2017 Winter SMCDS Mouthpiece Newsletter


➣President’s Message on acknowledging the behind-the-scenes people at the Dental Society ➣Ettatorials on SMCDS' office relocation & search for new location to purchase ➣Member Benefits –2018 Membership Renewal LAST CALL ➣Member News –Steve Dugoni PCSO Annual Session Honoree Award ➣Memoriam –Lawrence H. Peterson, Jr. ➣New Members –27 New Members in second half of 2017 ➣New Dentists –New England Lobster Reels In New Dentists ➣House of Delegates –Sara Andrews refelects on her first HOD being an unforgettable experience ➣Community Outreach –Assm. Mbr. Kevin Mullin & CSM Health Fairs ➣2018 Upcoming Events Calendar & SMCDS/MPDS Joint Mtg. ➣Risk Management –Policies on dating patients & cell/smartphone office use & maintaining workplace labor law notices

San Mateo County Dental Society | Every Member. Every Day.

Winter 2018




Benson H. Wong, DDS President

For this, my last quarterly message, I want to acknowledge some of the people behind the scenes of the dental society: our staff

and the many volunteers who dedicate time and energy to help the dental society serve our members as well as the community.

First our staff: Etta Kinney, Mike Aicardi, and Jim Aicardi. Etta is the glue that holds the staff and the volunteer leadership of the

society together. She is what binds us together in a common purpose:

Mission Serve the needs of our members and community by promoting and advancing excellence in the practice of dentistry.

Vision Increase active membership and create a successful environment for participation within the society, our community, and

member dental practices.

The Aicardi brothers, Mike and Jim, are like Etta's hands and feet, extending beyond where she cannot always reach to support our members as in

our Mission and Vision. My deepest personal thanks to our staff.

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Etta L. Kinney, Executive Director

Just in case you haven't heard or seen the announcements, WE'VE MOVED! We called 240-A Twin Dolphin Drive home for nearly a

quarter century, over the years putting every square inch of it to use serving SMCDS members. In the early 1990's SMCDS

leadership envisioned a growing membership in need of a centrally located space for member gatherings, continuing education,

and society operations. In March, 1995 they [ San Mateo County Dentists' Joint Venture] literally 'put their money where their

mouth was' to support the 240-A condominium purchase in Redwood Shores Westshore Office

Twin Dolphin Dr .

complex. By the early 2000's, Westshore was the only remaining complex of one-story buildings in .............

the area. Every few years, we were approached by condo association management asking us to sell ~:

(presumably so the complex could be torn down and rebuilt in multi-story glory). By 2015, we were i':

:,: ,

one of two remaining owners (the last hold-outs), at which point management began asking several


~ ,' ~ H~hway101 VeleransBlvd.

Sautt, ~ ,'

times a year what it would take for us to sell. 2016 leadership assembled a task force to look into our ......

legal position within the condo association which concluded it would be wise to assess the market

and determine at what price point we could be reasonably induced to relocate. After multiple offers

building up to our price point, management hit our asking price last July and we closed the sale July

21, 2017. We had a high-rent leaseback

arrangement with them while the HQ Task Force* searches

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Recently I signed up to do dental screenings at a College of San Mateo Health Fair. This is where

member volunteers are ambassadors for our profession. It is so rewarding to help those who just want

some advice on where to go or what to do for their dental needs. Even spending a few minutes with

someone reviewing oral hygiene can make a world of difference.

I wish to express my gratitude to

those of you who volunteered at a dental society sponsored health fair this year: Drs. Ors. Ryan C. Courtin,

Luisa F. Diaz, Keith K. Gee, Jr., Brad L. Hart, Donald R. Hermansen, Nancy Huynh, Dustin C. Lee, Christine

Liaw, David D. Moore, Sr., Pantea Naeimi, Victor A. Peritore, Denise Shiosaky, Sean S. Silverio, Helen T.

Trinh, Pinal M. Viraparia, H. John Wu; and Ashley E. Mork Courtin, RDH ROH (any omissions are


Maybe health fairs are not yourthing. The leadership and staff of the dental society have been working

very hard to find activities from which everyone can reap some sort of benefit. I find it rewarding to see

new faces at some of our events because it means we are successful at reaching those who have not

participated before. Shredathons, general meetings for CEs, new member mixers, health fairs, dental

business classes, Advocacy Day in Sacramento, and last but not least, any of our numerous task forces

to help launch some of our ideas …... so keep an eye out in the near future for some new and exciting

events and activities.

The dental society will be in good hands with Dr. John Acosta, our next president. He and I have worked

closely together for a smooth transition. I will still be on hand hao..d in an advisory role as Past-President.

Thank you for allowing me to be your SMCDS 2017 President. ··

In your humble service,

Benson H. Wong, DDS –- President


Published Quarterly


San Mateo County Dental Society

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Redwood City, CA 94063





twitter.com/ SMDentalSociety


Etta L. Kinney

Executive Director


Advertising Coordinator

James V. Aicardi

Operations Specialist


Creative Director

Lloyd Brock



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are very short on help.

To volunteer, contact:

Melissa Moss, Volunteer Manager




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are published on the authority of the

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Editor’s discretion.


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for a new location to purchase. We bid aggressively on an ideal space at Mariners Island in October - which disappointingly went to an even

higher bidder. In the meantime, we secured as of February 7 a more cost-effective lease with nearby Sequoia Healthcare District providing

access to a large seminar room, board room, office space, and ample day and evening parking – again, while our HQ Task Force searches for a

permanent home to purchase.

*HQ TASK FORCE COMPOSITION To enhance mobility, the Task Force is small: 5 primary members who've agreed to make themselves

available as needed: John Acosta-President 2018, Benson Wong-President 2017, Fred Holloszy-President 2015, Sal Ahani-President 2012,

Etta Kinney-Executive Director 2004-to date, plus 4 consulting members highly interested but less available: Bob Lamb, Al Landucci, Carliza

Marcos, Dave Moore, Sr. Members of the Task Force were selected based on: understanding our needs, financial parameters and objectives

(particularly involvement over the 18 months pre-sale]; having common sense, willingness / ability to be attentive to search process, viewing

properties deemed worth our time; and across the group, experience in real estate investment, finance, and construction. For

advice/direction in areas outside Task Force expertise, we rely on professional advisors: Randy Kinghorn-Commercial Real Estate Broker,

Irene Fujii-Commercial Real Estate Lawyer, Tom O'Brien-Financial Consultant.

