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Around this time, he had also

been charged under the Crimes


After the expiry of the Deportation

Liability Notice period

and expiry of the time to file the

appeal to the Tribunal, he was

issued with deportation order.

Mr Singh engaged Barrister &

Solicitor Gurbrinder Aulakh to

act for him.

Judicial Review

Mr Aulakh filed Judicial Review

proceedings at the Auckland High

Court against the deportation

order on behalf of his client.

At the first Case Conference,

the Judge noted that the respondent,

INZ (precisely, MBIE Chief

Executive) had only been served

with the notice of proceedings a

day before and therefore, it was



effectively a ‘Without Notice’


The Judge also noted that although

there was a quasi-application

for interim relief along with

the affidavit of the applicant,

there was no separate written

application to stay the order

pending the Judicial Review.

The Judge directed the

applicant to file the same for

consideration by the High Court.

Appeal for Interim Relief

The applicant then filed the

interlocutory application for

interim relief.

Mr Aulakh challenged the deportation

order on several counts

as violating his client’s rights. The

matter was then listed to come

up before the Duty Judge as the

first call for interim relief.

Following the service of the

interlocutory application, the

respondent, through Crown

Counsel, filed a written assurance

that no steps to deport the

applicant will be taken, pending

the outcome of the review


A joint memo of the Counsel

was then filed requesting the

Court to adjourn the matter to a

later date, for the parties to consider

their respective position,

and for substantive hearing.

Mr Aulakh declined to divulge

more details of the case saying,

“the matter is subjudice, and

therefore it will not be appropriate

for me to comment.”

The case will be in the High

Court for substantive hearing

in the following weeks.

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ateam of Licensed Immigration Adviser /Ex-Immigration Officer.

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IRD warns tradies against undeclared cash transactions

The Taxman is looking hard at the Building Sector

Venkat Raman

The Inland Revenue Department

has warned businesses

in general and tradies

in particular to desist from

undeclared cash transactions.

A notification said that Tradies

who do undeclared cash jobs

can be hit with tax penalties or

criminal convictions that could

lead to prison, costing them their

business and income.

“Declare it all. Or risk

everything,” the notification said.

An accountant told Indian

Newslink that it was not uncommon

for some people in the

building trade (such as plumbers,

electricians, cleaners and others)

to demand cash for their services

and some customers willingly

doing so to avoid GST.

Honest Tradies

“Most tradies are honest and

issue invoices and request customers

to transfer payments into

High Court asks INZ to hold fire on deportation

Venkat Raman

The Ministry of Business,

Innovation and Employment

(MBIE) which

supervises Immigration

New Zealand (INZ) has given a

written undertaking to the Auckland

High Court that it will not

execute a deportation order on a

man of Indian origin, pending a

judicial review.

The man, known only as Mr

Singh, had been issued with a

Deportation Liability Notice.

Mr Singh said that he has been

a New Zealand resident for many

years and that he was lately on a

work visa.

their bank account. However,

some people prefer cash. I have

advised two of my clients to issue

invoices and document all cash

received. Tradies are busy people

and good accountants should take

care of them,” he said.

The IRD communication said

that doing jobs for cash or doing

work for friends or anyone else

is alright, so long as they keep a

record of these jobs and declare

the income earned while filing

their tax returns.

“Make sure that you record

every job, no matter how big

or small. Find out more about

Gurbrinder Aulakh

Allegation of breach

INZ had issued a deportation

liability Notice last year stating that

he had breached visa conditions

and was given 14 days to either

show cause as to why he should

not be deported or file an appeal

to the Immigration and Protection

Tribunal within 28 days.

keeping good business records

from our website. You should

charge GST if you are registered.

All businesses earning more than

$60,000 must register for GST.

Tradies must also register all their

employees and declare all income

while filing tax returns,” the

notification said.

Voluntary Disclosure

IRD has also advised that

tradies and others who have not

filed their actual income, have

an opportunity to do so under its

‘Voluntary Disclosure’ through its

IR281 Form.

The advice is, “Tell us before

we find out that you have hidden

something from us”

“A Voluntary Disclosure is when

you tell us what is wrong with

your tax returns before we find

out in some other way. It may be

that you have omitted some income

from your return or incorrectly

claimed expenses. Anyone

can make a Voluntary Disclosure,

including salary or wage earners,

individuals, businesses, trusts and


New Accounting Method

IRD has also recommended

small companies to understand

the way Provisional Tax works

and adopt the new Accounting

Income Method (AIM).

The Department has urged

businesses with annual turnover

under $5 million to talk with their

accounting software provider or

tax agent about a new option that

allows them to pay provisional

tax only when they are making a


Deputy Commissioner for

Transformation Greg James said

that AIM makes managing cash

flows simpler because provisional

tax payments are based on the

business’ actual results.

“IRD has created a product that

takes the guesswork out of provisional

tax payments,” he said.

Businesses take a stab in the

dark about their projected earnings

for the current year. When

that’s off the mark, it can lead

to either an overpayment of tax

and a long wait for a refund or

an underpayment and a penalty


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MARCH 1, 2018

02 Homelink

National MP slams EmploymentReforms as retrograde


Singh Bakshi

Itseems that the Labour-led

government hasbeen formed

with only one agenda; that is

to strengthen the rights ofits

voter base; the Unions.

In the process of strengthening

Union rights, itisclear that the

Labour Party wantstoignore the

82.3% of workers whodonot belong

to aUnion.

It wants to bring in large changes

to employment laws without

any consultationwith people who

will be most affected.

We in the National Party

worked hard toconsult employers

and employees before formulating

legislationthat was positive

notjust for employers but also for

employees and the NewZealand


The90-Day Itch

Changes such as eliminating the

90-Daytrial period for all firms

exceptsmall businesses will, without

doubt, have amajor impact

on how businesses and employers

choose to employ people.

The 90-Day trial period was

rolled out nationwide in 2011 by

the NewZealand National Party

to encourage all businesses, small

andlarge, to grow their workforces

and take achance on new

workers andlong-term unemployed


The changes from Labour will

makeitmuch harderfor young,

unskilled andvulnerable workers

to find employment and make

it too risky formid-sized employers

to takeachance on anew

worker with notrack recordof


Thesechanges will only reduce

job opportunities and wage

growth, especially for those vulnerable

workersonthe edges of

the labour market.

National’s Achievements

The Law asitstands encourages

all businesses, small and large,to

grow their workforce and take a

chanceonnew workersand longterm

unemployed people.

Sincethe 90-Day trial has been

in place, wehave seen abig move

into thelabour market from

groups who have traditionally

been left out. As aresult, our participation

rate of adults in thelabour

marketisthe highest it has

ever been.

The biggest single group of new

workers is sole parents.

We now have the lowest number

of sole parentsrelying on

awelfare benefit sincethe late

1980s because tensofthousands

have successfully moved intothe


Larger businessesare often

the oneswho takeonvulnerable

workers, including people like

ex-prisoners and peoplewho are

recoveringfromdifficult health

situations, because theyhave the

training systems in place to work

with them.

Valuing Workers

We want every New Zealander

to have achance to work.

Valuable workers are likegoldto

abusiness but manyofthem just

needthe opportunity to prove


New Zealand currently has one

of the highest performing economies

in theworld for job growth

and the most important thing to

aworker is that there’s someone

who’s prepared to take achance

and give them ajob.

We know that the employment

settings we have created 10,000

new jobs amonth for thelast two

years. And making changes like

reformingthe 90-Day trial will

only slow thatgrowth.

Foraparty whichclaims to be

working for the needy, the changes

to ouremploymentlawsseem

contradictory to their claims.

No flexibility

Apart fromchanging the90-Day

trial period setting work breaks

of an employee in stone provides

neither the employee nor the employer

with any flexibility.

The new lawsalsoimpose extra

requirements on businesses, in

ordertoadvantage Unions, when

negotiating agreements.

The existinglaw already ensures

that businessesmust negotiate

new agreements in good faith.

These new requirements include

forcing workers to paymoneyto

aUnion, even if they do not want

to do so.

Labourwill force businesses

into negotiating the same employment

contracts acrossmultiple

companies in an industry, ifthat

is whatthe Union wants. This

means, for example, anemployer

cannot innovate by offering their

workers extra rewards for doing

new things in order to be more efficient

than their competitors.

In the end, itwill be families

whopay the price for these

changes through higher prices for

the stuff they buy,lowerpay packets

due to poor productivity, or

not having new goodsorservices

to buy that they want.

Iamnot sureifthis is what we

NewZealanders signedupfor in

the secret coalition agreement between

Labour and its coalition


Kanwaljit Singh Bakshiis

Member ofParliament on

National List.

LawtomakeEnglish official language

Clayton Mitchell

New Zealand First has

submitted aMember’s

Bill forEnglish

to be recognised as

an official languageofNew


Te Reo Maori was

recognised in 1987 and New

Zealand Sign Language in

2006, yetthere is no legislation

that recognises English.


The Billiscalled the ‘English

an Official Language Bill’ and

will give Englishthe same legal

status as Te ReoMaori and

New Zealand Sign Language.

It is common sense to officially

recognise the language

that the vast majority of New

Zealanders useonaday to day


English is the primary

language that New Zealanders

use, whether it is in business,

at home, on thesports field or

in the media.

Apetition was presented to

Parliament last year with 6258

signatures asking forEnglish

to be recognised.

Ihave travelled around the

country and everyone I’ve

spoken to think it’sabsurdthat

this is notalready the case.

Clayton Mitchell is Member

of Parliament on New

Zealand First List.

Photo Courtesy: Twitter

MARCH 1, 2018

● First Home

● Investment Property

● Residential or Commercial

● Building / Extending / Renovating

● Re-Finance/ Restructure


Let us honour Business Excellence in Health and Safety

Entries open to the 11th Annual Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards

Venkat Raman

Health and Safety at workplace has

become an issue of concern as the

government faces the challenge of

regulating commercial establishments

to adopt standards and procedures to optimise

the wellbeing of staff.

Poor Record

New Zealand has a poor record on workplace

safety compared with similar developed


The Pike River Mine Disaster, which killed 29

workers and contractors caused by a methane

explosion on November 19, 2010 accentuated

the phase of legislation.

Parliament passed into Law the ‘Health and

Safety at Work 2015 Act,’ which came into effect

on September 4, 2015.

Among other things, the Act aims to protect

workers and other persons against harm to

their health, safety, and welfare by eliminating

or minimising risks arising from work or from

prescribed high-risk plant.

The Challenges

While manufacturing companies and other

production-oriented industries are governed by

special rules and regulations, the retail sector,

comprising food and beverage has come under

focus in recent years. Restaurants and Takeaways

are of specific concern to the Auckland

Council which recently placed 26 eateries in the

City in ‘D’ and ‘E’ grades, meaning that they are

unfit to operate their business and that public

health is at serious risk.

The Act replaced the duties owed by employers,

owners and principals with a broader duty

owed by ‘Persons Conducting aBusiness or

Undertaking’ or ‘PCBU.’

According to the new Legislation, aPCBU

must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable,

that nobody is put at risk from the work carried

out, with all workers enjoying the same level of

protection regardless of the working relationship.

The Act also provides tougher penalties

for non-compliance than the previous regime.

Increasing Awareness

Following stringent controls and inspection

reports, there is increasing awareness on

Health and Safety issues among small and

medium businesses, especially those that are

owner-operated with a handful of employees.

Many companies have put in place systems

and procedures that ensure the Health and

Safety of employees, customers, suppliers,

guests and others who may visit them.

Health and Safety Award

As a part of our efforts to encourage

companies to promote appropriate measures

and recognise and applaud organisations

that exemplify health and safety, we have

introduced anew category in this year’s Indian

Newslink Indian Business Awards.

‘Business Excellence in Health and Safety’ is

open to all commercial organisations, owned,

managed, franchised and operated by people of

Indian origin.

Chad Wilkie, Chairman of our Panel of

Distinguished Judges, independent of Indian

Newslink, has deliberated on this new Category

and evolved the eligibility criteria, entry form

and tips to answer questions.

These are now available on our dedicated

Awards website-

As in the past years, we will conduct three

Workshops, one each in May, June and July

2018, details of which will be announced in

due course.

About Our Business Awards

Since its launch ten years ago, Indian

Newslink Indian Business Awards have

become a benchmark for recognition of excellence

among businesses owned, managed,

franchised and operated by people of Indian

origin in New Zealand.

There are now 15 categories (from mere

eight in 2008), ten of which are Corporate or

Company Categories and five are Individual

Categories. Winners in the first ten categories

qualify to enter the ‘Supreme Business of the

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Year Award.’

Unique in its extent and format, the Awards

Scheme has encouraged small, medium and

large companies owned, managed, franchised

and operated by people of Indian origin to

compete in various categories.

Companies of Indian origin are coming

of age in New Zealand. It is time they put in

place robust business plans, smart strategies

and corporate governance that conform to

international standards. It is also time they

competed globally and reaped the rewards of





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MARCH 1, 2018

04 Homelink


designers ltd

architectural designer.

64 edgewater drive, pakuranga, auckland 2010.

Contact: 09 5772171 /021 687162



our strengths

member of ADNZ -recognised professional body

well equipped &established with good reputation

overall personal service

technical competency &professional experience.

Fascinating World War One Stories uncovered

replica artefacts from the First

World War have been distributed

to 1000 classrooms across New

at supporting students and teachers

to unearth the stories of local

First World War soldiers using

nates with me. Aviolin was one

of the very few possessions my

great grandmother bought with

Zealand, through an exciting new the vast array of online records her to New Zealand when she

Jacinda Arden project from WW100 and School now available.

emigrated from Scotland.

Wellington, February 21, 2018

Kit, in partnership with Auckland One of the stories children It has been a treasured part of

War Memorial Museum and New will explore is that of Alexander our family ever since.

More than 30,000 students

across the coun-

Students will use the artefacts ing gifted aviolin by afriend who a great way to engage students

Zealand Post.

Aitken and his violin. After be-

She said that the project was

try are set to uncover in their research as part of a won it in araffle, Aitken played with the Centenary of the First

and explore the fascinating

hands-on inquiry-based learning the violin almost every night in World War and ensure that the

stories of New Zealand

soldiers in anew initiative from

the First World War Centenary

Programme (WW100).

Discovery boxes containing


Supporting the interested

The boxes form part of the

Walking with an Anzac education

programme, a project aimed

the trenches of Gallipoli, bringing

the power of music to soldiers

surrounded by the sadness

of war.

That story particularly reso-

stories of New Zealanders during

the War were never forgotten.

“Through Walking with an

Anzac, students have already discovered

over 2300 forgotten stories

of New Zealanders in the

First World War; developing a

more personal connection with

events that impacted their communities

acentury ago,” Kylie

Power co-owner at School Kit


Thirty-two of those stories are

explored in the discovery boxes.

Jacinda Ardern is

Prime Minister and Arts,

Culture and Heritage Minister

of New Zealand.

Proposed Legislation gets tough on drug peddlers

Simeon Brown

Theodore Roosevelt

once said, “Ours is a

government of liberty, by,

through and under the

law. No man is above it and no

man is below it.”

New Zealand is also such

a country, and this is its true


In a liberal democracy like New

Zealand, the Rule of Law, not

the will of government, must be

the foundation of our peace and


Key Priority

As the newly-elected Member of

Parliament for Pakuranga, Law &

Order is one of my key priorities.

In asurvey mailed out to my

constituents at the end of last

year, I asked them to specify their

three most important issues.

Consistently, Law & Order was

one of the top concerns.

Yet, the will of government is

not sufficient to bring this about;

throwing money at Law & Order

will not be enough to make them

go away. We must be acountry

that is tough on those who break

the law and one that protects

those who respect it.

My Bill in Parliament

This is exactly why Ihave put

forward aMember’s Bill, ‘the

Psychoactive Substances (Increasing

Penalty for Supply and

Distribution) Amendment Bill.’

This Bill, drawn from the ballot

last month, takes aim at the real

causes of crime and suffering in

our communities. Resolving this

issue is found by taking both a

hard-line stance on the dealers

and criminals who sell these

harmful drugs, and by understanding

the need for sympathy

and care for those caught in

harm’s way by these drugs.

That is why, Ihave called for an

increase in the penalty for those

found guilty of dealing synthetic

drugs but have also called for a

Parliamentary Select Committee

Inquiry into those who suffer

with addiction and how we can

support them.

In the light of the harm caused

by synthetic drugs, it is time that

we increased the penalty that

those found guilty of dealing

these drugs deserve.

Listening to People

In preparing this Bill, I sat with

or heard from several families

who have had loved ones severely

harmed or die from synthetic

drugs. As Ihave spoken with

those who have seen first-hand

the extent of the damaged caused

by these drugs, Ihave come to

understand the need for this

two-pronged approach.

Our law is written to protect

the vulnerable, help those in

need, and foster strong communities.

To do this, we must continue

to support strong Law & Order

policies, providing the Police with

the means and authority to serve

and protect our communities.

If the police are afraid to act

or are restrained by excessive

limitations, a dangerous message

is sent out to those who do not

want to respect our laws.

No place for the lawless

We must have aconsistent

message that says there is no

room for those who don’t want

to abide by the law. In order to

achieve this, we must do more

than put more cops on the beat,

though that is astrong first step.

We must also foster aculture of

support and safety throughout

our communities.

Organisations such as

Howick-Pakuranga Community

Patrol, the Asian Council on

Reducing Crime, and Community

Law, are vital to such work.

Communities can step up and

be the solutions to the concerns

they face.

I am proud to be an MP that

takes a strong stand against

crime and that works with all

those seeking to promote safe

communities in our area.

Not a slogan

To me, a safe community is not

just a slogan.

As we continue to work

together and stand with the

backing of law against those who

undermine the safety of our communities,

it becomes a reality.

I hope you will sign my petition

on my website as a mark of your

support and to set up an inquiry

so that we can help better those

who suffer from addiction.


