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FAWCO Clubs in Motion

Clubs in Motion is a FAWCO initiative to

encourage members to stay physically fit. Why

should clubs get involved? Exercise benefits your

health. For every hour of regular, vigorous

exercise you do, such as brisk walking, you can

live two hours longer. And we all know that it's

more FUN to exercise with friends.

The earliest record of a FAWCO Clubs in Motion

activity was by AILO Florence in January 2010,

with photos of their Garden Walking Tour in the

Lucca area. They reported that they did not

cover many kilometers, but had a great deal of

fun, and that’s a good part of what Clubs in

Motion is all about.

Today there are 21 clubs (and one individual member from Dubai) on our mailing list (AWC

Amsterdam, AWC Antwerp, AWC Bern, AWC Bogotá, AIWC Casablanca, Chilterns AWC, AWC

Denmark, AWC Dublin, AWC Dusseldorf, AILO Florence, AWC The Hague, AWC Hamburg, AWG

Languedoc-Roussillon, AWC London, AWC Luxembourg, AWC Mumbai, Munich IWC, AIWC

Naples, AAWE Paris, AW Surrey, AWC Zurich), but not all of these regularly report their activities.

Munich IWC wins the prize for the best reporting of their activities. They are also the club that has

recently published a book about walks in their area, 20 Walks from Munich, with trail guides and

tips about where to eat and drink along the way!

FAWCO Clubs in Motion activities have traditionally included regular walking or hiking groups,

participation in charity walks or runs, marathons, etc., with clubs submitting monthly reports

including number of club participants and km/miles walked for each event. We do need three

or more club members exercising together for it to count. The totals are tallied, with the hope of

reaching the same number of kilometers as the circumference of the earth. By the end of

February 2015, we were only 145 km short of that goal. The clock was set back to zero after the

conference, but sadly, we have never achieved such record numbers since.


So, we would now like to

encourage you to report ANY

group physical activity, such as

cycling, swimming, tennis, folk

dancing, skiing, mountain

climbing, sky-diving, Zumba,

bungee-jumping, etc, even if the

motion can’t be tallied in the

same form as walks or hikes. And

we are ALWAYS open to new and

creative suggestions about group

motion. Why not Tai Chi? Just

because it is slow doesn’t mean

it’s not motion - and it’s healthy.

It’s certain that there is even more

motion out there. We’d like to hear

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