REQUEST YOUR ASSISTANCE With 677 pairs of eyes across San Mateo County, we would be foolish not to set our membership on the task of

helping us locate a potential new home. Specifications:

1,800-2,000 square feet (seminar room for 50, small kitchen, 2 bathrooms, staff office space)

4-15 parking spaces Mon-Fri 9-5 PM and up to 40 spaces Mon-Fri 5-10 PM (condo seems most suitable for parking req)

Located Belmont to Burlingame with easy access to freeway or major street; safe at night for evening events

Budget: $1-1.5M depending on degree of remodeling / build-out needed

IF you learn about a suitable property - especially before it's publicized - or see a for-sale sign for a property or condo that meets our specs (or

comes really close), please pass it on to one of the HQ Task Force members, call our broker Randy Kinghorn 650.918.4388, email

etta@smcds.com - or call my cell 650.207.3476



are in order for our new 1 year at-large board member, Pinalben M. Viraparia, DDS

and auxiliary board appointee, Sarah A. Aslan, DDS. Last year's exemplary auxiliary appointees, Drs. Katrina Lo



and Desiree Liu have been elected to 1 year at-large positions; 2 year at-large positions are occupied by up-

and-coming leaders: Drs. Tyler Davis, April Lee, and Victor Lee.

Dr. Purvi Zavery (at-large 2015-17) has joined

the Executive Board to take over duties of Secretary, leaving Dr. Ben Yount free to focus his energies on his multi-year position as

Treasurer. I am stepping aside to become our Immediate Past

President, allowing Dr. John Acosta to take his rightful position as our Your 2018 Board of Directors

2018 President and Dr. Sara Andrews (at-large 2016-17) as our 2018

President-Elect. I look forward to another productive year with our

ever-energetic CDA Trustee, Dr. Carliza Marcos. We fondly bid adieu

to Drs. Zac Held and Ross Stangeland -who graciously extended their

tenures from two to three years to stay on as needed throughout

2017 to support us in completing crucial governance projects of

which they were integral parts. After nine years of board service and

leadership, Dr. Fred Holloszy (2015 President; at-large 2008-12) has

accepted the Executive Board's appointment as 2018 Financial


I hope you'll join me in celebrating those among us with the courage

and conviction to serve this great society of ours.

Benson H. Wong, DDS


Board President

SMCDS 2018 Board of Directors

Mouthpiece | Winter 2018 | 3

You are not a

market segment.

You are a dentist. One who deserves superior protection and to be rewarded for your loyalty -

something this

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TDIC Optimum Bundle

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10 010 discount on Professional Liability when

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Additional 5% discount on Professional

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Endorsed by the

Son Mateo County

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Protecting dentists. It's all we do.®

800.733.0633 I tdicinsurance.com I CA Insurance Lie. #0652783

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member benefit

2018 Membership Renewal: Keep SMCDS Strong – Renew Now!

Good news!

NO increase in SMCDS member dues for 2018. IF you haven't paid yet, act NOW

to avoid the $100 reinstatement fee incurred after 3/31/18. You can still do your part to keep

your society's business running efficiently by paying before the reinstatement process kicks in.

Ask us if you qualify for discounted/waived dues, if you are:

■ retired and are no longer earning income from the performance of licensed services ■

enrolled in a post-graduate program ■a dental school faculty member ■a

federal employee

(military/public health) ■ serving active military duty ■ serving full-time for a charitable organization ■ temporarily or permanently

disabled ■ experiencing financial hardship, medical illness (you or your family) or on a leave of absence from dentistry.

■ If you're not sure about why you should renew and need reassurance of member benefits and the power of organized dentistry, please e-

mail mike@smcds.com or call his cell phone 650.245.4636 at any reasonable hour. Online membership renewal, dues payment, and/or

enrollment in the EDP program are available 24/7 online at www.cda.org/member ■ IF you run into any snags in the process, call CDA

Membership at 800.232.7645 or Mike on the SMCDS member line 650.637.1131.

Electronic Dues Payment

It's Easy & Spreads Dues Payment Over Time

With EDP, you can distribute annual tripartite dues payment equally over 12 months. Go to

www.cda.org/member to pay dues, renew membership, enroll in EDP. If you were enrolled

in 2017 EDP, your 2018 membership will automatically renew.

Sedation and Anesthesia for the Dental Office


Board Certied Physician Anesthesiologist


Anesthesia with a secure airway is safer for dental

procedures than any level of sedation delivered with

an "open" or "shared" airway.

protect the patient's airway.

I always secure and




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Your patients can expect to feel and know nothing of

the dental treatment while recovering within minutes.

Patients can "go to sleep" in seconds without needles.


Your patients will be completely still. You can operate

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Mouthpiece | Winter 2018 | 5

member news


DR. STEVE DUGONI, SMCDS member :r of 36 years and

1993 Board President, recipient of the Pacific Coast

Society Orthodontist Annual Session Honoree ionoree Award in

Reno, Nevada last October where he also i served as the

Doctor Program Chair.


We are saddened by the loss of …

Lawrence H. Peterson, Jr., DDS – San Mateo General Dentist

and SMCDS member for over 63 years - passed 3ssed away peacefully

following a short illness in December. Born Jrn in Pittsburgh, PA,

Lawrence Jr. joined the US Navy in 1943. Postwar, 1stwar, he obtained his

DDS degree from University of Pittsburgh and did his residency in

Maxillofacial Surgery at San Diego Naval Hospital, Jspital, after which he

was assigned to sea duty in Japan and the Philippines. Returning to

California in 1954, he joined the Navy reserveerve base at Treasure

Island, followed by a 40-year private practice of general dentistry in San Mateo. In 1983, Lt.

Commander Peterson retired after 40 years in the US Navy reserve. Pete, as he was known by

friends, served long-time directorships on the boards of the California3 Dental Guild and San

Mateo County Mosquito Abatement District, enthusiastically shared:l his devotion to golf,

world travel, Bing Crosby's annual Pebble Beach tournament, excellent: scotch, Dixieland jazz,

unique automobiles, the SF Opera, and regularly demonstrated his “Mr. Fix-anything” Fix-anything" skills to

his children and grandchildren.


Currently providing Bay Area Dentists

with quality temporary and permanent

• Dental Assistants

• Dental Hygienists

• Receptionists

• Dentists

(415) 781-2909




Dental Power

450 Sutter St., Suite 2010

San Francisco. CA 94108





Me,,,k,-. EPff.J 2>a.:;.


Think SMCDS is just about CE

Patient Referrals!

Leadership Development!

Community Connection!

Networking Events!

And More!

Are you making

the most of

your membership?

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to 37 Advertisers Business Members Exhibitors Sponsors Study Clubs

who have generously supported our continuing education, professional success, practice

management, workshop/clinical programs this past quarter.