Simeon Brown is elected

Member of Parliament from

Pakuranga in East Auckland.

He is a Member of the Parliamentary

Select Committee on

‘Regulations Review’ and Social

Services and Community.’

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MARCH 1, 2018

Islam imposes

converse obligation on

Muslim men



The refusal of the

Iranian agricultural

delegation (while

on avisit to New

Zealand) to shake the hand

of Labour MP Jo Luxton in

Parliament on Thursday

(February 22, 2018) was not

a sign of disrespect.

I have spoken out against

the Iranian regime harshly

in the past - on its record

of oppressing women and

minorities with particular

viciousness, disappearing

them into torture chambers

for failing to observe

its imposed ‘moral’ standards,

and treating them as

worth half that of men before

the law.

Law by choice

But the behaviour of that

regime in forcibly imposing

Islamic law is quite separate

from Muslims peacefully

observing that law

by choice. One example is

of Islamic men not touching

or, in some cases, even

looking directly at women

who are not immediate


In fact, this is the flip

side of the rule of Hijab for

Islamic women.

This means that while the

Holy Quran calls on women

to dress modestly (often interpreted

as covering their

hair), it imposes aconverse

obligation on Islamic men

not to ogle women and not

to touch them in any way

unless they are married or

immediate blood relations.

This is to provide safety

and respect for women interacting

with men.

Whether or not we agree

with these rules, whether

they are paternalistic or unduly

restrictive and need

‘modernising’, is aquestion

for practicing Muslims.

No right to interpret

It is not open to those of

us outside that culture to interpret

these rules beyond

their intent in Islam.

So, while in Western culture

refusing to shake

hands is a huge sign of disrespect,

in the Muslim

world touching strangers of

the opposite sex is hugely

disrespectful and a breach

of Islamic law. This rule really

cannot be mixed in

with the many ways the

Islamic regime does in fact

oppress women living under

its rule.

To do so would be to

bring a prejudiced perspective,

always expecting the

behaviour of Muslim men

to be demeaning of women,

even while they strive -as

they did when meeting Jo

Luxton in Parliament to be

extra respectful.

Golriz Ghahraman is a

Green MP. Her family left

Iran when she was nine

years old and was granted

asylum as political refugees

in New Zealand. The

above opinion piece and

picture, which appeared

in Newshub on February

23, 2018, has been reproduced

here under a

Special Agreement with




MARCH 1, 2018


Financial challenges burn our polytechnics

Firefighting should involve long-term view

Venkat Raman

Many Institutes

of Technology

and Polytechnics

(ITPs) face financial

challenges but these

challenges also present

an opportunity, Tertiary

Education Commission

(TEC) Chief Executive Tim

Fowler has said.

“ITP domestic student

numbers have declined by

nearly a third in the last decade,

driven by demographic,

economic and other changes.

As a result, some ITPs

face immediate and pressing

challenges to their financial

viability and sustainability.

For others the challenges are

less imminent but getting

closer,” he said.

Long-Term view needed

Mr Fowler said that while

these financial issues are the

sector’s burning platform,

the opportunity is to take a

long-term view of where the

sector needs to go.

“The need for change is

as much about the nature

and quality of delivery as it

is about ITP finances – the

two are intertwined.

This is not about solving

a short-term financial

problem – it’s about finding

a sustainable growth path

for ITPs to help them deliver

Tim Fowler

(Picture Courtesy:

Tertiary Education Commission)

regionally-based vocational

training and education

that addresses students’

and employers’ needs in a

rapidly changing world,”

he said.

The new Government has

indicated that it wants the

tertiary sector to be more

flexible and responsive, to

better meet New Zealand’s

changing labour market.

Roadmap 2020

The TEC has established

the ITP Roadmap 2020

project to take the lead on

engaging collaboratively

with ITPs, and the broader

community, to explore and

test different options for


“We have appointed

a project team and will

shortly begin workshops

with stakeholders around

New Zealand,” Mr Fowler


The TEC will work

with the governance and

management levels of ITPs

as well as other parties

including employers, iwi, staff,

unions, local government and

learners to identify the best path

forward for ITPs. Engagement will

have a strong regional focus to

ensure these unique perspectives

are also taken into consideration

“Everything is on the table here

except the status quo. We are

excited and ambitious about the

future of the sector and are looking

forward to co-creating solutions for

structural change that will deliver

better outcomes for New Zealand.

“We know that time is of the

essence, so our aim is to provide

recommendations to the Minister

of Education in the next six

months,” he said.

Structural changes

Mr Fowler said that the ITP

sector has already undergone a lot

of structural change over the last

two decades, merging or forming

partnerships to improve their

quality and efficiency.

New Zealand had 25 ITPs in

1990, and now has 16 and hence

change is normal, and when done

well, and with right motivation and

focus, can drive better outcomes

for everyone.

“We need to be clear about the

unique value ITPs offer New Zealand,

and how they can adapt to a

changing environment to deliver

that value. By working together,

we can build a sustainable future

for the sector while also meeting

the needs of current and future

learners,” Mr Fowler said.

Loyalty dominates the Year of the Dog

A look at what is in store for others

Henry Chung

How big a deal

is Chinese New


More than 1.6

billion people (more than

25% of the world’s population)

celebrate Chinese

New Year and New Zealand

should see plenty of visitors

taking advantage of the

holiday and celebrating the

‘Year of the Dog’ here.

It is also significant that

New Zealand is the first

place in the world to herald

the Chinese New Year, as

what you do in the first

moments of the new year

shapes the rest of the year.

Relax and Reunite

In this holiday period,

people do just two things:

relax and reunite with

family. People spend a lot of

time and money to prepare

a very sumptuous dinner

for Chinese New Year Eve.

What you choose to eat

in that dinner signals what

you will likely consume in

the coming year. During

this time, New Zealand

products such as Red

Wine (Red signals blessing

and good luck), fruit and

meat are very popular in

Northern Hemisphere.

It is a big business opportunity

for New Zealand


What does the Year of

the Dog mean for the year


Trust is everything

The Dog is very loyal and

faithful. It denotes reliability,

hard work, sincerity and

intelligence. Faithfulness

is a big matter in Chinese

society as it leads to trust.

Trust is everything. No

trust means no insightful

intelligence in business or


So, if you are looking

for a faithful relationship,

friendship or partner, then

someone born in the Year

of Dog would be a good


During the Chinese

New Year period, Chinese

leaders visit their formal

mentors or teachers to

show their respect. This is

reflected in a very famous

Chinese saying, “Ian shou

shi yuan,” which means

“when drinking water,

one needs to think about

its source.” This is true in

the Year of the Dog as it is

a year about loyalty, faith

and respect.

The favourites

Who does the Year of the

Dog favour?

In the Year of the Dog, the

Ox is expected to perform

better than in 2017. The

Tiger is expected to be very

successful in romance.

Most of the dreams of the

Snake should come true,

and the year looks very

promising for the Goat. The

Dragon will be happy in its

relationships and finances

and it is also a lucky year

for the Rooster as there

are plenty of opportunities

(business, friends and


However, the Year of the

Dog is not so promising for

the Rat as its health may

not be constant this year.

Rabbits need to protect

what they have as there is a

lot of uncertainly for them.

The Horse needs to be quite

patient as rushing will not

achieve anything. Similarly,

Monkeys need to be careful

about their relationships.

Henry Chung is Assistant

Professor of Marketing

at the Massey University

School of Journalism and



We Provide

35E Mclaughlins Rd Wiri Auckland 2104

MARCH 1, 2018

School bans Social Media accounts

Laura Tupou (Radio NZ)

An Auckland School is

taking a stand against

social media, asking its

students not to have any

social media accounts until High


Kowhai Intermediate introduced

the voluntary code this

year where students signed an Information

and Communications

Technology (ICT) contract which

included the commitment to hand

in their mobile phones at the gate

and not have any social media

accounts for the two years they

are a student at the School.

Proactive Stance

Social media had encroached

on the School’s teaching and

learning in recent years, Board

of Trustees Chair Wade Gillooly


“We are just taking a proactive

stance so that we can nip it in the

bud and help our parents make

a firm policy decision with their

children at home,” he said.

The ICT Contract

The School’s ICT contract said

that last year it had “several

incidents impact on student

relationships and wellbeing at


“These incidents have occurred

outside of School hours on private

social media accounts over which

we have no rights or responsibility.

When issues arose over

social media, often parents would

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

contact the School to sort it out.

“This is a legal and ethical

minefield that would require full,

unfettered access to all the social

media accounts and devices

involved to be fair and just in

establishing a true and accurate

record of what has occurred.

“The private and anonymous

nature of many of these accounts

often makes this impossible without

legal or police intervention.

“Investigating these incidents

also takes many hours or days of

staff time, and, it pulls us away

from our core job-teaching,” the

Contract said.

Increased bullying

Mr Gillooly said that social media

also increased the likelihood

of bullying, sexting, and other

“unsavoury” things.

“Children come to School,

they are there to learn, it is a

really crucial time for them to

start engaging with each other.

We love the fact that if we can

encourage children to have real

conversations with each other

in the School playground and

establish formal friendships and

bonds that are personal face-toface,

we think that’s a great step.

The voluntary code had been well

received by parents,” he said.

The School also noted that there

were increasing pressures for

children to set up social media

accounts even though the legal

age was 13.

Laura Tupou is a Reporter at

Radio New Zealand. Indian

Newslink has published the

above Report under a Special

Agreement with


New search tool helps

international students

Staff Reporter

Anew search tool on

the Study in New Zealand

(SiNZ) website

makes it easier for

students to learn the courses

and programmes offered by

New Zealand institutions.

Stated to be one of the

biggest developments of the

website, the tools have been

incorporated into the website

managed by Education New

Zealand (ENZ).

Following a feedback from

New Zealand institutions, ENZ

sought to offer better tools to

institutions to tell their story

on the site, with better search

capabilities to help students

find study options faster and

more intuitively.

ENZ International Digital

Programme Manager Lucia

Alarcon said that more than

one million potential students

visited SiNZ in 2017, with

the website referring nearly

200,000 of them to New Zealand


By giving students a faster,

more intuitive way to find

study options, the innovative

new search tool makes it

easier for institutions to recruit

high-quality international

students, she said.

“As well as providing better

search listings for students,

the new functionality offers

institutions more advanced

ways of telling their story such

as improved photo galleries

and separate profiles for their

departments,” Ms Alarcon said.

“We now offer a powerful

and comprehensive search tool

to help students find the course

or institutions they’re looking

for, as well as offering industry

more advanced features to

promote their education

institutions,” she added.

The key new features of

the new tools include (a) A

one-stop-shop profile for

institutions to showcase

their proposition, courses,

scholarships and other key

information (b) More visual

content, with a better display

of features and photos (c)

Showcasing each campus

separately, with words and

photos (d) Separate profiles for

each institution department (e)

More contact details for each

campus and department and

(f) Better search listings – listed

alphabetically with filters to

refine searches.


MARCH 1, 2018

08 Fijilink

Railways project on the right track

Fiji Sun Opinion

Around the world,

Railways have been

the preferred and

one of the most

economical forms of travel for

passengers and to carry cargo.

India has one of the largest

railways in the world and

their metros, which is the

railway in Indian cities, is

one of the newest and most

advanced in the world.

Huge Step

The fact that Indian experts

are coming to Fiji to do a study

on how we can connect our

towns and cities with railways

is a huge step in the right


It is a huge step towards

modernising Fiji, a huge

step in bringing Fiji on a par

with our more developed

neighbours- Australia and

New Zealand.

Fiji has always led the

charge among countries in the

Pacific and if we are to lead

the charge in setting up our

railways for passengers and

for cargo it will change the

face of our country.

Attorney-General Aiyaz

Sayed-Khaiyum, during his

meeting with the India’s Railways

Minister Piyush Goyal,

said that using an upgraded

rail system for passengers and

cargo would greatly relieve

pressure on Fijian roads.

Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum with India’s Railways Minister Piyush Goyal

It is indeed fundamental

to the long-term sustainable

development of the


Inspiring leadership

Achieving something

of this magnitude has

no doubt required a lot

of negotiation and Mr

Sayed-Khaiyum is just the

man for it.

His foresight that Fiji

needs a railway system in

place will benefit Fijians

not only today but also for

generations to come.

Some of the areas in

which we will no doubt

make the most of the

railway system is tourism,

daily travels and transporting


Tourists getting off at

Nadi International Airport

will be able to travel easily

throughout the country.

That will mean the tourism

dollar will be spent in more

places rather than being

confined to one or two


Brightened Prospects

Imagine being able

to transport vegetables

from Sigatoka to Suva in a

matter of less than an hour.

Not only will the cost of

transportation decrease for

farmers but that decrease

in price will be passed onto

Fijians every day.

Imagine not being stuck

in traffic every single

morning. Travel from Suva

to Nausori could be a journey

of less than 15 minutes.

The same can be expected

for travel time between

Nadi and Lautoka.

This is a win-win situation

for Fiji and we have

the right man leading the

charge on this front.

-Under Special Arrangement

with the Fiji Sun.

In the Cyclone Territory, the threats are real

Fiji Sun Editorial

Two years ago, Tropical

Cyclone Winston,

Fiji’s first Category 5

Cyclone, the strongest

ever to make landfall in the

Southern Hemisphere, struck

Fiji with devastating force.

It claimed 44 lives,

destroyed homes, crops and

infrastructure and left 540,000

people affected.

Prime Minister Josiah

Voreqe Bainimarama led

a moment of silence on

February 20 at the Commonwealth

Education Ministers

Conference at Sheraton

Fiji Resort, Denarau, Nadi, to

remember those who died.

It also reminded us of the

constant danger that we face

with extreme weather events

because of climate change.

We have just gone past a

series of weather events that

brought a lot of wind, rain,

and flooding in some parts of

the country.

Tropical Cyclone Gita

Tropical Cyclone Gita hit

only some islands in Southern

Lau. But Gita could easily

have become another Winston

if it had tracked further


These wild weather patterns

highlight the importance

of taking climate change

seriously. Just because we

did well as the presidency of

COP23 in Bonn, Germany, last

November, does not mean we

can relax and become complacent

in our climate change

campaign. Bonn might have

gone but our leadership is not

over, as the Prime Minister

reminded us.

We should maintain the momentum.

We should definitely

make sure strong platforms

are set before we hand over

the presidency to Poland for

COP24 in December.

Climate Change Challenge

Climate change is real, and

no one is exempt or immune

to its impact.

So, as we remember the

victims of Cyclone Winston,

let us not forget that we live

in cyclone territory and that

we are likely to by visited by

more cyclones. Maybe even

this year.

Our push to reduce global

warming is important here

because scientists say cyclones

are formed from simple

thunderstorms at certain

times of the year when the sea

temperature warms.

It is said that they suck

up vast quantities of water

through evaporation, which

is dumped as torrential rain.

Flooding, property damage

and loss of life result.

Global Warming

Scientists have long

The devastating effects of Tropical

Cyclone 2016

predicted that global warming

will make cyclones more

destructive, and some say the

evidence for this may already

be visible.

They say warmer oceans

add to the raw fuel on which

cyclones feed, and higher

sea levels boost storm surges

that may overcome coastal


We have seen the impact of

global warming in the sea level

rise here. Some coastal settlements

have been relocated as

a result.

While we are concerned

with this, our biggest fear is

being hit by another cyclone

similar to or more powerful

than Winston because of

the devastation it poses on

people’s lives and the potential

damage to our economy.

Let us be relentless in our

climate change campaign.

Let us continue the COP23

momentum and follow and

support the Prime Minister’s


Under Special Arrangement

with Fiji Sun

MARCH 1, 2018

Young Thames

Swimmer in National

Junior Swim Squad

James Heap (extreme right) with other young swimmers (Picture Supplied)

Supplied Content

Ayoung Thames

swimmer is breaking

the mould after

qualifying for

the winning the seveneight-year

age group at the

‘Legend of the Lake’ swim

held in Rotorua on Saturday,

February 17, 2018.

The win secured James

Heap a sought-after place in

the Jet Super Swim Squad, a

National Junior Swim Squad.

Seven-year-old James Heap

from Thames won his age

group at which was the third

of six qualifying events in

the seven swim Banana Boat

New Zealand Ocean Swim


His performance obviously

pleased his parents Ashesha

(who is of Indian origin) and

Matthew Heap (who competed

in the adult section of the


James lives in Thames and

goes to Parawai School.

Natural Swimmer

Many young swimmers

train daily to prepare for

such an event, but young

James in clearly a natural.

He swims at a Thames

Swimming Club but has only

done lessons and a couple of

fun carnivals.

He did no extra training

for the event on Saturday

with a cracked heel bone.

James will be in Auckland

with a caregiver for a weekend

camp in April, where

he will be taught by an elite

coaching team comprising

top New Zealand swimmers

in a pool and ocean


Throughout the season,

each qualifying event will

allow children an opportunity

to earn a place in the

36-member squad.

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed

Saneem has warned

Fijian Elections Office staff

that things will get ‘nasty’ in

the lead up to the General Election.

His comments come after his

family was threatened in a fake

Facebook account.

“I told my family to be prepared

for such things. I have also told

my staff and their families to be

prepared. If someone can write to

my brother and say, we are going

to challenge Saneem’s career by

writing about you people, I think in

Fiji it’s going to get nasty,” he said.

Mr Saneem was speaking at a

training session for Elections Office

staff and media personnel in Suva

on February 21, 2018.

Threats to family

Mr Saneem said those making

threats to his family uploaded

screenshots and alleged that his

brother had made certain state-

Investigations are being carried

out into the alleged torture of

nine men at the Nadarivatu

Community Police Post in


Acting Deputy Commissioner of

Police Itendra Nair commented on

the issue saying that their Internal

Affairs unit is already investigating

two reports lodged at the Tavua

Police Station by the complainants.

Fair inquiry

“Commissioner of Police has given

his assurances that all complaints

made against our officers or services

will be thoroughly investigated.

