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MGCCQ Octagon Magazine, September 2017

Official Journal of the MG Car Club of Queensland Inc.



No. 5 September 2017

The 2017 contingent of ‘That Lot” take a break and give Wayne a chance to

check his TF for oil leaks. (Read the full story inside, page 52)

The Octagon - September 2017 1


Name Phone Mobile Email


Richard Mattea (Carly) 3325 0409 0488 224 105 richard.mattea@yahoo.com


Ken Wasley (Barbara) 3378 6202 0423 152 723 wasmg11@gmail.com


Malcolm Spiden 3266 6350 spidenm@yahoo.com.au


Carly Mattea (Richard) 3325 0409 0410 310 452 moffmat@bigpond.com


Don Webster (Ann) 3379 2566 0439 526 060 donweb@bigpond.net.au

Dean Tighe 0419 774 441 sales@tighecams.com.au

Flavio Paggiaro (Sue) 0412 985 916 admin@kellands.com.au


Position Name Phone Position Name Phone

Event Secretary Fred Sayers 3359 2623

Annette Truscott 0407 494 867

Ev. Sec. Asst. David Robinson 3255 9037

Richard Mattea 3325 0409

CAMS Delegate Gary Goulding 3351 3506

(Alternative) Ann Thompson 3378 1368

Chaplain Ken Trudgian 3886 3409

Club Captain Don Webster 3379 2566

Canteen Convener (Mt C) Vacant

Special Interest Vehicle Paul Strange 3398 1993

Concession Contract pstrange@bigpond.com

Webmistress Glenda Crew 3341 4397

Clubrooms Max Johnson 3201 5836

Regalia Shaun Rankin 0402 450 290

Library David Robinson 3255 9037

Point Score Ian Fettes 3803 3858

Membership Sec. Peter Rayment (Delia) 0407 693 947

National Meeting Noeline Johnson 0437 220 602



Chapter Liaison David Miles 3892 2699

Far Nth Qld Chapter John Fransen 0448 658 830

Wide Bay Chapter David Hall 0490 363 889

Bundaberg & Dist Chapter Eric Beckmann 41529206

Darling Downs Chapter Gary Lawrence 4696 8314

Capricorn Chapter Gurney Clamp 4939 4760

Whitsundays Chapter Cathie Meredith 0427 392 829

Octagon Editor Elaine Hamilton 3893 2438 0418 870 782 vprojects@internode.on.net

All enquiries to the secretary:

Headquarters: 8/16 Collinsvale Street, Rocklea

C/o GPO Box 1847 Brisbane 4001

E & OE Hillclimb: Gramzow Road, Mt Cotton

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The Octagon -September 2017

President’s Report

We have had a calendar full of activities

again during the past few months. Lot

of social runs, competitive events and

social gatherings at the clubrooms and the

Chapters. It’s always great to see and hear

of members getting out and enjoying their

cars and the company of their

fellow members.

One of the most recent highlights for me was

the involvement of MG cars and the MG Car

Club in this year’s Ekka. The Club, through

the generosity of several of its members,

ensured that Brisbane MG’s sponsorship of

the nightly fireworks was a great success.

The Club’s participation allowed us to

distribute information about the Club and its

activities; hopefully this will lead to a number

of new members. Congratulations to Ken

Wasley for organising the event.

All British Day will have come and gone for

2017 by the time you are reading this. Let’s

hope the weather gods have been kinder to

us than last year. This should be a fairly safe

bet given how dry it has been this winter, but

the rain always seems to come at a time to

cause strife.

Events at Mt Cotton continue to supply

a great weekend out for competitors and

spectators alike. In recent times competitors

have received typically 10 runs over the one

and a half day’s competition. The recent Test

‘n’ Tune hillclimb produced one new hillclimb

special which will hopefully become a regular

participant in 2018. Rumour also has it that

a new turbocharged rotary engine hillclimb

special should be making its debut shortly.

The plans continue for the 50th Anniversary

of the Mt Cotton Hillclimb, what a remarkable

achievement for our Club. Plans are also

well underway for the 2019 MG National

Meeting under the guidance of Delia and

Peter Rayment. With so many years of

National Meeting experience between the

two I’m sure it will be memorable event.

Thank to Elaine Hamilton and Delia and

Peter for taking on these important tasks on

behalf of the Club.

The Club will be hosting the 6th round of this

year’s Interclub Challenge. The Porsche

Club looks to have a pretty stronghold on

this year’s trophy with a strong lead over the

BMW Club while we’re back in 5th place but

we have missed two of the rounds due to

other commitments. Interestingly when we

do manage to get a team together we do very

well with a 1st, 2nd and 5th place (out of 14

clubs), so well done to all of those who

have participated.

I fear that once again after this year’s AGM

the committee will still be a few members

down. We meet once a month at the

clubrooms and do our best to ensure that the

needs of members are being met and the

club remains on a solid financial foundation.

We would really welcome a new face or two.

To end this report, I would once again

like to thank all of those members and

club supporters who have helped out in

recent months when the call has gone out.

Remember this is your Club and to continue

to survive and grow we need input and

support from all.

- Richard Mattea

Ross Kelly 3352 4151

0407 364 543

MG ZR, ZS, ZT Ken Wasley 0423 15 27 23

The Octagon - September 2017 3

Some words from Elaine

Be prepared for something/s a little different

inside this Octagon!

For one, we have not one but two Letters to

the Editor (why do people so rarely write to

me??) - one of them long enough to become

an article in its own right.

It is a thank you letter from one of our hillclimb

officials who undertook some fundraising for

a good cause and wrote to tell us the bigger

story and to show us how we were ‘with her’

all the way.

the translation. You will notice that Wayne

Kirwan’s MG has made the cover twice in

quick succession. You will have to read the

cover caption and their ‘blog’ story to find out


Those of you who have ever set a Club run

will certainly appreciate Gary Duncan’s report

in the new Bundaberg and District Chapter’s

contribution to their Chapter report -- instead

of reports of weather and morning tea, you’ll

find a box of chocolates waiting for you. Thank

you, Gary -- and more please!!

Secondly, there is no hillclimb report - this

may be a record but it is simply a result of

the programming of events and Octagons

which left us with no event on which to report.

However, this has allowed us to catch up

on results and reports of a range of other

competition events.

Denis Thomas has provided his contribution to

the ‘Stories from the Stables’ feature and what

an original idea he and Daffy Duck came up

with to put a different and very creative twist

to story telling. Don’t miss it and, if you know

the answer to some of the questions posed,

please make sure you let them know.

Another original method of story telling was

employed by ‘That Lot’, a group of Central

Queenslanders, who headed off to the

National Meeting together earlier this year and

wrote a daily blog recording their travels and

then, when looking for something else to do,

introduced a unique form of ‘sponsorship’ into

their writing.

To save you from reading their travels in

reverse ... as this is how a blog ends up ... I

have done my best to rearrange their entries

into a more appropriate chronological order

and hope that nothing has been changed in

And ‘more please’ to Robert Martin who has

once again brought a smile to my face as I

typed up his rhyming and rhythmic verses.

Please don’t let me be the only one telling him

how enjoyable they are.

This time he has even gone the extra step --

yes, OK, under a bit of gentle duress from me

-- of providing his own illustration.

With the calendar of coming events shrinking

in size as the year rolls on, not as much space

is needed for the centre calendar lift-out so

there has been room to include a Regalia

Order form for those of you wanting to get in

early to do some of your special Christmas


And, just to make the end of the year come

even closer, I need to remind you that the next

Octagon is the November one with a cut off

date of the end of October for contributions.

After reading some of the original material in

this one, hopefully there will be others of you

inspired to come up with your own original

contributions - or maybe even a letter to

the editor or something visual -- a puzzle, a

cartoon, a visual depiction of a Club event???

Off you go...


The Octagon -September 2017

Notice Board

The Clubrooms are open on the first and third Friday nights of each month with hot food starting at 6.30

pm priced as low as $3. The goal will continue to be to have something special happening on the first

Friday of each month. Your suggestions are welcomed.

Working bees are held at the hillclimb on most Wednesdays and are therefore not listed below. For

further information, contact Malcolm Spiden.

(P) indicates that the event is pointscoring for Club trophies. The rules for pointscoring for trophies can

be found on the News page of the Club website. The pointscore is updated throughout the year by Ian

Fettes so you can see how competitive you are. Please contact Ian with any queries you may have.

Please consult the online calendar for any update and also for Chapter events to which all members

are always invited. You will also find that motorsport events promoted by other clubs and also events in

regional areas are listed in our online calendar.


6 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter at the clubrooms

15 Sun HSCCQ Motorkhana at Driver Training

Centre, Willowbank (P)

20 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter at the Clubrooms

25 Wed MGCCQ - Midweek run organised by David

and Meryl Miles


3 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter at the clubrooms

2/3 Sat/Sun CAMS State Championship races Round 3

(P) at Morgan Park

12 Sun Rd 9 of the Interclub Championship -

HSCCQ Khanacross at Driver Training

Centre Willowbank (P)

17 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter at the clubrooms

22 Wed MGCCQ - MidweekChristmas run to

Redland Bay Golf Club (Organised by Bruce

Ibbotson). The start point is Springfield

Lakes UDB ref: 237 E 19 at 9.00 for Morning

tea with departure on run at 10am for Lunch

at the ‘Redland Bay Golf Club’ at about noon.

25/26 Sat/Sun Mt Cotton Hillclimb series Rd 6 (P)


1 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter

8 Fri Presentation of hillclimb series trophies

New members

We welcome the following new members and

wish them a long and happy association with

the Club.

Ian Finglas

Ian Gilmour

Roxanne Gilmour

Trevor Pewson

John Tyson

Barry Niland

David Bradbury

Dilys Bradbury

10 Sun Christmas party at the clubrooms

The Octagon - September 2017 5


It is not unusual for the Club to get requests regarding the use of an MG for a special event

but there have been a spate of them lately and members from our Club have readily put

their hands up to help. The requests and those who have gone out of their way to help are:

1. Red MGB Roadster needed for wedding -- Thank you to Robert Jones who has offered

to help with this request.

2. Request for assistance with celebrating an 80th birthday -- Thank you to Ian Kirkpatrick

who helped with this celebration.

3. Request for MGs at the EKKA -- Brisbane MG requested a T type for display for the

duration of the Ekka and also an MGB for transporting Costa from ‘Gardening Australia’ in

the Grand Parade on Ekka Wednesday.

Thank you to Dick Sorensen whose TC

(pictured) was on display in the MG Motor

area for the whole of the show and to Craig

Beaven whose MGB was used in the grand

parade on Wed and carried Costa from the

ABCs Gardening Show chauffeured by Ken


Costa from Gardening Australia on the

Grand Parade in (maybe ‘on’) Craig

Beaven’s B.

Thanks go also to Ken Wasley for

organising all the cars and for taking care of

Craig’s B was he was away overseas.


The Octagon -September 2017

Thanks also to Pauline Graham for the

promotional material on the Club and

children’s activity sheet she created as

part of the display.

An artist’s view of the Brisbane MG display near the Old Museum

Rebirth of the T-Series Register

Expressions of interest are sought from

members who are T-type owners willing to

re-establish a register of cars whether they

be going or not. Could owners of T types

contact one of the people below with their

intention to participate. They will then be

sent a short questionnaire asking for contact

details and details of their cars. After that,

who knows?

Don Webster donweb@bigpond.net.au

3379 2566 0439 526 060

Terry Jones terry.50.j@gmail.com

3288 2739 0417 789 709

CAN YOU HELP? Pictured is Brian Tebble in

action at the first hillclimb held at Mt Cotton

on 18 Feb 1968. With the 50th anniversary

of that event being celebrated next year

we’d love to see this car there BUT we don’t

know where it is. Do you? This TD was

Brian’s pride and joy and was affectionately

known as Gertie. About 9 years ago,

Brian’s nephew, MGCCQ member Andrew

Willesden, chanced across the person

who had Gertie and was restoring her but

the contact details have not survived the

years. We are hoping that someone reading

this will know of Gertie and her current

whereabouts. If you can help, please email

Elaine Hamilton at zzehamil@gmail.com.

The Octagon - September 2017 7

If Gertie can be found

and we can get her

to the hillclimb for the

birthday celebrations

next year, she will join

at least three other cars

which competed in that

significant event.

Gertie achieved fame

and her driver, Leonard

Teale - well known actor

in the 60s - achieved a

degree of infamy with his

skill at damaging cars

which he was given to

drive at Mt Cotton. He is

seen here inspecting the

damage he inflicted on

Gertie on one of his visits

to Mt Cotton.

