Octagon November, 2017


MGCCQ Octagon Magazine, November, 2017

Official Journal of the MG Car Club of Queensland Inc.



No. 6 November 2017

Rebirth of the T type Register -- The participants and their cars are pictured

at Fernvale, the lunch stop on the inaugural run of the Register.

(Full report inside)

The Octagon - November 2017 1


Name Phone Mobile Email


Richard Mattea (Carly) 3325 0409 0488 224 105 richard.mattea@yahoo.com


Ken Wasley (Barbara) 3378 6202 0423 152 723 wasmg11@gmail.com


Malcolm Spiden 3266 6350 spidenm@yahoo.com.au


Carly Mattea (Richard) 3325 0409 0410 310 452 moffmat@bigpond.com


Don Webster (Ann) 3379 2566 0439 526 060 donweb@bigpond.net.au

Dean Tighe 0419 774 441 sales@tighecams.com.au

Flavio Paggiaro (Sue) 0412 985 916 admin@kellands.com.au

Jim Scott 0411 601 711 jim@thenetworkpeople.com.au


Position Name Phone Position Name Phone

Event Secretary Fred Sayers 3359 2623

Annette Truscott 0407 494 867

Ev. Sec. Asst. David Robinson 3255 9037

Richard Mattea 3325 0409

CAMS Delegate Gary Goulding 3351 3506

(Alternative) Ann Thompson 3378 1368

Chaplain Ken Trudgian 3886 3409

Club Captain Don Webster 3379 2566

Canteen Convener (Mt C) Vacant

Special Interest Vehicle Paul Strange 3398 1993

Concession Contract pstrange@bigpond.com

Webmistress Glenda Crew 3341 4397

Clubrooms Max Johnson 3201 5836

Regalia Shaun Rankin 0402 450 290

Library David Robinson 3255 9037

Point Score Ian Fettes 3803 3858

Membership Sec. Peter Rayment (Delia) 0407 693 947

National Meeting Noeline Johnson 0437 220 602



Chapter Liaison David Miles 3892 2699

Far Nth Qld Chapter John Fransen 0448 658 830

Wide Bay Chapter David Hall 0409 363 889

Bundaberg & Dist Chapter Eric Beckmann 41529206

Darling Downs Chapter Gary Lawrence 4696 8314

Capricorn Chapter Gurney Clamp 4939 4760

Whitsundays Chapter Cathie Meredith 0427 392 829

Octagon Editor Elaine Hamilton 3893 2438 0418 870 782 vprojects@internode.on.net

All enquiries to the secretary:

Headquarters: 8/16 Collinsvale Street, Rocklea

C/o GPO Box 1847 Brisbane 4001

E & OE Hillclimb: Gramzow Road, Mt Cotton

The opinion of the editor, correspondents and advertisers expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of the management

committee of the MG Car Club of Queensland Inc. and as such the club accepts no responsibility. Published six times a year members

personal advertisements are free. Club constitution available in clubrooms. Copyright 2013 MGCCQ.


The Octagon - November 2017

President’s Report

It seems hard to believe that this is the final edition

of the Octagon for 2017 and that Christmas and

the New Year will soon be upon us. It has been

an extremely busy year. Thanks to all who have in

any way helped with keeping the club ticking along

in 2017. Without people ‘doing their bit’ the club

wouldn’t be what it is today. I’m very proud of the

fact that our club is still run entirely by volunteers.

We had a very interesting AGM this year, the

highlight of which for me was the election of a new

Honorary Life Member in Elaine Hamilton.

I don’t think that there would be a member of the

club who hasn’t had contact with Elaine at some

stage. She has served two long stints on the

Management Committee, and during her most

recent time she took on the role of Secretary

which is probably the most time consuming of all

the Management Committee positions. She also

continues to edit our club magazine, The Octagon,

send regular weekly emails to keep everyone

up to date on what is going on within the club

and recently has taken on the role of heading up

the celebrations for the 50th Anniversary of the

Mt Cotton Hillclimb. There are so many ways

that Elaine has contributed to our club over so

many years, she is a highly deserving recipient

of Honorary Life Membership. Congratulations


All British Day proved to be a great success for all

involved. This year saw the introduction of a “Rally

Plate” rather than the traditional brass badge; it

never hurts to try something different occasionally.

Last year we suffered a drop off in numbers

brought about through a combination of wet

weather and a date change. This year, numbers

rebounded nicely and we had a great display of

British cars across all the marques and ages.

Congratulations to all involved.

After many hours of hard labour, mainly from Jim

Scott with support from Peter Rayment, it looks

as though we will be going live with an on-line

membership system for 2018. The system will also

deal with new membership applications and allow

members to update their own information etc. thus

ensuring that your Octagon doesn’t get lost in the

mail. I’m also confident that things such as regalia

will also be able to be ordered on-line. Thanks to

Jim Scott, we’ll finally have online renewal.

We are closing in on what will be a very significant

milestone for the club, the 50th anniversary of

the Mt Cotton hillclimb. We will be having a

celebration over the 17th and 18th of February,

both at the clubrooms with the unveiling of the

hillclimb wall and then at Mt cotton on the Sunday

with both static displays and some on track

activities. Planning is well in hand largely due to

the efforts of Elaine Hamilton.

Delia Rayment and her crew of supporters are

making great headway with their planning for the

2019 MG National Meeting despite not having

the same amount of lead in time as normal.

Delia has most if not all of the major activities

locked away already, quite an achievement in the


We are having a change in venue for the annual

Presentation of Awards dinner with a move to the

Alexandra Hills Hotel. This will be held on Saturday

the 3rd of February. Please mark this date down

in your diary and get along to help the winners

celebrate their achievements.

Finally, I’d like to wish everyone and safe and

happy Christmas period. If you are on the roads

please make sure you travel safely.

- Richard Mattea

Ross Kelly 3352 4151

0407 364 543

MG ZR, ZS, ZT Ken Wasley 0423 15 27 23

The Octagon - November 2017 3

Some words from Elaine

Firstly, a big thank you to Owen McNeill for his

quick response re the whereabouts of ‘Gertie’,

Brian Tebble’s TD. How reassuring that the

Octagon is so well read and can provoke such

an immediate response. The good news re

‘Gertie’ is that it is safely in the hands of a

past member and very early competitor at the

hillclimb who even got to compete in it at one

event at Mt Cotton as Brian’s relief driver. The

bad news is that there is no chance that its

restoration will be completed and ready for

display at Mt Cotton on Feb 18 next year.

Inside you’ll find all of your ‘regulars’ along

with a couple of ‘Specials’; however, due to

space issues, there are a couple of articles

which I have had to hold over until the

January issue.

Jim Scott, who will be familiar to hillclimbers

as he has quickly become a key worker in

the timekeeping team, has reponded to the

request to ‘Tell us a bit about you’ with a profile

of himself that you will all find interesting - and

perhaps even inspiring.

Hillclimbers, the annual request for

nominations for the Brian Tebble Award is

published inside. If you have seen anyone

going above and beyond the norm in their

dedicaton to this beautiful venue, please don’t

hesitate to put a nomination in to

Andrew Willesden.

Our wonderful Chaplain, Ken Trudgian, has

a magic way with words and continues each

year to come up with an original Christmas

message for all of us. Thank you, Ken’, may

your words enrich our Christmases for many

years to come. We are aware that you have

taken on a big workload in the Ministry this

year and so I add more thanks for finding time

to nevertheless respond so quickly to

my request.

A treat for all of us is the first episode in

what will be a serial story. Don’t miss Part 1

of the story of ‘Old No 1’ being recreated by

Abingdon Motors’ Matt Spoljarevic. Matt is

also recreating the Abingdon Motors website

to reflect more of its history so make time for

a visit to it.

The rebirth of the T Type register has resulted

in the first club run specifically for older MGs

for many years. It was well patronised and the

story is inside. The following story ‘Roadside

Meetings’ by Ross Kelly is partly a PS to that

story whilst also being a tale of a remarkable

but happy coincidence.

Terry Jones responded to my request for him

to contribute his ‘Story from the Stable’ about

his refurbishing of his TC’s motor. Something

in the tone of my voice ( read the intro to the

article and you’ll know the ‘voice’ referred

to!) made him respond and even meet my

deadline. Maybe it’s a case of ‘old habits die

hard!’ He was rewarded with an assessment

of VHA (Very High Achievement or, in the old

‘language’, 9½ / 10).

Our new Bundaberg Chapter has been very

active, even including a 3 day away event in

their calendar. It extends the length of their

contribution but is reproduced in full because

it could be useful to other Chapters to follow in

their path for their own 3 day event. It certainly

shows how vital and welcoming so many of

our country towns are.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year

to you all and I apologise for having to include

another message - that of the deadline of New

Years Eve for contributions for the January

2018 issue.


The Octagon - November 2017

Notice Board

The Clubrooms are open on the first and third Friday nights of each month with hot food starting at 6.30

pm priced as low as $4. The goal will continue to be to have something special happening on the first

Friday of each month. Your suggestions are welcomed.

Working bees are held at the hillclimb on most Wednesdays and are therefore not listed below. For

further information, contact Malcolm Spiden.

(P) indicates that the event is pointscoring for Club trophies. The rules for pointscoring for trophies can

be found on the News page of the Club website. The pointscore is updated throughout the year by Ian

Fettes so you can see how competitive you are. Please contact Ian with any queries you may have.

Please consult the online calendar for any update and also for Chapter events to which all members

are always invited. You will also find that motorsport events promoted by other clubs and also events in

regional areas are listed in our online calendar.

Final events for 2017 and coming events for early 2018



1 Fri Noggin ‘n’ Natter

2/3 Sat/Sun CAMS State Championship Races Rd 3 (P)

at Morgan Park

8 Fri Hillclimb Series presentation of trophies at

the Clubrooms

10 Sun MGCCQ Christmas Party at MGCCQ

Clubrooms starting at 2pm and catered for

by the Club in return for a gold coin donation

towards the costs.

RSVP to zzehamil@gmail.com by Dec 3.



19 Fri Clubrooms reopen for first Noggin ‘n’ Natter

of 2017.


3 Sat Annual dinner and presentation of trophies at

Alexandra Hills Hotel (TBC)

17 Sat Celebrations of 50th anniversary of Mt

Cotton Hillclimb at the Clubrooms from 1pm

to 4pm with afternoon tea provided and the

bar open for purchase of drinks.

18 Sun 50th annversary celebration of first hillclimb

at Mt Cotton Hillclimb (check online calendar

for more details as they become available)


30 March-3 April MG Car Clubs of Australia National Meeting

in Tasmania


19-23 April MG Car Clubs of Australia National Meeting

in Queensland which we are hosting.

New members

We welcome the following new members and wish them

a long and happy association with the Club.

Roger Burnett

Norma Dobell

Owen Douglas

Judith Williams

Russell Cliff

John Rowe

Christine Aprile

And welcome back to

David Aprile

Doug Daniels

This is being centred on the Redlands

area which is adjacent to the south-eastern

suburbs of Brisbane. The speed event

for the National Meeting will be held at

our hillclimb at Mt Cotton which is in the

Redlands area and is governed by the

Redlands City Council.

Those of you travelling from/with our country Chapters

may like to plan to extend your trip to include some time

to visit some of the highlights of the Redlands area, the

top of the ‘must visit’ list being the Bay Islands, particularly

North Stradbroke Island. All of these are easily accessible

by car ferry or water taxi from Cleveland, the ‘city centre’

of the Redlands. The “Explore the Redlands” page of

the Redland City Council website will assist you in your


Leslie Dobell

Kay Douglas

David Williams

Aubrey Cannon

Ian Ninness

Lee Gordon-Smith

Jason Bowles

The Octagon - November 2017 5



News has come to us of the death of Bev Cossor. Bev and the Cossor family were great

stalwarts of the Club both as competitors and as workers with Bev being particularly

committed to working in the canteen with other members of the family pitching in to help.

On her husband Bob’s death, she organised a perpetual trophy in his memory. This was

presented to the winner of Fastest Time of Day at the Ironman hillclimb. Her family wishes

to now rename the trophy in memory of both of them. With the Ironman events no longer

being part of our calendar, the Club will find another significant way to use the Bob and Bev

Cossor Memorial trophy.