TDIC Insurance Solutions

Citibank Healthcare Practice Finance

SGC Financial - Tom O'Brien

California Dentists' Guild

C-Dental X-Ray, Inc.

Dental & Medical Counsel

Yaeger Dental Supply

Upward Credit Union

AG Neovo Dental

Bay Area Aesthetic Masters Study Club

BBVA Compass Bank

Bell' Arte Dental Lab

California Dental Association

Carr Healthcare Realty

Crest + Oral-B

Dental Power Placement Service

Garfield Refining Company

HR for Health


House Call Dentists


Integrity Practice Sales


Legacy Practice Advisors


Mass Mutual Pacific

Michael Lam, MD

Northern California Practice Sales

Pacific Advisors

Solution reach

Supply Doc

Swiss Monkey

Union Bank

Ultradent Products Inc.

Ultralight Optics

West Coast Precious Metals

Windchime Health

Mouthpiece | Winter 2018 | 7

new members


Join us in celebrating 27 new members

contributing over the course of

the second half of 2017 to the voice

that is SMCDS - 662 strong …

Sarah Aslan, DDS

UOP - 2017

GP - Redwood City

Gabriella M. Bateman, DDS

UCSF - 2016

GP - San Mateo

Amy S. Blake, DDS

UOP - 2015

GP - San Francisco

Mojgan Bonakdar, DDS

UCSF - 1998

GP - San Mateo

Lisa A. Buda, DDS

UOP - 2011

GP - San Mateo

Philip K. Choi, DDS

UOP - 2017

GP - South San Francisco

April B. Chun, DDS

UCSF - 1981

GP - Foster City

Joan B. Chung, DDS

UCSF - 2017

GP - Redwood City

Juan Del Rio, DMD

Western Univ of Health Sciences

College of Dental Medicine - 2017

GP - Redwood City

Jeff M. Eaton, DDS, AAID

UCSF - 1983

GP - San Mateo

Anthony H. Galvan, DDS

International - 1982

GP - Daly City

Joseph Huang, DDS

Northwestern Univ - 1976

GP - Millbrae

Xinyi Jiang, DDS

Univ of Pittsburgh - 2016

GP - Belmont

Ashamani Kode, DDS

Univ of PA - 2017

GP - South San Franciso

Dohyun Kim, DMD

Tufts - 2014

GP - Daly City

Michelle Y. Kim, DDS

UCSF - 2009

GP - Redwood City

Nancy Le, DDS, MS

UCSF - 2014 GP, UCSF - 2017 Pedo

GP - Sunnyvale

Annie Mach, DMD

Temple Univ - 2012

GP - San Bruno

Aaditi J. Mujumdar, DDS

UOP - 2017

GP - Los Gatos

Merlene M. Nasol-Crow, DMD

Univ of the East - 1990

GP - Daly City

Michelle N. Nguyen, DDS

UOP - 2016

GP - Redwood City

Duy-Phu L. Phan, DDS

NY Coll of Dent - 2012

GP - San Mateo

Sean S. Silverio, DDS

UCSF - 2016

GP - San Mateo

Christopher A. Thomas, DDS

UCSF - 2011

GP - San Mateo

Michael C. Yee, DDS

UOP - 2017

GP - Daly City

Katherine Yin, DDS

UOP - 2016

GP - Daly City

Keane W. Young, DDS

USC - 2016

GP - Daly City

8 | San Mateo County Dental Society

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new dentists

New England Lobster

Reels in New Dentists

We returned to New England Lobster in November for our last New Dentists Mixer of

2017. These events are casual and purely social - no set agenda other than mingling,

eating, drinking, and playing the optional Know Someone New game to win drawing

prizes. t"'' ,._.._...,. With •• O'l,. 0 0 26 "--V new '''-'•• and UOO'-"' experienced .._.,~,......_, ,.._., '"'"-'-"' dentists, '-"'"-''..._,..,;o...,;/ we ... .._. had OOU'-"' aU full ouoo room! I .._,.-..;,11 . One _,,.._. of .._,., our .._,.._., newest

,,.._. ... .._..,;..,_

new dentists--

Beverley Chiang was attending her first SMCDS event. She reflected on

her experience afterward, 'It was a fun event! I was able to meet a nice group of new

dentists who discussed their experiences with me. It helps meeting people in a smaller

group first; then when you go to the bigger meetings they aren't quite as

intimidating!' Many thanks to our generous and funloving sponsors, Foad Ahmadi of

Carr Heatlcare Realty and Brandon Diaz of Citibank Healthcare Practice Finance, , for

offesetting costs, offering resources, and awarding two drawing prizes ($25 Amazon

gift cards). Congratulations to the lucky I winners: Derek Wong and Stacey Bui ! I

Special thanks to Al Landucci of Orthodontics of San Mateo for taking pictures!

If you know a fun ice-breaker game to play or a great location to suggest for our next

mixer, please get in touch. Mike Aicardi - SMCDS Event Planner mike@smcds.com




Thinking about selling your practice in the next five years?

We can help you take the necessary steps to increase its value before

you put in on the market. For a free, no obligation, consultation and

evaluation, call us.

To receive information on practices currently for sale or comparables

of practices that have sold in your area, contact us via email at


1126 Broadway,# 8 • Burlingame, CA 94010 • Tel: 650-347-5346 • Fax: 650-347-5326












Mouthpiece | Winter 2018 | 9

The Dental Industry's Coolest Matchmaker.


• Post permanent or temp positions

• No buy-out, transaction or finder's fee

• Applicants are matched and ranked

to your job

• View applicant photos and videos

Looking for a Job?

• Easy to use, free mobile app

• Receive and apply to jobs using

your phone

• Contract directly with the employers

• View practice profiles

• Download the Swiss Monkey app today!

• Post today!

Have a job opening?

Let Swiss Monkey Help

www.swissmonkey.co I info@swissmonkey.co

call or text us at (916) 500-4125

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wall of fame

SMCDS Business Member





Platinum 2017 - 2013

California Dentists’ Guild


Layla Shirazi

Retirement Program Specialist




I ,.,..,..,,rt,..,,,-r..

Premier 2017 - 2015

SGC Financial &

Insurance Services


® ® ®

Tom O’Brien,CFP , CLU , CHFC




Platinum 2017 - 2015 | Silver 2014

C-Dental X-Ray


Julia Peck

Operations Manager



Premier 2017

Citibank Healthcare

Practice Finance


Brandon Diaz

Retail Business Banker




u lC.

TDIC Insurance Solutions


Blair Tomlinson

Sales Manager



Endorsed 2017 - 2010 Platinum 2017-2016

Dental & Medical Counsel, PC


Ali Oromchian, Esq.






