Inspiring Women Spring 2018


important part of my life and includes not

only exercise but also a proper diet. I

have also developed a great deal of

confidence from my running and other

sporting activities. I could not have

imagined myself running a marathon

when I was in my 20s, but with hard work

and dedication I made it a reality.

One of my most important achievements

was completing my first marathon in

Dubai. I had been training for several

years and while not a particularly fast

runner, I was determined to achieve this

goal. Several of my friends told me, “You

must be crazy,” but I was mentally strong

and ready for this challenge. I displayed

pure grit that day and finished the race

feeling confident and stronger than ever.


If you could try a sport/fitness activity you’ve

not done before, what would it be and why? I

would love to participate in an Ironman

competition, which combines swimming,

biking and running. Sadly, I am unable to swim

despite taking lessons for over a year. The

Ironman is simply beyond my reach.

What personal motto do you live by and how

does it affect what you do/don’t do? “Don’t

make excuses; just carry on.” This applies to

almost everything in life.

If you could meet one person or influential

women, alive or dead, who would it be and

why? There are two such people in my life.

The first is Mother Teresa. She was an

extraordinary person. She had an impact on

my life because she has inspired not only me

but countless others by her selfless actions –

undergoing great personal sacrifice to make

life better for the poorest of the poor and the

sick and dying. She did everything with an

enormous smile on her face. If she were alive, I

would love to have a dialogue with her about

creating opportunities for the most

disadvantaged people to have access to

education, medical care, etc., and to learn

how to plant seeds of empathy in others.

While few of us can emulate Mother Teresa,

we can all aspire to develop and spread

some of her passion and commitment for the

less fortunate in life.

My parents played a huge role in my

upbringing as well, especially my mother. She

taught me the meaning of love and the

importance of caring for and helping others.

She has always maintained an open mind

and warm heart and taught us not to

distinguish between rich and poor, nor to

discriminate based on religion or color. I am so

grateful for that.


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