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March 2018



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13 February – 31 March

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Welcome to the March 2018 Issue of CR5


CR5 is your local community magazine delivered FREE of charge every

month to 11,500 homes in Coulsdon, Old Coulsdon, Netherne, Hooley &


In loving memory of Jed - July 2004 - Feb 2018 Y

Welcome to the March 2018 issue of CR5


I hope you all had a nice February. It

was a very wet and cold month - but

hopefully now we can look forward to a

brighter spring.

The month of March brings Mothers Day

on 11th (see pages 78/79), St Patrick’s

Day on 17th and Easter weekend starting

Good Friday 30th March.

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your home this year, please do take a

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CR5 Magazine. The handy index is on

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Wishing you all a happy, and healthy


Warm regards

Lucy McAlpine

Editor CR5 Magazine

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Published by CR5 Magazine,

Hillside, Netherne Lane, Coulsdon,




@CR5 Magazine

Lucy McAlpine

Michelle Plant


Quirky Britain: A Wrose by any other name 8

Theatre Workshop Coulsdon: 1918 10-11

National Home Improvement Week 16

Furry Friends Animal Rescue 24

Animal Protection Trust 24

CR5 Trilogies Quiz 29

CR5 Recipe: Cajun Meatballs + Herb & Tomato Couscous 32

The Great British Spring Clean 36

CR5 Technology: Don’t have Mad March Hair! 40

CR5 Book review: March Medley 44

CR5 Health: World Bipolar Day 48

CR5 History: The History of Alice 56

CR5 Finance: Has your local bank closed down? 60

Getting in SHAPE 64

CR5 Travel: Madagascar “The Eighth Continent” 68

Coulsdon & Purley Debating Society 72

Heather Bailey runs London Marathon 76

Mothers Day 2018 78/79

CR5 Motoring: Lamborghini Urus 80

Mad as a March Hare 82

Coulsdon Library 84

CR5 Kids Page 86

Old Coulsdon Camera Club 87

Others First 87

CR5 Just for Fun Crossword 88

Trip Down Memory Lane 89

Easter Eggsrtavaganza 89

CR5 Community Pages 90-97

Index of Advertisers 98

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A walk in the woods, a day of fun, or a

weeks holiday ~ your dog becomes part

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Broken or misted sealed units

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Patio Doors

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**24hr Boarding Up Service**

Stoneyfield Road, Old Coulsdon

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Treat your Mum

in Grand style



y, 18th January



Mothers Starts fr

romday 5.30special pm to 10.30 brunch pm

Champagne brunch

Cost: £26.90 per person

One of the top 10 brunch in uk

On the(Daily 18th



2018 at

Karnav Brunch avar we 11am areto hosting 4pm a




Mothers day Brunch £30 pp

with a 4 course menu.

Champagne Brunch £50 pp


vations fo

or the evening are

5pm to now 10pm being Mothers taken day

Sharing set Menu £30 pp

Mothers Day

Valenties Day



now being taken

Bookings now being taken


Log into

IN THE PURLEY PAGES CALL : 0208 773 4737

your local community website!

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A Wrose by

any other

name …

by Kate McLelland

If British towns and villages lived

up to their names, you could visit

Coat or Matching Tye to buy a

new outfit then pop along to

Fryup to satisfy your Greedy Gut,

before heading to the pub to

Guzzle Down a pint of Beer.

You may think these are all places

invented by the late Sir Terry

Pratchett, but in fact the names

mentioned here belong to real

villages in Devon, Essex, Norfolk,

Somerset and Yorkshire.

The UK’s roads are littered

with signposts pointing out

destinations that sound funny,

rude or – let’s face it – utterly

weird. But if you’ve ever

wondered why the original

residents chose to burden their

home town or village with such

a name, the answer is, they

probably didn’t. Since the name

first appeared hundreds or

even thousands of years ago,

it is likely to have undergone a

gradual transformation, being

mispronounced or added to by

each new group of settlers.