Platinum 2017 - 2016 | Silver 2015

Yaeger Dental Supply


Tim Yaeger, Jr.




Silver 2018

Upward Credit Union


Jason Mertz-Prickett

Business Development Officer

650.231.1300 ext. 2100


SMCDS Business Members acknowledged on this

contribute in meaningful ways* throughout each year of their

membership to our society’s fiscal health, industry intelligence, and community presence. *Event sponsorships, educational seminars /

workshops, table clinics with timely dental industry / small business information, special product offers / pricing discounts, products and

services relevant to your professional success and the oral health of our community. Business Memberships are an important

source of non-dues revenue that has helped SMCDS to increase and improve member programs without raising SMCDS dues for more

than a decade. We count on Business Members to engage professionally with members - as consultants focused on identifying and

fulfilling your needs. In exchange, we encourage you to consider SMCDS Business Members as preferred providers when in the

market for products and services. Membership Levels: Premier $5,500 Platinum $4,000 Gold $2,900 Silver $2,100



The early bird may get the worm,

but it’s the second mouse

that gets the cheese

Mouthpiece | Winter 2018 | 11

practice management

Clarity: A Strategy for Practice Success

High performance depends not just on the skills and abilities employees bring with them but a firm understanding of what is expected of

them , a clear picture of each team member's role, accountability, and goals in fulfilling your vision for the practice as a whole.

Consistently promoting that vision is a gift of clarity that can efficiently and productively guide you and your staff through the muck and

mire of everyday practice drama. Clarity sustains a positive, upbeat work environment instilling confidence in your leadership and a

shared sense of purpose. ' Vision' is not just today's management buzz-word, it can be a strategy for high performance. Take some time to

clarify your vision [consider brainstorming with trusted staff]. Food for thought…

Healthy Patient-Base

Patients who give you great reviews online, bring friends in as new patients, are loyal and stay with you long term. Patients who trust and

respect you to provide a fair cost assessment for treatment, alternatives, and finding ways to work within their budget and/or insurance

restrictions. Healthy enough to responsibly release a troublesome patient from your care.

Healthy Staff

Team members able to leave external stressors at the door, arriving rested, focused, ready to meet the day; aware that physical health

and attitude play an important role in the care you deliver, that being stressed out or distracted impacts the practice negatively vs caring,

confident, upbeat personalities who instill patient loyalty and drive recommendations to their peers; recognize emotional intelligence

and ability to read other's needs creates a uniquely inviting and supportive environment for patients and the entire team.

Open & Direct Communication

Beyond the morning huddle laying out the day's schedule, ability to engage the team in your vision as a business owner. Consider a

monthly staff meeting covering production goals, new patient goals, collections, whatever operational/business issues may be

appropriate in providing insights into factors impacted by how team members perform their jobs; don't forget to report on their progress

in attaining those goals.

12 8 | | San Mateo County Dental Society| | smcds.com

practice management

Staffing Update





Anne E. Campbell • County Superintendent of Schools

Building DA Connections: Front Office Internships for HS Students Recognizing the continuing shortage of dental assistants

across the state, one approach is taking a longer view on solving the problem: planting seeds of interest for “cultivation and

harvesting” of “locally grown” auxiliaries. To this end, we have continued our collaboration with the San Mateo County Office of

Education [SMCOE] and submitted a proposal to their Career and Technical Education Division for a Dental Front Office

Internship Pilot Program geared to address their vision of expanding student exposure to local career opportunities, training

providing them with skills meeting real workforce needs, preparing them to compete for good jobs and economic mobility.

Front Office Internship Pilot Program Proposal SMCOE will promote the Internship program among school districts and engage



them in encouraging 11 and 12 grade students to apply for a 4-week program of paid on-the-job training after school 2-3

hours/day in a dental office near their home. SMCOE will screen students completing the application process to insure they

meet established criteria. Qualifying applications will be given to SMCDS for distribution to participating member dentists for

interviewing and hiring desirable students. SMCOE will provide guidelines for participating dental practices to ensure students


–in addition to performing front office duties *– are learning desirable work ethics and 21 century skills.

*Proposed Front Office Intern Duties

✓ Greet patients and answer phones ✓ Chart treatment as instructed

✓ Keep waiting room clean and supplied with reading materials ✓ Provide patient education and post-treatment

✓ Help create a pleasant environment and patient experience instructions

✓ Seat the patient ✓ Track inventory

✓ Attend to patient comfort before, during, after procedures ✓ Order supplies

✓ Assist the dentist or dental assistant in preparing patient for ✓ Organize trays & supplies for back office and lab

treatment ✓ Assist dental auxiliary staff as needed

Benefits of Proposed Front Office Internship Program

SMCDS Member Practices

San Mateo County High Schools & Students

Increased awareness of the dental field as a career option Student access to paid internships in local dental offices

Input into development of curriculum and work ethics preparing

students to intern in a dental office

Increase size of and access to local pool of trained dental office

auxiliaries [front office, DA, RDA]

Educators collaborate with professionals* to identify essential

front office skills and develop training preparing students for

their dental office internships [align workforce needs with

students' skills to ensure their success]

Increased career pathways for students

*Advising Dentists, Dental Assisting Program Directors [Beth LaRochelle, CSM; Renee McAuliffe, Gurnick Academy]

If you're interested in participating in our high school intern program, have questions or suggestions, email etta@smcds.com

or my SMCOE partner-in-crime, CTE Coordinator - Dr. Vera Jacobson-Lundberg at vjlundeberg@smcoe.org

Mouthpiece | Winter 2018 | 13

house of delegates

While not the most thrilling weekend of my life, the 2017 CDA House of Delegates was an unforgettable experience.

