Inspiring Women Spring 2018


Inspiration from Norway


American Women’s Club Oslo, Norway

From: California, USA

Lives: Eiksmarka, Norway (right outside Oslo)

I grew up in Oakland, California with both my

parents and one brother. I went to Catholic

school most of my life and started my career

in telecommunications and technology in

1989. I spent a couple of years in Atlanta,

Georgia before settling in San Jose, California

for most of my working life. After working in

the industry for several years, I went

back to school to study theology and

marriage and family therapy. In 2008 I

married Tyrone Partee and moved to

Hawthorne, California and then finally in 2013,

I became a trailing spouse when we moved

to Norway.

I started cheerleading, running track and participating in a drill team in elementary school. As

cheerleaders we cheered and danced for our school’s basketball team, the St. Louis Bertrand

Lions. I joined the track team at St. Louis Bertrand mainly because my aunt was the coach. I

usually ran the 50 and 100 yard dash. I can’t say I was the best, but I placed first, second or third,

a few times. One time I snuck into the

440 and came in first place. It was not a

race my coach had signed me up to

compete in, but I wanted to give it a try.

She was very happy when I won and

quickly wrote “440” on my badge.

Track required practice three or more

times a week and a track meet every

Saturday. Drill team, was, however, by

far my favorite. The East Oakland Youth

Development Center had a drill team

that performed in most holiday parades.

We would practice dancing and

marching band steps to drums and other

instruments. I was a natural. I loved

choreographing new dance moves and

steps. We wore pink leotards, wine

colored skirts and shoes with pom poms.

In high school I participated in ROTC and

continued to work with a drill team. This


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