We are a transparent organisation

and if and when an officer has

committed a crime they will be

charged,” he said.

Mr Nair said that the Internal

Affairs Unit conducts investigations


The complainants are said to be


Things can get nasty says Election Chief

Rosi Doviverata

Selita Bolanavanua

ments about him.

“My brother himself had to go to

that page and told them to take it

down. But the point is that they sent

threatening remarks and threatening

messages to my family and said,

‘If your brother wants to keep his

career, he needs to stay in line,’” he


But Mr Saneem assured that on

election day, fake Facebook and

social media account holders cannot


“So, those with fake profiles,

wanting to make statements and


even targeting journalists these days

– don’t worry, bring your fake profile,

but you will not be on the voters list,”

he said.

Unlike previous elections, social

media will play an important role in

this year’s campaign and coverage.

The picture here shows (from left)

Mohammed Saneem, Human Rights

and Anti-Discrimination Commission

Director Ashwin Raj and Fiji Electoral

Commission Chairman Suresh Chandra

Photo: Fijian Elections Office

-Under Special Arrangement with

the Fiji Sun.

Police torture complaint under investigation

from Waikubukubu Village, which

lies in the interior of Tavua district,

in the Ba province.

According to Lautoka lawyer

Aman Ravindra Singh, the alleged

incident took place on January 26,


He said that there are photos

which show bruises on the victims.

-Under Special Arrangement with

the Fiji Sun.

Less than


until census


The census gives us the information

we need to makegood decisions.

If you’reinNew Zealand on 6March,

then by law,you need to do the census.

And nowthere’sless than aweek to go

until census day!

Need help?Just call 0800 CENSUS

(0800 236 787) and we’ll talk you

through it.


Take the access code youreceivedinyour letterbox,

and use it to completeyourcensus online,

on or before midnight 6March, at


to find


MARCH 1, 2018

10 Businesslink

Parliament approves Food Safety Law Reform Bill

The New Zealand Parliament passed the Food Safety Law Reform Bill.

The new law addresses the

recommendations from the

Whey Protein Concentrate

(WPC) Contamination


Food Safety Minister Damien

O’Connor said that New Zealand

has made substantial progress

in implementing WPC Inquiry

recommendations, some of which

entailed legislative change.

The Bill amends the Animal

Products Act 1999, Food Act 2014,

and Wine Act 2003.

Processes better aligned

Many modern businesses work

under more than one food safety


The new law includes a range

of changes to strengthen the

Damien O’Connor (Picture Courtesy: Wikipedia)

government’s responses to food

safety incidents, create a more

consistent and fair approach to

enforcement for non-compliance,

and improve the Government’s

accessibility to information from

third-parties. It also allows us to

create regulations where food and

medicines converge.

Attitudinal change to Climate

Science can mitigate risks

Bawa Arora

Recently, the World Economic

Forum published its Global

Risks Report 2018.

The Report acknowledges

the impact of climate change and

the need for swift action on the

part of all stakeholders.

That such an acknowledgment

comes from a Forum at which the

global elite meet and discuss issues

of global governance provides

insights that regardless of the

rhetoric, effects of and ways to

mitigate climate science are being

considered seriously.

A recent study by New Zealand’s

Foreign Affairs and Trade Ministry

put the cost of global subsidies to

the oil, gas, coal and other fossil

fuel sectors close to $425 billion

each year.

Questions are now being asked

at the highest levels for the need to

subsidise the problem, especially

when the removal of such subsidies

alone can reduce global carbon

emissions by almost 10% by 2050.

Towards Green Economy

Apart from acknowledging

climate change and sharing

research there is a conscious and

strategic move by Government

superannuation funds to invest in

“The law supports other steps the

Government is taking to ensure the

New Zealand food safety system

is strengthened and continues

to remain fit for purpose,” Mr

O’Connor said.

The WPC incident

The WPC contamination incident

in 2013 originated from a suspected

contamination of whey protein

concentrate with ‘clostridium


After extensive tracking and a

precautionary recall, authorities

were able to establish that products

were not contaminated.

The WPC Inquiry concluded

that New Zealand’s food safety

regulatory model is consistent with

international principles and is

among the best in the world.

the green economy.

Large carbon emitting nations

like China and India are now

actively looking at transitioning

to green economies. Both have

committed to planting more trees

and investing in ways to reduce

their emissions.

We see acknowledgment by

policy makers and entrepreneurs

about climate science, and about

the need to take action so that our

future generations protected.

However, there are also some

who do not accept Climate Science

and continue to vouch for further

investment in fossil fuels.

Lives under threat

One may feel that they are

resisting change and this resistance

may be for a good reason. Most of

us will only accept to act rationally

However, the Inquiry recommended

some changes which the

government accepted.

As well as implementing the

WPC Inquiry recommendations,

the amendments provide further

consistency and better align some

of the processes and systems under

all three Acts, such as the ability

to use electronic systems and

consistent enforcement tools.

Key aspects

The new Law enables regulations

to set the content and format

of the parts of custom risk management

programmes and plans that

must be provided to the Ministry

of Primary Industries (MPI) for

registration, and (a) allows the

Director-General to require amendments

to programmes and plans if

when there is a direct impact of

anything on our lives.

Individuals, institutions or countries

who refuse Climate Science

and the switch to greener forms of

energy have made historical investments

in the economy fueled by oil,

gas, coal and other fossil fuels.

These individuals, institutions

or even nations have invested a

significant amount of their time

and efforts apart from money in

traditional areas of growth.

Hence an overnight shift in their

means of investing and earning

money is unlikely.

Market-based mechanisms such

as the emissions trading scheme

were thus designed to attract all

stakeholders so that there are

incentives to make a gradual shift

to the green economy.

they are not able to be easily understood

(b) enables regulations to

provide more-detailed traceability

obligations and provide the ability

for the Government to set recall

requirements as needed, given the

importance of traceability to New

Zealand’s food safety and reputation

and (c) allows New Zealand to

create regulations where food and

medicines converge.

To some degree, any food business

regulated under the Animal

Products Act, Food Act, or Wine

Act may potentially be affected. In

addition, agencies or people providing

services to businesses in the

food sector (such as research and

diagnostic laboratories) may be

affected if a serious food incident


Destructive Storms

With climate change we see how

it is affecting our lives daily, storms

are destroying properties and

increasing the amount we pay for

our insurance premiums.

Companies are finding it more

and more challenging to underwrite

insurance risk.

At the same time, innovation

is driving investment into the

green economy and the shift from

traditional resources of energy to

greener and cleaner resources is


Of course, strong resistance

will continue. Optimism that both

sides will work together towards

solutions that will positively affect

not just lives of our generation but

of generations to come is the only

way forward.


Mazda Demio 2010 Toyota Rave 4 2007

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$11995 Plus ORC

MARCH 1, 2018

Transparency International ticks our

Public Sector least corrupt

But the risk of complacency looms

Venkat Raman

Transparency International

(TI) has rated New

Zealand’s Public Sector

as the least corrupt in

the world in its latest Corruption

Perceptions Index (CPI),

The Index is an annual publication,

released today throughout

the world by the Berlin-based

organisation and is based on

several factors.

Wellington based Transparency

International New Zealand (TINZ)

Chair Suzanne Snively said that

the top score for New Zealand

reflects the integrity of our public


Source of inspiration

“Our Public Sector leaders

are inspiring their own people

and others to harness the value

that integrity and resultant good

business contributes to a more

prosperous New Zealand. The

entire country benefits from

investments being made by

Public Sector leaders, as well as

regulators and businesses. They

build public trust and business

confidence by identifying

and eliminating bribery and

corruption and enable industry

to leverage our positive ranking,”

she said.

Transparency International New Zealand

Chair Suzanne Snively (File Picture

No Complacency please

Ms Snively however warned

against complacency, which she

described as the ‘biggest challenge.’

She said that corruption is

too often a low priority.

“Work to enhance transparency

must continue for New Zealand to

maintain leadership in the fight

against corruption. This includes

more open public involvement in

government decision making and

a publicly accessible registry of

the beneficial owners of companies

and trusts,” she said.

TINZ Patron and Former Commonwealth

Secretary General Sir

Don McKinnon said that TI and

its CPI rankings are independent

and objective assessments.

“Today’s announcement reiterates

the importance of New Zealand

having strong integrity systems

in place. A perceived lack of

corruption and active examples

of good business practices make

it easier for kiwi organisations to

gain market access offshore, all of

which ultimately benefits all New

Zealanders,” he said.

The Benefits

TINZ has identified seven

important benefits for the New

Zealand economy based on

having in place strong integrity


These include positive reputation

and brand, greater customer

loyalty, committed and engaged

staff, easier market access,

lower cost of business, increased

returns on investments and

improved access to capital.

About Transparency


Transparency International

is a global civil society coalition

based in Berlin, leading the fight

against corruption. It compiles a

number of measures of different

aspects of corruption including

the Corruption Perceptions Index,

the Global Corruption Barometer,

and the Bribe Payers Index.

Please visit www.transparency.


About the Corruption Perceptions


The CPI scored and ranked 180

countries and territories in 2017

based on how corrupt a country’s

public sector is perceived. It is a

composite index, a combination

of surveys and assessments of

corruption, collected by a variety

of reputable institutions. The CPI

is the most widely used indicator

of corruption worldwide.

CPI key measures used for

New Zealand (and abbreviations)

include Bertelsmann Foundation

Sustainable Governance

Indicators, Economist Intelligence

Unit Country Risk Ratings, Global

Insight Country Risk Ratings, IMD

World Competitiveness Yearbook


Political Risk Services International

Country Risk Guide, World

Economic Forum Executive Opinion

Survey, World Justice Project

Rule of Law Index and Varieties

of Democracy Project.

Key Characteristics

Top performers share key

characteristics including high

levels of press freedom; access

to budget information so that

the public knows where money

comes from and how it is spent;

high levels of integrity among

people in power; and judiciaries

that do not differentiate between

rich and poor, independent from

other parts of government.

Scope for Improvement

Key areas of assessment where

New Zealand can improve

include Access to Information,

Open Government, Order and

Security, Fundamental Rights and

Civil Justice, Absence of Corruption,

Regulatory Enforcement and Lack

of Constraints on Government

Powers and Criminal Justice.


Tax evaders

sent to jail


Two tradesmen have been

given prison sentences for

each evading nearly $1

million in tax.

Hamilton plasterer Paul

Andrew Mills was sentenced on

February 9, 2018 to two years and

one month, while Auckland builder

Hamish Paul Aegerter received

a sentence of two years and seven

months on February 16, 2018.

Mills was sentenced on 11

tax evasion charges relating

to 2009-2017 tax years, while

Aegerter was prosecuted for three

representative charges of filing

false GST and income tax returns

and failing to file returns.

Inland Revenue Legal Services

Leader Karen Whitiskie said Mills

had not filed any income tax or

GST returns during the nine-year

period, and also failed to pass

on his employees’ PAYE when he

became an employer. In total, he

was liable for $996,107 in GST, income

tax and PAYE on undeclared

earnings of nearly $3 million.

Aegerter had existed largely

outside the tax system for 17

years. When he finally filed some

income tax returns, he grossly

under-reported his income – for

one six-year period he returned

income totaling $230,717, but

bank records showed he had

received $2.5 million.

Source: Inland Revenue

The above is an edited version.

Full text at





It’s easy. Go to, email

or contact your local council.

MARCH 1, 2018

12 Viewlink

The English Fortnightly (Since November 1999)

ISSUE 387 | MARCH 1, 2018

Health and Safety measures

must be stringent

“We know

the future,

it’s both


and opportune,” wrote Dawn

Emling, Global Head of ESG

Institute (VP), Corporate

Responsibility and Inclusion at

Thomson Reuters in a recent

issue of The Economist.

“On the one hand, we face

an increase in natural-resource

constraints, political

polarisation and demographic

instability. On the other hand,

the atmosphere is warming,

and sea levels are rising. By this

measure, the outlook ahead

appears pretty grim.”

Some programme presenters

in mainstream Radio in New

Zealand tend to downplay

Climate Change and Global

Warming as hogwash and even

as conspiratorial.

But undertakings of the

private sector are increasingly

recognising that global threats

are critical to business success.

As Ms Emling said, solving

these problems is good

business. Solving them well

is better business. In fact,

companies that manage their

environmental, social and

governance (ESG) issues are

better able to manage risk, are

quicker to identify opportunities

and are outperforming

their peers, she said.

Our poor record

Related to ESG are health and

safety, over which New Zealand

has a poor record.

Our entrepreneurs are trail blazers

Today (March 1), we

launch our Business

Awards, calling for


The Eleventh Annual Indian

Newslink Indian Business

Awards (INLIBA) has 15

categories, with the addition of

‘Business Excellence in Health

and Safety,’ reflecting the growing

importance of economic,

social and moral responsibility

of private sector undertakings.

Unique in its extent and

format, the Awards Scheme has

encouraged small, medium and

large companies owned, managed,

and franchised by people

of Indian origin to compete in

various categories.

Recognition important

Companies of Indian origin

are coming of age in New

Zealand. It is time they put in

place robust business plans,

smart strategies and corporate

governance that conform to

international standards. It is

The Pike River Mine Disaster,

which killed 29 workers and

contractors caused by a methane

explosion on November 19,

2010 accentuated the phase of


Parliament passed into Law

the ‘Health and Safety at Work

2015 Act,’ which came into

effect on September 4, 2015.

Measuring Performance

Ms Emling said that a

necessary first step is the measurement

and management of

a company’s own operational

footprint. Environmental

impact relates to various uses

of natural resources, such as

carbon, waste, water and

plastics in direct operations.

Are these being measured? Are

efforts being taken to reduce


Implementing comprehensive

awareness and

behavioural change across an

organisation requires extensive

planning and execution.

New Zealand companies

should consider health and

safety as critical and take

appropriate steps to improve

their record.

Our Award

Recognising the importance

of the issue, we have launched

a new category – Business

Excellence in Health Safety as a

part of the Eleventh Annual Indian

Newslink Indian Business

Awards this year.

We hope that companies run

by people of Indian origin will

evince interest.

also time they competed globally

and reaped the rewards of

success. Their success should be

acknowledged, rewarded and


Pursuit of Excellence

Governor General, Prime

Ministers, Leaders of the Opposition,

Ministers and Guests of

Honour attending our Awards

Ceremony have paid tributes

to all participants, praising

their hard work, clear aim and

Divine Grace.

Winners of our Awards have

continuously demonstrated

that they are team workers,

ever aware of the importance

and contributions of their

employees. They are also aware

that they cannot achieve much

without their people.

That alone gives them the

humility that they need to

maintain their rate of progress

in their lives and careers and

those of others who depend on


Indian Newslink is published by Indian Newslink Limited from its offices located at Level

1, Number 166, Harris Road, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013 and printed at Horton Media

Limited, Auckland. All material appearing here and on our web editions are the copyright

of Indian Newslink and reproduction in full or part in any medium is prohibited. Indian

Newslink and its management and staff do not accept any responsibility for the claims

made in advertisements.

Managing Director & Publisher: Jacob Mannothra; Editor & General Manager: Venkat

Raman; Marketing & Sales Manager: Ronny Kumaran; Production Manager: Mahes

Perera; Assistant Editor: Ratna Venkat; Financial Controller: Uma Venkatram CA;

Phone: (09) 5336377 Email:


Barnaby Joyce Affair boosts

Shake-The-Tree Journalism

Denis Muller

Melbourne, Australia

The Barnaby Joyce saga has

given a great boost to what

might be called ‘shake-thetree’

journalism: you shake

the tree by running a sensational

story and see what falls out.

The Daily Telegraph’s original

public-interest case for publishing

the first story of Joyce’s relationship

with ex-staffer Vikki Campion

was weak when weighed against

the privacy intrusions on Joyce,

his estranged wife, his daughters,

and Campion.

Public-interest justifications

However, that story has resulted

in the emergence of three genuine

public-interest justifications.

The first is whether Joyce

breached the ministerial code of

conduct by employing his partner

in his office. On this he has prevaricated,

saying that his partner

was not so employed. Here he was

clearly referring to his wife, not

Campion. In the circumstances,

this was a distinction without a


The second matter of public interest

concerns the expenditure of

public money on jobs said to have

been found for Campion when her

presence in Joyce’s office became

untenable. Her salary is reported

to be about A$190,000.

The third is whether the Prime

Minister’s Office was informed of

this or whether Joyce misled them

by omission.

Salacious moralism

Once the story came out in The

Daily Telegraph, the media as a

whole piled into a story they had

all known about for months. And

they have done so with a kind of

shamefaced gusto, making up for

lost time.

How much better it would have

been if someone – anyone – in the

Canberra gallery had succeeded

in establishing at least one of

those substantial public-interest

justifications and broken the story

framed around that.

Instead, the story that broke was

coloured by the salacious moralism

beloved of tabloid newspapers

since time began.

It featured a large picture of

Campion, heavily pregnant, a

gross violation of privacy if ever

there was one.

Here it was: the fruit of sin. The

impregnated mistress, to borrow

some of the vulgar moralising

language that has disfigured the


The photo has been defended

by The Daily Telegraph’s editor as

proving the truth of the story that

Barnaby Joyce had got his staffer

pregnant. It proves nothing of the

sort. It shows a woman pregnant.

It says nothing about paternity.

Interpreting headlines

Then on Valentine’s Day, The

Daily Telegraph was at it again,

this time with a Page-One picture

taken in 2016 in which Joyce and

Campion are sitting next to each

other at an official function.

Campion is in the foreground

and Joyce, according to the caption,

“eyes off” his media adviser.

The headline says: “Bad look.”

There are many ways of interpreting

this picture and headline.

One of them is that Joyce had

sexual designs on Campion back

then, which, from the caption,

is clearly the main message The

Daily Telegraph wished to convey,

regardless of truth or context.