The Club extends its sympathy to the Cossor family. Bev is pictured (above) presenting the

Bob Cossor trophy to its inaugural winner, Warwick Hutchinson and (right) Bev is pictured

after the presentation of trophies with members of both her family and the Hutchinson family.

CAMS representative, Sean Fernance, was also there for the presentation of trophies.

The Ibbotson MGC GT - owned by Bruce from new - once again looks like new after a long

process of body repair and restoration. Look for it on future Club runs. You might check to

see if Bruce takes along his innovative quick release bonnet device (patent pending!)


The Octagon - November 2017

As cars gathered at the Clubrooms for

the first run by the newly recreated T type

register, advantage was taken of the rare

sighting of a number of MGs outside the

clubrooms in daylight hours to get this


Following the success of the first T Type

run to Fernvale, Terry and Don are hoping

to organise another one before Christmas

maybe to an air conditioned pub for lunch.

If possible they hope to have a run every

3 months or so if the interest continues.

Please watch the MGCCQ weekly email for

further information.

It could be interesting to watch the ensuing

chaos if we choose to use this 1968 map

with instructions on how to get ‘there’ -

‘There’ being the Mt Cotton hillclimb. Those

of you will long memories MAY be able to

make sense of them.

Midweek runners have become a bit blase about having a Lamborghini or Mercedes AMG

on the run but when the Cranleys turned up to the October run in his recently purchased

McLaren, it quickly became the centre of attention.

The Octagon - November 2017 7

From our Chaplain

You know how it is; you’ve been driving

the family automatic everywhere over the

past few weeks, because it’s been busy

with so much to do. Sure, it’s a nice car and

comfortable, but more important, it is the

one your dear one prefers to be in and the

children can be safely seat belted.

However, just for once, wouldn’t it be nice to

go to work with the top down, sun shining,

wearing a cloth cap and a grin from ear to

ear because it feels like you are driving a

real car and it has a gear stick -- feels like


Opps! It is Christmas, or at least it’s not far

away and the family car will be needed to do

all that shopping. Once again your wallet is

not as fat as usual because everyone wants

more, bigger, better and it all costs so much

more. Oh to be able to spend just a few

dollars on the MG.

Perhaps a gentle hint to your loved ones

might provide that new bit that you’ve

desired all year. Just imagine what it would

be like to open your Christmas present

and find that MG accessary you’ve always

wanted, it would really feel like Christmas.

What about the plans for the Christmas

holidays? Now that the Hill climb

championship are over, the midweek runs

are finished for the year and the last Noggin

& Natter with all the Christmas cheer

indulged, one really does need those few

weeks away to get over it all and relax --

somehow it feels like Christmas.

But what of the year just about gone, what

did you achieve? Seems so long ago that

you made those New Year resolutions to


1969 MGB - NEW front mudguards; NEW Radiator core; NEW Sills; RUST FREE; Straight

Body; Electric Over Drive. Car & All parts on site in a warehouse under cover in Rockhampton.

No Vinyl Hood, Hood frame onsite; Former colour AMBER; A good project for a person who

wants to restore their own MG B -- $5,000.00 Contact Warren ROYAL Phone 07 4928 7062;

Mobile 0417 286 616

make a new start, a change for the better

with more time in the MG.

What happened, here it is, the year nearly

gone and in hindsight it’s no different to last

year. How does one make a change, how

are you going to achieve that one dream

which you tell yourself each year that now is

the time. Only you can do it, think big, plan

big and begi -- that’s what makes it feel like


No, it’s not what you see in the shops or the

television advertising that makes Christmas,

even though they try to make one believe

that is the case. Sure as you rush around

getting hot under the collar, and suffering

under the December, summer sun you can

be forgiven for thinking it feels just like any

other Christmas.

What I like about Christmas is the fact it is

not about me. However it does remind me

that someone loves me so much that all the

past year’s problems are nothing compared

to the love of God. Christmas reminds me

that God desires me to think of others and

how I can help them.

When I sit in church on Christmas Day I am

reminded that God loves us all, forgives us

all and cares for us all. It is a truly humbling

experience but it is also something very

beautiful. It, for me, truly puts all things

into perspective. Yes for me that is what it

means to feel like Christmas.

So may I wish you all a very blessed

Christmas and the happiest of New Years

that you may not only feel but experience

the joy of Christmas, from your

chaplain Ken.


The Octagon - November 2017

Introducing our new Management

Committee member, JIM SCOTT

Jim, (whose proper name is James), joined the MG Car Club

in 2014. The motivation behind the membership resulted

from a family birthday gift to his wife, Kathie, of a 1972

MG Midget. To qualify for Concessional registration a club

membership was required and so the MG Car Club was

chosen because of the Marque and its club rooms are local to

where they live.

Wanting to be actively involved in the Club, Jim and Kathie

responded to the call for volunteers for QHC 2015 and

assisted in the canteen for that event. For Jim, Hillclimbing

was a totally new concept and he was won over by the sport

by being at and involved at the event.

Jim had been volunteering at the Gold Coast street races as

an event official since 2007 and had not really considered

being on the other side of the barrier as a Race official.

That is, until speaking to one of the Chief Officials at the

Ipswich Supersprint in 2015 which prompted him to start the

process of getting a CAMS Official licence. Jim completed

his trainee licence at the Mount Cotton Hillclimb in timing

and noise monitoring. While the speciality path of choice

was/is Event Command he has never really left the Timing

Shed. Jim has also participated as a Circuit Official at the V8

Series at Ipswich, Gold Coast, Townsville and the AGP F1 in

Melbourne where his team won the Stewards Cup award in

2017. In aiming for his CAMS Bronze Timekeeper Licence,

Jim has performed timekeeping at Qld Raceway Willowbank

for the V8s and Shannon’s Nationals and at the QLD Circuit

Racing Championships at Morgan Park.

Jim’s interest in motor vehicles was encouraged by his

childhood inquisitive nature to find out how things worked.

Growing up, the family vehicle was a ‘58 Volkswagen which

he used to drive around Cash’s Crossing as a 10 year old

on a Sunday afternoon. The VW was supplemented by a

Holden HK wagon in 1971 which was the start of the family

fleet of cars which included Morris, Austin, Mini, Leyland

Marina, then Holdens (FJ and FX project cars) and more.

This ingrained ‘fleet’ mindset continues today with Jim’s

numerous projects - but with vehicles mainly of European


Jim’s professional background started in the Commonwealth

Bank in Brisbane and later the family moved to Sydney

in 1986 for Jim to follow a career in IT within the Bank.

Leaving the Bank and starting a consultancy business, Jim

worked for the Australian Stock Exchange and Woolworths

on strategic projects in Sydney before Jim and his family

moved back to Brisbane in 1998. He has since worked as

a consultant in Queensland Government, Energy, Resource

and the Not for Profit industries. Jim’s focus in business is

Business Improvement through Analysis, Process and Project


Nominations for the 2017 Brian Tebble Award

People familiar with the history of Mount Cotton Hillclimb

will know that the late Brian Tebble, an early member of the

MGCCQ, was instrumental in getting the Hill Climb circuit

constructed. In recognition of individuals responsible for the

ongoing work required for the maintenance and running of

the Mount Cotton Speed Hillclimb Circuit, an annual award in

Brian’s name was formed eight years ago. This year another

person will receive the award.

The award recognises particularly outstanding efforts made by

individuals who tirelessly work, sometimes behind the scenes,

to ensure that the facility’s magnificent grounds are always

Jim at work in

the timing shed

at Mt Cotton

Jim and Kathie have 6 adult children and 14 grandchildren. As

a member of the Management committee 2017/18, Jim aims

to implement some business improvement and efficiencies

in the administration of the club starting with an online

membership renewal process to be implemented for 2018

memberships. More information will be forthcoming. Being

involved in the Hillclimb timing, Jim is also reviewing ways

of automating and improving the race timing systems, event

management and timely presentation of results.

Jim aspires to one day compete at the Hillclimb.

Jim likes to listen to new ideas and encourages members to

bring their ideas to the table that would promote and expand

the services of the Club and positively promote motorsport.

looking their best and that events function smoothly. One

person receives the award each year and nominations for

2017 are currently open.

If you know of any member not on the committee or any

non-member who you feel deserves to be recognised for

their efforts this year please let me know through the contact

details below. Nominations will close on Dec 31 2017 and the

award will be presented at the Club dinner and presentation

of trophies in early 2018.

- Andrew Willesden aswillesden@bigpond.com

0410 059 266

The Octagon - November 2017 9

Project #1

Part 1: Keeping up with Traditions

- by Matt Spoljarevic

Over the years the Abingdon Motors

workshop has seen many rare and historical

car restorations and a number of unique

custom builds. As the new owners, finding

a shop project that would be worthy of

Abingdon’s heritage was always going to be

a difficult task.

The hunt was on to find something the

workshop could get their spanners dirty

on and, by chance, one night an image

appeared on my laptop screen. It was

a partially restored 1924 Morris Cowley

Bullnose.... “If only we could do something

with that!?”

The decision was made to buy the car and

build a replica of Cecil Kimber’s Old Number

One. But this is not to be just any replica;

our intention is to build it as faithfully as

possible to its original specification. The car

will be built as it was when it competed in

the 1925 Lands End Trial, and we plan take

it to the UK in 2025 to compete in the Trial

on the 100th year anniversary.

There are only three photos of the car in

its original specification, and these are

obviously black and white images with low

resolution so much of the detail needed has

come from articles and firsthand accounts

from the time. After months of research,

and a “quick trip” by David Wands to the

British Heritage Museum to see the original

car, we now have enough information that

the search and the purchasing of parts has


Based on the published account of Mr C

Martin, an employee at the Morris Garages

in 1924, we know that the engine and

chassis for the car were being worked on

in March 1924. Similarly we are starting

our build in the same way with Project #1,

now stripped to a rolling chassis, and a

replacement engine en route from France.


The Octagon - November 2017

The standard Morris Cowley side valve

engine was replaced in the original car

with a Hotchkiss overhead valve unit of

which there was approx 200 made for

the short lived Gilchrist Cars (1920-23).

It would appear the engine was a lucky

find by Kimber whilst he was touring the

Hotchkiss factory after it was bought out by

Morris. Certainly the chance of us finding

one of those engines now would be nearly

impossible; therefore we have opted for

a 1920’s Hotchkiss AM2 engine. This has

the closest matching configuration to that

used in Old Number One, and we may look

into the viability of having the cylinder head

remanufactured to match that of the one

used in 1925. That way its overall look will

be the same, although it will increase horse

power which will be handy in 2025.

A standard Morris Cowley chassis was

used, but modified to include swept arches

over the rear axle to allow for the car to be

lowered. We also know that days before

the start of the Lands End Trial, the chassis

cracked behind the rear engine mount and

needed urgent repairs. Our intention is to

have our chassis rails modified to match,

with the inclusion of the plates used to repair

the cracked frame. The plates would not

only be aesthetically accurate, but would

also strengthen a known stress point in the

Chassis which clearly existed in 1925, and

would only be more fragile 93 years on.

The most controversial part of the build will

definitely be the colour. There are several

replicas in the world today and, to our

knowledge, all have been painted red to

match the car in its current configuration.

However we do know that in 1925 the car

was painted only in grey undercoat, which

was standard for Morris Garage prototype

cars at the time.

It was only when the car was restored

decades later that the current red colour was

applied, as the car was to be used by the

MG Car Company for marketing. True to its

1925 heritage, the Abingdon Motors replica

will be painted in a matte finish grey paint

to replicate the undercoat originally used. It

will also be sporting the MG octagon on the

passenger side, as captured in one of the

three original photos, a detail unfortunately

(Top) The Cowley as it was when we bought it, The

Rolling Chassis, now that we have stripped it down and

a photo of the Original Old Number One in the Museum,

taken by David Wands while he was there a few

weeks ago.

now missing on the original car.

We will be updating the progress of the car

with future articles as we progress and invite

anyone who wishes to view the car to stop

by Abingdon at any time.

The Octagon - November 2017 11


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The Octagon - November 2017

The Octagon - November 2017 13

Stories from the



by Terry Jones

Dear Miss Swan

(One of my high school teachers 1964-66)

Hope my homework is not too late!

The Joys of Restoration 2016/17

by Terry Jones

I have owned my 1946 MG TC since 1968.

