lives MEET HAILEY PRICE ‘15 College: Meredith College ‘19 Major: Chemistry and Biology Favorite Trinity Class: AP Chemistry Three Words to Describe Trinity: Community, Tight-knit, Family Fun Fact: Performed as a cheerleader in the Macy’s Day Parade 8 Growing up in a family of believers at Trinity Academy profoundly shaped Hailey’s life and future. From a young age, she was being invested in and molded by her peers, her teachers, her coaches, and the families at Trinity. This Christ-like community fostered in her a hunger for Christian community and a deep desire to provide this community for others. At Meredith, she became deeply involved with CRU, a campus ministry, through which she has served as a bible study leader for local high school girls. This past summer, she had a life-changing experience serving on the CRU Summer Missions Team in East Asia for six weeks, sharing the gospel with college students, many of which had never before heard of Jesus Christ. Hailey credits the fortitude of the skills and knowledge she learned at Trinity - rhetoric, ethics, philosophy, religion, and apologetics - for effectively and efficiently being able to communicate the gospel to foreign students. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, she personally witnessed eight students accept Christ and truly desire relationship with Him this past summer! Hailey hopes to use her double major in Chemistry and Biology on the mission field after graduation. “ ” “Looking back now, with more maturity, I understand that there is truly something special and different about the way that Trinity Academy raises up their students. They have prepared us to be leaders and advocates for living differently in light of the gospel. ” Trinity Academy allowed me to blossom as an individual. Being able to take classes such as rhetoric, ethics, logic, apologetics, and philosophy prepared me not only academically, but spiritually, allowing me to find my voice and truly argue for what I believed.

ASHLEY’S STORY Story 5 Ashley Wallace (Thriving Future) stewarding resources, cultivating long-term security MEET ASHLEY WALLACE ‘12 College: Baylor University ‘16 Major: Chemistry Graduate School: UT Southwestern Medical School, Pursuing MD, Class of 2020 Three Words to Describe Trinity: Christ-centered, Purposeful, Life-filled Activities at Trinity: Art, Volleyball, Soccer, Swimming Trinity instilled in Ashley a deep and profound love of learning that has carried her through her academic endeavors and enabled her to thrive. She credits the amazing community she was a part of from grades 1-12 for instilling in her the confidence to pursue a career in medicine. Now a second year medical student, she remains confident that God will continue to guide her path as she makes decisions, both significant career decisions and also small decisions, about how to care for and love the people that surround her daily. “I am thankful that God placed me at Trinity, where I learned how to learn and was surrounded by people who exemplified God’s love. My prayer is that Trinity would continue to impact students’ lives with God’s love, as it did for me! ” 9

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