• In past lot of paper done in any business which

was only overhead for our business.

• Multiple papers were required to record our

important information.

• There were need to face huge amount against

paper work

• Very difficult to carry huge paperwork from

one place to another

• Searching of any record from papers were very


• Take care of paper record was a challenging


• When iPad introduced in 2010, it considered

the best alternate of paperwork.

iPad had a huge memory to save our personal


iPad is very easy to carry from one place to


• Huge battery life that had ability to serve us

long time period.

• Secured our data.

• Now we can easily consider how iPad removed

the flaw that we faced in traditional approach

which was wholly depend on paperwork.

There were lot of issues with traditional

approach and iPad overcame those issues and

saved our lot of precious time as well as our


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