In 1970 it had a rough rebuild and over

the following years many minor parts have

been replaced. However, in 1972 I broke a

crankshaft and that was the last time I delved

deep into the mechanicals. Since then I

have been happy to keep the car registered

and running whilst building a house, getting

married (we honeymooned with the TC),

having a family and taking up a family hobby

of sailing. Towards the end of 2015 I realized

something serious had to be done about the

engine. It was overheating, pulsating oil and

had very low compression on No.1 cylinder.

More smoke came out of the engine breather

than out of the exhaust pipe, the water pump

leaked and the gearbox jumped out of 2nd

gear and occasionally out of 3rd. But apart

from that it went quite well!!

In 2016 restoration began in earnest. I

removed the engine and gearbox and

degreased and water blasted the whole

horrible mess. After disassembly I wondered

just what keeps XPAG engines going when

in this condition. I discovered that No.1

piston had a bit missing, no top ring and the

second ring was broken. No.2 piston also

had a broken top ring. After removing the

welsh plugs the lower gallery was found to

be almost solid with sediment. The cylinder

head was heavily coked but in reasonable


The Octagon - November 2017

condition. The head, block, crank and con

rods were taken to Chilton Engineering in

Deshon St., Woolloongabba. David Chilton

was very helpful and also interested in things

a little out of the ordinary.

The crank and con rods were crack tested;

however, the crank was found to be cracked.

The block had previously been bored to

1390cc and I was advised not to bore it any

further so it was sleeved back to the original

+.040” approx 1290cc. The cylinder head

was skimmed and hardened valve seats

were fitted. It was David Wands at Abingdon

Motors who put me in touch with an old T-type

owner who had a second hand crankshaft at a

reasonable price.

I had this crack tested and found it to be O.K.

and subsequently had it reground. On David

Chilton’s advice I discovered that pistons were

available from JP Pistons in South Australia.

All the components were balanced by Chilton

Engineering before they were returned to me

for reassembly. A full set of valves, bearings,

gaskets, a new water pump, timing chain

and gearbox bearings were obtained from

Abingdon Motors. I could have purchased

these parts on the Internet from overseas

myself but if we don’t support our local

businesses they won’t be here in the future.

During the time the machine work was being

done I fell off a trail bike and broke my wrist,

necessitating an operation to screw it back

together and this put me out of action for

about 3 months. So, although I had just

about everything I needed I was unable to

do very much towards reassembling the

engine. Whilst fumbling about in the garage

I thought that I should inspect the camshaft.

I removed it from its oily rag and for the first

time I noticed the difference in height of

the cam lobes. I subsequently headed off

to Tighe Cams at Wacol, I placed the cam

on the counter and without any prompting

they immediately identified this to be from a

T-Type! When I enquired what could be done

they said replacement was the best option

and to my amazement they took one straight

from the shelf and asked what grind I would

like. It is incredible what they have there and

what records they keep. Meanwhile my wrist

was slowly improving so I thought why not

attack the gear box!

I was aware that when removing the main

shaft the sliding hub should not be allowed to

move (a two handed operation), so I carefully

proceeded but soon realized my weak left

wrist did not have the strength or movement

to hold the hub - with obvious consequences.

I never did find all the balls and springs that

flew all over the garage. Not to be deterred

I took the second and third gears to be back

ground at Zeneth Engineering at Milton.

I could then reassemble the rest of the

gearbox with new bearings and shims

which were made to take up any excessive

movement where necessary. I then welded the

bell housing (which had had a piece broken

out beside the clutch shaft for as long as I can

remember) and fitted a new bronze bush. My

aluminium welding leaves a lot to be desired

but it hasn’t fallen out yet!

The engine reassembly was fairly straight

forward with particular attention paid to the

clearance on the rear crankshaft scroll which,

after 400 miles, hasn’t yet leaked. Next I

removed the bottom radiator tank, cleaned

the core and soldered it back in place then all

was ready to go back in the car. The starter

and generator were checked over by John

Wellings Auto Electrics in Ipswich.

John is a friend from the Historic Motor Cycle

Club and is also interested in all things old. I

also managed to get some 16” radial ply tyres

from Vintage Tyre Sales near the Bribie Bridge

and these have made a big difference to the

steering and road holding after the hard cross

plies which had been on the car for years.

I have now done about 500 miles in the TC

since getting it going again and it is running

beautifully! I never intended to do any more

than a mechanical rebuild, although the body

and chassis could do with some attention

(maybe in the future). However, for now I am

happy to be driving it again.

Terry, well done - for (i) getting your homework

in on time, (ii) your engine reconstruction, (iii)

your prose construction and (iv) your priority in

purchasing an MG so soon after leaving high

school. Overall rating - a VHA! Don’t forget

that your next assignment is due on or before

30th December 2017. E. Swan/Hamilton

The Octagon - November 2017 15


The Octagon - November 2017

T-TYPE RUN -2017

By Lynn Jones; photos by Terry Jones and Elaine Hamilton

Rumblings of reforming

a T-Type

Register began

earlier this year

when Don Webster

and Terry Jones

discovered they both

shared the same

interest in providing

excursions for the

older club members,

T-Types that is! (Don

& Terry’s T-Type

ownership and friendship began in the late

1960s when the MG Car Club rooms were in

Wickham Street, The Valley).

To test the waters the call was made to all

interested T-Type owners to lift those dust

covers off and venture out together with the

promise of a comfortable speed, minimal

highway travel and the reward of a morning

tea/lunch stop at an historic bakery.

So, on Thursday 21st September a happy

and enthusiastic group assembled at

the club house eager and ready to travel

those “country lanes” in order to reach

our destination at the historic Fernvale

Bakery. There we would be joined by Helen

Goodfellow and her grandson Noah and

Brian Phillips - all from Toowoomba - and

Barry & Lorraine Bauman from Somerset


By 9.30 a.m. seven cars were fired up

ready to enjoy the morning drive. We left

the Centenary Highway and headed to

Kholo Crossing via Mt. Crosby. A short

unavoidable stretch of the Warrego Highway

led us to the solitude of Pine Mountain Road

which joins the Brisbane Valley Highway

just 6 km short of our final destination. The

Bakery car park provided ample room for

the cars to pose for their customary photo

shoot; the line up was most impressive!

The bakery courtyard proved just the right

Preparation for the photo shoot, Roll call, Ross’s MG gets

admired, right turn to Mt Crosby, and (page 19)

enjoying the delights of the bakery.

The Octagon - November 2017 17

Mal Ryan Ph: 0419 741 223 - mspa.com@optusnet.com.au - Capalaba, Brisbane.

Check out our website: www.octopusgrip.com to find a distributor close to you.

British Car Specialist & Rover T4 Diagnostics

2 Trade Street

Ormiston Q 4160


The Octagon - November 2017

spot for friends old and new to swap T-Type

experiences and knowledge.

The bakery offered all the temptations it is

well known for, along with a display of its

local history. We are pleased to report that

all vehicles behaved beautifully (while on the

run) and all participants arrived happy and

still enthusiastic too. Further T-Type runs will

be organized with an endeavour to include

as many participants as possible bearing in

mind the “tyranny of distance”. We would

like to thank everyone for making this “T” run

a success and we hope to see you all again

next time.


Terry & Lynn Jones

Don & Ann Webster

Bernie Pereira




Ross & Shez Letten TD

Helen & Noah Goodfellow TF

Brian Phillips


Barry & Lorraine Bauman TD

Ross Kelly


Vern & Elaine Hamilton MGB GT-type

Ian & Kay Wells

Jensen Healey

Roadside Meetings by Ross Kelly

I have always thought driving a pre-war MG

MMM car was an acquired taste; I note that,

after fifteen years of ownership of the J3, I

have not yet acquired the taste.

On the upside I certainly have met many

interesting people whilst sitting beside the

road and wondering what went wrong this

time. It was fortunate that I was a better

landscape estimator than motor mechanic.

My mentor, Norm Goodall, has just approved

my elevation to second year apprentice after

serving fifteen years on level one.

It must have been something to do with my

grasping the nature of the working of the

internal combustion engine – suck, push,

bang, blow. Therefore, if the car stopped,

first check petrol and spark before using the

vintage driver’s best companion, the mobile

phone, to contact the RACQ.

Such was the case after the T series run

to Fernvale recently. After morning tea, it

was back into the J3 for the return journey.

The car was rocketing along till disaster

struck just before Moggill Road at Anstead.

I stopped for a break to clean the radiator

fluid off the aero screens and let the car cool

down a little before the last leg home.

Bill Hutchinson with the J3

“Failed to Proceed” is the best way to

describe the next move -- starter engaged

but no further noise of the J3 bursting

into life. A quick diagnosis by 2nd year

apprentice was that engine or supercharger

had seized.

From experience, any issues with the J3

have always been centred around the

supercharger, from losing its balls (ball

bearings that is) in Italy, breaking the drive

The Octagon - November 2017 19

shaft chasing down a Healey Sprite in

Toowoomba or losing the champagne cork

that was the blow off valve in Tasmania.

Having phoned the RACQ I settled down for

the wait. Shortly after, a SAAB approached,

slowed down and then pulled up across

the road. The elderly gentleman ambled

over and asked, “What is the problem with

the J type?” He was obviously a man

of discerning taste and knowledge so I

explained my predicament and that I was

waiting for help to arrive.

After discussing the merits of various cars,

the discerning gentlemen introduced himself

as Bill Hutchinson. Further discussions

centred on the MG marque and the time

in our history when police and speed limits

meant he could drive his MG TB to its limit.

Bill also informed me he was a founding

member of the MG Car Club of Queensland

and his membership number was 11.

Bill was certainly one of the more interesting

persons I have had the privilege of meeting

whilst waiting for help to arrive: there is

always an upside to breaking down in an

early MG.

Postscript: Seized supercharger now in the

able hands of Peter Tighe.

Photos: (top to bottom) The offending supercharger

(above) the champagne cork in place in the car’s red days

(right) an earlier breakdown of the supercharger in earlier

days in the middle of the outback on a Club run

and the J type enjoying its wait in pleasant surroundings


The Octagon - November 2017

September Midweek Run

MG Car Club Overnight Run to Warwick

27 – 28 September

report and photos by Malcolm Campbell

It was a leisurely start to the September overnight

run, beautifully crafted by Denis and Vicki Thomas.

They had assembled “Goodies Bags” for all

entrants with driving instructions, maps for both

days, menus with prices for each of the three meal

stops, even tourist guides and lists of attractions.

Attention to detail was excellent, because the red

bags also carried our room numbers for the motel!

Denis and Vicki, you’ll be a hard act to follow.

So why was it a leisurely start? We assembled

at Logan Parklands Beenleigh at 10.00 am for a

10.30 am start and this provided us time for a lazy

morning tea and pit-stop, even before we started

the run -- such a civilised start to the day.

Stage 1 took us out of Beenleigh in the customary

way through Wolffdene with an easy run to

Beaudesert and then on to Boonah. Finding the

Dugandan Hotel on the southern outskirts of town

by midday was easy. It was a cooler day and the

clouds tended to camouflage the brown grasses.

We are desperate for rain in SE Queensland.

The hotel put on excellent well-priced meals and

quickly dispensed them to our hungry group. Some

found their Goodies Bag even contained a sheet

outlining the hotel’s history -- that was thoughtful

and informative. The big windows encouraged a

wonderful breeze through the dining room, so we all

enjoyed the occasion, and it was hard to get moving


bits of road on this part of the run and I was able to

enjoy a few mid-range second gear power bursts

from my little GTI’s turbo, but they were usually

terminated by the brake lights of the vehicle ahead.

It increased fuel consumption a bit, but it was fun.

The Walkers spiked a coffee stop at Killarney,

although I think they were the only takers, most

preferring a pit stop. It was then a 30 km run to

Warwick with more lovely scenery. I’d say it was

about 3.30 pm when the majority arrived at the

Horse and Jockey Hotel-Motel at the Brisbane end

of town. The rooms were quite spacious and we

were spread out across all areas of the motel.

