Inspiring Women Spring 2018


skipped school that day to see a movie

with my friend, let alone my friend not

showing up.

When I got home I was so upset on two

levels. 1) I was hurt that my friend did not

come to the movies and believed that it

was her intention all along. 2) I had now

created a level of mistrust with my

parents and could not tell them the truth

of the day. I grew up to realize the

difference between trust and mischief!

Tell us something about yourself that not

many people know. At the age of 21, I

was on a backpacking trip around

America with a desire to stay on a ranch

and experience a cowboy lifestyle. Under the

pretence of seeing a ranch I was lured to

(what I was yet to discover) a Moonies’ prayer

house. Once I got to this remote part of

Colorado, I was asked to hand in all my

personal identification and join them. Soon as I

got there I discovered that I was at a cult

home rather than a ranch with cowboys

running around on horses!!! At afternoon rest

time I managed to collect my belongings and

escape from the ranch site, where I was

fortunate enough to hitchhike back to the

main city.

If you could meet one famous or influential

woman, who would it be and why? Our family

business was in books, although I had not

acquired the love for reading despite my

access to so many books .

It was not till I was 10 years old that I

discovered a series of books titled The Famous

Five by British author Enid Blyton. The title of the

series took my attention as I myself am one of

five children! If I could meet Enid Blyton, I

would thank her for introducing me to the

world of reading through her The Famous Five

series – my favourite books as a child!

I’d talk about how her book connected with

me, hitting home the point that we are all part

of the same universe and experience the

same feelings whether we live in Kenya or we

live in the UK.


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