300 or so of our compatriots met and came to order in the combined ballrooms of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in

downtown Sacramento for 2-1/2 days, Friday morning Nov 17 to Sunday morning Nov 19. The SMCDS delegation was

comprised of 5 voting delegates: Drs. Benson Wong, Mina Desai, Ben Yount, John Acosta, and myself, Sara Andrews, as

well as our beloved CDA Trustee Dr. Carliza Marcos, and our dedicated Executive Director Etta Kinney. Benson was

selected to serve as a member of the House Reference Committee, making us especially proud. Over one weekend, we

travelled together, bonded over dinner, danced in our cowboy gear, all the while playing an important part in CDA's


Hereby, I'd like to share with you my personal

experience as a new dentist, a wife and mother of a oneyear-old,

and a first-time delegate. I was both excited and intimidated to stand

among such experienced delegates and veterans of the House. My husband,

Ryan, and our daughter, Laily, accompanied me to Sacramento where he spent

most of his day taking Laily to the local attractions, making for some quality

father-daughter bonding time. Ryan rarely gets alone-time with Laily and

recalls how special that time was for the two of them together. Friday night,

the entire SMCDS crew - including significant others and kids – gathered

together at Tequila Museo Mayahuel compliments of the dental society - to

share a fine Mexican dinner, meet each other's families, and sample some

exotic and tasty tequila cocktails. It was loud enough that even the kids had

fun. Needless to say, the social networking aspect of the weekend was


The House consists of a series of presentations and debates in favor of or

opposition to proposed resolutions. The Speaker of the House is in charge of

maintaining order and making sure debates are properly conducted [under

Roberts Rules of Order]. Following debates, delegates are asked to vote 'yes'

or 'no' using small electronic voting devices. It was impressive to see that every

voice was counted. And anyone with an opinion on a resolution – including myself at the urging of

my fellow delegates - was allowed to go up to a microphone and state their reasoning for being in

favor or opposition. The Reference Committee had the important task of reviewing the proposed

House resolutions after the first day of presentations and making recommendations to the House to

adopt, reject, or amend the resolutions.

Among the controversial resolution topics brought forth were ▪Approving a CDA strategic plan

▪Restoration of the Policy Development Counsel ▪Adopt a more comprehensive guideline on

dentistry's role in treating Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders; Assigning task forces to ▪tackle

dental office staff shortages ▪manage dental insurance company relations ▪advocate for later school

start times to improve adolescent health. Proponents of the resolution for CDA to adopt a more

comprehensive guideline on dentistry's role in sleep medicine argued this resolution was recently

14 | San Mateo County Dental Society | smcds.com

house of delegates

adopted by the ADA and that we should follow suit. They further argued that dentistry has a crucial

role in diagnosis and treatment of Sleep-Disorder Breathing (SDB) which should be outlined in detail

by CDA. Opponents argued that CDA currently has a concise guideline in place and the proposed

resolution would further open dentists to liability by outlining dentistry's role in diagnosis and

treatment of SDB in too much detail. The House bought the opposition's argument and voted 'no.’

Dr. Arthur Dugoni's presentation from the podium was perhaps the most inspiring event during the

House, for me and many of those with whom I spoke. Dr. Dugoni [an SMCDS member for 66

years and counting] - the very pillar of inspiration in our profession - at the age of 92, took the

podium with his timeless grace and elegance. He spoke about how in today's social climate,

people express a generally negative view of the world as compared to the one in the past. Dr.

Dugoni argued that our world today is in fact a much better place than it was for previous

generations, explaining we today enjoy the benefits of rapidly advancing technology,

healthcare, sanitation, and - as a result- live much longer and prosperous lives. We should be

grateful for all that we have and strive to do better every day. A lengthy standing ovation filled

the room following Dr. Dugoni's speech - as more

than 300 inspired soles jumped out of their seats

to applaud him.

The House wasn't all business. After two days of

hard work, delegates and their guests were invited to a Western-theme President's party

Saturday night where they arrived all gussied-up in their cowboy hats and boots and partied the

night away.

All-in-all the House truly offers a first-hand glimpse into the heart of organized dentistry and how

it functions to serve its members. The weekend gave my husband a deeper understanding of

what I do as a volunteer member of our board, that my valuable time is well-spent giving back to a

profession Iloveand an organization that has its members' best interests at heart. Sure, spending two and a half days in meetings is not

anyone's idea of a good time but it was worthwhile enough I'll go out on a limb and say any one of you should think about giving it a try.

Sara Andrews, DDS, MS - 2018 President-Elect


Mouthpiece | Winter 2018 | 15

community outreach

~ SPu.n, ,ao

~ -Kevin



THE SHOPS AT TANFORAN On the final Saturday of October, Assemblymember

Kevin Mullin provided patrons at The Shops at Tanforan in San Bruno the opportunity to

have their health screened, learn about family wellness, precautionary and routine


health care info, healthy habits, and safety protection. For the 5 year in a row, we were

invited to provide free dental check-ups and oral health education to shoppers stopping by our exhibit table. SMCDS volunteers screened ~35

individuals. Those needing treatment were referred to member dentists, and/or local clinics - depending on their particular situation. Firsttime

volunteer and new member Helen Trinh reflected on her experience: “I'm glad to have the opportunity to volunteer. It was my

pleasure to interact with patients who came out on a Saturday morning to seek dental advice. Many who came by admitted to not having

seen a dentist in years. It was encouraging to see them come to our table and ask questions about their dental health.”


A huge to Drs. Ryan Courtin (assisted by Ashley Mork Courtin), Luisa Diaz, Dustin Lee, Victor Peritore, Sean Silverio, and Helen

Trinh for donating precious hours out of their weekend to help people in our community receive the care they need!



COLLEGE OF SAN MATEO SPRING & FALL HEALTH FAIRS This past year we returned to the College of

San Mateo for two annual health fairs we consider particularly important as they're the only regular opportunities

we have to educate and screen adult students in San Mateo County. Of approximately 300 attendees per fair, ~25

were screened in spring and 40 in fall by SMCDS volunteer dentists. Referrals for treatment were made to SMCDS

member dentists, local clinics, and dental schools.

As always, the success of these events wouldn't have been possible without the help of our generous volunteers:

Drs. Keith Gee, Brad Hart, Don Hermansen, Nancy Huynh, Christine Liaw, Pantea Naeimi, Denise Shiosaky, and

Benson Wong

Thank You!

If you or someone you know are aware of other health fairs that might benefit from our presence OR if you or someone you

know (dentist/dental staff member) is interested in volunteering for these and/or other health fairs, please contact.

Mike Aicardi - SMCDS Community Outreach Coordinator mike@smcds.com

16 | San Mateo County Dental Society | smcds.com

Being a service leader in the Bay Area since 1977, we strive to provide you with excellent equipment selecon and the best technicians you

can find for support. Offering compeve prices and a task-oriented team is always a daily improvement goal for us here at Yeager Dental,

which always means that our customers' well-being is constantly being watched over. We offer the personal care not always found in the

big corporaons of our field, but here we believe in being “Not the biggest, just the best.”

So, why choose Yaeger Dental?

We offer a full one year parts and labor warranty (compare to competors' 90-day warranty policy).

We also offer free installaon in most cases. On top of that, we can offer you free removal of your old equipment, with the purchase of

new equipment from us, at no extra charge.