By 5 pm, noise levels in the outside eating area

increased dramatically as the club took over the

whole area for Happy Hour. It was so civilised but

the decibel levels made listening a much focussed

exercise. There was another poor couple in the

room but fortunately the lady once owned an MG

so she understood our passion for fun. Around

6.30 pm we all drifted into the main dining area

to occupy 3 long tables in the far corner, where it

was quiet. But the serenity was soon shattered

as the corks popped and the excellent food was


The wise ones left early but we all were back to

our rooms by 10 pm. The plan was to be down

for breakfast, sensitively planned to be from

7 – 8.30 am. You are so civilised, Mr and Mrs

Thomas. And what a hearty breakfast it was. No

one complained about the variety or quantity, but

it would make finding room for lunch at the Gatton

Pub a challenge. I noticed a marked intolerance for

loud discussion, talking was more hushed after the

spirited evening conversations.

Next stop was the 1870 Pringle Cottage, a

beautifully restored sandstone cottage with

excellent memorabilia and equipment in adjoining

sheds. The museum is run by the Warwick

Historical Society. Admission also included morning

tea. Although many of the delicious slices and jam

scones were consumed, there was an obvious sign

of over-catering, or maybe we still hadn’t digested

the country breakfast?

Some only stayed for lunch but the hardy ones

continued on, to the better part of the run – the

run up to Queen Mary Falls although the planned

stops did not eventuate, because we all reckoned

the Falls wouldn’t be falling. There were some nice

The run through the Allora district was very scenic,

with many emerald green fields reminding us

how hard the farmers work to produce their crops

in such trying conditions. After a short while on

the New England Highway, heading towards

The Octagon - November 2017 21


The Octagon - November 2017

Toowoomba, we dived off right on our way to

Gatton, and the View Hotel. More food – thanks


Well, the temperature on Thursday was now over

370C and we and some of the cars were feeling the

heat. Sadly the pub’s air conditioning couldn’t keep

up so the thought of eating more food was less

appealing. We joined the tail end of a large seniors

group and I don’t think the caterers had caught up,

or maybe they were on a lunch break themselves

because we had a long wait for the food. Thinking

positively, this allowed more time for conversation

and also more time to digest what had gone down

before lunch!

We left Gatton View Hotel around 2.15 pm to drive

home. I saw the outside temperature crest 400C

as we passed the Ipswich area but fortunately 45

minutes later it was only 32.50C, when we arrived

home at Forest Lake.

A big “Thank You” must go out to Denis and Vicki

Thomas. The two days went off with military

precision. The handouts provided were not only

useful for the run but will serve as useful guides for

future MG Car Club mid-week runs. Good thinking


PS Unfortunately Barry Lutwyche’s MGB

succumbed to the heat and completed the second

day of the run on the back of a tow truck with Barry

Evan’s MG Automotive as its destination where

Barry identified the radiator as having the original

December 1979 core and has since replaced it.

The Octagon - November 2017 23


Nick & Gwynne Holman MG TF

Alan & Joyce Tebbutt

Audi A4

Denis & Vicki Thomas MGB

Errol & Wendy Hoger



Jeff & Pat Heslewood Subaru WRX

Malcolm Campbell & Kathy Burford VW Golf GTI

John & Pat Walker


Kerry & Dane Horgan Ford Mustang

Val Horgan

Mazda MX5

Alex Cairney


Brian Cranley & Kep Coughlan MGBGT

Bruce & Gail Bayliss

Volvo 242 GT

Dave & Anne Ferro


Will Charlton

Ford Mustang

David & Meryl Miles

MG Magnette

Ian & Kay Wells

Jensen Healey

Bruce Mutch

Subaru Forester

Barry Lutwyche & Jan Burke MGB


The Octagon - November 2017

October Midweek Run

Day Run October 25th 2017

by David Miles; photos by Malcolm Campbell

and Bruce Mutch

A tasty lunch was served as tall tales (some true)

were exchanged as drivers and passengers re-lived

the more exciting aspects of their day.

The novelty of a fine sunny day seemed to have

encouraged a big group of 24 drivers (and their

cars, of course) and a total of 13 passengers to

assemble at our Ferny Grove assembly point, while

Denis Thomas and his passenger joined en route

at Esk.

The all too familiar Brisbane traffic this particular

morning dictated a later than scheduled departure,

but, once clear of red traffic lights, it was a spirited

drive up Mt Glorious and down to the morning tea

venue (White Cedar Picnic ground) on the western

side of the mountain where all arrived safely. A very

nice morning tea was enjoyed in an area of freshly

mown grass with clean toilets and a clear running

stream which could have tempted many to “Linger


There were more roads to travel, however, so we

traversed the remainder of Northbrook Parkway,

turned right and enjoyed the roads and scenery

before arriving in Esk, turned right and up-hill

again to Hampton. A busy New England Highway

took us through Carbalah and Highfields, before

encountering the steep downhill run to Murphy’s

Creek, now showing little evidence of the disastrous

floods of a few years ago.

Travelling on to Postman’s Ridge, we were able to

see work on the second range crossing progressing

very well, then we joined the Warrego Highway for

the final leg of the journey to Helidon and our lunch

venue, The Floating Cafe at Grantham.

It was great to see the country we traversed looking

so green after a week or so of rain, and to see how

communities like Murphy’s Creek and Grantham

are now re-born.

Participating were:

David Miles

MGB roadster

Brian Purvis & Alan Milligan MG TF

Alex Cairney


Colin Fox


Dennis & Diana Kelly MX 5

Bruce Mutch


Bill Humble


Brian Cranley


Allan & Joyce Tebutt

MGB Roadster

Val Horgan MX 5

Jeff & Pat Heslewood Subaru

Barry Lutwyche & Jan Burke MGB roadster

John Davidson


Sue Panucco & Trevor Pelson Audi

John & Pat Walker


John & Trish Cranley

McLaren 570GT

Gary Lawrence & Bob Niblett MGB GT

Dane & Kerry Horgan Mercedes Benz

Malcolm Campbell & Kathy Burford VW Golf

Mal Kelson

Lotus Elise

Dennis Hemoley


Kevin Strower

Audi S8

Nick & Gwen Holman Subaru

Ray & Sue Edwards


Denis Thomas


The Octagon - November 2017 25


The Octagon - November 2017

The Octagon - November 2017 27


The Octagon - November 2017



8-10 Sept-- 3 DAY COUNTRY SOJOURN – by

Jacqui Mutton

Excitement was definitely in the air when 10 little

MGers met at our usual meeting spot on Quay

Street, Bundaberg, for the start of our 3 Day

Country Sojourn. Robyn & David, Leigh & Jacki,

David & Sonya (from Hervey Bay crew), Peter &

Margaret, Adrian & Denise, Jenny & David, Clive

& his Mum, Beryl, holidaying from the UK, Steve

& Tracy, Steve & Teena and Jacqui & Ray – all

eagerly waiting for take off!!! And off we went down

the highway for our first rendezvous at Biggenden

to meet up with Gary & Meryl in their red ‘B’.

Morning tea taken care of and all very eager to hit

the road, it was time to point our pride and joys

down the Burnett Highway towards our first night

camp at Gayndah. A small pause in the trip at

Ban Ban Springs to check out the ‘Springs’, and of

course a photo shoot, the first of several!!

It was lunchtime as we arrived at the orange capital

of Gayndah. Some chose to picnic under a tree

beside the Burnett River and others chose to find

the local bakery for some delights. Eventually we

all made it to our motel and after settling into our

rooms, we met at a centrally placed table and chairs

with either a cold ale or a cuppa in hand. Later on

in the afternoon we all headed off to Peter Huth’s,

a resident and retired Mayor of Gayndah, who just

happens to have a small collection of approximately

20 vintage & veteran and rare Citroen cars. It was

like walking into Aladdin’s cave and everyone was

suitably impressed with not only the cars but the

wonderful stories that accompanied them. How

very honoured we were to have been shown this

unique, worldwide collection. Many thanks to Peter.

Peter did mention at the time that he was going to

start selling some of his collection, beginning with

the more later models. One of our group, who

shall remain anonymous, as I would live in fear of

retribution, decided to take him up on his offer!!!!

His wife heard about it after!!!! Well, as much as we

were in awe of Peter’s collection, Citroens just don’t

have the ‘style’ of an MG, not that I’m biased!! So

needless to say a fair bit of s..t was thrown at Steve

– oops our anonymous member!!

After the Citroen collection and leaving our beasties

at the motel, we walked up the main street and

headed to the Grand Hotel for a lovely dinner, a

few drinkies and a lot of laughter, which continued

on well after we got back to our motel - the new

Shitroen owner being the prime target!!!!!!

Up in the morning and off to Mundubbera today.

The Old Gayndah Mundubbera Road was to be

our route, which took in a scenic, meandering path

along the Burnett River and plentiful citrus orchards.

These scenic views were thanks to the devastating

floods in this area 4 years ago, when huge, aged,

old gum trees were toppled, allowing the river and

surrounds to be seen how it is today.

It was cuppa time just as we drove over the Burnett

River at Mundubbera and we pulled into the park

right on the river banks. As our next function wasn’t

until midday, so as soon as cups were washed,

wiped and put away, everyone adventured off on

their own, to inspect the thriving metropolise of

Mundubbera. At midday we all congregated at

the Mundubbera Museum, where Faye Whelan,

Deputy Mayor, was introduced to all and was going

to reveal to us a small snapshot of her district and

town. And this started off with a luncheon, put on

by the Mundubbera Historical Society, presenting

some of the local produce, including the Australian

Award Winning Sausages. Everyone was most

impressed with not just the splendid food but by

the diversity of it in this district. After thanks to the

ladies and gentleman of the Mundubbera Historical

Society, Faye took us down to the old railway

station where the locals are trying to restore this

past important link in their town. This was where

The Octagon - November 2017 29

all local produce left for the markets and goods

needed to keep the town viable were railed in. All

has changed and they are working hard to keep

their heritage as a Railway Museum.

Faye then took us for a self drive out to a blueberry

farm and after tasting some of these little gems on

our lunch table, we were salivating for more. On

arriving at the farm, I think we were all awestruck

at the enormity of the plantings. In front of us were

220 acres of blueberries, all under shade cloth.

We were taken, or should I say, we all drove, right

through the blueberries, stopping for an extremely

interesting, information session and a big blueberry

pigout!!!! The utterance down through our mob

was, ‘I have never eaten blueberries as juicy and as

sweet as this!’ We were all most impressed.

On the way back to Mundubbera, we drove through

acres and acres of table grapes and orchards of

pecans and fields of asparagus. Back in town at

the Information Centre we were presented with

a video on another Mundubbera icon, ‘Bugs For

Bugs’. Dan Papachek, a local entomologist, grows

good bugs to sell to orchardists, not just locally but

Australia and worldwide, to kill the bad bugs. This

replaces nasty and poisonous chemicals. Good

onya Dan! With a huge and extremely grateful

thank you to Faye Whelan we said our farewells

and meandered down the road to our motel.

Finally booked into our motel after a delightful

driving day! And while we had a couple of hours

before dinner, which was at the motel, there was

time to see what might be the problem with a rather

noisy engine on one of the ‘B’s. And of course,

how many men does it take to lift a bonnet on an

MG?????? 1 of course, but you need at least 10

assistants and at least 4 supervisors and of course

some sympathisers!!!! The problem was a bit more

serious – like a cam shaft going through the hard

facing on the cam shaft lobes – serious!!! Could we

fix it? No we couldn’t but it’s an MG so it will make it

home. Well at least to Bundy!!! And it did!!

The pre dinner drinks and nibbles was a quietly

raucous affair in the pleasant restaurant courtyard.

The motel’s restaurant showcased all the food

grown in the area, so once again we dined on

magnificent food and by all the ‘yum’ sounds around

the table, all were duly impressed. Soon after

dinner, we lost Clive and Beryl as an impending

Rugby Union game was to unfold. A few die hards

brought their drinkies to a centrally placed pergola

to continue on with the exercise of laughter!!!

It wasn’t long before we all raced back to our

rooms to don something a bit warmer as the temp

dropped. A few bailed out when the temperature

dropped to single digits and we had no more wine

to fortify us. Those who remained, voicing how

tough they were, were found out to have had a

blanket over them!!!!

Sunday morning – breaky in the dining room for

most of us and then try to pay our bill so we can

hit the road! All sorted out and all assembled for

our next little jaunt. This was our last day on the

road so unfortunately we wouldn’t spend any more

time in the next little town of Eidsvold other than

popping into the RM Williams Learning Centre.

