Inspiring Women Spring 2018


Inspiration from England


American Women of Berkshire & Surrey, England

From: Arlington VA, USA

Lives: Virginia Water, Surrey, England

I married my husband, Anthony, in 1997, and we

have three children – John (17), Anthony (14) and

Nicole (11). Prior to expat life, I was a corporate

lawyer in Washington, DC. In 2001, we had our first

child and immediately moved overseas – a

massive lifestyle change all at once! We lived in

Brussels, Belgium from 2001 to 2004 and again

starting in 2009. We then moved to London in 2013

and have lived here ever since. Career-wise, I

taught French in the USA for several years

between expat assignments and now work parttime

as a freelance translator.

Over the years, I’ve been involved in track and field (discus and shot put in high school; high

school coach when teaching in Virginia), fencing (University of Michigan), recreational running,

general fitness and, most recently, golf.

I was a late bloomer when it came to sports,

until I discovered the shot put and discus in

high school. I competed at the state level, but

did not pursue it in college. Instead, I joined

the fencing club at the University of Michigan,

and enjoyed three years of representing my

school in the Big Ten. At that time, Michigan

did not have a varsity fencing team, so we

were the only game in town!

I drifted away from organized sports during

law school, and my fitness level took a nose

dive. Approaching 30 and massively out of

shape, I started running. I was not fast, and

could never have won a race, but had the

satisfaction of completing two marathons,

including New York City in 2005.

As I approached 40, my interest in running

started to wane (in inverse proportion to my

enjoyment of Belgian beer and chocolate). A

couple of years later, I realized that I’d let my

fitness go yet again. Surprisingly, it was an

infomercial for a workout program (Insanity)

that got me back off the couch. I bought the


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