Pictured is the car which won that first event at Mt Cotton - Ray Jorgensen’s RJ1 - which has

been faithfully restored and ran at Leyburn in August. It is pictured here in Feb 1968 and as

it is now.

Meantime, Peter

Rayment (pictured), -

the current owner of

the the Cooper Ford

which was run in the

inaugural hillclimb at Mt

Cotton in Feb 68 by Tim

Harlock - is busy getting

it ready for its return to

Mt Cotton at the 50th

anniversary day at the

hillclimb next Feb.


The Octagon -September 2017

During Andrew and Michelle Lake’s recent hike across England, apart from seeing mostly MGBs in various states

of repair, at a remote café in the Yorkshire Dales they saw these perfect examples of British motoring. They are

(L-R) • Thunderbird, Jaguar XK120, Riley ???, MGB, MGB GT, MGA, all in near concours condition. The MGB had

overheated and the driver said he didn’t how we can make them run in Australia!


poem and artwork by Robert Martin

Off on a holiday

We went on a spree

Just the Missus and I

Myself and me

Longreach our destination

Jumped on the train

To a place way out West

With no drizzle or rain

While walking in bushland

I spied from afar

The outline of something

That looked like a car

On closer inspection

You’d tell at a glance

This rusty old girl

Had had her last dance

With most of it missing

I noted with glee

VIN plate Made in England

The Company, MG.

The wiring was shot

I can only stress

was powered by Lucas

Prince of Darkness

How did it get here

No record will show

But MGs never die

As most of you know!

Letter to the Editor

(Ed) Those of you not in the Brisbane area

would not be aware that the Club had a

number of requests come in at about the

same time for people to offer the use of their

MG for a special use. One was for cars for

BrisbaneMG (the sellers of the new modern

MGs) to use at the Exhibition, one was for

use at a wedding and the one below, where

the family of a lady celebrating her 80th

birthday wanted to do something special for

her and that was having her driven to her

special birthday function in an MG and Ian

Fitzpatrick obliged with that one. The lady’s

son, James, sent this email of thanks along

with photos of the occasion. Photos of the

wedding should be coming and will be in the

next Octagon and photos of the Exhibition

are in the Bits and Pieces section of this


Good Evening Elaine,

Please see attached a couple of pics of my

mum, young Ian (Ian Fitzpatrick) and his

AWESOME MG. Please pass on my and my


for Ian’s remarkable friendship, enthusiasm,

caring, understanding, easy going nature,

and MOST of ALL for being the person he

is a - TRUE GENTLEMAN. He truly made

mums 80 th BIRTHDAY more SPECIAL than

I or my family could ever have dreamed/

asked for. THANK YOU IAN.

Sincerely Thank You

James Wall and Family

The Octagon - September 2017 9


The Octagon -September 2017

Easter 2019

by Delia Rayment, Event Director


Mark this date on your calendar as the

MG event to go to and it will be held at

Redlands, Queensland.

The Australian Golden Jubilee MG National

Meeting will be hosted by the MG Car Club

of Queensland Inc. in the city of Redlands,

overlooking beautiful Moreton Bay, during

Easter 2019.

The quiet little villages with the lure of the

bay islands offshore should attract entrants

not only to attend this National Meeting

but also to take a holiday whilst there. The

Redlands City Council are excited that we

are coming and are working positively with

the Club to make this weekend an enjoyable

and memorable one for all.

Good Friday is Registration Day and

registration will be held in cordial

surroundings where you can collect your

regalia,confirm your registration, enter your

photographs for the photo competition etc.

Please note attendees have to pre-register

for the National Meeting with registration

cutting off about a month before the event.

The Concours is held on Easter Saturday

and will be a spectacle with as many models

of MGs as possible up to present day

taking part.

Utilization of our Club’s Mt Cotton Hillclimb

for the Speed Event during the National

Meeting will also prove a drawcard for

long time entrants to this event. Some

of the entrants will have been going to

these meetings for many of the 50 years.

They surely have some tales to tell about

MG motoring. Come and meet some of

the characters. Besides MG owners from

interstate we will be expecting overseas

visitors as well to attend.

The Theme Night on Easter Saturday looks

like being a fun time – without giving away

too much at this stage.

Other interesting events being held during

the week-end are Motorkhanas, Observation

Runs, Social Runs and the Traditional

Kimber Run. You can be as competitive or

laid back as you like.

The Gala Dinner on Monday night is for the

presention of trophies with prize winners

treading the red carpet to receive their

trophies for participation and success in the

events held over the weekend.

The Farewell Breakfast on Easter Tuesday

will not see you leaving this National

Meeting hungry as you meet together to say

good bye to old and new friends.

Come and enjoy the Marque of Friendship.

An organising committee has been formed

and they are looking forward to planning

a traditional National Meeting for all who

attend over the whole of Easter 2019.

They are presently working on tasks that

have to be done before Easter 2018 when

representatives of our Club will be in

Tasmania to “sell” our 2019 event to the

MG fraternity.

To make this event enjoyable, viable and

successful we need you, OUR members,

to support this important Event. Start

planning now. Details of block bookings

of accommodation could be in the next

magazine, though, with the event right on

their ‘doorstep’, Brisbanites will have the

rare opportunity to choose to stay in their

own homes for the duration of a National


The Octagon - September 2017 11


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1300 488 717

today for service anywhere in Australia


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The Octagon -September 2017

August Club Runs

Breakfast run - August 6 - by Don Webster

Eleven members and three guests left Narangba at

the appointed time for our run to Sea, Salt and Vine

at Scarborough for breakfast whilst four members

went directly there. We travelled in a roundabout

way passing through Newport Waterways.

When we arrived the staff had set up a long table

for our group and everybody ordered their meals.

As is normal for these events there was the usual

amount of chatter and catching up to be done.

An MG quiz was handed out to members with ten

questions regarding MG and some of its history.

This was won by Don Webster who received a prize

of some car polish and cloths.

Attendees were:

Don & Ann Webster TD

Alex Cairney


Allan Tebbutt


Aubrey Ross


Ian & Kay Wells

Jensen Healey

Neil & Joanne McCorkindale MGTF

Errol & Wendy Hoger MG B

Greg & Rhonda Hannant

Richard Higgs


Graham Barringer


Jason Higgs & daughter(guests) Torana SS Papaya

Midweek run - August 23 by Jeff Heslewood

Once again we were treated to a fine morning as 33

participants in 21 cars including 10 MGs set off from

Springfield Lakes. Bruce and Tip were celebrating

their anniversary and it was also Bruce’s birthday.

Ian & Kay Wells had their Jensen Healey back on

the road after a few “issues” which started with a

wiring harness fire on one of our overnight runs last

year. Terry and Lynn Jones brought up the rear as

they were running in a rebuilt engine and gearbox in

their very original looking MGTC. Personally I prefer

a well presented original “T” type to a “concours”


The countryside was very brown after the dry winter

and a few morning frosts, but driving conditions

were ideal as we headed out along Ipswich Boonah

Rd then turned back to cross the Cunningham

Highway and onto a really enjoyable driving section

through the locality of Coleyville. We then turned

into Rosewood-Warrill View Rd which took us all the

way to our morning tea destination of Rosewood,

as Greg Hannant pointed out, without one traffic

light. The food van at Johnston Park did very nicely,

with Denis Thomas needing assistance to carry his

goodies away.

The next stage took us through Grandchester and

on to Laidley before crossing over the Warrego

Highway at Plainland and passing through the very

scenic farming community of Brightview. It was then

on to Lowood and the always enjoyable drive along

Glamorgan Vale Road.

We made our way back to the Warrego Highway via

Brisbane Valley Road, turning off onto the winding

and quite hilly Kholo Road. The final section

was along the very scenic rural residential Lake

Manchester Road to Colleges Crossing.

The Ipswich Council has done a wonderful job of

rebuilding the picnic area after the 2011 floods,

and I am sure everyone was impressed with the

facilities and enjoyed our lunch stop.

While we were there, the Police arrived and cast a

very appreciative eye over the MGs , saying they

wished they could own one. As usual it was a

successful and enjoyable run, and we can now look

forward to Denis Thomas’s overnighter to Warwick.

Participants were:

Jeff & Pat Heslewood

Greg & Rhonda Hannant

Trevor & Joy Jones

Denis Thomas

Bruce Mutch

Bruce Bayliss

Bruce & Tip Ibbotson

David Miles

Alex Cairney

Ian & Kay Wells

Robyn Jewrey

John & Glen Boyce

Terry & Lynn Jones

Errol & Wendy Hoger

Dane & Kerry Horgan

Val Horgan

John & Pat Walker

David & Ann Ferro

Jan Burke

T Pelson & S Panucco

Subaru WRX









Jensen Healey











The Octagon - September 2017 13

The BIG Y - everyone celebrates


The Octagon -September 2017

July Club Runs

July Midweek Run by Errol Hoger

Our Starting Point, Logan River Parklands, looked

to be in great shape after the recent floods and the

day was a typical mid winter Brisbane day.

26 cars and 41 Members and Guests signed in for

the run with 13 cars being MGs .

The run to morning tea at Wyaralong Dam took us

through Logan Village and down Camp Cable Road

where we turned off passing through Mundoolan

and Versdale Scrub on roads that we had not

travelled before.

We bypassed Beaudesert and cut through

Bromelton on our way to the dam for morning tea.

Heading for lunch at Mt. Alford we cut across to

Kalbar via Teviotville, again the country side was

looking grand.

Dave at the Mt. Alford Hotel looked after us and the

food was excellent and plenty of it. I would say a

great day all round.

Some Cattle History of the Mt Alford District by

Bruce Mutch

When Captain Philip came to Australia in 1788

he brought British cattle . These were Shorthorn,

Hereford and Angus (Bos Tarus) temperate and

cold climate cattle. They spread through out Aust -

Shorthorn in the North, Hereford and Angus in the

Southern areas. In early 1900s the dreaded Cattle

Tick from NT (ex SE Asia ) came into Qld bringing

the disease “Red Water” with disastrous results .

Cattle had to be plunge dipped every three weeks

to try to control it.

All cattle had to be vaccinated with “Hot Blood”

to control the Red Water problem. There was a

problem with Tickcides, Arsenic, Buracatox, Rucide

etc which would break down and then the ticks

became resistant to them . Mt Alford was a problem

District as were many in coastal areas of Qld. The

problem was solved in the 1970’s when Brahman

cattle (Bos Indicus} were introduced and crossed

with British Breed cattle. They did not carry ticks

and were tolerant to Red Water.

On the run today through the district we saw NO

British Breed cattle only Crossbred sleek coated

stock - Droughtmaster , Braford, Santa Gertrudis,

Charbray and Brangus all short coated cattle that

do well in the area. A great run through some

beautiful country .

Many Thanks to Errol and Wendy for organising

the run..

Participants were:

Errol & Wendy Hoger MGB

Ray & Sue Edwards Outlander

Jeff & Pat Heslewood WRX

Denis Thomas


Trevor & Joy Jones Camiro

Brian Humble


Val Horgan


Kerry & Dane Horgan Mustang

Rob GranT MG 6

Paul Hartley & Linda Blackburn MGA

Trevor Penson & Sue Panuceli Audi

David & Mery Miles MG Magnette

Geoff Messer


Neil Summerson


Bruce Mutch


John & Tricia Cranley NSX

Greg & Rhonda Hannant BMW

Neil & Kate Robson MGF

John & Glen Boyce MGF

Barry Lutwyche


Jan Bourke


John Davidson


Alan & Joyce Tebbutt Audi

Robyn Jenvey & Randall Honda Accord

Alex Cairney


The Octagon - September 2017 15


The Octagon -September 2017

The Octagon - September 2017 17

Mal Ryan Ph: 0419 741 223 - mspa.com@optusnet.com.au - Capalaba, Brisbane.

Check out our website: www.octopusgrip.com to find a distributor close to you.

British Car Specialist & Rover T4 Diagnostics

2 Trade Street

Ormiston Q 4160


The Octagon -September 2017


by Don Webster; photos by Andrew Manfield

A lesson I learned today was that I should

always reconnoitre meeting places and

routes well before planning a club run! I

had planned to meet those going to RACQ

Motorfest at a small park near the cruise

ship terminal for a short run to Eagle Farm.

This is a site I had used previously and

there was enough parking spaces for the

expected number of cars (as well as a

public toilet - so necessary with this cold

weather and our ageing bodies).

On arrival I found that the park no longer

existed; instead there was a large hole in

the ground with the area cordoned off with

road barriers. It looked as though it was an

alternative to taking a cruise to China, now

there was a direct path through the centre

of the earth.

