Inspiring Women Spring 2018


painted nails for a fee and

had all of the participants

“raise their hands for

education.” We also had a

fabulous Share Your Gifts for

Good campaign which was

the brainchild of our member,

Margaret Dwyer, after the

Paris Regional, her first-ever

FAWCO meeting attended

shortly before she repatriates

(in February!). Over six weeks

we solicited “gifts” (talents)

from our members which

consisted of things such as

flower arranging, antique

tours, teaching mahjong, dog

sitting, yoga, horoscopes,

foodie tours - you name it and

our members offered it. We then held an online auction where other members bid on the

items. The auction culminated at our newcomers’ cocktail party in November; to ensure that all

members could participate, even if they were unable to attend the party, we offered “buy it

now” prices on everything. As a result, we raised 6005 euros for Hope Beyond Displacement

and created relationships among club members that had not existed before. It was a great

way to promote the Target Project and at the same time build community within our club.

We are very proud of our club’s philanthropic efforts:

• Several members of the club supply the funds for food and cook a meal on a monthly

basis for De Kloof, Amsterdam’s oldest shelter for the homeless.

• One group created their own foundation to support Safe Spaces, an education and

empowerment program that supports 1200 girls and young women in the Eastland slums

of Nairobi, Kenya to get an education, learn life skills and reproductive rights, find their

voice, and take up leadership positions in their community.

• Another group volunteers for

Not For Sale, a nonprofit that

offers victims of human

trafficking a new perspective

on their future. Through its

social enterprises it provides

education and training to

bridge the gap to the job

market and society.

Our club is 91 years old and

evolving with the times. Our

membership is dynamic and allinclusive

with members ranging

from those who have been

members for over 20 years to the

newbies who are stepping up to

join the executive board; they

want to give back and ensure

that all new members have the

same great experiences that they have already had. Our members recognize that FAWCO

takes us from being a local organization to a global one and that together we can have a

larger impact on the things that are important to us all.


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