Our prices are among some of the most compeve in the industry. Our knowledgeable and thoroughly trained technicians carry many

common, and uncommon, parts in the service vehicles, usually meaning we can get your equipment up and running in a single visit. In

the off chance that our techs don't have the parts you need, they can order them for you in a mely manner.

We carry a multude of different designer friendly and stylish equipment lines, which means we can tailor a new unique look for your

office renovaon or remodel.

Our first and foremost goal is to make our customers happy! Even in the current digital age, we understand that word-of- mouth

recommendaons are our most important and effecve endorsements so we strive to make sure we don't let our clients down.

Yaeger Dental Supply

517 Marine View, Suite J • Belmont, CA 94002

Tel: 650.593.5100 • Fax: 650.593.1331

yaegerdental@gmail.com • www.yaegerdental.com

Just because you pay less, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice good service.

See what Yaeger Dental can do for you!






Retirement Investment Management

Founded by Dentists, Managed by Professionals

The California Dentists’ Guild is your

retirement planning manager.

The California

Dentists’ Guild

has been a onestop-shop

for all

my retirement

planning needs

for 17 years.

– Ed Lee, DDS

50 Years of Service

• Since 1966 we help design and manage personalized investment portfolios for

CA dentists and their staff.

• A trusted comprehensive Retirement and Investment solution exclusively for

CA dentists.

Custom Designed Plans

• Complete retirement plans under one umbrella with lone low fee and personal service.

• Form 5500 filings at no additional cost.

• Registered Financial Advisory and custom designed portfolios at no additional cost.

Not for Profit

• Exists for the benefits of dentists in California.

• Oversight by volunteer dentists board of directors.

More Power

• Utilize institutional class funds as an advantage of our $100 Million buying power.


Call our team at


with two locations in

Oakland and Irvine

Mouthpiece | Winter 2018 | 17

upcoming events

Go to www.smcds.com save precious resources –

register and pay online – Upcoming Events


* As of Wed 2/7 /18 - SMCDS* Seminar Room activities

held in new office located

525 Veterans Blvd - Suite 102, Redwood City, CA 94063



5 M PG Confidential assistance for drug & alcohol abuse BAWB - Edward Graham 209.601.4410 SMCDS* 7-9 P

6 Tu G Board of Directors Meeting President: John Acosta, DDS SMCDS* 6:30-9 P

8 Th PS

TAX STRATEGIES after Tax Reform

Kelly Clark, Business Consultant

for Dentists in Private Practice

& Training Specialist


7-9 P

22 Th CEl Biomimetics: Restorations Mimicking Natural Teeth Matthew A. Nejad, DDS CP-FC 6-9 P

26 M RCE BLS CPR Renewal Course Richard A. Fagin, DDS SMCDS* 6:00-7:30 P


13 Tu G Board of Directors Meeting President: John Acosta, DDS SMCDS* 6:30-9 P

22 Th CEl

Controversies in Implant Dentistry:

A Scientific and Clinical Update

Todd R. Schoenbaum, DDS, FACD


6-9 P

21 w co College of San Mateo Spring Health Fair Mike Aicardi 650.637.1121 CSM 10-2 P

27 Tu RCE BLS CPR Renewal Course Stephen R. John, DDS SMCDS* 6:00-7:30 P


10 Tu G Board of Directors Meeting President: John Acosta, DDS SMCDS* 6:30-9 P

16 M RCE BLS CPR Renewal Course Richard A. Fagin, DDS SMCDS* 6:00-7:30 P

19 Th CEl Periodontics for General Dentists Ardavan Fateh, DDS, MMSc CP-FC 6-9 P

24 Tu RCE BLS CPR Renewal Course Stephen R. John, DDS SMCDS* 6:00-7:30 P

27 F RCE Infection Control • CA Dental Practice Act • Cal-OSHA Marcella K. Oster, RDA SMCDS* 8:15-2:45 P

28-29 Sa-Su co CDA Cares: Anaheim CDA / Kevin Lewis 916.554.4969 Anaheim All Day


5 Sa FMB SMCDS eWaste & Shredding Event Jim Aicardi 650.637.1121 SMCDS* 9-12 P

8 Tu G Board of Directors Meeting President: John Acosta, DDS SMCDS* 6:30-9 P

14 M RCE BLS CPR Renewal Course Richard A. Fagin, DDS SMCDS* 6:00-7:30 P

17-19 Th-Sa OCE CDA Presents: Anaheim Multiple Convent Ctr 7:00-4:30 P

21 Tu RCE BLS CPR Renewal Course Stephen R. John, DDS SMCDS* 6:00-7:30 P

28 M H Memorial Day Holiday SMCDS Office Closed

31 Th CEl Endodontics Ralan Wong, DDS CP-FC 6-9 P


11 M RCE BLS CPR Renewal Course Richard A. Fagin, DDS SMCDS* 6:00-7:30 P

12 Tu G Tentative Executive Committee Meeting President: John Acosta, DDS SMCDS* As Needed


4 w H Independence Day Holiday SMCDS* Office Closed

10 Tu G Tentative Executive Committee Meeting President: John Acosta, DDS SMCDS* As Needed


7 Tu G Tentative Executive Committee Meeting President: John Acosta, DDS SMCDS* As Needed


AR Auxiliary Relations H Holiday PM Practice Management

CEl Core CE HWS Hands-On Workshop PMl/4 Pract Mgmt l=New Dent 4=Life Active

CE2 20%CE L Leadership PS Professional Success

co Community Outreach NDS New Dentists Social PSl/4 Prof Success l=New Dent 4=Life Active

FMB Free Member Benefit OCE Other Community Outreach RCE Required CE

G Governance PG Personal Growth SC Study Club

18 | San Mateo County Dental Society | smcds.com


Go to www.smcds.com save precious resources –

register and pay online – Upcoming Events

upcoming events



3 M H Labor Day Holiday SMCDS* Office Closed

6-8 Th-Sa OCE CDA Presents: San Francisco Multiple Moscone 7:00-4:30 P

11 Tu G Board of Directors Meeting President: John Acosta, DDS SMCDS* 6:30-9 P

17 M RCE BLS CPR Renewal Course Richard A. Fagin, DDS SMCDS* 6:00-7:30 P

20 Th CEl

#Reputation Matters : Thrive In Today's Crowd

Sourced Market

Joshua Austin, DDS CP-PA 6-9 P

25 Tu RCE BLS CPR Renewal Course Stephen R. John, DDS SMCDS* 6:00-7:30 P


5 F RCE Infection Control • CA Dental Practice Act • Cal-OSHA Marcella K. Oster, RDA SMCDS* 8:15-2:45 P

9 Tu G Board of Directors Meeting President: John Acosta, DDS SMCDS* 6:30-9 P

15 M RCE BLS CPR Renewal Course Richard A. Fagin, DDS SMCDS* 6:00-7:30 P

18 Th CEl Medical Emergencies in Dentistry Anders Nattestad, DDS, PhD CP-FC 6-9 P

24 w co College of San Mateo Fall Health Fair Mike Aicardi 650.637.1121 CSM 10-2 P