Despite this set back, ten club members

and their MGs managed to make their

way individually to the racecourse along

with over 400 other vehicles. The featured

marque was Holden with a display of

vehicles from each decade, and the 50th

anniversary of the Chevrolet Camaro was

also celebrated.

Above: Our award winning cars - Dino Mattea’s MGL

and The Cahalanes’ MG TF. Below: MGs on display.

Our club members were successful with

Dino Mattea winning the Post Vintage

(1931-1939) prize with his MGL, and Peter

Calahane winning the Classic (1940- 1959)

prize with his MGTF.

Those attending were :

Dino & Margaret Mattea MGL

Graham & Felicity Moore MGA

John Cicchiello


Neil & Jo-Anne McCorkindale MGTF

Peter & Gail Cahalane MGTF

Andrew & Jann Scott MGA

Andrew Manfield


Steve Hodgson


June Hodgson


Don Webster


and of course Kerry Horgan with his

Zimmer complete with Uncle Sam costume.

The Octagon - September 2017 19

Overall a very successful day with lots of spectators and the money raised going

to CareFlight.

MGs at the Day out at Peak Crossing 27 August

by Don Webster, Photos by Chrystellee Semple

MGCCQ was invited to participate in “A Day

in the Country” charity event in support of

the Fassifern Valley Rotary Club.

This was held at Peak Crossing and over

200 cars from 15 clubs put on a spectacular

display in brilliant weather.

The structure of the day was quite free

flowing, with no judging or people’s choice,

and no one got a trophy.

Meryl Miles - Magnette, Geoff Messer -

MGB, John Davidson - MGBGT, Brian

Ponting - MGBGTV8, Bob Semple - MGF;

while spread amongst the other groups

were Chrystellee Semple - Ford Falcon,

Kerry Horgan - Zimmer, Dane Horgan

- Lamborghini, Trevor and Joy Jones -

Mustang and Camaro.

Attendees could wander freely among the

cars on display to experience the passion

that other like-minded people had for their

cars. The cars were grouped roughly

according to makes, with our club members’

cars covering several groups.

Those in the MG group were: Terry

Jones - TC, Don Webster - TD, David and


The Octagon -September 2017


at Peak


The Octagon - September 2017 21


The Octagon -September 2017

My name is Daffy and

this is my story...

Hi all, I started my life as a 1978 MGB BL

Roadster Rubber Bumper. I am shown here

on a midweek run, my first outing with the


Born in ??????? 1978 as a left hand drive


We presume I lived in the USA and was

transported to Australia at some stage.


Original families unknown ??

First outing with MGCCQ

I have been nicknamed “Daffy” and I belong

to Denis the “dill”. In short, these names

represent my colour “daffy” “dill” !!

You may know my stable mate “Leprechaun”


Around 1999 I was for sale in a car yard at

Ferry Rd Southport and was purchased by

Brian Dark of “Maintaining The Breed” on

the Gold Coast. By this stage I had been

converted to right hand drive and, as a

power plant, now had a 3.5 litre Rover V8

with Rover 5 speed rover gearbox.

Rego then was 659 DVO.

I don’t know when or where or by whom the

transplant was done ??

I travelled south many times with the Darks

to their holiday home at Narooma and to the

MG National Meeting in 2000. Brian’s son

Harry recalls my power and some fun with

me and tells us at this stage I was fitted with

twin SUs but now have a four barrel Holly

carbie and an Offenhauser inlet manifold.

My stablemate ‘Leprechaun’

My life history is not well known and even

after research we have been unable to

establish all my history. This is what we

know to date. If you know the answer to any

of the questions asked, please let me know

by emailing my stablemaster at the email at

the end of this article.

I don’t know when or where or by whom this

conversion took place??

I was sold to Madeleine Weeninks, ex

president of the MGCC Gold Coast, and I

am told that, due to my fuel consumption

problems(very high), was sold on after a

short time to Peter Probert. I’m told I was

known as George due to my deep voice.

My life is unknown during this period ??

I was purchased by Barry Evans of MG

Automotive and lived with him for a time and

then was sold on to a gentleman who lived

in Maleny.

The Octagon - September 2017 23

I was again sold to Russell Ashby, a car

dealer, and then directly to Denis in April

2016 when I was registered as MGB878 (8

cyl year 78)

When this registration was changed is


After my past, little did I know I would be

changed again!!

Denis has always wanted an MGB GT V8

but only had a limited amount to spend on a

track car. He had bitten the dust in the green

roadster “Leprechaun” at Lakeside and did

not have the heart to risk it again sooooo

along came “Daffy”. Everything he wanted

was there apart from the GT tin top.

He was lucky to acquire a J& S fibreglass

hard top from Sydney as well as a front

spoiler. These were painfully fitted to the car

after much adjustment by Denis who did the

removing, painting and refitting.

I was run in GEAR events twice as

a roadster and then, after the mods

were finished, as a special “J & S GTB


These hardtops ( 2nd edition) were

manufactured in Ashfield NSW from 1965

at a cost of $390.00 and were marketed as

J&S GTB Fastback.

I would appreciate any information that can

assist in filling in the blanks as I would love

to know my full past. If you could email

them to denisthomas47@bigpond.com it

would be appreciated.

(Below) Here is what I look like now.

Thanks, Daffy.


The Octagon -September 2017



Hi Richard,

I am finally home having a few Motorsport

events under my belt and a week back at

work (yuck!).

Where do I begin with Miles for Memories?

I guess with telling you our final fundraising

total -- $246,000!!! Such a huge effort by 20

individuals to raise such a significant amount

for Dementia Research. I couldn’t have

reached my goal without the help of MG Car

Club Qld and the ability to hold raffles and

sell chocolates at the Mt Cotton events. My

thanks to all who helped either sell or buy

raffle tickets or chocolates and to those who

donated money or prizes or attended my

movie night and everyone in between that

gave me words of encouragement.

Yosemite was absolutely amazing!! Such

a breathtaking place. Due to the late snow

fall and a landslide blocking an access road

some of our itinerary had to be changed

but I’m sure we hiked close to our 99km.

Our first day was at Wawona where we did

a short hike through the Meadow Loop.

Gazing over the meadow we could see the

Wawona Dome overlooking us.

Yosemite. Hot, but a dry heat. Steep but

manageable. We headed back to camp to

get ready to pack up and move to campsite

2 the following day. We had a 20km hike to

get to our next camp ground, Upper Pines,

in the Half Dome Village on the Valley Floor.

Following breakfast and lunch making, camp

pack up and a 1 hour drive we arrived at

Glacier Point to link up with the Panorama

Trailhead. This trail starts on the top of the

ridge and we had to hike via the Panorama

Trail, a portion of the John Muir trail (the

famous Pacific Crest Trail or PCT), passing

Liberty Cap and Half Dome and down the

Mist trail to get us to the valley floor.

We could kind of see where we would be

walking from Glacier Point and I think you

would agree that the view was spectacular!!!

We were headed there the next day to hike

almost to the top of Chilnualna Falls. This

first pic was taken half way up the trail with

Wawona Dome in the background.01

That was our first real taste of hiking

The Octagon - September 2017 25


The Octagon -September 2017

This pic has Half Dome to the left and the

snow capped Sierra Nevada mountains

in the distance. We hiked over and under

many waterfalls that day. Due to the snowfall

and hot temperatures we were told by our

guides that the falls were flowing at 200%

and we were extremely lucky to see them in

such splendor.

We crossed the Illilouette Falls early in the

day and our second waterfall was Nevada

Falls where we grabbed a bite to eat and

another pic.

That is the


Valley behind

me!!! We were

camping in the

valley around to

the right so we

had a long way

to go. Down the mist trail we got covered

in the spray from Nevada Falls. So much

force in the water flowing over the edge. So

calming yet so powerful. After another 45

mins we had arrived at the top of the Vernal

Falls where we continued down the Mist

Trail to get absolutely soaked by the mist

coming off Vernal Falls. We headed into our

next camp to set up and to finally have a

shower after 3 days without one.

So steep and so many stairs but so

rewarding. Very emotional day for me. To

realize where I had come from and what I

had achieved on my own not only on the

trip but to get there was overwelming.

I gathered myself after a

4.5 hour hike up to start

the trek back down again

to where I grabbed this


Our next few days were

smaller hikes with not

much incline. Yosemite

was amazing. (I think I’ve said that already).

Getting back to San Francisco I headed out

to explore the city. Did an Alcatraz tour and

rode a bike over the Golden Gate Bridge.

I had such an amazing time, learned lots

about myself and plan to do more exploring

and hiking both at home and overseas in

the future.

Our next hike was the following day to

Yosemite Point above the Upper Yosemite

Falls. This was the biggest day. Yosemite

Falls are the tallest in North America so it

was special to see them flowing with so

much water. While we were waiting to grab

a picture of the falls a butterfly graced me

with its presence and climbed onto my hand.

I call that lucky.

Many thanks to MG Car Club Qld for your

assistance with my fundraising. I hope

that you and your members enjoy looking

through some of my pics knowing that

all financial support was donated to the

fantastic cause, Dementia Research.

Thank you for supporting me and our trek -

Miles for Memories.

- Leigh Evans aka Mini Mouse.

The Octagon - September 2017 27


The Octagon -September 2017



16 July - Bundaberg Aero Run by Allan Dansie

What a great morning it was on Sunday 16th July

as 11 cars and 18 people headed out of town

towards Coonarr. As we were travelling down

Goodwood Road were just about to turn into

Coonarr Road who should be coming from the

opposite direction but the Carters from Hervey Bay.

We then followed Coonarr Road, which is a great

MG road with a few nice corners, before turning into

Golchert Drive and then into the Bundaberg Aero

Modellers grounds. Here we unpacked our vehicles

and settled into smoko, after which we met Graham

who told those who was interested about his quad

copter and all the tricky things that it could do. As I

was setting up my PC9 plane another pilot arrived

with his quick helicopters, one being an electric

model and the other a gas powered model. After

lunch we watched a few more flyers and then it was

time for home.

30th July - Run to Miara and Tiny Teas House

by Judy Donoghue

Ten cars pulled out of Quay Street at 0930 and

headed for Miara Van and Picnic Park on the Kolan

River. The foreshore is still recovering from the big

flood. The resident manager from Germany made

us very welcome at the Rotunda with sparkling

water for all. This was a great Pit Stop for Smoko.

Then we were off to the Tiny Tea House at

Rosedale. The venue was packed with our club and

the Mercedes Club who were all from Brisbane and

were in the Wide Bay for the week end.

The Octagon - September 2017 29

We seemed to be a younger group than the other

club but it may have just seemed that way as we

had all convertibles!!

The food kept coming as did the conversation and

what with the weather what a beautiful day. In all,

what a pleasant day out.

13 August - A combined run with Wide Bay chapter

and Bundaberg to Burrum Heads was held. The

report and photos are on the Wide Bay Chapter


27 August - Run to Biggenden area by Gary


During the planning stages things had started out

looking a little bit grim for this run. We couldn’t

help but start to compare the process of either

organising or attending an MG run to Forrest

Gump’s philosophy on life. Like his ‘box of

chocolates’ you never know what you’re going to


For instance, we didn’t know what the weather

would deliver to us. Over the previous few days

several of the local dogs had gone missing after

being blown off their chains. Too much wind, either

inside or outside of a small sports car can make for

a very unpleasant day.

We also didn’t know for sure who would turn up

on the day. Some had replied in the negative and

could be discounted. Only a few appeared likely

to arrive but then there was the silent majority, any

of whom may materialise unexpectedly. It seemed

that most of the regular attendees as well as the

not so regular ones had, as we all do at times,

other things that needed attention on this particular


A myriad of other things we didn’t know as well but

the one thing we did know and could rely on was

that Jacqui and Ray Mutton would be on their way

to meet us for the day. Alone or otherwise. They


The Octagon -September 2017

MGCCQ 2017 Calendar

Affiliated with the Confederation of Australian Motorsports

GPO 1847, Brisbane Q 4001

The following abbreviations are used for Chapter names:

CAP = Capricorn; FNQ = Far North Qld; DDC = Darling Downs; WBC = Wide Bay; WHI = Whitsundays BUN = Bundaberg & District


Fri 1 CAP Dinner on the Coast - T.B.A. Capricorn Coast (Capricorn Chapter Members)

Noggin ‘n’ Natter at the Clubrooms

SatSun 2/3

CAMS State Championship races Round 3 at Morgan Park (P) - Morgan Park

Sat 9 FNQ Ingham weekend Trip

Mt Cotton hillclimb series Rd 5 (P)

Sun 10 FNQ Ingham weekend Trip

Mt Cotton hillclimb series Rd 5 (P)

HSCCQ Motorkhana including AMC practice at Driver Training Willowbank

Wed 13 DDC Mid-week lunch run - Warwick Golf Club, Warwick at 12 midday (Ron & Judy Gillis)

Fri 15

Sat 16

AGM at clubrooms and Noggin ‘n’ Natter

All British Day - set up day

Sun 17 CAP Mt.Morgan Little Western tour - Yeppoon / Rockhampton to Mt.Morgan, Dululu & Westwood.