But the picture is also about

Campion. Although she is oblivious

of the glance from Joyce, the

reader is given the opportunity to

inspect her as the ‘other woman;’

we get a good look at her face, her

figure and her legs.

Put the “bad look” headline with

that, and the reader is invited to

draw negative conclusions about

her appearance and her character.

This judgmental tone, redolent

with sexual possibilities and

consequences, is a throwback to

the busybody moralising of the

1950s and 1960s.

Then – before the sexual revolution

and the rise of second-wave

feminism – it was a staple of

middle-class morality to take a

gossipy and often hurtful interest

in marital breakdowns and

pregnancies out of wedlock.

The throwback

So why is this throwback


Professor Alison Dagnes, a

political scientist at Shippensburg

University in Pennsylvania and

editor of a textbook on ‘Sex Scandals

in American Politics, proposes

a theory that goes like this: there

is a well-documented loss of trust

in institutions, one consequence

of which is that the public is

inclined to regard all politicians as


Digital technology has equipped

everyone with a camera and social

media has provided everyone

with the means of publishing. This

has created a competitiveness of

unprecedented intensity among


Scandals pique everyone’s

interest, even among those who

are not usually interested in

politics. So, any scandal that shows

politicians to be the scumbags we

suspect, guarantees lots of ‘Likes’

and ‘Shares’ on social media,

generating a frenzy in traditional

media and opening up the scandal

to instant and reiterative public


This, in turn, adds to public

distrust in institutions.

Two possible factors

To this theory might be added

two more possible factors.

The first is the shift in norms of

privacy induced by social media

and the ubiquity of mobile phones

with cameras. Old understandings

of the boundaries between private

and public have been obliterated

and new ones have not yet taken

their place.

The second is people’s sense of

entitlement to pass judgement

on matters of which they have

personal experience: intimate

relationships, the primary school

curriculum, the quality of driving

on the roads. This is not new, but it

is a powerful driver of attitudes.

Doubtless there are other

factors, but whatever they are,

Western society does appear to

be in the grip of a new moralism,

and the tabloid media are adept at

making the most of it.

Denis Muller is Senior Research

Fellow at the Centre for Advancing

Journalism, University

of Melbourne, Australia. He

does not work for, consult, own

shares in or receive funding

from any company or organisation

that would benefit from the

above article, and has disclosed

no relevant affiliations beyond

their academic appointment.

The above article, which

appeared under ‘The Conversation’

(Australia) on February

18, 2018, has been reproduced

here under ‘Creative Commons


MARCH 1, 2018


Thebit aboutBitcoins thatwecannotfathom


Through last yearand

so far at almost every

presentation that Ihave

given this year,people

have asked about Bitcoin.

Interest appears to have been

sparked initially by pure curiosity

and stories of the displacement

of normal currency and banks

somehow having it stuck to them.

Then, interest became motivated

by the soaring price for this

vague asset, andmore latterly by

the partialcollapse in that price

and overall volatility.

In simple terms,Bitcoin is

somethingyou need if youare

looking to buy military arms on

the black market, drugs, or paya


Apart from that, it has no use

and there is nothing youneedit

for whichyou cannot also payfor

with proper money.

No store value

It, alongwith all othercryptocurrencies,

is not in factmoney.

The huge volatilityinpricemeans

it is not astore of value (price

volatility wellexceeding that of

gold thus eliminating it as a‘safe’

asset in times of global stress).

It is not muchaccepted as a

medium of exchange.

Bitcoin is ahighly volatile,

expensively mined commodity

which seems very vulnerable

to theft fromseemingly safe

storehousesand is oneofmany

such electronic commodities.

All are going through aDarwinian

process of survival of the

fittestinanenvironment which

has yet to takeform.

What that meansisthatunlike

birds evolving over millennia on

aset of islands, the cryptocurrencies

are evolving on land whichis

itself undergoing major tectonic



central banks, imposed rules

regarding operations of currency

exchanges, bankrules regarding

accepting these currencies or

hosting accounts,and overall central

bank supervision. This latter

one is the pointkeenenthusiasts

for Bitcoin do not understand.

The GFC lesson

The keylesson of the GFC was

that central banks were lax in

their understanding of credit

flows, risk assessments,volatility

tolerances, wherefunds were

flowing, andlinks betweenthe

financial sector and real economic


Currently,central bankshave

almost zero insight into these

things as they relate to Bitcoin.

But they can see growing interest

in theasset and over time will

impose rulesand reporting requirements

which will effectively

vanillarise all cryptocurrencies.

There is no guarantee thatany

of the current over one thousand

such assetswill be alive afew

years fromnow.

In fact, at this stage,banks,

central banks and stable

governments have yet to get in

on the act of creating their own


If and when theydo, the chances

seem good that thesynthetic

currency withwhich we are left

will end up being something

created by agrouping of central

banks or perhaps the likes of the

International MonetaryFund.

Huge Energy demand

But before we get to that point,

there is ahugelyimportant aspect

of Bitcoin and the blockchain

technology upon which it sits

which is onlynow just starting

to be realised –huge energy


Estimateshave beenmade

recently thatthere will soon

be more electricity consumed

mining Bitcoins in Iceland than

is used by households,and that

globally more electricity is used

than is consumed annually by


How does this come about? The

block chain works by removinga

centralised register for transfers

of an asset or informationand

instead the information is spread

across thousands of computers.

Changes to anyentry must be

verified as accurate across aproportionofsuch

‘registries’ before

being acceptedaskosher.

Defrauding the system

People love that this means

defrauding the systemisforall

intentsand purposes impossible

as one would havetoalter

data representingsomething

likeanasset’sownership across

thousands of databases rather

than just one.

This technology could help

wipe out theestimatedUS$75

billion trade in counterfeit

pharmaceuticals for instance.But

energy useisakeyproblem with

the blockchain.Insteadofhaving

one central database we have

thousands doing the same thing.

So, much as many companies

are looking at using the block

chain technology,whenyou meet

Bitcoin Image by Andre Francois on Unsplash

them ask them what impact they

think their action is having on the

price of electricity which must

be paid by all otherbusinesses

and households, and carbon

emissions associated with their

embrace of this energy-intensive


And ask them as theycontemplate

savings they will makefrom

dumping their big computer

system, are they willing to paythe

total economic and environmental

costs foreachtransactionnow

to be processed on the newblock

chain distributed ledger?

Probably not.

We call suchthings un-costed

negative externalities.

Likedairy farm runoff into

streams,orstorm-forced sewage

dispersion on Auckland beaches.

Tony Alexander is Chief Economist

at BNZ based in Auckland.


We Provide

22 Clark St, 35E New Mclaughlins Lynn Auckland Rd Wiri Auckland 0600, New 2104Zealand.

MARCH 1, 2018

14 Businesslink

Harsh realities can frustrate Real Estate deals



If you believe everything you

see in advertisements, buying

a house is a blissfully easy process

done by attractive couples

who are moving into picture-perfect


There will be moments of joy and

laughter, and the only thing missing

will be a unicorn grazing in the

neatly manicured garden.

Pain and Pleasure

In real life, buying or selling a

house can be a time for great rejoicing,

but it can also be extremely

stressful. Owning a home is still

embedded in the Kiwi DNA, despite

rising prices making it less attainable.

Buying a property is the biggest

financial transaction most people

will ever make in their lifetime and

if it does not go well the results can

be devastating.

Lifting standards

As the regulator for New

Zealand’s real estate industry, the

Real Estate Authority (REA) works to

increase professionalism and public

confidence in the sector as well as to

protect, educate and inform home

buyers and sellers.

In the last year we’ve done alot

of research into Kiwis’ experience

of property transactions and the

results have been sobering.

Our research has found that more

than 50% of New Zealanders say

that they lack the knowledge and

information they need when trying

to buy and sell property.

Many feel confused and find it

difficult to find reliable information.

A majority (55%) said they lacked

knowledge about the end-to-end


Potential risks

Unfortunately, this lack of

knowledge means that many buyers

fail to do the appropriate due

diligence and expose themselves to

significant potential risks.

We all know that someone who

did not realise they would have to

pay for ashared driveway, or who

bought a house without getting a

building inspection that would have

showed it was full of borer.

Our survey found that while 83%

of buyers got at least one report

on aproperty, less than half (44%)

got one from acertified building


These kinds of situations cost

money and time, which are never

in great enough supply for most


Apathy costs drivers high insurance premium

Supplied Content

Youi NZ has revealed that

New Zealand motorists are

losing hundreds of dollars

per year in car insurance

savings by not shopping around.

According to anational survey

of 2500 motorists commissioned

by Youi NZ, more than half of all

New Zealand motorists (54%) may

be failing to shop around when

renewing their car insurance.

Youi CEO Frank Costigan said,

“The research showed many New

Zealand car owners are missing out

on substantial savings by simply

renewing their car insurance

without taking the opportunity to

review what price other insurers

were offering. The research showed

that almost half (46%) of those who

did shop around by getting quotes

from other insurers saved money

on their car insurance policy,” he


Substantial savings

Mr Costigan said that the savings

to be had are in the hundreds of

dollars as the research showed

those who shopped around saved

on average $236 off their renewal

premium. “New Zealanders aged

25 to 39 years was the group who

saved the most with $331 coming

off current premium followed by

those aged 40 to 59 years saving

$166 and those over 60 years saving

$136,” he said.

The study showed that 45% of

females, compared to 48% of males

shopped around before renewing

their current car insurance.

Only one-third of Auckland car

owners (31%) shopped around

compared to 69% of car owners

across the rest of New Zealand.

However, Auckland motorists

A lack of clear guidance could be

partially responsible for the results

of asecond survey, which showed

that 53% of potential buyers had

problems when making an offer on

a property.

Open Homes tough

About 35% of sellers found

marketing the property and having

open homes the toughest part of

the process. Half of those who

experienced trouble said it had a

significant impact, causing them

personal stress or financial woes.

New migrants and first-time home

buyers and sellers were the most

likely to have problems, such as

with understanding the value and

the condition of a property.

While it may seem that there is a

lot of information on buying or selling

out there, it is often scattered

and hard to understand.

Crucially, it often comes from

sources with avested interest in

the outcome and people are understandably

wary about whether they

achieved the greatest savings of

$296 on their car insurance when

they did shop compared to only

$194 in savings across other areas

of New Zealand,” Mr Costigan said.

Reasons for apathy

The research revealed avariety

of reasons why New Zealanders

did not shop around for their car

insurance each year and these

included 1. Satisfied with their

current insurer (50%) 2. Could not

be bothered changing insurer (8%)

3. Believe their current insurance

premium is competitive (7%) 4. Too

busy and not enough time to get

can rely on it.

This is where we come in. This

week we launched a new website

to help fill the gap.

Complex process

Buying a house is a complex legal

process and things can be even

more difficult if you’re not sure

about how it works because you

have never done it before or you

haven’t done it for along time.

We hope that the impartial

and interactive information and

guidance on will

help people make better decisions.

We want to make it easy for

people to do their homework so

they feel confident and in control

before buying or selling property.

When you have the right information

at hand your experience is

much more likely to resemble the

dream sold in advertisements.

Kevin Lampen-Smith is the chief

executive of the Real Estate

Authority (REA).

around to it (5%) 5. Never thought

about it (4%) “While New Zealand

remains aheavily consolidated insurance

market, with the two major

players dominating, the research

showed those prepared to take the

time to shop around could end up

saving hundreds of dollars on their

car insurance,” Mr Costigan said.

New Zealand motorists can

achieve additional savings on their

car insurance with Youi NZ offering

a market leading 15% online

discount from February 18, 2018

MARCH 1, 2018





30 - 50% OFF


974 Dominion Road, Mt. Roskill, Auckland

*Discounts do not apply to Panda Deals or Super Deals. Not in conjunction with any other offer.

Offers valid until 12th March 2018.

MARCH 1, 2018

16 Businesslink

ANZ to remove

$1 ATM fee

ATM Image Courtesy: University of Canterbury

The decision of ANZ accessing their own

Bank to remove money. The fee kicks

the $1 fee that it in when a consumer

charges customers for uses a competing

using another bank’s bank’s ATM.

ATM follows a call ANZ estimates it

from Consumer New does eight million

Zealand to all banks such transactions

to remove these annually.


The Bank has announced

that it would

Last year, Consumer

New Zealand remove the fee from

called on ANZ, ASB, March 26, 2018.

BNZ, Kiwibank, The It is also reducing

Cooperative Bank and or simplifying other

Westpac to remove fees and charges this

the fees.


ANZ chief executive Consumer New

David Hisco decided Zealand Chief Executive

Sue Chetwin

to investigate the


said this was a great

The Bank found outcome following

that people regarded the concerns it raised.

the fee as unfair ANZ is the biggest

because even though bank in New Zealand.

they were using

She hoped the other

another bank’s ATM, banks would follow

they were still its lead.

University of Auckland launches new Hub

For Innovation & Entrepreneurship students

The University of

Auckland is launching

today ‘Unleash Space,’

an Innovation and

Entrepreneurship hub to grow

ideas into ventures.

The student-led hub is

managed by the University’s

Centre for Innovation and

Entrepreneurship, based at the

Business School.

It will support students

through all stages of the innovation

and entrepreneurship

life cycle, from idea generation

and prototyping to product


No boundaries for ideas

Centre Director Wendy Kerr

said that the space is unique

internationally, comprising a

state-of-the-art maker-space as

well as areas for workshops,

collaboration and other


“Students can design and create

anything they can imagine.

If they choose to, they can use

their prototype to see if they

could start a business with their

idea. We have wrap-around

support and leading-edge

equipment, and we also have

experiential programmes and

events that can help them

grow their idea to a successful

venture,” she said.

Funding Sponsorship

The University raised $9.6

million in sponsorship to

establish the space.

The founding donors are

Sir Owen G Glenn, Beca,

Chau Hoi Shuen Foundation,

Hynds Foundation, Li Ka-Shing

(Canada) Foundation and


Recognised Leader

The University of Auckland is

recognised as a world leader in

fostering entrepreneurship.

In 2014, a global study by

Massachusetts Institute of

Technology (MIT) identified the

University as one of the top five

emerging leaders in innovation


The new Hub reflects its

commitment to developing

business-savvy, entrepreneurially-minded

graduates to ensure

New Zealand’s longer-term

economic prosperity.

The Hub is located in the former

Engineering School library

at the heart of the University’s

central Auckland campus and is

open to students and staff from

any faculty and any discipline.

Membership Drive

Ahead of the official launch,

nearly 600 students have signed

up as members and been trained

on the maker-space equipment,

which includes 3D printers, laser

cutters, electronics equipment,

sewing machines and other tools.

Dean of Business Professor

Jayne Godfrey said the Unleash

Space will help prepare current

students for the future world of


“As the future of work is changing

rapidly, we need to equip our

students for this new world. This

is the place students can safely

experience failure and learn from

each other. This space is unique

in the University as it brings

people together from diverse

backgrounds and academic disciplines.

They will learn together

and from each other. Innovative

ideas need entrepreneurial spirit

to take them to fruition and put

them into practice,” she said.

Dean of Engineering Professor

Nic Smith said that the idea grew

from similar spaces overseas and

a conversation with his former

counterpart at the University’s

Business School.

Supporting needs

“The name of this space is

emblematic of the transition

and support students need – that

sense of unleashing the creativity

they already have. When I was

a student, making anything

was very expensive and took

enormous amounts of time.

That can really affect people’s

capacity to take risks, learn from

mistakes and to do things that are

genuinely outside the box. In the

Unleash Space, staff and students

are free to do all kinds of things,”

he said.

Local businesses will be involved

in the Hub’s programmes

and events to ensure they are

pragmatic and impactful.

The Hub has already hosted a

corporate innovation challenge

where 120 students solved

gnarly problems posed by local

corporates, and ‘Summer Lab,’

an ideas accelerator for budding


In the coming year, the Centre

for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

will offer more than 150

workshops, seminars and events

to more than 2000 students at the

Unleash Space.

These are designed to build

innovative and entrepreneurial

mindsets and capabilities enabling

graduates to thrive in their

careers, whether they choose to

work in a large corporate, join

a start-up or begin their own


MARCH 1, 2018



Data Scientist joins Soltius New Zealand

Tourists pour $10.6 billion into our economy

Kelvin Davis

Habib Baluwala (Picture Supplied)

Soltius, one of

New Zealand’s

largest teams of

SAP consultants,

has appointed Habib

Baluwala as Data Scientist

for its Analytics team.

He will be working

with Soltius customers to

help them convert data

into actionable insights,

to help solve business

problems and grow their


The Company’s General

Manager (Practice)

Andrew Roberts said

that Mr Baluwala is an

exciting addition to the

Soltius New Zealand team,

as the technology consulting

company evolves

into predictive analytics

after years of delivering

analytics and reporting


“We have had ahistory

of delivering analytics

and historical reporting

to customers. The idea of

bringing in predictive analytics,

Internet of Things,

Artificial Intelligence and

Machine Learning aspects

to our customers, through

Habib and the people

we’ll bring in to follow

Habib in the future is

really exciting,” he said.

Curious mix of talent

Based in Auckland, Mr

Baluwala dubs his role

a mix of data Engineer,

Mathematician and Storyteller,

using technology

to gain the insights which

can be communicated

to executives to help improve

business outcomes.

Mr Baluwala said

that acustomer service

organisation may receive

thousands of calls a day,

but most of the time the

voice of the customer is


“How do you convert

that voice into text and

then use the text to do

analysis to see what the

important topics are for

customers?” he asked.

“Similarly, within the

predictive space you have

customers who have

years of sales data but

want to know how sales

are going to be in future.

Whether acustomer is

going to stay with them

and so on. In those cases,

we can convert the data

into insights and provide

the customer with a guide

to the path they should

follow,” he said.

Earlier assignments

Mr Baluwala has previously

worked for Inland

Revenue New Zealand

and University of Auckland.

He has also held

roles in India and the UK,

where his work included

designing a solution for

the early detection of lung


International visitor-spending


a record high of $10.6

billion in the year to

December 2017.