27-28 F-Sa co CDA Cares: Modesto CDA / Kevin Lewis 916.554.4969 Modesto All Day




5 M RCE BLS CPR Renewal Course Richard A. Fagin, DDS SMCDS* 6:00-7:30 P

6 Tu G Board of Directors Meeting President: John Acosta, DDS SMCDS* 6:30-9 P

9-11 F-Su L CDA House of Delegates Multiple Anaheim All Day

15 Th CEl TMD and Airway Issue Treatment Delwin Hemingway, DDS CP-FC 6-9 P

22 Th H Thanksgiving Holiday SMCDS* Office Closed


11 Tu G Board of Directors Meeting President: John Acosta, DDS SMCDS* 6:30-9 P

18 Tu RCE BLS CPR Renewal Course Stephen R. John, DDS SMCDS* 6:00-7:30 P

25 Tu H Christmas Holiday SMCDS* Office Closed










C-Dental is dedicated to providing dentists with a cost effective outsourcing solution for advanced high

quality diagnostic dental imaging with the lowest radiation dose possible. The San Mateo County Dental

Society and C-Dental X-Ray have been partnered for over 25 years.


Panoramics Orthodontics 3D Implant Case Planning

Full Mouth Series Periodontics 3D Orthognathic Planning

Bitewings Endodontics Cloud Storage Solutions

Occlusals Implants 3D Viewer Softwares



Software Conversions


Cephalometric Analysis

Restorative Solutions



MPR 3D Viewer option for Focused View CBCT

Post-op CBCT scans for doctors to evaluate implant placement

CBCT settings for the best imaging quality and lowest dose of radiation - 5 fields of view with 5 dose setting options


San Francisco I San Francisco West Portal I San Rafael I San Mateo

Menlo Park I Mountain View I Walnut Creek I Pleasanton I San Jose

Complete Dentistry Study Club

Complete dentistry is a win/win for patients and the dental team. Patients gain

better health, and dentists gain greater reward, freedom from third party control,

and more fun!

Learn what distinguishes a health-centered, high profit practice from insurance

driven dentistry. Key is the ability to confidently diagnose and treat the chewing

system. Dentists don't need more new patients. They need consultation and

clinical skills to provide complete dental care for their existing patients.


• Six sessions (2 nd Friday of month) over one year. Local study club eliminates high travel costs.

• Hands-on learning in small groups with guided supervision!

• Includes 3 essential components of successful implementation.

1. Complete Dentistry systems, forms, and protocols to support occlusal treatment.

2. Consultation and presentation skills to help patients want the treatment they need.

3. Clinical skills to confidently diagnose and treat occlusal problems with conservative, noninvasive


• A 3 step examination process to create a Masterplan for health and complete dental care.

• How to phase complete dentistry to accommodate a patient's budget.

• Conservative composite techniques that promote patient acceptance of treatment.

• How to explain occlusal disease, and how to discuss the limitations of dental insurance.

• Create more fun, more profit, and more meaningful work in your practice!

Course Instructors: Dr Tim Leary (650-328-8544) and Dr Brian Mills (650-961-6914)

More Information at www.completedentistrysc.com or call Arlene at (650-961-6914) to register.

20 | San Mateo County Dental Society | smcds.com


isk management

Considering dating a patient? Refer first. Dentists encounter a variety of people in

daily practice. You or your staff may find yourselves attracted to a patient. Conversely, you may discover

a patient is attracted to you or a staff member. California Business and Professions Code 726 which

applies to all licensed dental professionals states in part, “The commission of any act of sexual abuse,

misconduct or relations with a patient, client or customer constitutes unprofessional conduct and

grounds for disciplinary action …” A dental professional who has a sexual relationship with a patient is in

violation of the Dental Practice Act and risks damage to their professional reputation and that of the


If an attraction develops, consider ahead of time how this might become an awkward situation; i.e., financial idiosyncrasies, concerns

after a break-up about exploitation of the patient's private health information, etc. TDIC strongly advises you / your staff member not to

act on the attraction unless you first refer the patient to another dentist for dental care.

TDIC recommends a written office policy against dating patients be applied universally.

OMG! Txting @ work is not gr8: a policy on cell/smart phone

use is a must. Texting while on duty is a serious faux-pas, telegraphing to patients a

lack of professional focus on their care and well-being. Divided concentration diminishes

attention to detail in terms of treatment and/or recordkeeping. TDIC recommends you

develop a very specific written policy in your Employee Manual, distribute and review it at

a staff meeting. Explain the rationale and follow through with consequences if

expectations are not met.

Needless to say, turn off your cell phone. Model a high standard of personal conduct and

do not use your cell phone while on duty to make or receive personal calls, texts, or email.

For more in-depth articles on these and a full library of TDIC Risk Management topics, visit

www.thedentists.com and select Risk Management from the top menu - from Employee Needlestick Injuries to Keeping Holidays Happy

with Guidelines for Office Parties - this is a tremendous resource where your time will be well spent. Likewise, you'll find helpful

information on TDIC's product offerings and Risk Management courses – live and online – also at www.thedentists.com

Vigilance required to maintain compliance with workplace labor law

notices. Posting last May's new CDA orange and grey poster set as instructed was a solid start.

Continued compliance requires staying on the alert for email notices of poster updates and

additions thoughtfully sent to you from CDA and SMCDS and summarized in each month's issue of

SMCDS eNews in the 17-18 Poster Updates! Section.

Mouthpiece | Winter 2018 | 21

SMCDS EMERGENCY DENTAL REFERRALS POLICY SMCDS provides new patient referral services, we do not provide emergency

referral services for your practice in your absence. To ensure your patients get the best possible care when your office is closed, please

refer them to a colleague with whom you have made prior arrangements. Failure to provide referral for emergency care can place you in

violation of ADA Principles of Ethics as well as SMCDS Code of Ethics.