(Capricorn Chapter members, invitation to Jag Car Club)

All British Day at Tennyson

Sun 24

DDC Monthly Run - TBA (John & Betty Gosper)

Wed 27 MGCCQ - Midweek run (Organised by Denis Thomas 0401 744 672)

Sat 30

Rd 7 of the Interclub Championship - Interclub Hillclimb at Mt Cotton


Fri 6

Noggin ‘n’ Natter at the clubrooms

Sat 7


Dinner on the Coast - T.B.A. Capricorn Coast (Capricorn Members)

Sun 8 FNQ Day Run - Tinaroo Lake


Social Run - Mackay Marina 9 am

Wed 11 DDC Mid-week lunch run (BYO picnic) - Federation Park, Vale View at 12 midday (Ron & Judy Gillis)

Fri 13- 16

Pre-War MG Register of Australia meeting at Yamba

Sun 15 CAP BYFIELD lunch Tour - Rockhampton / Yeppoon to Byfield Central Qld. (Capricorn chapter members)

HSCCQ Motorkhana at Driver Training Centre, Willowbank (P)

Fri 20

Noggin ‘n’ Natter at the Clubrooms

Wed 25 MGCCQ - Midweek run (Organised by Trevor and Joy Jones 0438 467 558)

Sun 29 DDC Monthly Run - Kumbia Hotel, Kumbia (Rob & Fern Callow)

Rd 8 of the Interclub Championship - Toyota 86 Club Interclub skid Control Sprint at Norwell (to be confirmed)

The Octagon - September 2017 31

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P M :ottso

o f bulC raC G G P .cnI BO ox 481 dnalsneeuQ B r ,7 4 .dlQ 10 . enabsi

emaN Fni



. . . elP( a s . . )tnirP e

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metI esaelP( ric cl ni/e ulc iyrassecen nf mro oita fnro ed metiws )*na hti irP ec oN latoT

*M n am s’rebme gdab (e

… emaN

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yek bulC gnir


*t rihS oloP ,S L,M :eziS( X,L bulC X,X L , X XXL nugruB d y RO )dnas ;


– trihs lbaliavA

lno e olaiceps VU redr . no P l y esae wod na daoln moc d etelp


apes mrof msayna redro etar sgnitarV U/sruoloc

dna aera v snoitpo .elbalia og

* enots( uoloc )r – trihs L,M,S X,L X,X L sserD

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* L veels esuolb ¾ ’seida oc enots(

e – 6 )ruol 1,8 1,0

1,41 1 8 ,2 ,6 ,02 , 2 4 , 2


gruB dnu y lC pac bu 0.51$


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aegral bulC O R :sezis( amsdlihc l )l ( a )elbatsujd dna 0.51$

bhtolC gda m01 aid ,e tem re

08.8 $

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05.6 $

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0. 3$

rcsdniw ts kci ne bulC re

F re egatsop e 0.2 $

I“ vird gnimy eb rehtar d’ kci t s ”GM re F re egatsop e 0.2 $

floG lerbmu

htiw l ogo bulC a


retsaoC 05.6 $

* raE gni

vliS r a re d ROG M i kcalB )srota ROG M deR( s



The Octagon -September 2017

traT ipna inc gur – c der 0. 5$

cinciP f tes – owt yvan ro


F nk ecel gur – e der 0.04$

* oP nottoC S(trihs zi tM X,L ol X, XL , X L )


*trihs nottoC gnol vels op e tM - B la ziS(( ol ,Se kc L ,M X L , LXX, LX )


nottoC pac tM 0.51$


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3$ 0.0

reirB mohT d otohp csi loc ec sa – L noit dowo


reirB mohT d otohp csi loc ec sa – noit tM toC

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* mohT reirB otohp oc csid sa oitcel n : L 16 - ediseka ; 76 6 - 37 - 97 ; 08 - 98 27 ;


* reirB mohT d otohp csi loc ec sa :noit fruS sidaraP 6 - sre e 7 1 ; - 07 87 - 68 ; 7




f esaelP dni ehC euq hsac f /


esaelp ahc rg m y ot tiderc e RO drac asiV

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□ □ □ □

yripxE . etad /… . .… maN cno e … ……

d r a … . …


giS ……

e … .… r u . t . an . . . .

The Octagon - September 2017 33


Fri 3 CAP Dinner on the Coast

Noggin ‘n’ Natter at Clubrooms

Sun 5 FNQ Day Run - Ravenshoe Pub

Wed 8 DDC Mid-week lunch run - Glenvale Hockey Club, Boundary St Toowoomba at 12 midday (Ron & Judy Gillis)

Sun 12

Rd 9 of the Interclub Championship - HSCCQ Khanacross at Driver Training Centre Willowbank (P)


Social Run - Mackay Marina 9 am

Fri 17

Noggin ‘n’ Natter at Clubrooms

Sat/Sun 18/19 FNQ Mission Beach Weekend

CAMS state Championship Races Rd 4 at Morgan Park (P)

Sun 19 FNQ Mission Beach Weekend


BREAKFASTon the Coast - T.B.A. (Capricorn Chapter)

Wed 22

Sat/Sun 25/26

MGCCQ - MidweekChristmas run to Redland Bay GC (Organised by Bruce Ibbotson)

MGCCQ - Mt Cotton Hillclimb Series Rd 6 (P)

Sun 26 DDC Monthly Run (breakfast run) - TBA (Brian & June Phillips)


Fri 1 CAP Christmas Party in Rockhampton - T.B.A. in Rockhampton

(Capricorn Chapter Members invitation to coordinators from other chapters & Head office)

MGCCQ - Noggin ‘n’ natter

Sat 2

Interclub presentation morning at Cars and Coffee, Coorparoo

Sun 3 FNQ Day Run - Malanda

Fri 8

Presentation of hillclimb series trophies

Sun 10 WHI Social Run - Mackay Marina 9 am

Christmas party at clubrooms

Please go to the online calendar on the Club website to get more information on each event


The Octagon -September 2017

expected to be leading at least one other vehicle

and hopefully some more gathered from the urban

and near urban dwellers around the big smoke of

Bundaberg after mustering at the usual meeting


So there we were, the boss and myself, as both

run hosts for the day, and members of the country

bumpkin brigade, again sitting in our red ‘B’ beside

the road in the carpark of the Dallarnil School.

This has become our unofficial secondary meeting

place for those of us who live in the sticks, when

runs come to the Biggenden area. Alone we sit,

watching the traffic go past and listening intently

during breaks in the traffic, in the direction of a near

bend in the road for the distinctive sound of an

MGB and hopefully more. Suddenly there it was.

That lovely MGB note. At first we weren’t sure

because there were several strained and stretched

bladders screaming out for relief from the ‘B’ and

some of the other three cars in the procession and

demanding to be heard above all other sounds.

A short greeting and then attention to urgent

matters before we were on our way via some

narrow back roads with pleasing scenery to

our smoko location at Biers Park in the thriving

metropolis of Biggenden with the nice backdrop

of Mt Walsh in the distance. A chance to meet

prospective new members Ian and Tracy Ninness

with their shiny new/old red MGA, and renew

acquaintances with Les and Joukje Kelly and Adrian


Time to hit the road again for a short jaunt along the

Isis Highway to yet another back road extravaganza

with great scenery, albeit a little dry at the time, up

and down hills, through dry causeways and around

bends of varying degrees on more narrow roads

until we rejoined the main road to Paradise Dam

with lots more sports car friendly terrain and better


Our cosy little group settled in to a great little

waterfront spot normally chosen by campers and

motorhomers to set up their camps, where we

partook of a picnic lunch and the solving of the

world’s problems along with several of our own and

those of our cars.

Time to go as the day drew to a close and after

some more driving pleasure along the return trip

we all dispersed to get ourselves to our respective


The ‘box of chocolates’, by then dealt with, held no

more mysteries for the Biggenden Run. We then

knew that the weather had been beautiful, the run

had gone smoothly and with extreme enjoyment,

the company had been great and all in all a terrific

success. Thank you to all for your contributions to

making it so.

The Octagon - September 2017 35



Tour Directors --Terry Dwyer and Anne Burbidge

15/16 July -- Terry’s Mystery Tour

Well the Mystery Tour has come and has been


Coastal members gathered at Kershaw Gardens

to meet up with Rockhampton members and after

a short chat and introduction we departed at 8:30

am and headed west on the Capricorn Highway.

Just to get participants guessing where we were

headed, we turned left to head up to the Razorback

to Mount Morgan and then onto Dululu for a rest

stop before going to Goovigen for Morning Tea at

the Emily Stone rest area. We then visited the war

memorial,and made a tour of the township before

heading off to Rannes. Banana was the next stop

at the Bullock Memorial /Banana, with time for a

fuel up for a certain car with only a 5 gallon tank.

Next we headed towards Theodore for lunch at

the local café. Here there was much discussion

about where we were going; are we heading for

Eidsvold? Anne and I revealed we were to stay

overnight at the Theodore Hotel/Motel with its

cabins on the banks of the mighty Dawson River.

After check-in and a short rest we headed up to the

Isla Gorge National Park for a short walk taking in

the lovely sandstone gorge. Then we went back

to our digs for refreshing drinks accompanied by an

impressive array of nibbles. All of this was enjoyed

on the cabin deck (a beautiful setting of gum trees

by the river) with much spirited conversation.

We adjourned about 7 pm for dinner in the Hotel

Restaurant where Gary enjoyed his prize of a free

dinner won in the raffle (highest number from a

choice of 3 cards) courtesy of Anne and Terry.

After a massive thunder storm overnight, we awoke

to a lovely day. Some enjoyed a continental

breakfast curtesy of the Hotel.

Then we gathered for a drive to Cracow where we

had our morning tea in a pleasant park beside the

Mining Museum which we visited followed by a

walking tour of the town to enjoy the remanent s of

a great mining town. Sadly the Fred Brophy Hotel

was closed; no cold ale there! We then headed

back to Theodore to refuel . Now it was time to

head for home.


The Octagon -September 2017

Gary now took the lead as we headed home via

Moura turning off at Gibihi Road to the Viewing

Platform overlooking the mining operations. Gary

explained the workings and history of the mines

whilst we got our fill of the big drag line nearby plus

the continual stream of dump trucks picking up/

unloading as they do. Tooting of their horns and

we waved as the dump trucks went by. That was

so good!

It was back to the Leichhardt highway to the

Banana servo for some lunch, to Wowan to then

turn onto the Capricorn Highway for the Westwood

Pub for a cool ale to celebrate a great weekend

travelling some 632 kilometres.

Back in Rocky around 4:30 pm.

Thanks to the Participants –

Christine and Arthur Johnson , Ian Carlton, Ian

Wilhelmsen, Gary and Julie Kunst , Phil Henry,

Terry Dwyer and Anne Burbidge

Apologies received from – Brian and Glenis Russell,

Bob Holbeck, Gurney and Gloria Clamp, Jenny

Hill. Joy and Darryl Penridge, Jo Emmert, John and

Margaret Horton, Jim and Sandra Armstrong, Phil

and Pam White, Rae Cowie, Stuart and Ada Clark

Friday 1st. August 2017 -- AFISHIONADOS

In what looked like spring on our doorstep it an

attraction for members who decided to attend the

Friday night fish ‘n’ chips diner at Afishionados. The

weather was better than one could wish for those

members who attended, Gurney & Gloria Clamp,

Ian & Rosemary Carleton, Laurie Chetter & Beth

Dunlop,, George & Lyn Ganter, John & Lyn Hallett,

Phil & Margaret Henry, John & Margaret Horton,

Gary & Julie Kunst, Rick & Michelle Taylor and Ian


It seemed ages since we have visited Afishionados,

with most being surprised by the internal changes

that have taken since our last visit. Unfortunately

the acoustics are still the same, to the point that

on our next visit we will arrange to sit outside as

the fish and chips were really good as was the


The usual short stroll from Afishiondos to the coffee

shop or Ice creamery was next on the agenda.