On arrival we were greeted with an enchanting

placard welcoming the Bundaberg MG Club. How

good was that!! We were directed out of the normal

parking area so we could line up for another photo

shoot. And quite a lot of locals came to check us

out and to have a chat. We were greeted by Laurel

Bales, the RM Williams Centre Coordinator. Once

inside we were offered morning tea by the Eidsvold

Historical Society, with a scrumptious array of home

baked goodies and while feasting out, Laurel gave

us a comprehensive talk on RM Williams, who

used to live on a property at Eidsvold and where

his family still resides. Laurel also discussed other

highlights of the centre and its future. After morning

tea we were free to walk around and check it all

out including the interactive screens strategically

placed. We thanked Laurel and her assistants for

not just opening up the centre much earlier, just for

us, but for the invaluable information passed on and

we wished them all the best with their plans for the


Time to head off and point our cars, for the first

time, towards the east across the easy, winding,

mountainous road to Mt Perry, for lunch and

farewells. It struck me, as we were cruising along,

how the weather had been so kind to us. Cool but

not too cold. Warm but not hot. And we had all

gone topless, those that could go topless, for the

entire trip. You couldn’t ask for anything better.

We arrived at Mt Perry and had our final meal

together then, after our final photo shoot, said our

farewells. I so enjoyed the drive, the scenery and

the people we met, but what I most enjoyed was

seeing our motley crew intermingling with each

other, all the time, laughing with and at each other

and sincerely being there for each other. Proud to

be in the Bundy MG Club – thanks guys!!


The Octagon - November 2017

of Moorepark Beach for lunch at the Beachside

Cafe. It was a well patronised run with 12 cars in all

plus and some members already seated, around 27

people plus a couple of possible newbies.

17 Sept - Moore Park Run by Adrian Titchmarsh

Well being the first run I have attempted I hope I did

not stuff up too bad. Mind you a driver in a small

white car is still wondering what was going on.

Starting at our usual spot at 0900 we travelled

down along the river to the beach. On arriving at

our morning tea spot on the Hummock, it was very

pleasant to find we were not going to be blown off

the top as usual.

After a cuppa and another chat [we are very good

at that] we let Eric and others get some photos.

We then drove off past the house made of

containers to South Kolan Hotel for a brief stop for

some lunch time supplies and on to Bullyard.

A right turn and 30 km later we drove into the North

The Octagon - November 2017 31

29, 30 Sept, 1 Oct -- MINGO CROSSING

CAMPOUT by Jacqui Mutton

It started off as a once a year camp at Mingo

Crossing, but we all enjoy it sooo much that we had

to make it twice this year and take advantage of

the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. Eight happy

campers turned up, with their vans and Winnebago

-- The Tickmarshs, Ninnesses, Gilfoyles, Elsoms,

Prassers, Gables, Beckmans and the Muttons, and

of course their pooches!!

Absolutely beautiful weather until pack up,

when it decided to rain. But in the meantime we

entertained ourselves with lots of talking, laughing,

eating, laughing and just for something different, the

Beckmans introduced a couple of whacky games,

more laughter.

One minute you are in possession of 8 marbles

then after what you think is a convivial conversation

with someone you thought was a friend, you are

down on your marble count, simply because they

cajoled a ‘yes’ out of you.

Tracy Gable won a bottle of wine out of that!!!!

Maltesers, a straw each and a dice were introduced

later one evening and the winner of that bottle of

wine, who was Tracey Ninness, had to transfer

Maltesers via a straw from one bowl to another

before a 6 was thrown.

The following night just happen to be the Grand

Final of the NRL, so both winning bottles of wine

were shared amongst all, whilst we sat out under

the stars watching the big game, on a flat screen

TV, with a generator quietly humming in the bush

behind us!!!

Yet again it was a great camp shared with super

people!!! Will we do it again?? You bet we will and

we would love for you to join us.


The Octagon - November 2017



by Gurney T Clamp


What a beautiful day to be out touring around in

an open cab MG sports car! And that was how the

day started out with the coastal group meeting

at the Oaks on Yeppoon road then calling into

the Headricks Lane coffee shop in East Street

Rockhampton on their way to meet up with the

Central Group at the Southside Tourist Information


After the usual chatter it was off to Mt. Morgan via

the popular range road with Gurney’s 72 MG B not

taking well to the challenge of going up the steep

climb of the range road as it started to cough and

splutter but nevertheless made it to the top lookout

car park where it came to halt only to find that

Stuart and Ada Clark had a similar type of problem

but only made it half way up the range.

Laurie Chetter came to the rescue and discovered

that Gurneys’ MG B had no spark from the

recently fitted Electronic distributor. As Gurney had

experienced this problem before he had brought

along the old distributer which allowed Laurie - with

a large selection of tools provided by a number of

members - to make the change over. Laure and

Phil Henry then returned back down the range

to get Stuart and Ada back on the road while the

remainder enjoyed morning tea in their absence.

After a short time Stuart, Ada, Laurie and Phil made

it to the top and joined the group. Shortly after it

was off to Westwood via Mt. Morgan and then onto

Dululu where it was noticed Gurney & Gloria were

missing. A phone call from Phil Henry found that

they were still in Mt. Morgan at an RACQ garage as

their car had continued to play up.

After a short break at Dululu the group headed off

to the Westwood pub for lunch and once contact

with Gurney was made to find out where he was, it

was discovered that he was back on the road and

planned to meet them at the Westwood pub where

members expressed their delight at the meals of

good value.

While there the hotel management took some of us

back a few years when she brought out the large

black and white photograph of our cars parked

outside the hotel when our club visited there several

years ago.

After a bit of confusion Ian Carleton took home

Gloria’s $10 poker run voucher with 3 sevens.

The Octagon - November 2017 33

Touring to-day

Ian Carleton 76 MG B Jim &

Patty Burgess

68 MG B

Gurney & Gloria Clamp 72 MG B Phil &

Margaret Henry

70 MG Midget

Laure Chetter & Bev Dunlop 69 MG B

Ian Wilhemsen

73 MG B

Garth Barnes & Jo Emmert 64 MG B

After doing a circuit to the applause of the crowd,

we dropped off our VIPs and headed to the Strand

for some refreshments and a very nice ending to

what had been an excellent day.

Saturday 23rd September -- Opening of

Panorama Drive, Yeppoon

The Capricorn Chapter of the MG Car Club joined

other car and motorcycle clubs for the official

opening of Panorama Drive on Saturday the 23rd of

September. Members who attended the event were

Ian Carleton, George Ganter, Phil Henry, Trevor

Andersen, Ric and Michele Taylor, Mick and Shirley

Condon, Jenny Hill, all from Yeppoon and the sole

Rockhampton member, Ian Wilhelmsen. The event

was well patronised with buses ferrying people

from St Benedict’s primary school to the event site.

With free sausage sizzle, coffee and ice cream

and entertainment provided everyone thoroughly

enjoyed the day.

Eventually the official speeches were conducted

and the ribbon cut and our members with their

dignitaries onboard led the procession of vehicles to

do a lap of the newly opened road. Trevor Andersen

had the privilege of carrying the Member for Keppel,

Brittany Lauga, the Livingstone Shire mayor Bill

Ludwig took the wheel of Phil’s Midget, George had

aboriginal elder Aunty Sally Vea Vea and Ian had

the director of JRT, Jason Thomasson as his guest.


The Octagon - November 2017

The Octagon - November 2017 35

Sunday 22 October - BONDOOLA & BYFIELD

After having to cancel the Sunday 15 tour due to

rain, a number of phone calls were received from

several members keen to do a club tour so it was

decided to go ahead with the proposed club run to

Byfield event with a sky that appeared to be full of

water but the radar website told a different story

with no rain in sight or predicted for Yeppoon or


The tour started with Rockhampton members

gathering at the Junction of Yeppoon and Norman

roads before heading off to the Bondoola Golf

driving range to meet up with the Coastal members

and to experience Lyn’s cooking and coffee at the

Range café.

As numbers of other visitors started to arrive at the

café, we decided that it was time to depart and left

the café on time at 10am and headed off to Byfield

for lunch via Neils road into Limestone creek road

through the new traffic lights into Panorama Drive

where on arrival at a most coastal scenic spot

we parked to get a view of the coast and the new

retainer wall that in itself was quite amazing. From

there we headed off to Byfield via Farnborough

road, Browns Lane and into Woodbury road whilst

viewing how beautiful the country side was along

the way was after the recent rain.

they went on to the Byfield store to find that the

traffic police were waiting for them and were pulled

up for a breath test. Eventually the members who

went to the pottery ended up at the Byfield store in

small groups to enjoy the always good tucker to be

had at there.

Gloria’s Poker run was won by Richard & Michelle

Taylor with two pair 5s & Aces a clear winner, Brian

& Glenis Russell made the trip from Biloela giving

the recently rebuild of their 63 MG B a good run and

reported that all is well, with Jo Emmert borrowing

her daughter Kate’s MG for the day, just to give it

a run.

Touring group:

Stuart & Ada Clark MG TD

Terry Dwyer & Anne Burbidge 66 MG B

Brian & Glenis Russell 63 MG B

Jo Emmert & travelling companion

Trish Gulely


Ian Carleton

78 MG B

Gurney & Gloria Clamp 72 MG B

Gary Kunst

71 MG B

Richard & Michelle Taylor 75 Corvette

As we were well ahead of time, the leading MG

made a quick decision to call into Nob Creek

Pottery for a quick look. All but 2 cars followed and


The Octagon - November 2017



by Gary Lawrence, Chapter Coordinator

By the time this edition of the Octagon reaches our

mailboxes, the Darling Downs Chapter’s MG year

will be done and dusted. A mid-week lunch run to

the Glenvale Club followed by an end of month

breakfast run will round out the runs for November

and for 2017.

We are in the throes of getting organised for 2018

with the development of our run calendar and

changes for our chapter leadership group.

After five years as chapter coordinator, Gary

Lawrence will be handing over the reins to Glen

Hadfield. We will also say goodbye to our hard

working mid-week lunch conveners Ron and Judy

Gillis after ten years in the role. Phil and Marilyn

O’Brien will be our new lunch run conveners.

Lunch Run 13 September

While enjoying a self-catered picnic for our midweek

lunch run is not new to our group, enjoying

it at the residence of one of our members is

something a little different.

We must say a big thank-you to Phil and Marilyn

O’Brien for inviting us to lunch at their home. We

all appreciated the spectacular views from their Mt

Marshall property. I do like Marilyn’s description of

their car on the attendance sheet, as ‘brick house’.

After an inspection of Phil’s sheds and the many

cars housed therein, mainly by the men, we

regathered for lunch and a longer chat about the

state of the world, and of course, cars.

Marilyn’s freshly baked scones, with jam and

cream, were very well received. They disappeared

very quickly.

Participants: Owen & Kay Douglas; Bob & Mavis

Marsh; Phil & Marilyn O’Brien; Kev & Sylvia Johns;

Ron & Judy Gillis; Gene & Faye Lucas; Gary &

Janis Lawrence; Helen Goodfellow.

Monthly Run 24 September

Grantham, a beautiful hamlet in the Lockyer Valley,

was the starting point for our September run

through the Lockyer and Somerset Regions.

Commencing with morning tea at the Floating

Café where the Toowoomba and Warwick groups

converged, John and Betty Gosper developed a

run that provided a great range of scenery and a

variety of roads. The effects of the long dry period

were very evident throughout, with the usually lush

countryside covered in a blanket of brown.

In a ‘follow the leader’ format, participants departed

the café, traversing local rural roads through the

The Octagon - November 2017 37

environs of Atkinsons Dam, Coominya Township to

Logan Inlet on the shores of Wivenhoe Dam, for a

well-deserved 15 minute comfort stop.

Well, it was supposed to be 15 minutes anyway…..

in true MG fashion the desire for social interaction

overtook the run convenor’s desire for a timely

departure. Like a well-rehearsed ballet scene, as

soon as engines stopped, participants coalesced

into 4 distinct groups and distributed themselves

across the broad extents of the carpark. With 30

minutes down, and the waving of arms failing to

prompt any movement towards cars, John decided

the only way to get the group moving was to start

driving. That worked!!