The latest International

Visitor Survey results from

the Ministry of Business,

Innovation and Employment

showed expenditure

increased 5% compared

with the year ended

December 2016.

It is great to see this

continual steady growth,

largely driven by increasing

numbers of visitors

from the United States of


US expenditure is up

18% over the year (to $1.3

billion) and this is probably

thanks to the start of direct

flights between Houston

and Auckland.

Australia and China remain

our biggest markets,

however, with Australians

spending $2.6 billion in

the year to December and

Chinese spending $1.5


Diversity is the key

It is good to see New

Zealand appeals to such a

diversity of markets.

This bodes well for the

continued strength of the

tourism industry over the

longer term.

Visitor numbers are

predicted to continue rising

over the next five years.

The Government is focused

on managing growing visitor

numbers –implementing

educational campaigns for

visiting drivers, developing

new Great Walks, only promoting

New Zealand outside

the peak summer season, and

so on.

Infrastructure boost

I recently announced

investment of more than

$14 million for tourism

infrastructure and I will be

meeting with mayors in the

next couple of weeks to seek

a collaborative way forward

on freedom camping.

I know there are challenges

for tourism. I also know

that these challenges are

not unsolvable, and there is

plenty of work going on to

ensure the sustainability of

the industry.

For more information on

the International Visitor

Survey, visit: www.mbie.

Infographic supplied

by Ministry of Business,

Innovation and Employment,

Government of New Zealand.

RVS Heat Recovery Ventilation

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MARCH 1, 2018

18 Businesslink/Women in Law

Farah Khan: Information, Inspiration and Identity

Farah is dedicated in

working towards

empowerment of individuals

through sharing her

personal stories, her work as

a lawyer and

through the


work that

she is

involved in.

She truly


that it takes only one person

to change the world and she

strives to be that one person,

she urges you to be that one

person too.

Farah Khan is a Partner

and Notary Public of Khan &

Immigration & Property

Law Services Limited is

a full-fledged law firm,

which provides legal

services to


clients and



Raj, Principal,

Director and

Solicitor said

that the firm provides the

best legal advice and works

in coordination with clients to

achieve their desired goals.

High success rate

“We have an unprecedented

success rate, thanks to our

experience and expertise in

whatever we do. We are located

at 28 Helianthus Avenue,

Associates, an Auckland based

law firm that has ahistory of

over 25 years.

She was the youngest

Notary Public to be appointed

in New Zealand in 2015 and

still remains the only female

Notary Public in the Country

of Indian origin. With over 12

years of legal practice Farah

now specialises in Criminal

and Traffic Court work

however continues to head

the firm’s Property Law team.

Farah is unlike your average

lawyer as she believes

that as Lawyers we need to

bring the law to the people

rather than simply being “the

ambulance at the bottom of

Flatbush,” she said.

Pratibha said that Immigration

&Property Law Services

Limited caters to all customers,

whether private individuals or

corporate companies.

“We give them individual

attention and offer them the

most realistic legal advice to

solve their problems,” she said.

Impressive career

Pratibha graduated with a

Bachelor’s Degree in Law from

the University of South Pacific

in Fiji in 1997 and successfully

completed Diploma in Professional

Studies in 1998.

She was admitted to the

Bar of High Court of Fiji as

Barrister & Solicitor in March


She joined the Bar of High

the cliff” when things have

gone wrong. In an attempt to

make law more accessible she

launched a community-based

magazine last year called “FA-

RAH, Information, Inspiration,


Farah’s triple “I” concept is

built around three key words,

Information, Inspiration and

Identity. It encompasses the

belief that if we empower our

people with useful Information

and provide sources of

Inspiration to better oneself

then we have opened the door

in assisting people to create

their own authentic Identity.

Supplied Content

Pratibha Raj: The Mission is to empower women

Court of New Zealand as Barrister

&Solicitor in June 2006.

Pratibha specialises in Immigration

Law and is passionate

about getting justice for her


“I strive to work with my

clients to understand their

goals and devising strategies

to meet their immigration

objectives. My vision is to

advance access to justice, the

rule of law, the economy and

the society through policy, law

and services,” she said.

Pratibha’s message to

women is, “A woman is the

full circle. Within her is the

power to create, nurture

and transform. Never forget

that you have these powers

within you.”

Papatoetoe Office

1st Floor 131 Kolmar Rd

Papatoetoe Manukau

Ph: +64 9 2789361

Immigration & Property Law

Services Limited

Immigration & Property Law Services Limited is a full-fledged law firm,

which provides the legal services to private clients and businesses.




Information, Inspiration, Identity

Farah is available for;

Legal Work

Public Speaking

Leadership Workshop



Product endorsment





CALL: 0800 4 LEGAL (53 425)

PHONE: (09) 277 6341

MOBILE: 0274 806 017

FAX: (09) 277 6342


MARCH 1, 2018


Years of efforts bring first Hindu Temple to Tauranga

The $2 million complex aims to promote Sanatana Dharma

Venkat Raman

With the opening of the

‘Sanatana Dharma

Mandir’ on Sunday,

February 11, 2018,

Hindus in Tauranga welcomed their

first Temple in this fast-growing City

of diversity.

Located at 108, Whiore Avenue

in Tauriko on a135 Square-Meters

plot, the Temple has Goddess Durga

has the Main Deity, a450 kg Marble

idol specially manufactured in

Jaipur, India.

Among the other Deities are

‘Shiva Parivar’ (Lord Shiva, Goddess

Parvathi, Lord Ganesha and Lord

Murugan or Lord Karthikeya), Shiva

Lingam, Lakshmi Narayan (Lord

Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi),

‘Ram Parivar,’ (Lord Rama, Goddess

Sita, Lakshman, Bharata and

Shatrughan with Lord Hanuman

in attendance) and Radhakrishna

(Lord Krishna with His Consort


Religious Installation

Ajay Tiwari, one of the most

respected Vedantic Scholars and

Priests performed the ‘Prana

Pratishta,’ the ceremony observed

for ‘energising’ and installing the

Deities at the Temple.

More than 300 men, women and

children attended the installation

ceremony which Trustee and

Treasurer Kuldip Sharma described

as a‘Three-Year Effort and several

years of dream come true.’

Trustee of temple Mr Kuldip

Goddess Durga, the Main Deity

Acharya Ajay Tiwari installing the Main Deity,

Goddess Durga

The Deities at the Tauranga Sanatana Mandir

Women carrying the ‘Purna Kumbha’ to the

Temple (Pictures Supplied)

Sharma said that the total cost of

the Temple Project is estimated at

$2 million of which $1.7 million has

been spent.

“We raised $480,000 as bank loan

and the remaining amount came

through donations, special Poojas

and other festivals and celebrations.

The weekly collection is about $500

but we hope to raise further money

through increased donations. We

will be grateful if people from other

parts of New Zealand would also

contribute. Donations can be made

to our BNZ bank account number

02-0466-0359699-00,” he said.

About the Temple

The total land area of the Temple

complex is 2150 Sq M, of which the

Temple occupies about 570 Sq M.

The Complex currently has 25 spaces

for car park as per the Tauranga

Council requirements, although the

plan is to allocate larger area for

more vehicles to park.

“Work is under way for building

a commercial kitchen with fittings

and appliances for use by the

community. Additional funds will

be required not only to build a Community

Centre but also to recruit

an in-house Priest and provide for

overheads. This is achallenge, but

we are confident of achieving our

objectives,” Mr Sharma said.

He said that currently the services

of a local Pundit are being sought

for daily prayers, rituals and other

Temple needs.

Inspiring youngsters

Mr Sharma and his colleagues

are undoubtedly proud of their


“We are happy that we have been

able to establish a place of worship

for Hindus in Tauranga. All these

years, we have been going to Hamilton

and Auckland to attend Temple

prayers and religious festivals. We

can now tell the young people about

our religion. Everyone does not

know about Hinduism. Our Temple

is open to all,” he said.

“Our main aim is to provide

regular and effective programmes,

which would enable us to promote

a better understanding and appreciation

for the advancement of the

Sanatana Dharma philosophy and

Hindu culture without distinction

of race, cast, creed and colour,” he


About Sanatana Dharma

The Temple’s website (www.

describes ‘Sanatana Dharma’ as the

‘Eternal or Universal Righteousness,’

and as the original name Hinduism

or Hindu Dharma.

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“Sanatana is a Sanskrit word

that denotes the one which is

Anadi (without beginning), Anantha

(without an end) and does not cease

to be, that which is eternal and


Dharma is not translatable into

any other language. Dharma is from

‘Dhri,’ meaning, ‘to hold together, to

sustain.’ Its approximate meaning

is ‘Natural Law,’ or those principles

of reality which are inherent in

the very nature and design of the


Thus, Sanatana Dharma can be

roughly translated to mean “The

natural and eternal way.” It does

not denote a creed or belief but

represents a code of conduct and

a value system that has spiritual

freedom as its core.

Cosmic Truth

It is defined as the quest for

cosmic truth, just as the quest for

physical truth defines science.

Since Sanatana Dharma refers

to those ways of being which are in

concert with the Absolute, and are

therefore axiomatic laws, this term

does not lend itself to alteration.

Just as the law of gravity,

mathematics or logic are not open to

sectarian debate or relative opinion

(gravity, for example, is an inherent

law of nature regardless of whether

one believes in the law of gravity or

not), similarly the subtle laws of God

transcend all partisan concerns.

Sanatana Dharma declares that

something cannot come out of

nothing and, therefore, the Universe

itself is the manifestation of the

Divine being.

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MARCH 1, 2018

20 Communitylink

Spiritual Leader’s visit gratifies Auckland Hindus

One of the most widely

travelled Spiritual Leaders

of Hinduism was in

Auckland last fortnight,

inspiring scores of people with his

simplicity and innate knowledge of

the Holy Scriptures that enunciate

everything about life and beyond.

New Zealand was the 143rd

country of visit for Poojya Gurudev

Shri Fulchand Ji Shastri, (Fulchand

Shastri) who at 36, has the record

for travelling farther than any

Prime Minister, Foreign Minister or

flight attendant.

An ardent devotee of Param Krupalu

Dev Shrimad Rajchandra and

Poojya Gurudev Shri Kanji Swami,

Fulchand Shastri is the Founder

of ‘Adhyatmik Sadhana Kendra,’

located at Umrala, Bhavnagar in


Atma Siddhi Shastra

Shrimad Rajchandra was known

as a compassionate mystic in the

Spiritual World for soul seekers

who explore the journey towards

Self-Realisation, Truth and Non-Violence.

He was also the spiritual

mentor of Mahatma Gandhi.

He compiled ‘The Atma Siddhi

Shastra,’ a spiritual poetic reference

in just one sitting of 90 minutes. It is

highly revered as a Holy Scripture

for spiritual aspirants.

The Atma Siddhi Shastra has

142 Stanzas that narrate Shrimad

Rajchandra’s personal and divine

experience of Self-Realisation.

As explained by many

enlightened Souls, it spreads the

essence of infinite omniscient of

God’s Preaching. Each of the 142

Stanzas of The Atma Siddhi Shastra

hold a reference to teachings from

currently available ancient 1500


Worldwide Establishment

Inspired by Shrimad Rajchandra,

Fulchand Shastri translated the

Scriptures into 415 languages and

established them in 142 countries

all over the world by the 150th Birth

Anniversary of the ‘Samadhi’ of

Shrimad Rajendra on November

4, 2017. This date commemorated

the completion of the Atma Siddhi

Shastra Mission, which commenced

on December 25, 2014.

New Zealand is the 143rd country

of establishment of this Scripture.

Fulchand Shastri presented the

Atma Siddhi Shastra on February

17, 2018 to the ISSO Swaminarayan

Temple in Papatoetoe and to Rrahul

and Bhavini Dosshi, a couple who

establish and manage ‘Rainbow

Corner Early Education Learning

Centres’ in Auckland.

Glowing Presence

This Holy scripture would re-establish

itself in its glowing presence

to enlighten several lives on the

path of spiritual awakening, when

mass destruction like Tsunamis,

earthquakes and would sink the

world into darkness as Kali Yug


Atma Siddhi Shastra has been

established at National and Public

Libraries, Indian Embassies of

High Commissions and Consulates,

Universities, Colleges, Schools, Book

Stores, Jain Temples, Jain Upashray,

Hindu Temples, Churches, Masjids,

Gurudwaras, Buddhist Viharas, Residences,

Offices, Factories, Hospitals,

Clinics, Restaurants, Prisons and

Fulchand Shastri (Centre) presenting Atma Siddhi Shastra to RRahul

Dosshi (Right) and Bhavini Dosshi (second from Left) on February 16,

2018 in Auckland

even Funeral Homes.

It is expected that people would

benefit from reading, studying and

absorbing its true essence.

During his two-day stay in Auckland,

Fulchand Shastri presented

discourses on Spirituality and

inspired people to read Atma Siddhi


Formative Years

Born on July 25, 1981 in Bhavnagar,

Gujarat, Fulchand Shastri

showed spiritual inclination in his

formative years and exceptional

abilities to express Spiritualism and

give discourses.

When he was 19 years old, he

captivated young and old people by

reciting 1500 Holy Scriptures.

He has devoted his life for ‘Gyaan

Deepak Sadhana’ (‘Illumination of

lamps of Knowledge’) for aspirants

to pursue a dedicated spiritual

journey towards Self-Realisation

under guidance in Umrala.

As well as conducting a daily

programme called ‘Atma Sadhana’

on ‘Arihant Channel’ relayed in

India with online links available

for global viewing, he visits the USA

Fulchand Shastri presenting Atma Siddhi Shastra to the Priest at ISSO Swaminarayan

Temple in Papatoetoe in South Auckland on February 16, 2018.

every year to conduct discourses for

Paryushan and Gyaan Shibirs.

Extraordinary Discourses

Fulchand Shastri created a record

about nine years ago by rendering

his discourses in 35 Indian and foreign

languages at an event in Philippines

and a non-stop discourse of

78 hours in Mumbai in 2009. He has

delivered more than 30,000 hours

of discourses worldwide.

As well as an inspiring speaker,

he is a visionary writer stimulating

thinking. He has more than 40

books on Spirituality and Vegetarianism

in various languages to his


He has played a vital role in

inspiring more than 5000 people

worldwide to adopt vegetarianism

and has led prisoners to transform


Honours and Citations

Fulchand Shastri is a recipient of

numerous Honours and Citations

including ‘ASU’ (‘The Rising’), ‘Gyaan

Avatar’, ‘Sir’, ‘International Multilingual’,

‘Numerologist of Southeast

Asia’ and ‘The Miracle Man.’

He is often referred as ‘The Man

with a Mission’, to fulfil a unique

mission inspired by his Spiritual

Master Shrimad Rajchandra’s


He initiated and successfully

completed ‘The Atma Siddhi Shastra

Mission’ to preach and preserve

‘Atma Siddhi Shastra,’ reportedly

‘the ultimate Spiritual Guide’ in 143


The Guide was translated into

415 languages and establish it at

100,000 centres across the world

on the 150th birth anniversary of

his Spiritual Master on November

4, 2017.

Promoting Jain Scholars

Fulchand Shastri mentors Jain

Scholars and learned people who

seek his guidance for their Spiritual


He was invited as a Speaker at

‘Young Jains of America’ and the

‘Jaina Convention 2017.’

His discourses can be seen on


For further information, please


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MARCH 1, 2018

Five discourses to stimulate religious fervour

Programme in three Temples from March 6 to 12, 2018

Venkat Raman

Hindus and those keen on

learning the religious

philosophy of Hinduism

will find five discourses

scheduled to be held in Auckland

next month a treasure of knowledge.

Organised by Divya Jyoti Jagrati

Sansthan New Zealand, the discourses

will cover Goddess Durga,

Lord Shiva, Lord Rama (Avatar of

Lord Vishnu) and Lord Hanuman.

Sunder Kaand

‘Sunder Kaand Kivyakhya’ will

be the first discourse to be held on

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 from 730

pm to 930 pm at Bhartiya Mandir

located at 252 Balmoral Road.

Sunder Kaand forms the core of

Valmiki Ramayana, comprising detailed

accounts of Lord Hanuman’s

adventures. It extols His qualities

and obeisance to Lord Rama and

describes His adventure into Sri

Lanka to meet Ravana and others.

Ram Gun Gaatha

The second discourse, due be

held from Wednesday, March 7,

2018 to Friday, March 9, 2018 from

730 pm to 930 pm at Ram Mandir,

11, Brick Street, Henderson, will

concentrate on the inimitable qualities

of Lord Rama as an obedient

son of his father King Dasaratha, as

a great student under the guidance

of Sage Vishwamitra, as the

husband of Sita and as the wager of

‘Dharma Yudh’ against Ravana.

Mata Ki Chowki

Goddess Durga is worshipped

for empowerment, freedom from

evil and deliverance. However, the

most popular and revered aspect

of prayers is ‘Mata Ki Chowki’ at

which devotees gather in front of

the idol of the Goddess and chant

hymns in Her praise.

Mata Ki Chowki will be the

exalted form of prayers by Divya

Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan New Zealand

on Saturday, March 10, 2018 from

6 pm to 9 pm at Ram Mandir (Henderson)

and on Sunday, March 11,

2018 from 330 pm to 630 pm at

Bhartiya Mandir (Balmoral).

Shiv Aradhana

Lord Shiva is a Principal

Deity of Hinduism. Revered as the

‘Supreme Being’ within Shaivism,

He is the Destroyer of Evil and

The Transformer, within the

‘Trimurthi,’ the Trinity including

Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma.

Lord Shiva is the Ultimate

God who creates, protects and

transforms the Universe.

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan will

perform ‘Shiv Aradhana,’ special

prayers for Lord Shiva at Shiv

Mandir located at 43 Holmes Road

in Manurewa.

The Programme will being at 6

pm and 9 pm. Devotional Music,

Enlightening Thoughts and Maha

Prasad at the conclusion will be

common to all the five days of

discourses and prayers.