It was here that we found out that Lyn Ganter

received a new car for her recent birthday, which

was really good timing from George. Well done

George. The other surprise was the announcement

of Ian Wilhelmsen’s birthday, which came as a

surprise to Ian as he thought that he was going to

get away without anyone knowing. Happy Birthday

Ian. He left the coffee shop with a big smile after

being on the receiving end of the usual birthday

song and cheers.

Apologies: , Jack & Rae Cowie, Trevor Anderson,

Jim @ Sandra Armstrong, Rodger Warne & Phyliss

Davies, Bob & Yvonne Holbeck, Paul & Lois

Mickenbecker, Mick & Shirley Condon and Neville

& Barbara Funch

The Octagon - September 2017 37

20 August - Many Peaks Tour

Due to the refurbishment of the Kershaw Gardens,

the meeting place for this tour was changed to

Gladstone Road opposite the Capricorn Spire. It

was here that Gurney greeted us with the news that

John Hallett, Martin Adamson and Gurney himself

wouldn’t be joining us on the tour as unexpected

circumstances had arisen for all three.

We were left with seven cars to participate in

the tour. A relatively uneventful drive to Calliope

for morning tea then followed but on arrival it

was discovered we were one car down. It would

appear that a certain red MG had decided to do an

extensive tour of Calliope before joining us at the

park. Brian and Glenis Russell joined us here in

their Landcruiser.

Before departing for Many Peaks, members of

the Ulysses motorcycle club joined us and led the

way out of town. Some chose to drive direct to

Many Peaks while some stopped at Ubobo for a

quick coffee or ice cream then joined their fellow

participants at the Grand Hotel for lunch. Even

though there was quite a wait for lunch, it was well

worth it as the food was excellent, especially the

calamari that quite a few of us had. The winner of

the poker run was Glenis Russell with 3 tens. A

special thanks to Glenis Benson for assuming the

role of Gloria for the day.

After everyone had completed their vittles, Rosco

James took us on a tour to the waterhole near

Nagoorin where we witnessed young people who

were obviously lacking temperature sensors in their

skin dive into the icy cold water. After this sojourn, it

was time to head home but not without a stop at the

Raglan Tavern for some refreshments.

The temperature was now dropping noticeably so

with coats, jackets, gloves and scarves being worn,

the crew set off for the final leg home. The day

had been thoroughly enjoyable with perfect winter

weather and great company. See you on the next



Trevor Andersen and Glenis Benson -1963 Daimler

Dart ; Ian Carleton and George Ganter - 1978 MGB;

Christine Johnson and Lorraine -1973 MGB; Terry

Dwyer and Anne Burbidge -1967 MGB ;Robert and

Yvonne Holbeck -1998 MG F; Rosco James 1993

Mazda MX5; Ian Wilhelmsen - 1973 MGB; Brian

and Glenis Russell Toyota Landcruiser


The Octagon -September 2017



by Gary Lawrence, Chapter Coordinator

I don’t know about the rest of our MG community

but I cannot believe how rapidly 2017 is

disappearing. I have a multitude of projects on my

2017 list and the only thing that seems to be getting

shorter is the number of days to Christmas.

While we have had a few days of cooler weather

for some of our runs, like the July run to Warwick

where Jack Frost made his presence felt, the winter

weather has been very mild with beautiful sunny

days encouraging open top touring.

Over the past months we have continued to

socialise through our mid-week lunch runs and

monthly day runs. While the actual participants

at our events vary we continue to attract good

numbers with a core of regulars.

for the formation of our Chapter was held 12 years


The weather was ideal to have the top down and

drive through the countryside at a leisurely pace,

enjoying the fresh country air aromas and vistas.

Rudd’s Pub is an icon of the Downs and never

fails to provide very enjoyable and tasty (large!!)

meals. The cosy and intimate dining room makes

socialising easy with the multiple MG conversations

creating a cacophony of sound that can be

interpreted and understood but only by a trained

MG ear.

Participants: Ron & Judy Gillis, Greg Newey, Bob

& Mavis Marsh, Gary & Janis Lawrence, Imelda

& Denis Logan, Guy & Pam West, Phil & Marilyn

O’Brien, Rob Fraser, Brian & June Phillips.

Lunch Run 12 July

Our lunch venue today was a bit of ‘back to our

roots’. The infamous Rudd’s Pub in Nobby on the

Southern Downs is where the inaugural meeting

The Octagon - September 2017 39

Jumpers and Jazz 23 July

Once again we ventured forth in our old cars in the

middle of winter to the Jumpers and Jazz festival at


Some brave people all rugged up with beanies,

coats and scarves, exemplified the dedication of the

roadster owner by discarding what protection the

rag top provides and travelled topless. MG drivers

are brave souls, a bit mad and quite eccentric.

For the group travelling from Toowoomba, the frost

appeared about half way to Warwick and continued

most of the way there. We all know that Warwick

and its environs certainly know how to roll out the

cold weather in winter.

Brian Phillips related the hard luck story of his

MGB blowing an oil line the night before the event,

meaning the 1937 Morris 8 took over pride of place,

albeit on a trailer. As the classics tell us, every cloud

has a silver lining. In this case the trailer with its

Morris 8 cargo was towed by Brian & June’s CX5

with a fully functioning and much appreciated airconditioner

obliterating any effect of the heavy frost

blanketing the landscape.

Participants: Andrew & Susan Willesden, Darryl &

Yvonne Bell, Ben Cain, Brian & June Phillips, Greg

Newey, John McLean, Phil & Marilyn O’Brien, Ross


Lunch Run 09 August

The Meringandan Hotel, the venue for our luncheon

get together for today’s run, is renowned for the

large size of their meals. Gastronomical is probably

and appropriate description.

We had heard there were smaller meals being

served, but I am not sure their meaning of ‘small’ is

the same as others. Yes the plates were still huge

and totally covered by food.

Between mouthfuls of food, there was a general

discussion of mechanical problems and foibles of

the various MG models including Ron’s drama with

petrol leaking from his beloved MGB and covering

the floor of the garage. Could have been nasty, but

a quick mop up saved the day.

It was great to welcome one of our new MG

owners, Owen Douglas, to his first outing with the

local group.

Eleven cars from our group were on display in the

main street of Warwick alongside all the other car

clubs. They ranged from 1916 T Fords to Hot Rods

to beautiful restored classics of every kind. Sitting

in the main street in the middle of the road listening

to Jazz, observing the deciduous trees all wrapped

up in their beautiful colourful crocheted jumpers and

sipping cool chardonnay is a wonderful way to pass

the time on a beautiful winter’s day in Warwick.

Seven MGs, two Triumphs, one Lancia and one old

Morris Ute graced the day.


The Octagon -September 2017

Participants: Marilyn & Phil O’Brien, Ron & Judy

Gillis, Rob & Narelle Fraser, Gary Lawrence, Owen

Douglas, Kev & Sylvia Johns, Helen Goodfellow &

Del Jensen, John Smith, Ben & Anji Cain.

(Cfaig photo DD Lunch 09 Aug 2017…. 5 here


Monthly Run 27 August

A sunny morning with a sprightly cool Darling

Downs breeze greeted the crew as we assembled

at our meeting place. The destination for the day

was only 10 km to the East - lunch at Scotty’s Barn

and Garage, which is a rustic country café and car

memorabilia museum in the beautiful Flagstone

Creek valley. However, WE didn’t take the direct

route. Instead, Susan Willesden had organised an

interesting circuit of 187km before we could enjoy

the good country fare.

The run had it all – from open plains, to rolling hills,

long straights, twists and turns and rugged ravines.

For those of us who could, the roofs were down to

enjoy the fresh air and the views.

zone through the residential acreage allowed a nice

look at the growing areas just south of Toowoomba.

Then picturesque Preston with its high ridge views

pulled us nearer to lunch via the Rockmount ridges

and ravines and stunning Stockyard Creek.

We all enjoyed a lunch of pot pies, with salad and

CHIPS or six inch high (NO KIDDING!) hamburgers

and CHIPS.

PS. Susan says it was Andrew’s fault that she forgot

the coffee because he distracted her when she was

packing the morning tea.

Participants: Helen Goodfellow & Ian Goodfellow,

Michael & Marilyn Keating, Darryl & Yvonne Bell,

Gene & Faye Lucas, Gary & Janis Lawrence, John

& Marg Boland, Rob & Narelle Fraser, Delia Morey,

Glen & Bev Hadfield, Ron & Judy Gillis, Tony &

Leigh Wright, Andrew & Susan Willesden, Graeme


Departing at 9.00am, we left Toowoomba via

Drayton, before a short stint on the Gore Highway.

This led us onto Westbrook and Wellcamp along

the Toowoomba-Cecil Plains Road. Biddeston

beckoned next followed by a quick comfort stop at

Mount Tyson. The wide open plains soon changed

to hills as we headed along some single lane

bitumen amongst farmlands.

Crossing the Gore Highway again and into the

sights of Southbrook, our tummies began to rumble

a little as it was still a bit further onto our morning

tea stop. The food-bowl of Felton farmlands and

a small flock of sheep across the road kept us

entertained as we headed for a classic Clifton MG

BYO morning tea at the park.

It was on the approaches to Clifton that Susan

realised she had a bit of a problem. The hot water,

milk and food were in but she’d forgotten to pack

tea or coffee. So as soon as we pulled into the park,

Andrew took off at a sprint to the local café for take

away coffee. The large picnic table in the park that

we usually gather round was already occupied, so

we made do with standing around a smaller one.

Some people had brought their own chairs and one

resourceful couple balanced their coffee cups with

great dexterity as they sat on the kids’ swing set.

Graeme Peacock whom we hadn’t seen for quite a

while joined the group for the second half of the run.

Watered and fed, we then nosed our way onto

Nobby and Greenmount from where a last crossing

of the highway took us into the rolling hills of

Ramsay and Hodgson Vale. The 50kmh speed

The Octagon - September 2017 41


Enhance Improve


Brakes, Gearboxes, Suspension,

Alloy heads, Wheels, Electronic

ignition, Electric power steering,

Cooling, EFI Systems, Roll bars, Seats,

Exhaust, Fibreglass panels, Gauges,

Limited slip differentials, Air

conditioning, Engine conversions,

Complete car builds

2A Arab Rd Padstow NSW 2211

Email : sales@modernclassiccars.com.au

Tel : 02 9774 2169


The Australian home of




The Octagon -September 2017



by John and Cherie Fransen

1 July - Mareeba / Julatten (Mountain View

Hotel) Run

Attendees: Harvey and Kay Williams – TD,

John and Cherie Fransen – Midget, Brendon

and June Hammersley – MGB, Lyn and Wayne

Morgan – MGB, Bob and Patty – MGA, Rod and

Gill Cameron- MGB, Tony Basham – TD, John

and Helen Honan – MGB, Dave and Val Murray

– MGB.

Very overcast to start the day, most keeping the

roof on. Our usual Smithfield meeting point, Tom

Dooley park by the Servo.

Up the Kuranda Range we went past Kuranda

and into Mareeba for the first stop at Coffee

Works. Although we didn’t start super early,

apparently too early for one couple, finding out

later their non appearance was due to a Sunday

morning sleep in!

13 August 2017 - Cairns Swap Meet, Car

Truck and Bike Show

Attendees: John and Cherie Fransen – Midget,

Brendon and June Hammersley – MGB and

Healey, Lyn and Wayne Morgan – 2 Healeys,

Harvey and Kay Williams – TD, Bob and Patty –

Bugeye, Tony Basham – PA and M-Type, John

and Helen Honan – MGB, Tony and Yanti Boland

– TD, Alan Wardlaw – MGB.

There were signs of perhaps some rain, but

someone was looking over us, making the

Annual Cairns Swap Meet and Show a success,

under the FNQ sun.

Although not a Club event, our Members always

put on a good presentation of their shiny classic

vehicles and this year was no exception. Great

turnout by our group, all sectioned together with

the Restorers group. It was nice to also see

If you come up to the Tablelands on holiday,

Coffee Works is definitely on the to do list for

locally made flavoured Chocolate including this

writer’s favourite, dark Lemon Myrtle, not to

mention an array of unique gifts, coffee, drinks

and sweet treats.

Will let the photos speak for themselves this

story, we had a great day and as part of our drive

stopped at a favourite, the Julatten Mountain

View Hotel.

Excellent day of good food, great company and

thankfully nothing eventful of the vehicular kind.

The Octagon - September 2017 43


The Octagon -September 2017

a few MGs travel

all the way from

Townsville for the

Sunday event.

Of the local Clubs,

we were probably

the highest in

numbers, others

were All American,

Hot Rods, two Ford

groups, Holdens, not

to mention a myriad

of Motorcycles and

all things ‘swap’.

