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Slipstream - March 2018

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Sprockets: Women (and

Sprockets: Women (and Fashion) in Maverick Region’s History By David Robertson, Region President One thing that stands out is the impact that our women members have had on this club. e recently cleaned out a storage unit that W the club has rented for many years. Most of what was found were extra copies of Slipstream, old files and documents to be shredded, and ancient technology items left there over time. There was also treasure found in some old mementos of our club. Yearly scrapbooks and documentation of our club over the years were located in the dust among those items that were way overdue for the dumpster. The pictures and descriptions in these compilations tell a story of how a club like ours evolves and adapts over time. The Maverick Region members have been a fun bunch throughout the years and I have the pictures to prove it! One thing that stands out throughout these scrapbooks is the impact that our women members have had on this club. There has been at least one woman on our Executive Committee serving as President, VP, Secretary, or Treasurer since the beginning of the Maverick Region in 1963. Women from this club on both local and national levels have been creating and implementing brilliant ideas, competing in driving events, and managing the Maverick Region from its inception to the organization we have today. Many of these very long-tenured members are still active in the club and I see them at many of our events. After diving into our archives, I have an entirely new level of respect for the contribution they have made to our region over the years. As I look at the pictures and yearly activity outlines in these collections, I think about where we are today as an organization. Except for the excessive amounts of polyester and quite prominent sideburns, not much has changed with the goals and spirit of this club. We just have a much bigger challenge today to compete with the unlimited choices that our members have for their attention and time, both online and in the physical world. This challenge only becomes greater with the next generation of Maverick Region members. The quality of our event offerings, newsletter and social media is phenomenal today due to the continuous innovation and enthusiasm of our event chairs and volunteers. Member participation and excitement is as high as it has ever been. Although there have been questionable fashion trends over the years, the mantra of our club has not changed since its inception, and I hope that it never does. Driving Friendships! SAUL FRAIRE, Chef-Proprietor 1235 William D. Tate Ave Grapevine, TX 76051 817-329-6995 MAV OF THE MONTH: Derrick Tate Our Mav of the Month for March 2018 is Derrick Tate. Derrick joined PCA last year and became actively involved in many of our Maverick Region events, most notably our Coffee Meets. Many of you will also recognize this young man, as he is always greeting Maverick members with a warm smile, eager to please, and be of assistance whether greeting at the Founders Day Celebration, Mavs & Mochas, or helping get your car photographed at our December People’s Choice Car Show in Highland Park Village. Since joining the region, Derrick has participated in several tours, monthly socials, and of course Mavs & Mochas. Derrick also took it upon himself to start showing up to our monthly board meetings offering to help in any capacity he could, and as a matter of fact, effective this month, Derrick becomes Co-Chair of our Coffee Meets. Derrick is yet another example of the enthusiasm that is catching on, making him the face of our club’s future. Congratulations on a job well done! 2 March


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