Inspiring Women Spring 2018



What personal motto do you live by, and how

does it affect what you do/don’t do? Carpe

diem: live every day as if it is the last. Always

live in the present, but do learn from the past

(your own and that of others). Always look

hopefully into the future and be optimistic. If

you want to be successful in life, you need to

have a plan and stick to it. However, never

forget to be flexible and listen to yourself.

Goals may change.

Also, always be yourself and live your dreams.

Do not live your life for others. You only have

this single one. Never wait until a man (or a

woman) asks you to dance. If you want to

dance, go and ask them yourself.

Tell us something interesting about yourself

that not many people know. I proposed to

my husband Hannes; I didn’t wait for him to

do it!


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