An unexpected surprise on the day for John

and his red ’67 Midget was the trophy for

Best 4 Cylinder or rotary - all that polishing in

preparation rewarded.

27 August - Mt Uncle Distillery and Tarzali

Lakes Smokehouse Run

Attendees: Dave and Val Murray – MGB, Harvey

and Kay Williams – TD, Alan Wardlaw – MGB,

Alan and Aileen Bielefeld – MGF, Steve and

Maureen Girardi – MGB, Kim and Fiona Halloran

MGB, Graham and Pauline Hepburn – Bugeye,

Ken Spain – MGB, John and Cherie Fransen

– Midget, Brendon and June Hammersley –

Healey, Lyn and Wayne Morgan – Healey, Bob

and Patty – MGA, Rod and Gill Cameron- MGB,

Tony Basham – TD, John and Helen Honan –


Winter has been very kind to us in the North,

perfect day for open top driving, wonderful

turnout of machinery and people today.

Kay and Harvey in their TD. A few other visitors

to the Distillery got a nice surprise when coming

into the carpark, finding all our little machines

lined up in rows. With a number of peacocks

strolling the gardens, we stretched our legs

and had morning tea, some choosing the local

damper with their beverages. Mmmm.

What a glorious day to be back on the road,

heading further south through a few Tablelands

towns, enjoying the scenery and with the sun

peeping out behind the generous clouds, it was

just the best day.

Ringing ahead to make sure there was enough

room for our generous group today at Tarzali

Lakes Platypus grounds and Smokehouse, we

arrived to a warm greeting from the owners

and Rod and Gill joined us up from Ravenshoe

in their MGB for a lunch of sandwiches, all

day breakfast, chicken pies and burgers. The

speciality of the business is their smoked meats

and they did not disappoint. Yum. After a

relaxing lunch and a lot of chatter, it was time

to wish each other a safe return drive and head


We heard on the grapevine Brendon and June

had trouble with their shiny red Healey on the

way back to the coast, with another Member

happy to help by driving back with his trailer.

How lovely is it that our fellow clubbers can

relate to mechanical shortfalls and offer a helping

hand when it is needed. Thanks Bob.

Smithfield at the bottom of the range was our

gathering point and we were ready to go, with a

few meeting us on the way, see you soon guys.

Not too much traffic up the Kuranda Range but

a few got stuck behind a caravan until the town;

however, it wasn’t long until an overtaking spot

presented and most were able to pass safely.

First scheduled break was south west of

Mareeba at the Mt Uncle Distillery, a really nice

coffee and lunch house and it was here we met

The Octagon - September 2017 45



Run on Sunday 9th July to Boonooroo - by

David and Lyn

In Hervey Bay, five cars assembled at our

departure point, one of them belonging to Des

Schirmer a prospective new member of our

Chapter. He owns a 1965 Pull handle Red MGB

Roadster but due to a few Electrical Problems

(that Prince Of Darkness again) he decided not

to chance the run today, so he’s back to the

workshop to get ready for the next run!

With new members David and Dilys Bradbury in

their Citroen we travelled to Maryborough where

we picked up another three MGB Roadsters. It

was a good day to have the top down and enjoy

all the countryside had to offer.

We had a lovely morning tea at our founder Ian

Bryant’s (Luigi Emgee’s) favourite picnic spot

at Teddington Weir, where there were plenty of

members chatting away enjoying themselves

and it was extremely hard to even hear the Birds


From there we travelled through the beautiful

Bidwill area past the Tuan Forestry arriving

at the Boonooroo Bowling Club where a full

on tournament was about to commence.

We enjoyed a very nice meal with very good

company before heading back to our various

homes being satisfied with another good day out

with our wonderful little British Sports Cars.

Saturday 15th July 2017 run to Burrum

Coal Festival

It was a little overcast and a shower forecast

however 8 cars with there 16 members met up

nice and early at the Howard Park to start the

Street Parade at 9.00 am. The Coalfest Princess

and runner up to her were to ride in MGs with

David and Sonja taking the Festival Princess

Greta in their MGB Roadster and Lyn and David

taking Breanna a runner up in their MG TD.

The procession was full of fun and joviality with

vintage and classic cars from three Clubs taking

part. They had Bands, Clowns, Coal Miners

with all the locals getting dressed up in 1918/19

Fancy Dress and it wouldn’t be the same without

our Light Horse Brigade. After the procession

there was plenty of things to do with market stalls

food outlets music and fun. The Museum was a

great attraction showing the history of Howard

and Burrum Town also the hard working coal

miners of the last century.

The Festival was declared open by our Mayor

Chris Loft and the Unveiling of a Plaque to the

past Miners by Qld Chief Inspector of Mines,

took place, remembering those who had lost

their lives in tragic mining accidents.

Our Members enjoyed morning tea together

while others listened to Chad Morgan singing,

the RSL and Navy Cadets playing and various

Buskers singing and performing around the

oval, while the sounds of the stationary engines

rumbled in the distance.

A great day was had by all our members who

attended, it is so nice to be involved with such

great community spirit, you just cant beat that

country hospitality for a great day out with not

even a shower in sight.


The Octagon -September 2017

Wednesday 19th July 2017 Run to

Maryborough Restaurant 71 Wharf

12 members with 7 cars met up at our departure

point near the Seafront Oval for a morning

outing to Maryborough. We awoke to a beautiful

morning a far cry from the day before when a

thick blanket of fog covered the area. It was

Tops Down to enjoy our Mid Winter Sunshine,

these days are just put on especially for our MG

roadsters and their owners to enjoy.

It was time to hit the road as the engines roared

I heard a bystander say what a wonderful array

of cars, they were all colours of the rainbow

Turquoise, Red, Silver, Green and White. We

headed of towards Burrum Heads arriving at our

second pickup point the Torbanlea road turnoff.

There awaiting patiently were another 3 cars

and their proud owners looking forward to a run

through the beautiful countryside of the Fraser


We arrived at the Restaurant, 71 Wharf

aptly named as it is literally right on the Mary

River. The MaryboroughWharf is where many

years ago the ships used to dock to bring in

passengers and cargo, as it was one of the

biggest ports in Queensland and supporting a

thriving Ship and Rail building industry and not

forgetting the large Timber export trade of the

1800 and 1900’s.

The owners of the restaurant made us very

welcome and put on a special of beautiful home

made Scones, Jam and real cream with a coffee

for $7.00 each most took advantage of this

however others decided to have a lovely brunch

which they enjoyed immensely. A very enjoyable

morning was had by all 17 members of our

Chapter being very satisfied with their morning

out. That Jubilee GT started up first crank who

said they had a problem? It’s an MG after all!

The Octagon - September 2017 47

along comes Darrell Martin in his stunning MGA.

A lovely BYO morning tea was had by all and

with lots of catching up to do and stories to tell

! After 11.00 am we decided to leave and take

the short drive down to Burrum Heads where the

Hotel was waiting with a cold beer and Wine. The

food which we all enjoyed was extra nice and

fresh. Jackie Martin arrived in their MG B to add

to the cars that took up the whole parking area

across the front of the hotel.

Sunday 13th August 2017 – Contributed by

David Hall and Lyn Hayward

Photos by Lyn

The Wide Bay Chapter assembled for a conjoint

outing with the Bundaberg & District Chapter

in our first run together since their formation. 6

Cars and 9 Members including David Bradbury in

his new blue MG F left our RV1 for a slow drive

along the Esplanade. The sun was glistening

on the turquoise water - it was a superb day to

be in our MGs. There were a lot of people about

for the Ocean Festival and the tourists were in

full swing enjoying everything that the Bay as to


On reaching Elizabeth Street we headed west

and followed the road to Burrum Town which is a

tiny little forgotten town on the Burrum River. We

crossed the bridge and turned right into a lovely

park just the place to have an MG Morning tea

with our neighbours from Bundy.

We we had just parked our cars and David and

Sonja Carter arrived in their immaculate MGB

Roadster to join us. We were just setting up our

chairs when there was a rumble of MG exhausts

in the air. The Bundy & Distract Chapter had

arrived and did they arrive in numbers. Every

different colour that you could think of - there

Sports cars everywhere. All of a sudden the Car

Park was full and we had taken over the entire

Park and then another burble in the distance and

The Hot Rods arrived and Parked on the nature

strip. All of our cars made an amazing sight and

were a good talking point with most of us not

agreeing on the way the hot rods have been

chopped and changed around from original. We

guess that’s what they enjoy.

It was nice to see Mark and Jan Rouse arrive in

their MGB with 2 of their neighbours in tow who

are very interested in joining the club

In all with the 2 chapters we had a total of

26 Cars and 47 people attend this combined

meeting. We all had a great day out with perfect

weather. Many thanks go to Les and Jouike Kelly

for this wonderful outing

Midweek Run on the 23rd August 2017 - by

David Hall and Lyn Hayward

The August mid week run to Brooklyn House

was nicely attended with 13 members and 8 cars

on another beautiful day in paradise. We drove

through the countryside taking in the views of

River Heads, Booral and Takura arriving at the

historical Coal mining town of Howard. A very

nice morning tea was awaiting us at Brooklyn

House an exquisite old Queenslander nestled

among four acres of lush gardens.

Our host Jan Ward made us some home made

scones with lots of Jam and real Cream, some

pots of tea were waiting on the tables to be

enjoyed by all. It was a very enjoyable morning

had by all and after saying our goodbyes David

and Lyn took in the Tour of the Home which


The Octagon -September 2017

ought us back to the nineteenth century, the

antique furnishings, stained glass windows and

even a smoking room. The kitchen did have

some mod cons but the heritage of the old

homestead has been retained by the current

owners who have spent a lot of time and money

in the total restoration of the property. I guess it’s

a bit like us restoring our old MGs but on a lot

larger scale.

The Octagon - September 2017 49



by Cathie Meredith

July 9 saw quite a few cars turn up at the Old

School Breakfast at the Harbour. However,

everyone had too many other things happening

to go for a run afterwards.

August 13 was a special Old School Breakfast

fundraiser for a local 2 year old girl who has

been coming to Covered in Chrome events with

her parents since she was a week old. Earlier

this year, little Kacey was diagnosed with acute

lymphoblastic leukaemia and flown to Brisbane

to start 8 months of Chemotherapy. After this

morning’s breakfast, there was a cruise to the

Pinnacle Hotel for an Old School Show and

Shine, with all proceeds going to support

Kacey’s family.

were even more cars than when the MG Club

had been there last year !! At 9:30 the convoy

of classic cars left the Marina to cruise up the

Pioneer Valley to the Pinnacle Hotel for the Show

and Shine. Unfortunately, there were no MGs

among the prize winners, but Kacey’s family

were presented with over $3000 from the day.

August 27 was the Seaforth Car Show, which

had to be postponed after Cyclone Debbie.

There was a great turn out for this event, with

quite a few MGs in the mix. As well as the

Show and Shine, there were tappet cover races

and a Pin Up Parlour for the Miss Hibiscus

Honey Competition. A great day was had by all

who attended, supporting the Hibiscus Coast

Progress Association.

The Motoring enthusiasts of Mackay and district

came out in force to support this cause. The car

park at the Marina was overflowing with many

vehicles that had never been there before. There


The Octagon -September 2017

The Octagon - September 2017 51


Who are they?

very hard especially their top halfs - Jim said ‘they

had very skinny legs’. We spent the day passing

this Toyota Hilux towing this trailer with a Telstra

Shop advert on the back. No idea what was in the

trailer but there was oil dripping everywhere. Must

see Wayne about this!

That Lot was never officially formed but rather

evolved. Initially Sandra and Jim travelled to

National Meetings with members of MGCC Qld

who were mainly from Brisbane. Shortly after,

Graham Hoyle (Bev joined the group a couple

of years later) started doing likewise, then the

Kirwans , the Kunsts the Vanderkyles.

As the numbers increased the north Queensland

contingent naturally evolved into That Lot. They

have travelled as a group to; Maitland, Tasmania

(twice), Tamworth, Gold Coast, Geelong, Adelaide,

Newcastle, Melbourne, Perth (diminished numbers)

and again Adelaide this year.


Ed: Part of this group from Central Queensland

who were travelling together to Adelaide decided

to record their trip to the 2017 National Meeting

as a blog with contributions made most nights

whilst celebrating the end of another day. Their

blog has been reproduced below - thus the very

conversational and casual style. Enjoy the trip -

and their evening get togethers - with them!