After plenty of discussion over our various lunches,

several members decided to take a short walk

along the 900 metre track which forms part of the

park. Brown snakes have been known to regularly

frequent the walking track environs; however, this

time there was no sighting of said reptiles.

Participants: Ron & Judy Gillis; Kev & Sylvia

Johns; Phil & Marilyn O’Brien; Gene & Faye Lucas;

Gary & Janis Lawrence, Rod & Audra Pugh

After crossing the dam wall and dropping into the

Cormorant Bay and Spillway rest areas, the tour

circumnavigated Wivenhoe Dam via the Brisbane

Valley Highway, Wivenhoe Somerset Road and Esk

Kilcoy Road to Esk Township. We were greeted with

a very warm 36 degrees which contributed to some

overheating issues on the ensuing run up the range

to Toowoomba.

The run up the range via the Esk Hampton Road

is always great fun as it has all the lovely curves

and tight corners to bring out the hidden Fangio

in all of us. After a drive through of Ravensbourne

National Park to Gus Buetel Lookout, we headed

to the Highfields Tavern for a slightly late, but very

enjoyable lunch.

Following lunch, a number of the group adjourned

to Brian and June’s residence for coffee and an

inspection of progress on the TC restoration.

Participants: John & Betty Gosper, Delia Morey,

Rob & Narelle Fraser, John & Marg Boland, Barry

Lutwyche & Jan Burke, Phil O’Brien, Brian & June

Phillips, Andrew & Susan Willesden, Allan & Deb


Apologies: Tony & Leigh Wright, Michael & Marilyn

Keating, Gary & Janis Lawrence

Lunch Run 11 October

An even dozen of us gathered at Federation Park

for our lunchtime ‘chew and chatter’.

Federation Park, one of the many council parks in

the Toowoomba Region, is located on the southern

outskirts of Toowoomba. There was quite a variety

of vehicles – MGB, Ford Ranger, TR7, Mercedes,

MGTF and a ring-in Datsun 1600 which rekindled

memories for Phil of his rallying days. Nice to know

that we are not tunnel visioned and can only see


Monthly Run 29 October

Jimbour Homestead was the destination for

October monthly run organised by Rob and Ferne


I was initially concerned that the ‘longer than usual

run’, some 270 kilometres with a few kilometres

of gravel roads, may have deterred some of our

regular participants. My concerns were short lived

as we soon amassed 27 enthusiastic participants in

14 cars eager to hit the road to Jimbour House, our

lunch time destination. It was great to have David

and Meryl Miles join us for the day in their MGB


Starting at Peacehaven Park in Highfields, we soon

found ourselves on country roads that wandered

through the rural communities of Meringandan

and Goombungee. The positive effects of recent

rains with the brown and parched plains of a few

weeks ago now showing lush green pastures as

far as the eye could see. Picking up the Pechey

Maclagan Road in Goombungee, we skirted the

eastern boundary of the Acland New Hope Mine

before arriving at our morning tea stop in the park

at Quinalow.

Departing Quinalow we headed towards Maclagan

before turning west towards Dalby. Off to our right,

the beautiful Bunya Mountains loomed large and

majestic in the distance, shrouded with a deep

purple blue hue. This sight continued to dominate

as we climbed from the black soil plains to the

rolling hills leading towards Kaimkillenbun and Bell.


The Octagon - November 2017

Both of these towns form a rich part of the early life

on the Darling Downs.

The first impression on entering the grounds of

Jimbour House is what is a magnificent residence

like this doing out in the middle of nowhere?

Jimbour is a heritage listed homestead on

one of the earliest stations established on the

Darling Downs. It is important in demonstrating

the pattern of early European exploration and

pastoral settlement in Queensland. The building

is associated with the development of the Darling

Downs and of the pastoral industry in Queensland

and is important in demonstrating the wealth and

ambition of early Queensland pastoralists. Jimbour

House was an ambitious structure in terms of size,

style and finish and was intended to support the

social and political aspirations of Joshua Peter Bell,

an important politician and businessman as well as


It is unique in Queensland as the only genuinely

grand country house in the English manner to be

built in the state. (Wikipaedia 2017)

Our group soon gravitated to the shade of one of

the magnificent Moreton Bay Figs and the adjacent

rotunda to enjoy a casual self-catered picnic.

The Octagon - November 2017 39

Lunch was followed by a self-guided tour of the

gardens and out-buildings that demonstrate much

of the local history including details of exploration

by Ludwig Leichhardt and the establishment and

subsequent ownership and early life of Jimbour


The return trip to Toowoomba took us back through

Kaimkillenbun then to Irvingdale before joining

the Warrego Highway at Bowenville for the final

leg to Toowoomba through Jondaryan and Oakey.

Passing through Irvingdale we noted the ‘little white

church’ which is of sentimental significance for Rob

and Ferne Callow as the wedding venue for their

youngest daughter.

Participants: Darryl & Yvonne Bell, Gaye Hawkshaw

& Faye Lucas, Gary & Janis Lawrence, Rob &

Narelle Fraser, Delia & Judith Morey, Glen & Bev

Hadfield, Ron & Judy Gillis, Jim Carsten, Andrew

& Susan Willesden, David & Meryl Miles, Denis &

Imelda Logan, Owen & Kay Douglas, Rob & Ferne

Callow, Brian & June Phillips.

Apologies: Phil & Marilyn O’Brien.


The Octagon - November 2017



by John and Cherie Fransen

Saturday 23rd September - Gordonvale to

Currajah Hotel, Wangan

Attendees – David and Val Murray White MGB

and John and Cherie Red Midget

So today was a bit of an odd one. We had

missed a previous get together due to where

we were going being booked out (Horse Race

weekend), so last minute plans ensued, in

addition to a number of Members having other

things on (see pics following of our Members

doing what they love, but km from Cairns).

So it was a gorgeous day, although some clouds

were luring, but nothing to stop these two pairs

going out amongst the cane fields and having a

lovely open top drive, enjoying the countryside


First meeting point was Trolley Coffee café at

Gordonvale on the south side where we sat

and enjoyed our initial beverages and a bit of

morning tea, chatted and then we were off.

Choosing to take the eastern backroads as

much as we could, rather than the highway, we

meandered through the growing green fields,

crossing the cane tracks with caution and then

continuing our journey. The fuel indicator on the

Midget was showing empty, even though it was

filled to the brim at the service station before

the trip, so a quick detour to the Fishery Falls

servo was necessary, just to check it was a faulty

gauge rather than petrol leaking all down the

highway. Well what do you know? Faulty gauge!

Have to hit that with a hammer when we get

home then it will be working again! hahaha

Wind in our hair and sun on our faces, we

continued today’s drive until we reached a really

nice refurbished pub at Wangan, the Currajah

Hotel. It still has the heritage frontage features

that we all appreciate, in the bar area too, but the

more modern section at the back was spacious

and well set out and the food was not half bad


With full bellies it was time to hit the road again,

but the Midget had a blown fuse, so rather than

leave it until home, David offered a spare he had

on board (thanks David!) and we were good to

go again. We travelled home to Cairns in the

afternoon sun, ready to do it all again in a couple

of week’s time when the rest of the Chapter was

back in town.

Sunday 22nd October 2017 - Tinaroo Picnic

run...turned into

Jacques Coffee, Mareeba and Yungaburra

Hotel lunch

Attendees –

John & Cherie

Red Midget

Alan & Aileen Bielefeld Maroon MGF

Cynthia & Derek Bevan Silver MX5

Steve & Maureen Girardi White Triton

Kim & Fiona Halloran Black MX5

Brendon & June Hammersley Black MX5

Graham & Pauline Hepburn Maroon Daimler

Bob & Patty Ingram White Hilux

Lynnette & Wayne Morgan Hey what were you

guys driving? Or did you fly on a magic carpet?

The Octagon - November 2017 41


Enhance Improve


Brakes, Gearboxes, Suspension,

Alloy heads, Wheels, Electronic

ignition, Electric power steering,

Cooling, EFI Systems, Roll bars, Seats,

Exhaust, Fibreglass panels, Gauges,

Limited slip differentials, Air

conditioning, Engine conversions,

Complete car builds

2A Arab Rd Padstow NSW 2211

Email : sales@modernclassiccars.com.au

Tel : 02 9774 2169


The Australian home of




The Octagon - November 2017

John F’s Midget amongst the Sunflowers, John Fransen getting ready for the

Gentlemen’s ride, Picnic Tinaroo Dam Cancelled, Tony B in Ballina - Pre war

get together and June H at the Tsv V8s recently.

The Octagon - November 2017 43


The Octagon - November 2017

Harvey and Kay Williams – Brown Mini

Originally scheduled as a Picnic run up to

the Tablelands, lunching at Tinaroo Dam, the

heavens opened the night before and it was

not looking ideal for our Sunday jaunt. When

Members decide their dailies might be a better

option due to the inclement weather, it can often

mean a clear day for the rest of us ironically.

(Yes it happens quite a lot) But today was a little

different and it still appeared that this Sunday

was going to include some precipitation, on

and off admittedly, but cloudy all the same.

Starting at Tom Dooley Park Smithfield it was

agreed to change the plans to Jacques Coffee

plantation on the outskirts of Mareeba and then

we would work it out from there. Heading up the

Kuranda Range we went in convoy; however, on

reaching the township turnoff Graham’s Daimler

blew a radiator hose, which meant peeling

off and waiting for some assistance from the

trusty RACQ - the end of their drive for today


The rest of the group continued onto Jacques,

where we had coffee and a chatter. Being that

quite a few of our FNQ Members had been on

other adventures in the past few weeks, and

some still away (Pre-war Meet Yamba, Austin

Healey group function, International Charity

event - Distinguished Gentlemen’s Motorcycle

Ride and Motorclassica -The Australian

International Concours d’Elegance & Classic

Motor Show and Auction, Melbourne) there was

plenty of ‘show and tell’.

Weather remained steady and we were good to

go again; however with it looking a little dubious

it was decided Hotel for lunch was preferred

rather than a Picnic by the Tinaroo Dam. Across

the Tablelands we went and into the flower lined

streets of Yungaburra, where we enjoyed a

hearty, noisy lunch at their heritage Hotel.

Wow their meatballs and sausages where


It was a bit of a wet trip home down the Range,

wipers needing to be on the whole way, but all

in all a successful day and some fun company

to boot!

Also more to come on the Motorclassica and

Gentlemen’s ride and Healey event, these are all

the pics that are external events, which you may

want to make much smaller, as not MG Chapter


Just see what you think, John will try and send

the others when he gets them organised.

The Octagon - November 2017 45



by David Hall and Lyn Hayward

Saturday 2nd September 2017 MGCCQ Wide

Bay Chapter display at Riverfest, River Heads

- Contributed by David Hall & Photos by Lyn


Nine cars assembled at our home in River Heads

for 9.00am and after a welcome chat we headed

off to assemble at the Riverfest venue where a

spot was waiting for us to park and put up our

Banner to advertise our Chapter.

There were all sorts of things going on with

Market Stalls, Art displays, Bands and whatever

else you could think of. One person who took my

fancy was a Manufacturer of a musical Harp and

what’s more he knew how to play it!

Our members settled in to having a coffee and

some home made cakes which I was thankful

they shared with us. Our display was certainly

enjoyed by so many people from everywhere. I

was talking to a man who used to work in the

same department of GMH as I did before coming

to Queensland and he has kept in touch with a

lot of my old mates of 40 years ago so we had

interesting conversations and have swapped

addresses so that we can keep in touch.

From interests in our displays there were at

least two prospective members who I will follow

up - one has an MX5 and one a Cobra Replica.

I believe they will join and I have given them the

appropriate forms to fill in and also invited them

to check out the Website of MGCCQ. We will be

inviting them to the next couple runs that we are

doing this month.

A good time was had by all our members who

attended and I would like to thank them for

supporting the Chapter as they always do.

Wednesday 13th September - by David Hall

and Photos by Lyn Hayward

On Wednesday the 13th it was lucky for some!

The sun was shining and the tops were down

as eight cars set off from Pialba and out through

Hervey Bay for a lovely run through the Cane

Fields. We nearly didn’t make it past the Anglican

College when a 7 foot giant male kangaroo

hopped out right in front of our lead car. Good

job we had the later TF and the brakes worked

well - it might have been a different story if we

had been driving the TC.