For more information, please

call Anil Jain on 021-2665232. Yitesh

Sharma on 021-1271622 or Suman on


About Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan

Established by Ashutosh Maharaj,

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan New

Zealand is a socio-spiritual-cultural,

not-for-profit organisation.

President Anil Jain said that the

Mission of Divya Jyoti is to usher in

a world wherein every individual

becomes an embodiment of truth,

fraternity, and justice through the

eternal science of self-realisation,

‘Brahm Gyan.’

“Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan

believes in human potential for social

transformation and its core ideology

is uniting individuals across the world

and getting all the sections of the

society to play their part in the establishment

of world peace,” he said.

Mr Jain said that the Sansthan in

New Zealand is involved in several

spiritual and social activities including

(a) Antarkranti: Prison Reform

and Rehabilitation Programme (b)

Antardristi: Welfare Programme for

the Visually and Physically Challenged

(c) Bodh: Drug Abuse Eradication

Programme (d) Manthan: Holistic

Education Programme (e) Santulan:

Gender Equality Programme (f)

Arogya: Holistic Health Programme

(g) Sanrakshan: Nature Conservation

and (h) SAM’ and WAY: Youth Empowerment


For more information, please

visit or Divya Jyoti

Jagrati Sansthan New Zealand on




MARCH 1, 2018

22 Communitylink/Holi Special


Holi Festival at Corban Estate Art Centre onMarch 4

Sunil Kaushal

Inanage where we watch

topics andevents that are

trending, people would rejoice

at thecolourful celebrationof

Holi beingheld in Waitakere this


Called ‘The Festival of Colours,’

with origins to Hinduism, has

slowly transformed into anondenominationalcelebration

and is

sweeping NewZealand.

People up and down the country

are finding time and reasons to

celebrate the Indian holidaythat

commends goodwinning overevil.

Forthe 12th consecutive year,

Waitakere Indian Association

(WIA),who were the firsttostart

this celebrations in New Zealand,

will hold their annual Holi Celebration

on SundayMarch 4, 2018 from

1030 am to 5pmatCorban Estate

Art Centre,2MtLebanon Lane,

Henderson, Auckland.

“Asplayedout in Waitakere,

entire families showupinwhite or

light-coloured clothes and sprinkle,

spray or smear one another with

bright Red, Pink, Green,Yellow,

Purple,Magentaand Blue,” WIA

President MahendraSharma said.

Multifaceted Festival


top governmentofficials,

community leadersand ordinary

New Zealanders will visit in

thousands the most successfulHoli

Multifaceted, multicoloured Holi

festival in the country.Organised

and executedentirely by volunteers,

Waitakere Holireinforces the


“Colourscovernot only the

clothes, but the faces, arms and

hair in abacchanalian burstof

boundless delight.Upbeat Holi

songsfromBollywood movies and

high-calorie foods from India’s

diverseethnic regions arethe

backdrop of everyone hugging one

another,” he said.

Waitakere Holi is now a‘multi-religious,

multifaceted and largely

multicultural celebration.

WIA SecretaryJunita Sen said

that bringingpeople togetherisa

part of Waitakere Holi.

“Itisalso one of the objectivesof

WIA. We haveunity in diversity,

and this keeps ourcommunity

together. We have the same goal,

basically,tokeep the culturealive

wherever youare,” she said.

Holi in India

Holi announcesthe arrival of

spring and thepassing of winter in


The festival breathes an atmosphere

of social merriment.

Peoplebury their hatchets with

awarm embrace and throw their

worriestothe wind.

Almost all cities, towns and

villagesdemonstrate acolourful

sight. Young and old alikewill be

covered with colours, while people

in small groups will be seen singing,

dancing and throwing colours on

each other.

Radha Krishna Romance

Holi is celebratedwith special

importance in theNorth of India. It

solemnizes the love of Radha and

Krishna. The spraying of coloured

powders recalls the love sport of

Lord Krishna and Hisdevotees.

The colour, noise and

entertainment that accompanythe

celebration of Holibear witness to

afeeling of oneness and sense of


The festival brings home thelesson

of spiritual and social harmony.

Holi in Waitakere

Continuing andkeeping the

traditionsthe Waitakere Holi will

start with FAAG celebration from

10 30 am to 1230 pm.

There will be three Mandalis

performing the traditional Holi


There will be Bollywood

numbers followed by the formal

opening at 1pm.

Gabroo,one of the mostpopular

DJs will takethe centre stage from 2

pm and lead the attendeesinto the

Holi mood throughhis latest music


Eco-friendly Holi colours will be

on sale.

There will also be Vegetarian

food stalls available forthose

wanting to indulge in delicious

Indian food.

What to bring

This is why it is called 'Festival of Colours

Bring yourcamera and post

photos on Waitakere Indian

Association Page, tag your friends,

use #WIAHoli18ashashtag; bring

towels to makesure your seats

Children have an exciting time at the Festival

Song and Dance are apart of Waitakere Holi

in the car do not get spoilt; bring

sunscreen and most importantly

bring your family and friends to this

free event.

Formore information, please

follow the Waitakere Indian Association

Facebook Pagewww.facebook.


Waitakere Indian Association

acknowledgesthe support of

Radio Tarana, Indian Newslink,

Henderson-Massey Local Board and

The Trust Communities Foundation

to makethis event asuccess.

Sunil Kaushal is Vice-President of

Waitakere Indian Association.











MELA 2018










Holi Rave .Djs.Dhol .Colour powder .Bollywood .Cultural items

Corban Estate Art Center, 2 Mt Lebanon Lane,Henderson, Auckland

MARCH 1, 2018

Festival of Colours brings unity and joy

Staff Reporter

In Hinduism, Holi (also called ‘Holika’ or

‘Phagwa’) is an annual festival celebrated

on the day after the full moon in the

Hindu month of Phalguna.

It celebrates spring, commemorates various

events in Hindu mythology and is time

of disregarding social norms and indulging

in general merrymaking.

This year, Holi will be celebrated in

India on March 1and March 2, although a

number of organisations in New Zealand

may celebrate the event on preceding or

succeeding weekend.

Holi in New Zealand

Holi festivities will commence on March 1,

2018 in Rotorua.

The two-day event will be held at the

Rotorua Night Market located at Tutanekai

Street from 5 pm to 9 pm.

Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust and

Humm FM Radio will host Holi Celebrations

from 12 pm to 7pmon Saturday, March 3,

2018 at Three Kings Reserve on Mt Eden

Road, Auckland.

Waitakere Indian Association has organised

its mega event on Sunday, March 4,

2018 at Corban Estate Art Centre, located at

2 Mt Lebanon Lane, Henderson in Auckland.

The festival will commence at 1030 am and

conclude at 5 pm. Please read separate story

in this Section.

Christchurch Holi will be held from 10 am

to 4pmat North Hagley Park Events Village

(Rolleston Avenue) on Saturday, March 17,

2018 from 10 am to 4pm.


with colour

Wishing you a

happy and colour filled

Holi Festival 2018!

Christchurch Diwali

For the first time in New Zealand history,

Holi will be marked in Parliament on Tuesday,

March 20, 2018 hosted by Ethnic Communities

Minister Jenny Salesa.

Least Religious

Holi is probably the least religious of Hindu

holidays. During Holi, Hindus attend a public

bonfire, spray friends and family with colored

powders and water, and generally go a bit wild

in the streets.

The central ritual of Holi throwing and applying

coloured water and powder on friends

and family gives the holiday its common name

‘Festival of colours.’ This ritual is said to be

based on legends relating to the pranks of

Lord Krishna as a child, but the beginning of

Spring in India is the most popular reason for

the Festival.

The ‘Holika’ Version

According to another legend, Holi is

related to Hiranyakashipu, an evil King, who

proscribed his son Prahlad from worshipping

Lord Vishnu. Prahlad however did not heed to

his father’s word.

An enraged Hiranyakashipu challenged

Prahlad to sit on a pyre with his wicked aunt

Holika who was believed to be immune to fire.

(In an alternate version, Holika put herself

and Prahlad on the fire on orders from her


Prahlad accepted the challenge and prayed

to Vishnu to keep him safe. When the fire

started, everyone watched in amazement

as Holika was burnt to death, while Prahlad

Communitylink/Holi Special

Greetings on the occasion of Holi, the Festival of Colours.


Holi in Rotorua 2013 (Courtesy: Scoop)

survived without ascar. The burning of Holika

is celebrated as Holi.

According to some accounts, Holika begged

Prahlad for forgiveness before her demise,

and he decreed that she would be remembered

every year at Holi.

The Shiva Theory

An alternative account of the basis of the

holiday is associated with alegend involving

Lord Shiva, one of the major Hindu Gods.

Shiva is known for his meditative nature.

Madana, the God of Love, decided to test

his resolve and appeared to Shiva in the form

of abeautiful nymph. But Shiva recognised

Madana and in a fit of rage, shot fire out of

His Third Eye and reduced her to ashes. This

forms the basis for Holi’s bonfire.

Holi Customs

Holi treats humankind as one race and does

not distinguish between men and women,

poor and rich, old and young and bosses and

servants. Acommon saying that is heard on

this day is ‘Bura na mano, Holi hai’ (Do not be

offended, it is Holi).


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MARCH 1, 2018

24 Communitylink/Yoga Festival Special

Priest Chandru performing ‘Ganesha Sthapana’ on

February 22

International Yoga Festival attracts wider ethnicities

Venkat Raman

The Annual International

Yoga Festival held last

week at the Kawai

Purapura Yoga Resort

in Albany, Auckland brought

together thousands of people of

varied ethnicities to learn about

this ancient contribution of India

to physical, mental, moral and

emotional fitness.

More than 75 international and

local presenters across multiple

Yoga styles (including Aerial and

Stand Up Paddle) along with over

100 workshops, numerous musicians,

concerts and dance formed

a part of the four-day Festival held

from February 22 to February 25,


The event also featured many

stalls offering natural foods,

health products and services.

Significance of Number 7

Festival organisers have

explained the significance of

Number 7 as the event is the

Meditation reduces stress, enhances wellness

Seventh in an annual series at

Kawai Purapura Yoga Resort.

“Number 7 in Numerology

is not just a Lucky Member. Its

meaning is Spiritual, Intelligent,

Analytical, Focused, Introspective,

Studious, Intuitive, Knowledgeable,

Contemplative, Serious,

Preserving, Refined and Gracious.

It displays much Inner Wisdom.”

Ganesh Sthapana

The Festival was inaugurated on

Thursday, February 22 with Ganesha

Sthapana conducted by Priest

Parameswaran Chandru (Chief

Priest at the Papakura Ganesha

Temple in Auckland), attended by

young and the old.

As the Media Partner, Indian

Newslink provided live coverage

on Social Media and later in its

print and web editions.

The Presenters

Among the presenters were

Yoga specialists including Andrea

Graham, a health professional,

and therapist in private practice;

Alistair Sweeney a former

Army Officer of the New Zealand

A section of participants at the Festival

Defence Force; Chris Henderson,

who spent 10 years living the

yogic lifestyle and teaching yoga,

meditation and chanting at Anahata

Yoga Retreat; and Nichola

Jones, a trained yoga teacher,

mother of two and filmmaker.

Workshops & Discussions

The Festival Workshops

and discussions included such

topics as ‘Discover the Master

Within;’ Personal Growth and

Empowerment; Parents, Families

and Couples; Technique & Advancement

of Yoga Practice; and

Exploring Traditional Asanas and

Contemporary Styles.

Music, Dance and Meditation

were also held at the Festival.

Festival Theme

The theme and focus of Festival

was ‘Embrace Your Inner Mastery’

and the organisers aimed to stay

true to the authenticity and integrity

of every aspect of Yoga and

the growing space of spirituality

surrounding it.

Participants were given more

time for a deeper immersion of

practices and transformations

with the guidance of international


“This is where our uplifting

local and international worldclass

teachers played their part

in coaching us through various

workshops and activities that

opened our hearts to sing loudly

with bliss.”

UN Chief enticed

Former UN Secretary General

Ban Ki-moon described Yoga as

“An ancient discipline from a

traditional setting that has grown

in popularity to be enjoyed by

practitioners in every region.

“Yoga offers a simple, accessible

and inclusive means to promote

physical and spiritual health and

well-being. It promotes respect for

one’s fellow human beings and for

the planet we share. Yoga does not

discriminate; to varying degrees,

all people can practice, regardless

of their relative strength, age or

ability,” he said in a statement.

Mr Ban Ki-moon said that he

discovered the value of Yoga while

Devotees yearn for the visit of ‘Hugging Mother’

Community service continues in the name of ‘Amma’

Venkat Raman

Workshops on Yoga were popular at the Festival

There were activities for children

doing his first asana, a tree pose

suited to beginners.

“It took a moment for me to

gain my balance but once I did, I

appreciated the simple sense of

satisfaction that yoga can bring.

On this first-ever International

Day of Yoga, let us see the benefits

of this practice in terms of

individual well-being as well as

our collective efforts to improve

public health, promote peaceful

relations and usher in a life of

dignity for all,” he said

A more detailed report with

more pictures will appear in our

next issue.

In August 2007, when we

attended a simple ceremony

to mark the establishment of

‘Amma New Zealand,’ those

gathered said that their ardent

desire was to see their Spiritual

Leader in this country in the

‘foreseeable future.’

“Let us commit ourselves to

community service and spread

the love and blessings of ‘Amma.’

Help us to progress as an organisation

and deserve her visit,”

they said.

Almost eleven years on, that

desire remains unfulfilled, giving

credence to the belief that ‘Nothing

happens unless ordained

and until the appropriate time


But the desire and appeal has

been reiterated to Brahmacharya

Shraddhamrita Chaitanya, one

of the monks close to Amma.

He is here to participate in a

Meditative Retreat in the Coromandel

Peninsula and conduct a

discourse in Auckland.

He was also a presenter on

Yoga and Meditation at the Seventh

Annual International Yoga

Festival held at Kawai Purapura

Yoga Resort located in Albany,


“Amma has been inquiring

about the activities the

Organisation in New Zealand. I

am sure that she will someday

fulfill the desire of members

and volunteers here,” he told us

during an informal conversation

on Thursday, February 22, 2018.

Mata Amritanandmayi

About Amma

Mata Amritanandmayi,

popularly known the world over

as ‘Amma’ and the ‘Hugging

Mother,’ is believed to represent

purity of spirit. Her teachings

have captured the minds and

hearts of countless men, women

and children of every ethnic

and cultural vicissitude in every

continent on earth.

Christened Sudhamani at

birth (at Parayakadavu, a fishing

village in the Quilon district of

Kerala), she showed compassion

and understanding from an early


She is known for her

philanthropic work as well as

her innate knowledge of almost

everything that a human being

could seek.

Centres advocating her

teachings have been established

Brahmacharya Shraddhamrita Chaitanya

in Australasia, Middle East, Africa,

North and South America and


About Shraddhamrita

Shraddhamrita received his

initiation as ‘Brahamacharya’

in 1997, making him equivalent

to a Monk in the Hindu religion.

A graduate in Electrical and

Electronic Engineering, he

relinquished his career in the

software industry to serve Amma.

Te Moata Retreat Centre: 344 hectares of natural beauty

He is involved in coordinating

scientific research and social

welfare projects at the Amrita

University, established in the

name of Amma with campuses

in Amritapuri, Cochin, Coimbatore,

Bangalore and Mysore.

About the Retreat

Shraddhamrita will lead the

Silent Meditative Retreat at Te

Moata Retreat Centre, located

at 180 Paul Road, Tairua (Off

Tairua Whitianga Road) in

Coromandel Peninsula from

Friday, March 2 to Sunday,

March 4, 2018.

A notification from ‘Amma

New Zealand’ said that the

Silent Meditative Retreat would

reinforce existing spiritual practices

and provide the foundation

for a lifetime of meditation


“Connecting with this sacred

and ancient wisdom within

ourselves brings meaning to

life. The benefits include clarity

and strength of the mind to

achieve goals, staying centred

in an ever-changing world and

overcoming stress and tension.

“Amma’s simple technique

of breath awareness, infused

with the ‘MA OM’ mantras and

open observation make this

Retreat suitable for all levels of

experience in meditation from

beginners to the advanced.”

Attendance to the Retreat

is priced at $165 per person

(including accommodation and

vegetarian food, with special

meals costing $10 extra per person

per day). The Retreat is for

people above 18 years of age.

For registration, please

contact Patricia on 09-4838486

or 027-3402595; Email:

About the Discourse

Shraddhamrita will conduct

a discourse on ‘Exploring Meditation’

at Pioneer Women’s Hall,

Ellen Melville Centre located

at 1, Freyberg Place in Central


The Discourse will be held

from 7 pm to 9 pm and will

include ‘Guided Meditation.’

For more information, please


MARCH 1, 2018





No. 034

Use the photos to find the answer: unlucky draw

The intense sensation known as Amor in

Latin, Amour in French, Amore in Italian,

and Love in English, was personified by the

Greek god Eros, and the Roman deity often

depicted as aplump little cherub, Cupid, an

aerodynamic anomaly and ameddlesome

matchmaker who shoots potent love arrows

at the bosom, because the heart, and notthe

brain, was considered the source of human

passion. The evidence is in the palpitations.

Spot the 10 Differences

“Alex...the kids want to know if it’s OKfor them to fall out of the tree?”


No. 024





In the addition sum different letters and the

smiley face represent different digits. Rewrite

the addition sum using the following digits:


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Solution to Attemptation No. 023


0 1 2 3 4 6 7 9

JUMBLE No. 1757 SUDOKU No. 1078 HI


15 Words Good

19 Words Very Good

22 Words Excellent

26 Words Genius



card char chard

chary church churchy

cray curacy curch

curd darcy dray hard

hardy hydra racy yard


How many words of 4 letters or more can you make from these 9 letters?