DAY 1 The North Queensland ‘That Lot’ are

heading off today and the Scarborough Lot are

furiously packing, cleaning the car etc in a valiant

effort to meet up tonight rather than tomorrow.

DAY 2 - TAMWORTH - Left Warwick for

Wallangarra. One party member needed to revisit

Warwick to collect their iPad. Meanwhile the

rest of the group spent a relaxing morning at the

Wallangarra Train Station. Had an interesting

interlude with a person who thought he owned

channel #25. Undaunted we kept travelling

onwards and upwards to Glenn Innes where

fortunately there were no Celtic celebrations

in progress so we dined in the local park for

lunch. From here we travelled down the New

England Highway, event free until we reached our

destination for the evening- Tamworth. We were

fortunate enough to be able to catch a coach to the

West Sports Club where we had a delightful dinner.

Unfortunately we couldn’t hear each other talk as

we had the company of the Police Football players

masquerading as ‘wanabe’s origin players’ with

their blue and maroon jerseys. They must work out

Towing the trailer


So Day 3 - Left Tamworth at the stoke at 10:30 and

headed to Scone somewhat impeded by roadworks.

Lunched Merriwa which is a delightful little town.

Pies were rated as per Graham’s Piemeter - Jim

8 and 7.5 Gary 7.2 and Wayne was 7.6. From

Merriwa we went to Gulgong and saw the Opera

House, the only opera house in Australia still

functioning as its original purpose.

From here we headed to Wellington where it

was reassuring to see a growth industry - The

Correctional Centre with a new complex being built,

at least 100% larger - very impressive.

Finally made it to Orange - motel rooms were in

miniature - small rooms, small TV, small cupboard...

small everything!


Left Orange after a tour

of Orange. Visited the

information centre - how do

they mow that roof. Museum

was interesting and very

informative. Moved onto

Cook Park and saw the most

amazing display of Begonias.

Went back to the information

centre for smoko.

Due to a lack of interest in the Telstra trailer, we

decided we had to take it with us. Left Orange to

Canowindra where we had lunch at the Garden of

Roses cafe - Nice people and very eager to please.

We went to Grenfell to see Henry Lawson’s

birth place - actually only a obelisk in a park. Bit

disappointing. The tree planted by his daughter in

1924 is still standing proud.


The Octagon -September 2017

Henry Lawson tree

Moved right along to

Young for fuel and

travelled on the longest

piece of road works seen

to day. This supplied all

vehicles with samples of

the gravel in use.

We arrrived at Temora

today and will leave

Temora tomorrow to

travel to Tooleybec.

We find beautiful coffee shops and cafes in most

of the unlikely little towns. Amazing that Griffith

is remembered by everyone because of Donald

McKay. Then travelled by error on the Hay plain

road to Hay - still a boring piece of highway. Saw

some emus and cotton crops being planted.

Made Hay while the sun was still shining and also

had lunch AGAIN!

Had an easy drive to Tooleybuc. The “Perth and

beyond” team stopped here 2016 and fell in love

with the place. Just a quiet little place on the

Murray River - NSW on one side and Victoria on

the other.


We travel from Temora tomorrow on a tedious

torturous tar sealed track that tends to be torn up

by trucks towing TE 20 tractors on tandem trailers

followed by a Two Thousand and Twelve Toyota

towing a Telstra Trailer with a two-tone TF tied down

terribly across tranquil treeless terrain to travel to

Tooleybuc tomorrow.


Tonight we need to find accommodation from here

to Barossa Valley and as school holidays have

started we are having some difficulties.



Tomorrow after crossing the bumpy bridge we

go down the bumpy boring black bi-lane bitimum

broken by B doubles with big brakes under bright

skies, leaving the beautiful begonias behind but

onwards ever onwards to the Barossa Valley where

we are begging for a bed in the back of the big

bummed Telstra bogie trailer with a blow up bed

because we couldn’t borrow a B & B.


Victoria was a mere blip on our radar today but we

did follow the same river from Tooleybuc to Murray

Bridge and crossed three states in the one day.

The TF ensconced in her blanket


We are in Tooleybuc after leaving Toomera

today. Passed through Barellan where Yvonne

Goolagong was born. Moved onto Griffith for

smoko at an amazing cafe. Passed through a

couple of wineries. These most certainly were

not boutique - very large with massive vineyards.

Today we terminated our travels to Tooleybuc

and plunged into South Australia. As much as

we looked we could not find the Malley Boy. And

looked we did as there was nothing else to look

at. We searched desperately for the town centre

of Ouyen and only found it because of our previous

observation training doing Observation Runs with

the MG Club.

It was disappointing to have Megan and Wayne

having to pay the ultimate price to get into SA - 9

limes, 1 cucumber and 2 tomatoes of questionably

The Octagon - September 2017 53

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The Octagon -September 2017

quality. Obviously they were not having a BBQ

tonight as the onions were allowed in.

IT HAD TO HAPPEN - After morning tea the MGA

suffered the indignity of having a flat battery. It took

two (2) veterans of open heart surgery, one young

lass in high heels and one woman of ‘a certain age’

to push the car up the only hill in Ouyen. Luckily

Wayne was there to provide historical evidence.


Today ‘That Lot’ rested and reposed themselves at

Murray Bridge. We released the two tone TF from

the Telstra Tandem Trailer previously tethered to a

Toyota Two Thousand and Twelve Hilux.

We proceeded on our journey at altitudes of

dizzying heights varying from 80m above sea level

to 100m above sea level over the ensuing 100 km.

Victoria although short, managed to get people lost.

Who knew there were three roads out of Tooleybuc.

We stopped for lunch at Tailen Bend where the

only pies on offer were rabbit or lamb shank - Lamb

shank pie rating 6.7

Took the opportunity to visit the Railway museum

and view a bit of the history at Tailen Bend where

800 - 1000 people were once employed.

The TF after release from the trailer

Settled into the iconic Murray Bridge on the iconic

Murray River. It was decided to have a BBQ this

evening which required the rearranging of garden

furniture to suit the group’s requirements.

Where did it get so dirty!

Other members of That Lot brought a MG along but Wayne

decided a picnic table was faster. More seats, more storage

and handles better.



When the sun is high and the wind is low in a

wintery wonderland, we will wander off the windy

woad to the wine country. We hope there are no

wascally wabbits with no one throwing wocks next

to the wailway wine. On the way on a wicked

weekend to the winery where we will wove to have

some wine whilst wandering past the weeping

willows, we will wonder at the wide windswept plain.

Where upon we will on the way home whilst with

William and Wayne who was whittling on his whittle

wooden whistle, wondering which way Wayne will

wander. Woo Woo!!

We headed off to Mt Barker in hot pursuit of the

TF 20 to find a Super Cheap. To cut a long story

short, we finally arrived at SC only to discover

they had a computer malfunction which prohibited

the purchase of a gift card to satisfy a birthday

wish. Undaunted and undeterred we headed to

Strathalbyn where the group regrouped - Pie rating

- 5.

Strathalbyn Park

From here we took in

the vista of the park and

stopped at Bleasdale

winery at Langhorne

Creek where we tasted

the fruits of their labour

and came away with a

personalised flagon. We

saw the last remaining

The Octagon - September 2017 55

wine press in Australia made from red gum and


Travelled back to Murray Bridge to prepare for our

Murray River dinner cruise. All on time and even

early - amazing!

Cruise was lovely with a great meal and live music.


Whyalla is an interesting place with the steel works

and the first boat to be built in Whyalla. Had fish

and chips and followed in the footsteps of Queen

Elizabeth who visited here 1954 and climbed

Hummock Hill.

Sunset on the Murray


Left Murray Bridge on Sunday to head to Port

Pirie. Jim and Sandy headed to McLaren Vale

to visit Jim’s sister whilst the rest of That Lot took

off towards the Barossa Valley. We skirted Mt

Pleasant and headed to Williamstown where we

had a memorable morning tea/lunch. Continued

on to Lyndoch where we came across a vintage car

display with vehicles going back to the 19th century

and a large range of model T Fords. The horseless

carriage - A DeDion Bouton 1904 was a big hit.

They started her up and drove and pushed her off.

Then drove onto Gawler and moved onto the Stuart

Highway towards Kapunda where we ran into the

veteran cars again where they were displayed at

Greenock. Then onto Kapunda, home of Sir Sidney

Kidman and took the opportunity to see his gift to

the community - his home which is now a school.

After leaving Kapunda we travelled on through

the Clare Valley home of some famous Australian

wines, through Gladstone and onto Port Pirie.

Jim and Sandy left McClaren Vale and travelled

independently of The Group to meet up with us not

long after we arrived.

Monday saw us leave Port Pirie after visiting

the ‘i’ which is a converted railway station which

incorporates a marvellous library. The platform of

the station was once the longest platform in the

Southern Hemisphere 2,500 feet. Had a look over

the ‘bridge to nowhere’ and then headed towards

Whyalla via Port Augusta. Gary and Julie left

independently to meet up with friends in Whyalla.

Travelled down the highway to Cowell where it

is COLD. The forward scouts have located the

oysters of Cowell - they will surely be on the menu




We are in comfy Cowell where it is the commencing

day of the calendar week. We are comfy out of

the cold in Cowell with cumulus cloud cover eating

cheese and crackers. We are considering catching

crabs using the crab catcher with curling crab

combs to caress and contain the crabs.

Just contacted companions in Canberra for a

conversation via the computer covering country


Could we consider combining considerations of

consolation of cooling Castlemaine beer which

comes from the cannery in central CBD in Caxton

Street, in lieu of cider.

Can’t wait to converse re our cuisine which will

consist of crustaceans covered in crumbs cooked in

canola by the chief. No cuisine is complete without

a creamy, caramel chocolate eclair courtesy of

Cadbury’s. Yummy!

This comes to you courtesy of a collection of crazy


DAY 10

Left Wayne and Megan at Cowell who, at the

suggestion of Malcolm T (PM), went to learn once

again where the black, red and green wires go.

Megan and Wayne meanwhile took the Lucky Bay

ferry complete with the Tandem Telstra Trailer to


The Octagon -September 2017

Wallaroo and then into Adelaide. The rest of ‘That

Lot’ drove to Port Lincoln stopping in at Arno Bay

and Tumby Bay. We settled into the Hilton Motel

where Jim and Sandy, Bill and Beth took advantage

of the basement suites whilst Gary and Julie had a

more conventional room.

Drove over to Coffin Bay where we had lunch –

oysters natural and sea food at Café 1802 looking

out over The Great Southern Ocean.

Travelled back to Port Lincoln for the night and

afternoonzees drinks included waiting for the Pink

Moon that never eventuated. Dinner that night was

interesting with the largest but thinnest schnitzel

you have ever seen. About the size of a pair of

thongs and just as tough too!

Nice to catch up with the vast majority of MG

members and then out to dinner taking in the

sunset from Glenelg water front

DAY 12

Jim and Bill set off to help maintain the profitably

of Supercheap and Repco and to do some

maintenance on their cars. Meantime Beth and

Sandra did some retail therapy in nearby Glenelg.

Gary and Julie rejoined the party later that day

after driving around the top of Spencer’s gulf from


DAY 13, 14, 15, 16 - MG National Meeting

The ferry

DAY 11

Left Gary and Julie in Port Lincoln to see more of

the sights of the area and to visit their old friends

while the remainder of That Lot - Bill and Beth, Jim

and Sandra headed back to Cowell to buy some

oysters for the ferry trip across Spencer Gulf from

Lucky Bay to Wallaroo. Beautiful day and worth the

trip. Then drove down to Glenelg timing their arrival

to meet with Adelaide’s peak hour traffic. Phones

flat, GPS recalcitrant, drivers and passengers a little



(No one will believe me otherwise)

Thought we should put Wayne out of his misery

and let him know that the puddle of oil under the

two toned green TF20 in the Telstra tandem trailer

that had it tethered, was not so much engine oil but

rather the consistency of a little bottle of oil that may

or may not reside in a two thousand and twelve

Toyota Hilux toolbox. Needless to say, the look of

relief was spectacular. Megan said she hadn’t seen

Wayne look that relieved since the little stick came

back negative. Wayne said, ‘With friends like

NM concours

The Octagon - September 2017 57

Another successful meet for That Lot.

Loyal Raiders


that who

needs drip

trays.’ Jim


that he tried


to stop

Gary and

Megan from


such a

nasty trick

but to no


Wayne was the unsung hero winning everything,

showing shrewd judgement by updating his trailer to

the infamous Telstra Tandem Trailer which delivered

the TF in terrific condition complete with white wall

tyres. Behind our Perpetual Trophy winner stands

the Magnificent Megs attending to all the minute

detailing. The additional space in the trailer was

just enough to store the innumerable number of

trophies he had to take back with him. Telstra will

be pleased!

