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ET Australia Magazine Issue #2 February 2018

ET Australia’s annual student & community magazine.

Around the World and

Around the World and Back Again Meet the Trainer – Dione Terrantroy. Dione regularly draws on her more than 15 years hospitality management experience both locally and abroad to deliver quality training to ET Australia Training College business students. Having worked in hospitality for 15 years Dione decided to make a career change. When working in hospitality she worked as an Event Manager in 5 star hotels and was responsible for up to 50 staff. Part of her job was to train staff which was something she has always been passionate about so Dione went about pursuing this new and exciting career change. TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Whilst completing this qualification she was constantly job searching and commenced a post qualification program in Business at ET Australia. When this program finished Dione was offered a Traineeship role as a Training Officer with ET Australia while completing her BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business. This commenced as an administrative position and progressed to a Business Trainer & Assessor 6 months later. Since commencing training 4 years ago Dione has trained students in various programs and qualifications including ICA20105 Certificate II in Information Technology, BSB30115 Certificate III in Business, BSB30415 Certificate III in Business Administration, pre-traineeship Business Programs, Job Readiness Programs for clients of the Smith Family and Salvation Army Employment Plus and presentation techniques for staff of Gosford City Council. Dione also manages approximately 20 trainees who are completing on the job traineeships including Certificate III in Business and Business Administration. When leaving the UK it took Dione 7 months to gain employment. Being unemployed and a single parent to a young daughter was a very difficult time for her. It is very easy to lose your confidence and staying motivated takes an enormous effort. Having experienced this has not only inspired her to help others who are also in this position and enables her to relate to those students who are job seekers. Dione believes that by not being judgemental and offering a supportive learning environment has helped students achieve new goals. As a former Event Manager and working with people of various backgrounds and skill sets Dione knows the importance of having staff that not only come with the necessary technical skills but have the right attitude. Her students are given detailed theoretical knowledge together with lots of practical experience. Dione makes her classes as interesting as possible to cater for the various age groups her classes have. For example younger students tend to have a short attention span and enjoy using computers so Dione will include interactive websites, show interesting You Tube clips and facilitate group discussions. Dione on holidays with her daughter After leaving the UK (where she worked for 9 years), to come back to the Central Coast, Dione set about making this career change happen. Dione travelled to Newcastle twice a week for 5 months to gain her Dione teaching a recent Business training program in ET Australia Training Colleges computer lab at the Young Parents Hub Wyong. 12

Dione with recent Business graduate Carlie McCreedie Students are encouraged to spend supervised time on ET Australia’s reception desk so they can gain invaluable hands on experience. They answer phones and help with general administration duties. Students are encouraged to participate in work experience at the end of their business programs which enhances skills they have learned in class and gives them the opportunity to learn new ones. Participating in work placement offers the benefits of trying an industry to see if they like it, increases their networks, provides feedback from employers for their portfolio. Many students have gained employment from their work experience. When putting together assessments for her work-based trainees Dione spends a great deal of time in tailoring assessments so they are job specific and relevant. Dione will liaise closely with the Supervisor/Manager to incorporate work projects. Dione’s focus is for her students to get the qualification they have signed up for and to have the skills to gain and maintain employment. Dione says “I am in a very lucky position where I have had the opportunity to teach my students in class, help them gain employment and continue to be their trainer and assessor as they complete their qualification as a trainee on-the-job. It is very rewarding to see students progress in their positions. We have had previous students that have come back to business classes to tell their story to new students. This is very motivating for new students as they can see they can make a change and achieve their goal”. Dione is a single mum who has shown to others where perseverance can get you. Dione had a very clear career goal and she managed to juggle study, work and family life to get to where she is in a relatively short period of time. Dione has continued with her studies & in 2016 went on to achieve a double Diploma in Training Design and Development & Vocational Education and Training Dione is currently involved in more study that will allow her to train and assess more business related units. She has worked really hard and taken the necessary steps to achieve her desired goal. I am in a very lucky position where I have had the opportunity to teach my students in class, help them gain employment and continue to be their trainer and assessor as they complete their qualification as a trainee on-the-job Dione handing over a certificate of completion to ET Australia Training College Business graduate Patricia Watt 13