In making a word each letter may be used only once, and the centre letter

must be included. There must be at least one 9-letter word. No slang,

foreign words, plurals, hyphens or apostrophes.



3 Liquid part of blood

7 Bit

9 Strike breaker

12 Male swans

14 Assault

16 Found

17 In favour of

18 Unite

19 Dislike intensely

21 Number

23 Strong feeling of


25 Piece of turf

26 Carry out

29 Gets closer

32 Lake

33 Rowing poles

34 Anger

36 Fighter in Roman


37 Make void

39 Fruit

40 Verdi opera

41 Important horse race

42 Hurls


1 Optimistic

2 Drink of the gods

3 Small stone

4 Broke into pieces

5 Donkey

6 Just

8 Grow together

10 Harebrained


11 Man (coll)

13 Cunning

15 Feign

20 Put up with

22 Magic spell

23 Fish eggs



6 One who makes

excessive consumer

demands (7)

7 Feverishly suffering

from a vague

disability (5)

9 &2Dn To produce an

insect the little dog

consumed (6)

10 Quality of sound

varies on a screen


12 Tradesman to supply

crew for this vessel


15 & 1Dn Ground grain

that comes up on its

own! (4-7,5)

17 Resigns, maybe,

after an outburst of

displeasure (9)

19 The ticket agent will

supply a label (3)

21 Neil returns with a

stranger (5)

22 Hypersensitivity

makes everything

unusually grey (7)


1 See 15Ac

2 See 9Ac

breaking point

















Crossword No. 11925














No. 17577

3 Go to sleep–it’s

almost twelve (4)

4 Inelegant

arrangement of the

sweet-briar (9)

5 Old soldier or cadet

transferred (7)

8 Ethical practices

not written in the

manuscript (6)

11 For each erstwhile

actor (9)

1. Mermaids fingers missing

2. Starfish moved

3. Mermaids scales missing

4. Part of anchor missing

5. Part of rope missing

6. Mirror straighened

7. Shell different colour

8. Ceiling crack missing

9. Book cover different colour

10. Lamp different colour

24 Knight’s title

25 Relating to stars

26 Girl’s name

27 Correct

28 Drive forcibly

29 Water nymphs

30 Plants

31 Wanders off

33 Eccentric

35 Surprise attack

38 Domesticated animal

13 They have links with

Charles round at

home (6)

14 We hear the officers

are surrounded by

shells! (7)

16 Load a hundred on

Jason’s ship (5)

18 Seaman found in the

cellar (4)

20 This is used for

spraying aircraft (3)

Snap Decision No. 024 What’s Different No. 033 Attemptation No. 023










Sudoku No. 1077 Cryptic No. 17576

Across: 7 Railway ticket;

8 Merciful; 9 Ayes;

10 Passed; 12 Ill-use;

14 Stress; 16 Needed;

18 Spot; 20 Lie still;

22 Take a short cut.

Down: 1 Take part;

2 Places; 3 Half;

4 Stallion; 5 Scrawl;

6 Cede; 11 Disclose;

13 Spell out; 15 Either;

17 Estate; 19 Play;

21 Eros.
















0 1 2 3 4 6 7 9





MARCH 1, 2018

26 Communtylink

EVR Birthday Special falls short of expectations

Too many speeches curtail the Main Address

Venkat Raman

The much-awaited address

by one of the most powerful

speakers of Tamil

Nadu over the weekend

had to end abruptly since the

organisers of the event failed in

their time management, allotting

more than two hours for local


It was meeting to hear the

oratory of Subramanian Arivukkarasu

on the life and work of

the late E V Ramasamy Naicker,

founder of Dravida Kazhagam,

of which he is now the Executive

President based in Cuddalore,

about 190 kms from Chennai.

The event, held on Sunday

(February 25, 2018) at Panmure

Community Hall, started 30

minutes later than the scheduled

time of 5 pm but the lapse could

have been compensated with a

better runsheet.

Premkumar Kandasamy,

who presided over the meeting,

was undoubtedly at his best

and organiser Arivukkarasu

Maninilavan worked hard to

make the event a reality, but

they failed to achieve the main

purpose – a full-length speech on

Periyar by Mr Arivukkarasu.

Mr Kandasamy invited no less

than eight members of the local

Tamil community (including this

Reporter who was the last and

S Arivukkarasu, Dr Mahesan Rasanathan, A Maninilavan and Prem Kumar Kandasamy with the Portrait of

EVR Periyar unveiled at the Meeting

Balasubramanian Arivukkarasu speaking at

the Meeting (Pictures by Gopi Dinakaran)

the least speaker) to articulate

on ‘Thanthai Periyar’ (Father the

Great) as EVR is affectionately


Among them were Kathiravan

Sivaprakasam, Amalan, Balasubramanian


Senthil Vel, Mahesh Babu, Nirmala

Vinothkumar and Dr Mahesan


All of them were good speakers

but were long-drawn and


Empowerment of Women

Nirmala’s speech, which was

forthright, covering emancipation

and empowerment of women,

drew wide applause. The young

woman spoke with passion.

Others spoke about the virtues

of belief in God and how theism

and its antonym can and does

co-exist, about the life-long

battle that Periyar led to abolish

casteism, reinforce equality of

women and the rise of rationalist

thought-everything in fact which

Mr Arivukkarasu was expected to

cover in his speech.

A small crowd of about 35 persons

attended the event, more to

listen to him, perhaps challenge

his opinions and participate in

a lively Question and Answer


Poor time management meant

that the speech of Mr Arivukkarasu

was curtailed with no time for

audience response. The reason

given was that the Community

Hall had to be vacated shortly

after 830 pm.

Tribute to EVR Periyar

Even so, the visiting Leader did

his utmost to do justice to his role.

He spoke about the ‘Vaikom Satyagraha’

led by Periyar in Travancore

(now known as Trivandrum

or Thiruvananthapuram) in 1924

to secure freedom of movement

for all people, protesting the

‘untouchability policy’ practiced

at that time.

“Thanthai Periyar was the first

to organise Satyagraha (peaceful

political resistance) in India

which was later popularised

by Mahatma Gandhi. Periyar

dedicated his life to the uplift

of the downtrodden and fought

against all kinds of social evils

including casteism, oppression

of the minorities, subjugation of

women and suspension of right

to education. One of the most significant

aspects of his personality

was his ‘cut and dry’ policy and

‘say as it is’ (call a spade a spade),”

Mr Arivukkarasu said.

Voice against Discrimination

Outlining the work of Periyar

in alleviating the suffering of

people relating to racial and

social discrimination, he said,

“Periyar was the first Indian to

raise a voice against the so called,

‘backward classes’ in Tamil Nadu

in 1917 and sought Reservation in

employment and representation.

He continued his crusade until

the government enforced it by

law in 1928. That was his first

victory over suppressive forces,”

he said.

Gender Equality

Although Nirmala had superbly

expounded gender equality

earlier, Mr Arivukkarasu said,

“Periyar advocated for the rights

of women and was considered

ahead of his time. He rose against

marginalisation of women in

the society. He was keen to have

women educated and take a more

positive role throughout Tamil

Nadu,” he said.

Absence of pungency

The Programme had earlier

created kerfuffle on speculation

that Mr Arivukkarasu would

launch his tirade against

Hindus and others with religious

affiliations (as usually does

on public platforms and radio

programmes), but it turned out

to be much ado about nothing.

The visitor’s speech was sans the

usual punch, concentrating more

on his Leader’s contributions to

India’s freedom movement, social

reforms and politics.

There were however a couple

of mild references to worship

and belief, but they were inconsequential.

Credit must be given to the

Maninilavan family- his wife Prema

and their daughters Adhirai

and Anichem and other members

of the community for organising

the seating arrangements, sound

system and snacks and coffee

catered by Saffron Restaurant.

Unleash your inner James Corden and fire up your night (and day)

with Karaoke! BMB Karaoke comes in 3 packages to suit your needs,

each package includes BMB genuine CSH-200 speaker system and microphone.


We Provide


151 Great South Road, Papatoetoe

Clark St, 35E New Mclaughlins Lynn Auckland Rd Wiri Auckland 0600, New 2104


MARCH 1, 2018



Musical Yatra enlivens the body and soul

Venkat Raman

Sinhalese Music in all its

manifestations will resound

the corridors of the

Selwyn College located on

Kohimarama Road in Auckland

next weekend.

Called, ‘Yatra,’ (Journey), the

Programme will be held on

Saturday, March 3, 2018, featuring

the best of melodies for the

young and the old.

Tickets, priced at $50 (Gold),

$30 (Silver) and $20 (General)

are on sale. The Programme

is a fundraiser for Lotus Hill

Children’s Home, located in

Baddegama, Sri Lanka.

Further details can be obtained

from Sandya on


About the Programme

Rachel Hale and her brother

Jason Bandara are the musical

duo at the heart of this

Yatra, bringing forth once again

the inherent talent among New

Zealand’s diverse communities.

They will be supported by

Basant Madhur (Sargam School

of Indian Music) on the Tabla,

‘Dragonz’ (local Sri Lankan pop

legends) and other musicians.

Says Dharmesh Parikh of

Rishab D Productions and

Rhythm House, an event management

company: “As it is often

said, Music, like Love,

Rachel Hale (Supplied)

transcends manmade barriers of

nationality, ethnicity, language, religion,

caste and economic status.

The universal Rhythm bonds people

and hearts, as those attending

‘Yatra’ will experience. This is a

programme that will bring together

artistes of Sri Lankan, Indian

and New Zealand origin.”

Rich Tapestry of Music

He said that although the songs

will be in Singhalese, music lovers

of other ethnicities will be able

enjoy the beautiful compositions

of evergreen hits produced in Sri


“Yatra will take you through a

rich tapestry of Sri Lankan folk music,

from the mystical sounds of

Nurti, later influences of Hindustani

& Carnatic Schools from neighbouring

India, and 1970s funky pop, to

Afro-Portuguese inspired, high energy

Cafrinha and Baila rhythms. This

Programme will provide quality entertainment,”

Mr Parikh said.

About Rachel Hale

Born in Kandy (Central Sri Lanka)

and raised in Auckland, Rachel Hale

showed her proclivity toward music

as a toddler and began her career

at the tender age of three. Trained in

traditional Sri Lankan and Western

Music, 20 different traditional and

modern musical instruments Udarata

Dance, Bharata Natyam and acting,

she is a versatile artiste.

Rachel was a regular performer

on Sri Lankan Radio, singing original

songs composed by her mother Dr

Mallika Bandara, and in a Children’s


She has a bachelor’s degree (BA) in

Performing Arts and Music from the

University of Auckland, where she

also trained in a wide range of music,

performances and productions. She

appeared the guest female artiste at a

programme in 2006 featuring the famous

Priyantha Fernando and Walter


Rachel migrated to Australia a few

years ago.

Mr Parikh said that ‘Yatra’ is bound

to create intrigue, bring back memories

and highlight the rich Sri Lankan


“This Programme will enable Rachel to reconnect with her

love for nostalgic Sri Lankan music of yesteryears. After a

break, she returns to co-host her first show with her brother,

with an array of incredibly talented musicians and guest artistes,”

he said.

Secret Recipe - Fiji Style Chicken Chopsuey

MARCH 1, 2018

28 Entertainmentlink

The Poetic genius of Noshi Gilani in Auckland

Venkat Raman

One of the most versatile

and candid poets of the

modern era will participate

at what promises to

be the finest of Urdu literature in

Auckland next week.

Noshi Gilani, who has earned

enviable reputation as a ‘Female

Poet with courage and power of

creative thought’ will participate

in the ‘Adabi Nashist’ (Literary

Session) on Saturday, March 10,

2018 at the Jubilee Building, 545

Parnell Road, Auckland at 615 pm

followed by dinner.

Third in an annual series,

the event is being organised

by Bazm-e-Adab New Zealand

with Mohammed Tauqir Khan,

a veteran of the travel industry

and Urdu language, known to us

for nearly two decades as ‘Piami,’

will be the Chief Guest.

Education and Migration

Born and raised in Bahawalpur

in the Punjab Province of

Pakistan, Ms Gilani became a

resident of San Francisco in USA.

Following her marriage to Saeed

Khan, also a poet, she moved to

Sydney in Australia

Her mother, Sarwar Gilani was

a Professor of Urdu and Persian

at the Islamia University of


Life in the USA fostered Ms

Gilani’s penchant for freedom

of expression and uninhibited

thoughts conveyed through

poetry. Interaction with the

Pakistani Diaspora in general and

poets and laureates in particular,

increased the complexity of her

poems and reinforced her sense

of female identity. These in turn

have enabled the furtherance of a

new revolution against restraint

creative writers in Pakistani


Global audience

Bazm-e-Adab New Zealand

President Adnan Mirza said that

lovers of poetry and chaste Urdu

can expect an evening of exhilarating

poetry at the forthcoming


“Noshi Gilani is one of the

leading poets of her generation.

The candour and frankness of

her highly-charged poems is

unusual for a woman writing in

Urdu. She has an admiring and

spirited international audience

and has captivated people with

her creative ingenuity in poetry.

She performs regularly at large

gathering of bards and lovers

of poetry across the Continents,

including Pakistan, Australia,

Canada and the USA,” he said.

Significant Works

Mr Mirza said that among her

most significant works of Ms Gilani

include ‘Aakhri Khawahish,’

‘Mohabatain Jab Sumar,’ ‘Kurna,’

‘Udas Honay Kay Din Naheen’

and ‘Pehla Lafz Mohabat Likha.

“Her selected poems such as ‘Ay

Meeray Shareek-E-Risal-E-Jaan,’

‘Hum Tera Intezaar Kurtey

Rahey,’ ‘Hawa Chupke se Kehti

Hai’ are indicative of her passion

for Urdu poetry.

She is the Co-Founder of the

Urdu Academy of Australia based

in Sydney. Established in 2009,

the Institution promotes Urdu

Poetry and Literature throughout

Australia,”, he said.

Invitation Contacts

Indian Newslink is the Media

Partner of ‘Adab Nashist,’ entry to

which is by invitation.

For further information,

please contact Adnan Mirza on

021-661993; Mohammad Nasir

on 022-3415909; Muhammad

Nadeem on 021-0505793; Farah

Alvi on 021-869165; or Hummaira

Anwar on 022-1049912

Picture of Noshi Gilani from


Pop returns

with a Big


Auckland’s heart will

beat with creativity

next month as Pop’s

surprise performances

and playful interactive

installations return to our city

squares and spaces.

Now in its fifth year,

the Pop series of pop-up

multi-sensory experiences are

designed to encourage play

and creativity in our public

spaces and this year will

include the all new Pop Big

Bang sound and light-emitting

drumming experience.

New to the Pop series this

year is ‘Pop Big Bang,’ created

by Alt Group.

Interactive experience

A field of 25 touch-activated

drums will fill Aotea Square

with rhythm and light.

This innovative interactive

experience is activated

through drumming; the

harder you tap the brighter it


For Pop projects locations

and dates, follow @popakl

on Instagram and Facebook

to find out where Pop will be

popping up next.

New Store Opportunities

This is your opportunity to become part of a successful international brand, partnering with the expertise of

Restaurant Brands here in New Zealand and the Yum brand worldwide.

With 94 stores NZ wide including 60 franchised stores and sales exceeding $90m, Pizza Hut is currently enjoying

strong growth and franchisee success.

We are committed to expanding the brand and store numbers in NZ and revitalizing the brand. We invite prospective

franchisees to join to success story.

We are offering new store opportunities on a turnkey basis, meaning that we will build, design and fully set up new

stores ready for you to open and start trading. We offer comprehensive training and assistance to get your business

successfully underway, and then ongoing operational support throughout the franchise term.

We are looking for franchisees with passion, commitment and business skills. Comprehensive training and support

will be provided.

Store prices vary from $500,000 to $600,000 depending on the location and size of the outlet. Bank finance is

generally available to 50%.

Current Opportunities exist in Morrisville, Napier, Kaipoi, Mosgiel, Oamaru as well as limited opportunities in

Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

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MARCH 1, 2018

Innovative series to showcase the Rising India

Indian Association to host ‘Indi Talks’ with Ashoke Pandit

Indian Association of New

Zealand (IANZ), a representative

body of the Indian diaspora

is creating ‘Indi Talks Series,’ to

discuss the existing and emerging

challenges and opportunities in


Association President Suresh

Ramji said that the first ‘Indi

Talks,’ to demonstrate the ‘India

Rising’ phenomenon will be held

on Sunday, March 18, 2018 at

Vodafone Event Centre, 770 Great

South Manukau, Auckland.

“Filmmaker and Social Activist

Ashoke Pandit will share the

platform with Kiwi Indian representatives.

The event is expected

to be attended by people of varied

ethnicity from both government

and nongovernment organisations

with multinational alliances,” he


“The discussion, from 230 pm to

4 pm, will be followed by a music

concert by Neerja Pandit.

Entry tickets, priced at $20 per

person are available,” Mr Ramji


For further details, please email

IANZ Immediate Past President

Veer Khar writes:

India is currently striving hard

to introduce a culture of innovations

and creativity.

Use of breakthrough technology,

new institutions and restructuring

of the processes have started showing

effectiveness in governance,

highlighted by the transparency

and accountability.

Among a few ground-breaking

efforts in this connection are

E-Market Platform; Smart

Communication- Mann Ki Baat;

Institutional Transformation – NITI

Aayog and Invest India; Dalit Fund

on the Social Front; Celebrate

India – International Yoga Day;

Easing Life Projects – Unnat Jyoti

or Railway Twitter Sewa are a few

of the ground-breaking efforts.

Courageous measures

Bold steps like demonetisation,

GST and facing up to the bullies

are positioning India at its due

pedestal. The corruption-free and

development-focused government

machinery is flushing the bad

eggs rapidly and the whole nation

seems to be determined to make

India the centre of the world


The Indian Diaspora and the

rest of the civilised world must

align themselves by being a part of

this process and contribute to the

major paradigm shift.