SMCDS MAILING LIST RENTAL POLICY Excluding general membership meeting exhibitors who receive a single-use mailing list of

event attendees as a benefit of sponsorship, we fill about seven or eight requests a year for the SMCDS member mailing list (practice

mailing addresses only). List “rental” is limited to a single-use mailing for materials or events deemed to be relevant to members and

their practices. Requests for list rental are submitted via signed single-use license agreements accompanied by a sample of the mailing,

pre-paid at the following rates:


Electronic Printed

[ ] SMCDS Member ...........................................................$45 ........$65

[ ] CDA / ADA Member Non-SMCDS Member ....................$65 ........$85

[ ] SMCDS Business Membership ...................................$100 ......$120

[ ] Dental/Medical - Non-SMCDS/CDA/ADAMember ......$200 ..... $220

[ ] Non-Dental/Medical Field ............................................$500 .....$520

To insure relevance to member interests and no inferred endorsement by SMCDS, we screen each sample mailing and include an

embedded test address in each mailing list rental. We do not release email addresses or fax numbers. We do occasionally broadcast

email an approved message on a member/vendor renter's behalf. If you suspect vendor abuse of our single-use rental agreement –

receiving multiple practice address mailings from the same vendor – please call the member line 650.637.1131 immediately so that we

may investigate. If guilty, the vendor will be confronted and denied any future rentals. You may opt out of mailing list rentals. To have

your mailing address excluded, call the member line 650.637.1131 or email your opt-out request to info@smcds.com



Dental Laboratory












133 ARCH #6




Break Through the Noise to

Tax Reform Insight &

Investment Market Update



SEI ADVISOR NETWORK - Back by popular

demand, Dean Mioli will discuss the impact

of the Tax Reform bill that went into effect

for 2018 for individuals and businesses and

provide a general Market Update as we near

the end of Q1 2018. Dean is a tax expert and

praccing accountant. Educate and prepare yourself early to

make posive and mely financial decisions. The last me we

hosted Dean, the event was sold out … and space is limited at the

Draeger venue.

Thursday, March 15, 2018 ▪ 11:30 am - 1 pm

Viognier ▪ The Restaurant at Draeger's ▪ San Mateo

Complimentary Lunch & Parking

Co-Hosted by SMCDS & Tom O'Brien

SGC Financial & Insurance Services

RSVP: jayvee.santos@sgc-financial.com

22 | San Mateo County Dental Society | smcds.com



Seeking associate dentist in

Redwood City FT/PT

Spanish speaking requrired.

Contact 650.365.7217 or


Seeking a Retiring Dentist Practice

to Buy in Redwood City, 2 mile

radius from Whipple and El

Camino. If you are thinking of

retiring in the near future, please

call 650.454.0023

Would you like to reduce your rent

by 50%? General Dentist of 20 years

seeking an opportunity to sublease

in a practice in Foster City, San

Mateo or Burlingame. Contact Dr.

Victor Sobrepena 650.619.6250 or


Medically forced retired dentist

available to consult and offer

limited volunteer procdures on a

fill in basis in San Mateo County

Call 415.990.7496 or


Dental Space For Lease Available

Tuesday & Wednesday Fast

growing area near downtown San

Carlos Caltrain. Private practice

for 23 years. Four operatories,

digital x-rays, Pano, Dentrix.

650.508.0903 or Email


General dentist office in San Carlos

looking for an in office /visiting

endodontist once a month.

Please contact


The leader in dental transitions, partnerships and employment law








. . .


111 Deerwood Road, Suite 340

San Ramon, CA 94583




Mouthpiece | Winter 2018 |

23 17



ehtber. eve~ 2:laj'.


525 Veterans Blvd., Suite 102 • Redwood City • CA • 94063

650.637.1121 • fax 650.649.2980 • info@smcds.com






2018 Executive Committee

President: John M. Acosta, DDS

President Elect: Sara Andrews, DDS, MS

Treasurer: Benjamin A. Yount, DDS

Secretary: Purvi K. Zavery, DDS, MS

Immediate Past President: Benson H. Wong, DDS

CDA Trustee: Carliza A. Marcos, DDS

Executive Director & Editor: Etta L. Kinney




HeJHkr. Ev;,r.'J .z>a.'J.

SMCDS Office Relocated Feb 7

Twl~ -~~l ~~ I~-~~ -~ j f

,.J : 4) !



Crowne Plaza

Foster City

3 Core CE

2018 ongoing








0 : ~ C

~- ~ '

~: ~



~ o ,


:' : Highway 101 Veterans Blvd.


Matthew A. Nejad, DDS

te ,02, Redwood City

S25 Veterans Blvd S

5 mln10Uthof our current office



REGISTER EARLY to get your date of choice!

A combination of self-paced

online and instructor-led

classroom training.

Full details at www.smcds.com

Upcoming Events

SAVE our precious resources! trees, water, energy, time (yours and ours)

- Register & Pay Online - www.smcds.com on Upcoming Events Calendar

The SMCDS office – 240-A Twin Dolphin Drive -

Redwood Shores – the last owner-occupied space in

the Westshore Office complex has been sold to the

complex owners. We relocated February 7, 2018 to

525 Veterans Blvd, Suite 102 Redwood City, CA

94063 - ~5 minutes south of our current address -

where we are sharing space with Sequoia Healthcare

District while we search for a new permanent home to

purchase. With regular access to a large classroom,

conference room, and ample day and evening parking,

we anticipate no changes to our 2018 CE and

event schedule. All course / event updates and

registration forms will highlight the new location.

Biomimetics: Restorations Mimicking Natural Teeth

An intact natural tooth has the perfect combination of properties: dentin,

enamel, DEJ. These three uniquely distinct material layers combine to perform

incredibly. Dr. Nejad's presentation will enhance your understanding of...

• their properties and how they come together to form a strong "biologicalbond"

creating the basis for ideal restorative treatment objectives

• how the intact tooth manages and distributes stresses during function and

loading, aids in selecting the best technique to restore strength and

performance of the intact tooth as faithfully as possible.

2018 BLS CPR Renewal Courses

Register Now!

2018 CALL for SMCDS Member Symposium Proposals

Submit by


SMCDS 2nd Annual

Member Symposium

CALL for Member


Tue Mar 27 Mon Apr 16 Tue Apr 24 Mon May 14

Tue May 22 Mon Jun 11 SUMMER BREAK Mon Sep 17

Tue Sep 25 Mon Oct 15 Mon Nov 5 Tue Dec 18


2017 SMCDS Symposium Success Beckons Members for a Second Round in

~ .."

August 2018. The August 2017 Symposium sessions admirably demonstrated

our ability to avail members of SMCDS talent without unfairly promoting one

member over another. To the contrary, having members present to their

closest colleagues in a relatively intimate setting; i.e., SMCDS seminar room,

gave attendees the sense of having acquired not only knowledge but a

supportive resource if/ when needed beyond the classroom.

More info: https://www.smcds.com/files/file 625.pdf

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