We continued on to let the members catch a

glimpse of the new developments taking place

in the area - one being a new RV Village and

the other a giant Sports Complex, an interesting

sight with a lot of earth works going on. I myself

liked the cane fields better - I suppose it’s all



The Octagon - November 2017

A trip along the Esplanade to Pt Vernon bought

us back to earth with the crystal clear turquoise

waters of the Bay gleaming in the sun as we

arrived at our destination for coffee and a scone

to be greeted by Peter and Jocelyn Marie and

David already enjoying a coffee as the rest of us

rolled on in. Young Stuart also joined us taking

time off his photography work to join the fun.


A great day was had by the members of our

club. You could tell that everyone was enjoying

themselves as the laughter and chatter took over

the whole coffee shop. It was good to be out in

our cars with such a friendly group of members.

The great weather is just a bonus!

Sunday 24th September Picnic run to Burrum

Heads and Anzac Park Maryborough --

Contributed by David Hall & Lyn Hayward.

Photos also Contributed by Peter Dore


We woke to a beautiful morning which was

just right for top down motoring. Arriving at our

departure point in Pialba, there were 6 cars

waiting. We were running late due to an escaping

dog who would have liked to come with us and

she was just trying to make life difficult for us.

Gleaming in the sunshine was the most

gorgeous Metallic Red Cobra owned by Peter

and Joy Dore our special visitors for the day and

hopefully new members for our Chapter. We all

enjoyed a run out to Burrum Heads where we

were having morning tea. You could not believe

the difference in the weather! Last time we were

here the water was turquoise and flat with boats

galore enjoying their fishing expeditions.Well this

time the wind was gusting at 50 knots, the waves

were crashing on the shore and there were no

fishing boats in sight -- what a difference a day


Some of the ladies returned to the comfort of

their cars while others braved the weather to

socialise and meet some new members from

Burrum Heads - Roger & Jacky Burnett in

their MK1 Marine Blue MGB and Les & Norma

Dobell in their Black MGB LE Roadster also

accompanied by their Border Collie who fitted in

nicely behind the front seats.

The Octagon - November 2017 47

didn’t jump inside the car as the roof was down

and she could have come off second best! We

had a look around the area but that Big old Fella

was long gone it would take more than a little

MG to pop him off.

Arriving at our start point seven cars and their

thirteen owners were champing at the bit to

get going as the run to River Heads is always


Paul and Yvonne led the run to arrive at RV2, the

Craignish Golf Club car park, where we picked

up another 3 cars and 6 Members,.We were

then in for a treat as Paul who belongs to the

local cycle club took us around some of his back

roads finishing at the Cafe in River Heads. It was

a great choice of roads Paul!

The owners of VK’s Cafe made us very welcome

with home made Scones baked especially for

us, this was enjoyed by all present and the view

over the Susan and Mary River entrances was

very beautiful. The sparkling waters with the

boats enjoying the waterways bordered by the

Mangroves was a picture to behold.

Some prospective new club members, Rod &

Leonie Freund, had followed us there and we

had the pleasure of meeting them. They have

since purchased an MGB and they took papers

to join the Club on the day, a Big Welcome to you

both. We look forward to your company over the


12 October - Midweek Run to VK’s Cafe at

River Heads -- Contributed by David Hall &

Lyn Hayward

This was the same day we were doing a Charity

Fund Raising Sausage Sizzle at Bunnnings! Paul

& Yvonne had agreed to host the run; however,

they had only returned from a holiday on Fraser

Island the night before.

A great morning had by all thanks to Paul &

Yvonne for leading us on a great day once again!

Well it’s back to that Sausage Sizzle to finish of

the day for us! Well some dents in the bonnet

but even so a great day out with our car club and

the BBQ raised $550.00 for charity.; I guess the

dents can be fixed and the Kangaroo survived to

hop another day. Hope he stays away from our

cars in the future!

We needed to leave home at 6.30 am to get the

Sausage sizzle underway and once that was

done the plan was to meet the members at RV1

for 9.00am start. Lyn was driving the TF and I

was following in the Station Wagon loaded with

BBQ gear and as we were approaching Ghost

Hill a Giant Male Kangaroo decided to jump

right in front of the little MG. We both stopped

and expected massive damage to the little car;

however we must have got a little lucky as the

damage seemed to be mainly a few dents in the

bonnet and some scratches from his paws down

the LH side of the car. Lyn was very lucky he


The Octagon - November 2017

all about!

We arrived at the Bowls Club to be greeted by

another 5 Cars and a Motor Bike - yes, another

eleven members decided to meet us there for

lunch. After the meet and greet Darrell produced

a great big bag of MG Magazines for us to take

our pick of and he informs us he has many more

where they came from.

The Burrum Heads Bowls Club put on a lovely

reasonably priced meal which we all enjoyed to

the full; the social interaction for the whole day

was extremely good and it was very good to see

John and Annie there after John’s long Battle. He

is looking so well and we are so happy they are

able to come out with us once again. Lindsay will

be on his way to NZ to spend some quality time

with his sick Mother. We wish him all the best

wishes from the members and look forward to

him joining us again on his return to Hervey Bay.

29 October Run to Queens Park Maryborough

and Burrum Heads Bowls Club for Lunch -

Contributed by David Hall & Lyn Hayward

Great day had by all, a good roll up and a

Special Guest Richard Collier from Whitsunday

Chapter topped it off for us. We look forward to

next month’s outings.

There were seven cars and fourteen owners

looking forward to today’s run on which we

headed out to Maryborough, our destination

being Queens Park for morning tea, However,

when we arrived, I realised that there were

celebrations going on and no parking spots for

us with people everywhere. Instead we did find

a nice little park looking out over the Mary River

with the train station nearby where people were

boarding the Mary-Anne for steam train rides

around the park. After morning tea Warren and

Margaret decided to go for a tour of the park on

the train which they thoroughly enjoyed while the

rest of us just chilled out enjoying one another’s

company and enjoying that view. It turned out to

be a lovely spot for a break sometimes when a

plan doesn’t come together, the alternative can

be better than the original idea!

After an hour had passed it was time to move

on as dinner was waiting for us at Burrum

Heads and we didn’t want to be late for that. We

headed back towards Hervey Bay turning off

towards Torbanlea and Howard and then to our

destination for lunch - the Burrum Heads Bowls

Club. The Countryside was a picture after the

recent rains and it was a pleasure to be out in

our cars enjoying life, isn’t that what it is

The Octagon - November 2017 49



by Cathie Meredith

Dads Day in the Valley, Sept 3.

Once again, the Pioneer Valley Classic Car

Club’s annual Fathers’ Day Car Show was a

great success. Jimmy and Johnny had a great

chat with Mal Sykes who brought his TD down

from Cannonvale for the show. Richard and

Lyn’s TF, “Mistress” was taken off the trailer at

home and actually drove to Mirani for the show.

Richard and Mal also had an opportunity to swap


A great selection of cars spanning more than a

century were on display, from a 1910 Renault to

a 2017 Mustang. A great day of entertainment

was had by all who attended with proceeds of

the day going to the Mackay Alzheimer Society.

There were slot car races, mini fire truck rides,

Old MacDonalds Farm, Belly Dancers, a Pin Up

Parlour and Pin Up competition for the ladies,

Helicopter rides and 180 beautiful vehicles

to admire.

Monthly Run, Sept 10.

After the monthly Old School Breakfast at the

Harbour, we did a “New and Old” run to visit the

new lookout at Lamberts Beach and then on to

the iconic old Eimeo Pacific Hotel for lunch.

The Council redevelopment of Lamberts Lookout

has greatly reduced the car parking space at

the summit, so we had to park half way up and

trek the rest of the way to the top of the hill.

Unfortunately it was too windy and rough to spot

any whales from the lookout, although they had

been seen all through the week.

With the Eimeo Hotel listed for sale for

redevelopment, we thought we should visit while

we still had the chance to enjoy the views from

this landmark location. A delicious lunch was

enjoyed, as was the company and conversation.


The Octagon - November 2017

The Octagon - November 2017 51

Cars for Kids, Sept 17.

The Mackay & District Holden and GM Club held

a very successful “Cars for Kids” car show at

Canelands Shopping Centre Multi-level Carpark

to raise money for the local PCYC. Among the

beautiful vehicles on display was Lynn and

Richard’s MGA “Princess”.

At the end of the day, Richard took home 2

trophies, one for the Best European Car and the

other for the Vice President’s Car of the Show.

Dinner Meeting, Sept 28.

Our inaugural mid week dinner meeting was

held at Harrup Park Country Club. It was a very

enjoyable evening, highlighted by great food and

great company. Pre dinner conversation included

grease nipples, faulty horns and loose wires.

Discussions after dinner included locations for

future runs, with a suggestion of Clairview for

a lunch run and Airlie Beach for overnight run.

Bathurst Sunday was deemed not a good day

for a run, so we stayed home and watched the

action from Mount Panorama on TV.


The Octagon - November 2017

Competition Corner




On track HSCCQ photos Bitumen are by Steve Khanacross Johns; 15

presentation of trophies October are by Brad Stratton

Sunday was wet and continued to be wet. Most

of the field 2016 had the EUREKA luxury of being LANDSCAPES

in sedans;

however there QUEENSLAND were some participants HILLCLIMB who

braved the elements in their CHAMPIONSHIPS

open cars proving

their spirit could not be diminished. by Ace Reporter

Weather Pauline Graham played won a role her on class, Friday was with fastest rain MG

resulting member as in well very as few the taking best on up the the day. offer The

of day additional depended practice. on good driving Rain on and Saturday the number

saw of pirouettes only the you adventurous performed or come did not out perform. to

try Other the MG conditions. members This were rain Ken washed Graham (third any

rubber outright) from Malcolm the track Spiden surface and Chrystelle and even Semple.

though Sunday gave a brilliant winter day

the track INTERCLUB surface was a HILLCLIMB

dry yet cold track

surface so - Photos the possibility by Steve of record Johnstimes

looked The event uncertain. attracted The members entry from attracted Holden

Malcolm Sporting Car Oastler club, Historic current Racing Australian, Car Club, New

South Porsche Wales Club, and MX5, Queensland Lotus Club, VW champion Drivers

in Club, his Ipswich OMS 28 West again Moreton with the Auto Hayabusa Club, Alfa

turbocharged Romeo Owners engine. Club, Fiat, BMW, Queensland

Superkart Club, and MG. Visitor David Harris

DA on holidays and BJ from COTTON South Australia SPONSORED (Sporting Car


Club of South Australia) also joined the entry list

driving his Subaru WRX.

First class of each run was for the Holden

HQ All Wheel group Drive which Induction was won Sedans by Anthony class went Toft

with to Trent a best Nolan run (Mitsubishi of 56.01 Mirage, seconds. 46.35 Barry

Smith seconds) (Ford from V8 Noel Special) Caplet took (Subaru the Liberty, Group K

(Post 47.06 seconds), Vintage Thoroughbred John Burrows (Mitsubishi cars 1931 Evo to

1940) 5, 47.25), with Cameron a 61.64 Bolt run (Skyline from John 350 Anderson GT, 47.94)

(Woltri, and David 63.87). Harris Production (Subaru, 49.35 Touring seconds). Cars

(1958 Gavin Taylor to 1972) won Group the Sports N up Sedan to 2000 class cc in his

went Volkswagen to Ken Golf Freeburn with a best (again run down of 46.86 from from

Cairns Daryl Morton for the (Morris championships) Cooper S, with with a best a 53.70 run

time of 48.34 from before Paul the Shergold steering (54.35) broke and both ended his

driving day) and Ford Ross Cortina Mackay models. (Ford Escort, Noel 51.16). Wicks

won the over 2 litre class in his Holden

Torana The Historic GTR Sports XU1 and (50.91 Racing sec). Cars Fred class Sayers went

took Vyvyan the Group Black in O his for Lotus Sports Elan Sedans Plus 2 with a

(Historic best run of Racing 55.68 seconds. and Sports Racing cars

1966 to 1969) in the ex Don Holland

lightweight Production Sports Morris Cars Cooper up to S 2000 in 52.03 cc was sec won

whilst by Gregory Steve King Purdy with Group a 53.05 S in (Production

his Toyota MR2

Sports ahead of Cars Peter 1941 Andrews to 1977) (Volcano MG coloured Midget MGF,

49.87 53.21 seconds), sec. Roy Adam Davis Shipway took the (Mazda Group MX5, T

52 The Octagon - July 2016

(Production 53.65) with Stephen Sports Callaghan Cars with (MGB, a Competition 59.13

History seconds). 1941 The to over 1981) 2 litre in capacity his Triumph class GT6 was

running the Porsche a 49.13 class time with the with quickest the Group being U Bruce class

(Sport Simpson Sedans (Porsche up 934 to 1985) Rep) in going 47.42 to seconds Chris

Johns from Paul in his Dalitz Ford (Porsche Escort 991 with GT3, a best 47.83 run of

47.54 seconds), seconds. Bill Black (Porsche 911, 48.15), John

Samios (Porsche 911, 50.60), Flavio Paggiaro


SYSTEMS (Porsche Cayman, SPONSORED 55.57 seconds). CLASSES

The Ken All Graham Wheel took Drive the Improved Forced Induction and Series

class Production went Cars to the in multiple the Datsun Queensland 1600 SSS with a

Motorkhana best run of 45.12 Champion, seconds Noel with Pauline Caplet, Graham in

the (Datsun Subaru 1600, Liberty 47.64) turbo followed with by a Terry best Scharf run

of in his 48.21 Nissan seconds Skyline and with Derek a 50.69 Grant seconds in his run.