India is orchestrating a New

World Order where freedom and

prosperity go hand in hand - reaching


Humanity needs to shun

religious fundamentalism and

non-democratic governance to

save the perils of human rights

violations including displacements

and freedom-curbing authoritarianism.

About Ashoke Pandit

Ashoke Pandit is known for his

highly successful television series

such as ‘Filmi Chakkar’ (which

featured Satish Shah and Ratna

Pathak Shah, wife of Nazeeruddin

Shah), ‘Tere Mere Sapne,’ ‘Colgate

Top Ten,’ ‘Thriller at 10,’ ‘Rishte,’

and ‘Vilayati Babu.’

Beyond showbusiness, Ashoke is

a champion of social causes.

His documentary, based on the

exodus of Kashmiri Pandits, ‘And

the World Remained Silent’ portrayed

starkly the pain and pathos

of a community that was reduced

to the status of refugees. It received

a standing ovation at International

Film Festivals held in Goa and

Pune (India), Geneva (Switzerland),

the Mumbai Academy of Moving

Image and the House of Commons

in London. It also received the

‘Radio and TV Advertising Professionals

Association (RAPA) Award.

Ashoke’s second documentary,

‘Paani,’ based on the deluge that

Mumbai experienced on July 26,

2005, was an eye-opener.

His third documentary, ‘Village

of Widows,’ received the ‘Indian

Television Academy Award (ITA) in

the ‘Best Documentary Series).

Ashoke’s debut as a Director

in ‘Sheen,’ proved his courage

in dealing with real issues. The

film was based on the tension in

Kashmir and the resulting ouster

of Hindus was critically reviewed

as ‘hard-hitting’ and ‘bold.’

He recently lashed out at the

attackers of Sanjay Leela Bhansali

over the ‘Padmaavat’ controversy.

About Neerja Pandit

Neerja Pandit is an Indian

playback singer in Hindi film and

television music and a performer

at live shows and music concerts.

A postgraduate (MA) in Music

from Chandigarh University, she

has been trained by well-known

masters including Shambhunath

Sopori, Bhajan Sopori, Shambhu

Senji and Dhruba Ghosh.

Her voice can be heard on

popular television soaps including

‘Sarhad,’ ‘Tere Mere Sapne,’ ‘Mukkammal,’

‘Gul Gulshan Gulfam,’

‘Shapath,’ ‘Maharaja Ranjit Singh’

and ‘Filmi Chakkar.’

She has rendered songs

composed by Lalit Sen, Raju Singh,



Nadeem Shravan, M M Keeravani,

Roop Kumar Rathod, Shamir

Tandon and others.

Neerja is associated with Kashmiri

folk music. Her album credits

include ‘Cheshma bu Wondai,’

‘Yaadvotur,’ ‘Patram Pushpam,’

‘Kashmiri Club Mix,’ the last of

which aimed to acquaint the new

generation with the folklore of


She has performed in live concerts

with Bappi Lahiri, Nadeem

Shravan, Jatin Latin, Abhijeet and


MARCH 1, 2018

30 Classifiedlink/Entertainmentlink

Let us get ready for the finest ‘Lalgudi Bani’

Children of the great legend coming to Auckland

Venkat Raman

If you are aViolin maestro,

teacher, student or even a

casual observer, you would

certainly book seats at a

forthcoming music concert in


New Zealand Carnatic Music

Society (NZCMS) is organising a

Violin Duet by the Lalgudi siblings

Krishnan and Jayalakshmi on Saturday,

March 17, 2018 at 530 pm

at Blockhouse Bay Community

Centre, 524 Blockhouse Bay Road.

Arjun Kumar, one of the most

respected artistes, will accompany

them on the Mridangam.

NZCMS President Sreeranganath

Koilkandadai said that

tickets for the Concert, priced at

$25 for Non-Members and $15 for

Seniors and Children under 12

years of age.

“Entry is free for Members. The

Society organises at least three

major concerts every year with

free entry for members and reasonable

rates for Non-Members,

Seniors and Children,” he said.

The Lalgudi Tradition

The Lalgudi ‘Bani’ (style) is

unique in that it comes closest

to the Gayaki Style of musical

expression with the Sahitya and

the emotions embedded in the


Established and evolved by

Lalgudi Jayaraman, the ‘Lalgudi

Bani’ is atechnique viewed as a

means of projecting and expressing

melody. The Bani aspires to

make the Violin sing and this is

the focal point of its evolution.

The Bani is a blend of melody

and rhythm, each complimenting

the other, where rhythm,

however fascinating, bows down

necessarily to melody.

Krishnan and Vijayalakshmi

are leading exponents of the

Lalgudi style, which is characterised

by boundless innovation

while strictly adhering to tradition

and eloquently capturing

the mood and essence of any


Challenging Instrument

Violin is stated to be one of the

most challenging instruments,

mastering which is a gift, not

bestowed on every performer.

India has produced several

maestros who have captured

world audiences, foremost among

them being the late Lalgudi


Lalgudi Krishnan

On his heels comes his son

Lalgudi GJR Krishnan in whose

hands the Violin is stated to

gain special significance. As

his website says, “In the sphere

of Carnatic Music, his name is

instantly associated with melody,

rhythm, masterly technique on

the Violin and overall excellence.”

Krishnan belongs to the Saint

Thyagaraja lineage and was

raised in an atmosphere redolent

of sublime, divine music.

Krishnan has metamorphosed

into an outstanding musician.

He began his musical training

when he was just five years of age

under the watch of his illustrious

grandfather Lalgudi Gopala Iyer

and was honed to perfection by

his father.

His innate talent, natural

brilliance and musical ability

combined with focused training

and disciplined approach has

elevated him to amuch-sought

after artiste. Over the years, he

has carved an elevated niche for

himself as a global performer.

Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi

Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi is also a

worthy torch bearer of this great

Parampara. She has, over the

years, contributed to the continuation

of these unique Bani and

has accentuated its popularity.

The fifth-generation musician

in the family, Vijayalakshmi grew

up in an atmosphere of reverberating,

rich music. Early signs

of her musical inclinations were

apparent, when she was only two

years old when even then, she

could identify the solfa syllables

in any musical phrase.

Teenage debut

These early trends were

nurtured further when she

commenced her lessons at the age

of six under the watchful eyes of

her perfectionist father.

At the age of 13, she went on

stage for the first time with her


Since then, she has performed

regularly in violin duets and trios

with her father and brother.

Over the years, she has grown

into a mature artiste and a

violinist in her own right.

Her musical excellence, melody,

rhythm, style, technique and the

diligence with which she has

maintained stylistic grandeur is a

cornerstone of her success

She has a unique distinction of

being avocalist, again groomed

under the Lalgudi tradition,

gaining international recognition.

Siblings excel

In recent years, she has

accompanied several well-known

vocalists and instrumentalists.

Krishnan and Vijayalakshmi

have creditably internalised

exquisite quality of performing

on the Violin and are recognised

by the lay and the cognoscenti as

artistes of remarkable merit.

They maintain a judicial balance

of aesthetics and grammar,

not sacrificing one at the altar of

the other.

Editor’s Note: Information

obtained from the respective

websites of Krishnan and


Arjun Kumar

Bangalore Arjun Kumar is

a superb Mridangam artiste,

having enthralled music lovers

over the past four decades with

his inimitable style, novelty, fine

aesthetics and precision.

Born in a family of Mridangam

artistes, Kumar was initiated into

the art when he was just five

years old by his father Arjunan, a

very senior artiste.

Kumar was mentored by TAS

Mani and later came under the

tutelage of the Mridangam legend,

Umayalpuram KSivaraman.

New Zealand Carnatic Music


Auckland based New Zealand

Carnatic Music Society is a

registered body managed by

Carnatic Music enthusiasts, with

the primary objective of encouraging

young aspirants to achieve

qualifications and proficiency in

the fine art of South Indian music.

Among the highlights of its

activities are four monthly

programmes dedicated to the

Trinity of Carnatic Music Saint

Thyagaraja, Shyama Sastry and

Muthusamy Dikshitar; Purandara

Dasa and other composers.

Citadel of Learning

NZCMS is what CRajagopalachari

(Rajaji), Independent

India’s first and last Governor

General used to refer as ‘A Citadel

where the Traditional lamps keep

burning giving light and life to

every generation that comes into


In that spirit, the Society is the

cradle in which our young boys

and girls learn Carnatic Music.

Change of Name

I, Rishab S/O Sunil Kumar &Rekha Rani, R/O Unit 1/609, Manukau

Road, Epsom, Auckland 1023, New Zealand, have changed my name to

Rishab Singh for all future purposes.

I, Rekha Rani D/O Rajbir Singh Ahlawat &Urmila Arya, R/O Unit 1/609,

Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland 1023, New Zealand, have changed

my name to Rekha Singh for all future purposes.

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Business for Sale in Manurewa

With Liquor License and Kitchen and Bar; Big Hall for 150 people with

tables and chairs Low rent, water and electricity included;

Contact 021-02885955

Takeaways :

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Phone: 09 2590036

62 B Atkinson Avenue, Otahuhu, Auckland

Immigration Translation Centre

Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Urdu, Sinhalese, Arabic, etc.

Accurate, professional, prompt service by accredited translators.

Approved by LTSA/AA to translate driving licence.

Approved by Immigration New Zealand.

Birth Certificate -Marriage Certificate -Police Clearance Certificate -

Dipl omas - Letters etc.


181 Hobson Street Auckland City,

Phone (09) 3570922 or 021-488-525

MARCH 1, 2018

Renuga Veeran and her partner Leanne Choo at the Women’s Doubles held at Eastlink Badminton

Stadium in Hamilton. (Pictures Supplied)

Renuga to compete in

Commonwealth Games 2018

Edited Content

Melbourne-based Renuga

Veeran will compete

in the Commonwealth

Games 2018 to be held

from April 4 to April 15, 2018 in

Gold Coast, Australia.

The Malaysia-born Tamilian

decided to take a break from competitions

three years ago to focus

on her new family, having married

to a Tamilian New Zealander from


In her first competition after

re-entry, she was a Runners-Up in

Women’s Doubles at the 2017 Yonex-

/K&D Graphics International Series

at Los Angeles, USA in December


Games in New Zealand

She improved her game to win

the Championship of Women’s

Doubles at the Yonex North

Harbour International, Auckland on

February 4, 2018. She played with

her Badminton Partner Leanne

Choo against Setyana Mapasa and

Gronya Somerville.

In Victor Oceania Team Championship

2018 held in Hamilton, she

was a Runner-Up.

She has been representing

Australia since 2006 at the highest

level, such as the London Olympics

2012, Commonwealth Games 2014

Glasgow, Scotland and 2010 Delhi,


Coaching Session

While in Hamilton on February

5, 2018, Renuga conducted a special

coaching session for Junior Badminton

players of the Tamil Society

Waikato, attracting the attention

of the Badminton Australia and

Oceania Tournament officials.

Renuga is looking forward to

her visit to Malaysia in March to

meet and inspire some of the junior

players in Kuala Lumpur where

she was born and raised. Both her

parents were Badminton players.

Selvathurai Balasubramanian

(popularly known as ‘Uncle Bala’)

has been playing Badminton for

more than 45 years and is now the

coach for TSW Juniors. Currently

two players, Tebijan and Nithin

are representing the Waikato

Regional Under 15 Team.


Round the Bays gathers massive

support in Wellington

Participants get ready at the Start Point at Westpac Stadium (Picture Supplied)

Supplied Content

Cigna Round the Bays 2018

welcomed an impressive

14,455 people from around

the country to Wellington

to compete in the annual event

held on February 18, 2018, commencing

at Westpac Stadium.

Cigna New Zealand Head of

Sales & Marketing Suzanne de

Geus said that helping communities

maximise their health and

well-being is a priority for the


“It was fantastic to once again

see people come out and get involved

– whether it was running,

walking, pushing a buggy or this

year on a scooter,” she said.

Increasing numbers

About 14,455 people participated

in this year’s event, compared

to 14,300 people last year and

less than 14,000 in 2016. Of these,

2000 people took part in the Cigna

Achilles Half Marathon, 3600 in

the Bluebridge 10 km and 8855 in

the 6.5 km fun-run and Mitre 10

MEGA Buggy Walk.

Sport Wellington Chief

Executive Phil Gibbons said that

he and the wider team are proud

of consistently producing one of

New Zealand’s largest events of

its kind.

“We were focused on delivering

an event that was in keeping with

our vision that everyone in the

greater Wellington region has

a life-long involvement in sport

and active recreation. It was

great to see everyone come into

the City to enjoy a really fantastic

experience,” he said.

Charity benefits

Ms Geus said that Cigna was

delighted to present the event’s

official charity, Achilles New Zealand,

with a cheque for $20,000

during the event’s prize-giving.

“To reach our goal of raising

$20,000 for Achilles was terrific.


A huge thanks to the generous

donations and fundraising efforts

of race participants and the inclusion

of $1 from each registration

to the charity,” she said.

Achilles International New

Zealand National Manager

John Bowden said, “As a 100%

volunteer organisation, we

are reliant on this support and

hence are thankful to everyone

who helped us reach our target

amount. Together, you have supported

our work to help people

with disabilities get out and get

active – and experience the sense

of achievement in taking part in

mainstream running events such

as Cigna Round the Bays.”

The official results from the

day can be found on the official

Cigna Round the Bays’ event app.

Check out photos from the day

on Facebook @CignaRTB and

Instagram #CignaRTB.

About Cigna New Zealand

Cigna Life Insurance New

Zealand Ltd provides health,

wellness and sense of security

solutions. The Company has been

in operation in New Zealand for

about 100 years with in-depth

local consumer and industry

knowledge. It protects more than

500,000 New Zealanders with

insurance policies. Its products

and services include life, funeral,

income protection, trauma, accidental

death, cancer cover, travel

and bill protection insurance.

MARCH 1, 2018

32 Sportslink

Disappointing Cricket but another month remains

Apurv Shukla

Australia beat New

Zealand by 19 runs to

win the Tri-Series finals

at Auckland’s

Eden Park on February 21,


The Match was decided by

the Duckworth-Lewis method

due to interruptions by rain.

The 27-year-old opener

D’Arcy Short scored the highest

with 50 runs to help his

team lift the trophy.

For the Black Caps, the performance

of spinners Ish

Sodhi and Michell Santner

proved heartening, and are

another example of the growing

clout slow bowlers now

command in T20 Cricket.

Australia’s left arm spinner

Ashton Agar and England leggie

Adil Rashid also had a successful

tri series.

Auckland’s Martin Guptill

and Colin Munro gave good

starts to the Black Caps

throughout the event. Guptill’s

non-inclusion in any Indian

Premier League (IPL) side

though remains a puzzle.

(Photo Courtesy Black Caps Twitter)

Disappointing Series

For the Kiwis, the T20 format

has proved to adisappointment

all through the summer.

Starting with the series loss

to Pakistan, they won just one

match in this Tri-Series.

Critics have been quick to denounce

the performance of

both Captain Kane Williamson

and Coach Mike Hesson.

Questions have been raised

about Williamsons’ form, when

not opening in the shortest

form of the game. Calls have

been made to have acoach who

has played T20 Cricket.

This will also help manage

Hesson’s workload.

Weak Structure

The real reasons for the disappointing

run of the Black

Caps in T20 Cricket maybe because

of New Zealand’s weak

domestic T20 structure.

Australia’s team for this series

had just one player from

the team that won the Ashes

back last year, namely, Captain

David Warner.

The rest of the squad was

generally an inexperienced but

explosive mix of T20 players,

picked from the very successful

Australian Domestic T20 event-

Big Bash League (BBL).

This event has transformed

Australian Cricket.

It is proving as successful,

if not more, as International

Cricket played in the country.

BBL is attracting top players

from around the globe and is

being played to packed stadia.

These matches have had high

television rating.

Home events good

In comparison, New Zealand

plays a Super Smash domestic

T20 event, just as the international

team does. As well as attracting

international players,

even top Black Caps miss many


The event does not register in

the public conscience, thus having

an adverse impact on ticket

sales and television viewership.

Domestic events are the platform

players have to push for

national honours.

The stronger domestic cricket

becomes, the better the national

team does, as the talent

pool increases, and skill sets


Looking Ahead

England have turned around

their fortunes in Limited Overs

by playing an aggressive brand

of Cricket throughout the


This means opposition bowlers

are under pressure.

A successful day for the

English batsman means that no

score is safe against them and

the opposition gets daunting

figures to chase.

New Zealand’s One-Day

Series against them offers Black

Caps an excellent opportunity

to test their mettle against

the best team in Limited Overs

Cricket and an ideal start for

preparations to next year’s

World Cup.

Kiwi Cricket fans have another

month of exciting cricket

to watch before the Black Caps

home summer winds up.

D’Arcy Short was the top

scorer with 50 runs at the Tri-

Series finals at Eden Park.






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2. Business Excellence in Innovation

3. Business Excellence in Marketing

4. Business Excellence in Customer Service

5. Best Employer of Choice

6. Best Small Business

7. Best Medium Sized Business

8. Best Large Business

9. Business Excellence in Health &Safety (NEW)

10. Business Excellence in International Trade with India*

11. Best Accountant of the Year

12. Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year

13. Best Businesswoman of the Year

14. Best Financial Advisor (Mortgage) of the Year

15. Best Financial Advisor (Insurance) of the Year

Supreme Business of the Year Award

(All entries will be entered for this category)

For details contact

P OBox 82338 Highland Park, Manukau 2143

Phone (09) 5336377

Email: •

Conditions of Entry:

Entries and Nominations must be in electronic format sent by email. Those sent by post, fax or other means will not be accepted. The decision of the judges would be final and no correspondence will be entertained in this connection. The management and staff of Indian Newslink and the

supporting and sponsoring organisations are not eligible to enter the Awards.

* this category is open to all businesses registered in New Zealand, importing or exporting a

product or service from and to India or engaged in enrolling international students from India

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