Jim once again picked up the gold medal in

concours while Bill was awarded the bronze in

concours, silver in the motorkhana and along with

Beth’s invaluable assistance picked up the gold

in the observation run. Graham and Bev Hoyle

who had to cancel their trip due to a little puff of

wind called Debbie, also picked up the “Hard Luck


to Sydney, Jim, Sandy, Gary and Julie taking off

to celebrate a 1st and a 40th birthday party in

Melbourne with Gary and Julie’s granddaughter and

daughter in law and Jim and Sandra’s 45th wedding

anniversary. They travelled by the Coorong and the

Great Ocean Road. Bill and Beth took a respite in

McLaren Vale and then headed home.

All members of That Lot made it home safe and

sound ready for the next adventure.


THE LETTER A (and Telstra of course)

Altogether the Adelaide trip was an aphrodisiac of

adventure. Alternate itinerarys were abundant and

aspired to be a great antiseptic for apathy.

Acquaintances became allies. Associates became

Alter egos. More importantly, accomplices became


Our almighty automobiles ( F20 included Jim!!!)

aided in the aesthetics of abundant Australian

atmospheres. Had we been on aeroplanes we

would have accrued ample points to enhance one’s


One could not easily ascertain if the MG A had

alloys or was an automatic as it ascended areas of

inclination with agility, ease and acceleration. Aside

from a small acclivity at Ouyan of course!

Alas, we had to acquiesce to the abatement of our

Adelaide adventure. Anguish not, dear friends,

for we will adjourn at an alternate time and place

elsewhere with analogous automotive objectives to

accommodate our itinerant ways.

Auf Wiedersehen. Au Revoir. Adios. Adieu. Alleluia!


The highlight of the meet must surely

be the theme evening. Who will ever

forget the Australian Swim Team...sorry,

the Minions. Surely congratulations

are in order to Pat Walker, who, every

year, endeavours to make us look silly

and really excelled herself in 2017.

Great night, good friends, good fun! If

there was a trophy for best dancers,

Queensland would have won that too!

Those Minions know how to move.

It should, however, be noted that the

competition were real Wallys.

DAY 17

Enjoyed our farewell breakfast at the

Glenelg Club and took our separate

ways with Wayne and Megan heading


The Octagon -September 2017

The ‘MINIONS’ or the Australian Swim Team

Competition Corner


Assembly, 30th July


On track photos are by Steve Johns;

presentation of trophies are by Brad Stratton





by Ace Reporter

Weather played a role on Friday with rain


The Interclub



very few





a range

the offer


from static displays to full on Super sprints. The

of additional practice. Rain on Saturday

Northern District Sporting Car Club’s component of

saw the Challenge only the was adventurous a Touring Assembly come and out Fun to Drive

try held the on Sunday conditions. 30th July. This This rain covered washed a distance any

rubber of just over from 200 the kilometres track surface in the Lockyer and valley, even and

though left from Yamanto Sunday to gave finish a at brilliant Upper Flagstone. winter day Of 23

the cars track entered surface for the event, was only a dry 16 yet cars cold started track and

surface finished. Members so the possibility from Northern of Districts, record times Porsche

looked Car Club, uncertain. Holden Sporting The Car entry Club, attracted BMW, Brisbane


Sporting Car


Club and


MG competed.




MGCCQ were Malcolm Spiden driving his MGBGT

South Wales and Queensland champion

with navigator Bevan Harris, Don Webster in his

in MGTD his OMS with navigator 28 again Bernie with Pereira, the Hayabusa

and Tony Best as

turbocharged navigator for Chris engine. Harbeck in his Mazda RX7.

DA This and was the BJ first COTTON time that Bernie SPONSORED

and I had been on a


run such as this. We were more used to shorter night

runs with instructions following on from the previous

First one and class this therefore of each defined run was the for route the to follow. Holden This


was different

group which

in that we





by Anthony

with maps



a list of instructions, and we had to work out the route

with a best run of 56.01 seconds. Barry

using only roads shown on the map, with the proviso

Smith that unless (Ford noted V8 otherwise, Special) the took route the selected Group would K

(Post be the shortest Vintage obvious Thoroughbred one between cars selected 1931 points. to

1940) The shortest with mapped a 61.64 route run meant from we John had Anderson

to follow the

(Woltri, route exactly 63.87). as mapped! Production Touring Cars

(1958 to 1972) Group N up to 2000 cc

went With help to Ken from another Freeburn experienced (again competitor, down from we

Cairns were able for to the use the championships) instructions to work with out a our 53.70 route


on the


map for




first section,


but then we


were on

our own for the remaining four sections. The trick is to

driving Ford Cortina models. Noel Wicks

sit down somewhere quiet with the instructions and the

won map and the highlight over 2 the litre route class before in his starting Holden the section.

Torana It became GTR quite XU1 difficult (50.91 for us to sec). do it on Fred the run Sayers with

took A3 maps the in Group an open O car! for Sports Sedans

(Historic Racing and Sports Racing cars

1966 However to we 1969) persisted, in the and ex with Don many Holland stops, and

lightweight retracing of our Morris steps we Cooper managed S in to get 52.03 most sec of the

whilst questions, Steve and still Purdy get to Group the finish S by (Production

the cut off time.


From Yamanto





to 1977)

via Churchbank

MG Midget

Weir to

Warrill View past Cunningham’s Lookout to the railway

49.87 sec. Roy Davis took the Group T

crossing in Rosewood. The next section journeyed

The Octagon - July 2016

(Production through Haigslea Sports and Marburg Cars with to stop a at Competition

a servo near

Minden for a fuel/refresh/pit stop. After being suitably

History 1941 to 1981) in his Triumph GT6

refreshed it was onwards ignoring the No Through


Road sign












Hatton Vale.

U class

(Sport Sedans up to 1985) going to Chris

Johns Section in Four his took Ford us to Escort just north with of Laidley a best through run of

47.54 Forest Hill, seconds. to a point just outside Gatton. The final

section had us driving through certain parts of Gatton

CARRIC to Tenthill, Lilydale, ACCOUNTING Glen Ripple, AND Blanchview BUSINESS to finish

SYSTEMS at Scotty’s Barn SPONSORED at Upper Flagstone. CLASSES Director Laurie

Garth found or remembered from his navigation rally

days some great touring roads for us to journey along.

The All Wheel Drive Forced Induction

Of the 43 questions, Chris Harbeck and Tony Best


came first










Bevan came fourth

Motorkhana with 37, and we Champion, came twelfth with Noel 32. Caplet, Ken and in Pauline

the Graham Subaru helped Liberty the Holden turbo Sporting with a Car best Club run team in

of their 48.21 BMW seconds and finished and with Derek 31 questions. Grant We in his were

Subaru the oldest Liberty car there, turbo and the GT only with open a 57.79 one, but time. we

Mark finished Pryor in just was under quickest seven hours. of the The Hyundai organisers

Excel have given X3 out Series a list cars of the with answers a 51.85 to questions, run which and

was the correct only route 0.08 to sec have outside been followed. the class record

with Bradley Smith (53.68) and Tony Walsh

With this feedback, I am sure that we can do better if a


similar run is held. More importantly, the car went well

and we had an interesting day in brilliant crisp Winter



(Ed: According to the pointscore for the event below,

The our members smaller achieved engine 2nd capacity place in class the event in and

Improved lifted us to 5th Production place overall) cars was won by

Grant Liddell (Datsun 1200 Coupe, 52.74)


from Karl Reinke (Hyundai Excel, 61.28)

by Ace Reporter


The bitumen



of Jo Reinke

at the Driver


Training area

Excel, behind the 61.63 Willowbank seconds). Drag complex Dave Sidery had 2 separate (VW

Beetle, test areas 50.61) with one finished the lower ahead car park of Karlie and the

Buccini second at (Proton the lower Satria, end of the 50.76) strip. Both in the areas 1601 ran 4

to attempts 2000 before cc class the courses whilst the were 2001 reversed to 3000 for a further cc

class 4 attempts. saw a tussle between Ken Graham

(Datsun 1600 SSS,45.93) and Pauline

Graham At the conclusion (Datsun Noel 1600 Caplet SSS, had recorded 46.33) the with best

overall result when all times were calculated. He

Troy McGrogan (Mitsubishi Lancer, 48.45)

recorded a total time of 575.72 seconds in his Subaru






by Pauline Graham






turbo, SSS) with 49.41) a total completing of 582.67 then the Ken class. Graham Ken 582.93 was

quickest seconds. Ken over was the the first quickest 2 runs on the until car Pauline park section

grabbed with his times the totalling lead with 235.78 a 46.33 seconds run from to Noel hold

this (240.84) position then Pauline until the (240.94 fifth seconds). and final climb

with Ken recorded the winning run with a

45.93 Other MG time. members Paul competing Buccini took were the Malcolm over Spiden 3 litre

capacity recording a class total of with 715.67 a run seconds of 47.13 whilst secs Richard in

Mattea used the opportunity to assist Juniors

his BMW 135i from the Holden Commodore

Alexandra Mattea and Jeremy Mattea hone their






in the mighty





The Octagon - September 2017 59

Although the following event is not an MGCCQ event, it

draws many of our members to take part in this annual

sprint meeting. One of this year’s competitors, Col

Schiller, has written his account of the event.

Leyburn 2017

by Col Schiller

The 22nd Historic Leyburn Sprints were held on the

19-20th August. This was the first time I had driven

the Leyburn track and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. My

MG TB (Jack Nind special) last raced at Leyburn in

1949 but failed to finish. It completed 21 laps of the 35

lap race before throwing a conrod through the block.

It has now finished a race a Leyburn! I saw six MGs

participating during the event and several others in the

display paddock. Quite a few MG Car Club members

visited over the weekend and many stopped and had

a chat. My TB was parked in the main intersection

area, so I wasn’t very close to the rest of the MGs.

Saturday was very challenging with a nasty cold wind

cutting through you; Sunday was better with an early

frost then developing into a beautiful day. Most people

who attended are now wind burnt and sun burnt. Ross

Kelly (MG NB) and Colin Schiller (MG TB) competed

in Group K with some very close times, both ending

up with 1min 5 sec. Flavio Paggiaro with his MG B

(V8), Stephen Callaghan (MG B), George Diggles (MG

Magnette) and Leith Johnson (MG F) were also having

good runs. I didn’t get their times, but from what I

heard, they were quick as well.

As usual with these types of events you meet lots of

interesting people. I met two extraordinary gentlemen,

Bob Holden and Clive Puzey. Bob Holden won

Bathurst in 1968 with a Mini Cooper S and has been

racing for 68 years. Our conversation started when

he realised that my Jack Nind MG TB special hadn’t

been to Leyburn for 68 years. He filled me in on a lot of

detail covering his racing career. Clive Puzey is an ex-

South African who used to work on Goldie Gardner’s


The Octagon -September 2017



cars and many other Formula cars. Clive has many

old MG parts in his possession, one example being

the petrol cap from the EX 135 MG which Goldie gave

to him as a thank you present. Ross won his category

and I won mine, plus the People Choice Award for

Historic Cars and another trophy for Spirit of the Event.

They must have enjoyed watching me trying to keep

the MG on the track (I went off a few times but always

brought it back on). I’m sorry but I don’t know if the

other MG guys picked up prizes, I went home early to

unload our cattle from the EKKA. Overall, Leyburn is a

great weekend.

The Leyburn committee has taken many photos of our

cars and will be using them for many years for publicity,

great for the MG Marque!

Ross Kelly’s MG NB (left) and Col Schiller’s MG TB (right)

waiting their turn in their pits.

The Octagon - September 2017 61

Test and Tune

26th August

Amongst the cars at the Test and Tune afternoon

on 26th August were the three cars pictured here.

Let’s hope we can look forward to seeing them at our

coming hillclimbs


They are (pictured above) the new OMS Formula

Libre car of Ed McCane. Ed has previously competed

at Mt Cotton in a Hayward openwheeler in which he

was successful in joining the ‘Under 40s Club’.

Picture right (above) is an MGF which Chris Johns has

added to his stable and which showed great promise

on its first outing as Chris consistently lowered his time

with each of his runs ending up just a blink above 50s

on his final run.

Bottom (right) is Ken Wasley in his beautiful and rare

V8 powered MG SV-R which was featured in the March

2016 Octagon. Hopefully this won’t be the last time that

it is seen in action at Mt Cotton.


The Octagon -September 2017

The Octagon - September 2017 63



or by email to vprojects@internode.on.net

The Octagon -September 2017

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