Subaru Ken’s and Liberty Pauline’s turbo day GT ended with after a 57.79 run 4 time. when

Mark the differential Pryor was decided quickest not to of continue the Hyundai and this

Excel is after X3 only Series 30 years cars of with Hillclimb, a 51.85 Supersprint, run which

was Motorkhana only 0.08 and sec Khanacross outside the events. class record

with Bradley Smith (53.68) and Tony Walsh

(55.35). Phillip Dalton was quickest in the under 2 litre

Road Registered Cars recording a 49.69 time in

BRAD his Honda KIMBERLEY Civic with Harry CARS Doling SPONSORED

(Toyota Levin


BZR, 50.01 seconds) next from Daniel Zeimer

(Toyota Corolla, 53.81), Karl Reinke (Hyundai

The Excel, smaller 58.30), engine Audrei Vishnershii capacity class (Alfa in Romeo

Improved 156, 58.59) Production with Jo Reinke cars in was the Hyundai won by

Grant Excel with Liddell a 60.55 (Datsun second 1200 time. Coupe, The over 52.74) 2000

from cc class Karl saw Reinke Pedro (Hyundai Tan fastest Excel, in his 61.28) Honda

slightly Civic recording ahead a of best Jo Reinke run of 54.97 (Hyundai seconds

Excel, with Robert 61.63 Bowers seconds). (Subaru Dave Liberty) Sidery next (VW in

Beetle, 55.56 seconds 50.61) and finished Lindsay ahead Derriman of Karlie in his Alfa

Buccini Romeo Mito (Proton with Satria, a best run 50.76) of 58.51 in the seconds. 1601

to 2000 cc class whilst the 2001 to 3000 cc

class Dick Reynolds saw a tussle took the between Clubman Ken Sports Graham Cars in

(Datsun his Caterham 1600 Super SSS,45.93) 7 with a and 48.30 Pauline second run

Graham followed by (Datsun Shane 1600 Murphy SSS, (Lotus 46.33) 7, 50.67) with and

Troy Jon Young McGrogan recording (Mitsubishi a 51.08 in Lancer, his Caterham 48.45)

and Super Martin 7 clubman. Egglesfield (Ford Fiesta ST

turbo, Brian Wild 49.41) won completing the Superkart the class class. in his Ken PVP was

quickest Superkart over with a the 47.41 first time. 2 runs until Pauline

grabbed the lead with a 46.33 run to hold

this Michael position von Rappard until the tested fifth and the repairs final climb to the

with differential Ken recorded of the Dallara the winning Hayabusa run recording with a a

45.93 best run time. of 38.43 Paul seconds. Buccini took Martin the Egglesfield over 3 litre

capacity (OMS Hornet, class 41.10), with a Chris run of Johns 47.13 ran secs the ex in

his Shaun BMW Marshall 135i from Empire the 001 Holden (GSX Commodore

1000 cc

of engine) Noel as Preston a trial ending (51.27 up seconds). recording a 44.53

time with Chris Lake running the Suzuki Escargot

The Octagon - November 2017 53

Phone or fax for a





The Octagon - November 2017

Photos below: Chris Johns took advantage of the event to have his first competitive run in the

Empire openwheeler which now resides in his garage and the nature of the Interclub had a range of

competitors new to the hillclimb happy to be out there representing their Clubs.

INTERCLUB CHALLENGE LATEST POINTS: Porsche 130 points; Lotus 107; HSCCQ 106; MG 91;

BMW 89; MX5 83;

The Octagon - November 2017 55

to a 46.42 time. Chris Lake completed all eight

runs on the day attributing this to acquiring the

best chain to drive the Suzuki as well as having

the ECU re-tuned.


SERIES ROUND 5 - 9/10 Sept


Andrew Willesden lost the least with a score of

minus 9 points in his MGB to win the day from

David Jackson (Mazda RX7, loss of 12 points)

then Don Webster (MGTD, down 14 points)

Lindsay Derriman (red Toyota Paseo, down 19

points) and Flavio Paggiaro (MGB GT V8) with a

loss of 59 points.


Harry Doling won the Road Registered Sedan

Cars up to 1600 cc in a time of 49.92 seconds

driving his Toyota Levin BZR from Daniel Zeimer

(Toyota Corolla, 53.70) and Robert Martin in

his Daihatsu Handi with a best climb of 60.60

seconds. The 1601 to 2000 cc class went

to Richard Marken (Peugeot 205GTi, 56.04)

whilst the larger engine capacity class went

to Christopher Balhatchet (BMW 325i, 51.35)

followed by Paul Milevskiy (Ford Falcon, 53.41)

and Ray Balhatchet (Nissan Skyline, 54.28).

In the Modified Production Sedan Cars classes

the under 2 litres round went to Karl Reinke

(Hyundai Excel, 58.08) with Jo Reinke (Hyundai

Excel) recording a 59.18 time whilst Brandan

Merrick captured the over 2 litres class in his

Datsun 120Y with a best run of 48.98 seconds.

The Circuit Excel Class saw Mark Pryor take the

win with a 51.16 from Brad Smith (51.99), Gary

Goulding (52.69), Shane McAndrew (54.42),

Ross McAndrew (56.90) just 0.01 from Gloria

McAndrew (56.91) and junior competitor Ewan

McGarry (57.06)

Sebastian Black took the All Wheel Drive Forced

Induction class with a 46.24 time in his Subaru

WRX turbo ahead of Cameron Bolt (Skyline

350GT turbo, 47.18), John Burrowes (Mitsubishi

Evo 5 turbo, 47.37), John Stuckey (Subaru

Impreza turbo, 51.93) with Rhonda Stuckey

(Subaru Impreza turbo, 56.93).

Ray Evans (Escort, 53.42) in winning the PRC

Rally Car class had the braking marker lodge

onto the body of the Escort when accelerating

out of the hairpin the second time (obviously

a wide line) and transported our marker up to

the finish line. Fortunately this is a lightweight

structure thus causing no damage to the vehicle

just requiring a ready replacement to be installed

at the appropriate point.

The first of the Improved Production Sedans

classes went to Waco Hamlin in his Honda Civic

(53.07). Dave Sidery took the 1601 to 2000 cc

class in his Volkswagen Beetle (51.47) followed

by Greg Cameron (Hyundai Excel X3, 53.86),

Wayne Ferguson (VW Fastback, 55.25), Greg

Ashe (Fiat 124, 56.58) and Ian Dalgleish (VW

Fastback, 57.16). Ken Graham was the quickest

in the over 2 litre engine capacity class in his

Datsun 1600 SSS (46.14 seconds) with Troy

McGrogan with a best time of 47.69 seconds

in his Mitsubishi Lancer and Pauline Graham

recording a 48.45 time run in the Datsun 1600


The Escorts of Tyson Cowie and Ross Mackay

lined up again in the Sports Sedans up to 2000

cc class Tyson proved quicker of the two with

a best run of 45.52 seconds in his Ford Escort

Mark 2 with Ross a 45.71 time in his Ford Escort

Mark 1. Next was Gavin Taylor (Volkswagen

Golf, 46.06) with Daryl Morton (Morris Cooper S,

47.68) and Jason Martell (Ford Escort Mark 2,

51.79). In the over 2000 cc class David Malone

(Holden Torana) took the win with a 45.96 time

from Glenn Anable in his BMW 2002 turbo

(47.86 seconds) and Scott Anable in his BMW

325i with a 48.51 second climb.


Jim Heymer won the Formula Vee category in

his Hornet Formula Vee with a best run of 52.05


The Superkarts went to Nathan Quelch (Arrow

Honda, 47.34); however, on his first run on

Sunday morning the Arrow Honda slid sideways

into the Queensland Nut barrier first time into

the hairpin. No damage to either Nathan or the

Arrow Honda, the cause being the left front

wheel detaching itself from the stub axle. It then

bounced over the nuts, leaped over the catch

fence, and ran between the trees in an attempt

to seek freedom. However the momentum was

arrested as the wheel was found resting in the

shrubbery just short of the boundary creek. It

was soon re-united with the Arrow Honda soon


The Octagon - November 2017

to enable Nathan to run again that day.

Formula Libre up to 1300 cc went to Michael

von Rappard (Dallara Hayabusa, 38.00

seconds) until the splines on the flange into the

differential broke forcing an early day, with Martin

Egglesfield (OMS Hornet, 41.46), David Quelch

(Honda DPQ Special, 43.85), and Mitchell

Allwood in his Energy Firecat with a 44.84 time.

Steven Woodbridge took the 1301 cc and over

class in his Dallara F396 with a 41.59 second



Group wins went to Vyayan Black (Lotus Elan

Plus 2, Group S, Production Sports Cars, 56.16),

Barry Smith (Ford V8 Special, Group K, Post

Vintage Thoroughbred Cars, 56.95), Alan Telfer

(Lotus 7, Group Q, Historic Racing and Sports

Racing Cars, 56.88), Gregory Tebble (Van

Diemen FF2000, Group R, Historic Racing and

Sports Cars, 43.21), and David Dumolo (Vernon

Formula Vee, Group V, Historic Formula Vee,

54.87) forsaking his Triumph TR3A for the Vee.


Zaid Latif took the Production Sports Cars 1601

to 2000 cc class with a 47.10 run in his Lotus

Exige with Gregory King (Toyota MR2, 52.89),

Andrew Lake (MGF, 55.14) and Ian Finglas

(Mazda MX-5, 62.17 seconds).

Sports Cars (Open) under 2 litre went to Chris

Johns (JRF Suzuki Cappuccino turbo, 47.65)

then James Driscoll (Jaguar D type replica

powered by 2 litre Ford engine) in 52.58 seconds

with the over 2 litre class going to Jeffrey

Graham (Mazda MX-5 supercharged) in a best

run of 48.57 seconds. Steve Torpy took the

Sports Cars (Closed) up to 2 litres class in his

Mazda RX7 with a 50.63 time.

In the Clubman Sports Cars Brian Pettit was

quickest in his Westfield SE clubman in 45.21

seconds followed by Ainsley Fitzgerald (Arrow

Clubman, 46.52), Jason McGarry (Caterham

Super 7, 48.72) and Jon Young (Caterham Super

7, 51.16 seconds).


Steven Woodbridge (41.09), Martin Egglesfield

(41.33), Gregory Tebble (42.75), Tyson Cowie

(45.80), and David Quelch (DNF).

Fastest Time of Day: Michael von Rappard;

Most Improved: Ian Finglas

Best MG 1601 to 2000 cc: Andrew Lake; 2001 cc

and over: Flavio Paggiaro

Photos by Peter Buchanan

The Octagon - November 2017 57

Photos by Peter Buchanan

Photos by

Rob Talbot


The Octagon - November 2017

The Octagon - November 2017 59



or by email to vprojects@internode.on.net

The Octagon - November 2017

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