The British are fond of boasting

that the UK hasn’t been invaded

since 1066, but we tend to ignore

the invasions that occurred

before that date, often displacing

the Celtic peoples who first made

their homes here. The Romans,

the Anglo-Saxons, the Norsemen

(or Vikings) and the Normans

were all keen to put their own

particular stamp on the land,

and the result is a cultural jigsaw

puzzle where villages and towns

with names rooted in different

languages can be found within

the same county.



Our place names were originally

descriptive: a combination

of many different pieces of

information, including the

geographical characteristics of

the land, residents’ names or

occupations and the religion they


The Anglo Saxons were practical

in their approach to naming,

describing geographical features

or the size or type of settlement

a traveller could expect to find.

The Dorset village of Scratchy

Bottom – voted second in a 2012

poll to discover Britain’s worst

place name – refers to a hollow

place in the landscape where the

soil is rough. Some other Anglo

Saxon location words (familiar in

the make-up of many UK place

names) are: ‘barrow’ (meaning a

wood); ‘bury’ (a fortified place);

‘ford’ (a shallow river crossing);

‘mere’ (a lake); and ‘port’ (a

market town). The modern city

name Birmingham is made up

of three different elements: the

given name Beorma, the word

‘inga’ (meaning family or tribe)

and ‘ham’, meaning homestead.

The Normans were known to

rename places to suit their own

tastes. For example a village

in Essex known as Fulepet

(‘foul pit’ in Anglo Saxon) was

renamed as Beaumont (‘fair hill’),

while Beaulieu (‘fine place’) in

Hampshire was given its name by

a Norman French landowner who

loved the landscape.


If you’ve ever passed through

the village of Indian Queens

in Cornwall, you may have

wondered how it got its exotic

name. Some locals like to believe

a visit by the American Indian

princess Pocahontas in the 17th

century inspired the name. The

alternative (and probably more

believable) theory is that the

village once had an inn called The

Indian Queens.

Queen Camel in Somerset also

hints at a royal connection.

Unfortunately the ‘camel’ in

question is not an animal but a

combination of two Celtic words:

‘Canto’ (meaning ‘district’) and

‘mael’ (‘bare hill’). Fast forward

to the 13th century and the

word ‘Queen’ (or more probably

‘Queen’s’) was added when

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Queen Eleanor, wife of Henry III,

became the owner of the village

and surrounding lands.


Our town and village names also

reflect the country’s religious

history, acknowledging the

worship of pagan gods and

goddesses as well as Christian

saints. The war god Woden

is reflected in the name

Wednesfield (West Midlands)

and Wodnesfeld (Essex), while

Thursley in Sussex was originally

a sacred spot for the worship

of the god Thunor (the name

means ‘Thunor’s Grove’).

Throughout the UK you’ll also

find ancient villages linked to

church names. This often occurs

when a settlement becomes

large enough to warrant the

development of a second church.

The village is then divided by

its church name, for example,

Chalfont St Giles and Chalfont

St Peter.

If you live in an oddly-named

place you’ll probably have

learned to put up with outsiders

poking fun, but for some the

teasing can get a little too

much. In 2012 the town of

Staines – much derided by Sacha

Baron-Cohen’s comic invention

Ali G – voted to change its name

to ‘Staines-upon-Thames’ in an

effort to improve its image. So

why don’t residents of our more

oddly titled towns and villages

do the same?

We can only conclude that they

love their quirky designations

and don’t want to alter them.

After all, these colourful names

provide an insight into the

earliest origins of our cities,

towns and villages, reflecting

the different cultures that

helped to establish their unique

character. It would be a sad day

for all of us if they were replaced

by something more bland or

politically correct.

Anyone fancy a trip to Great


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MARCH 17, 18, 22, 23

Performances at 8pm


Performances at 3pm and 8pm



07709 266 728

T H E A T R E W O R K S H O P C O U L S D O N - I N V E N T E D 1 9 7 0. R E - I N V E N T E D W I T H E V E R Y S H O W

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100 years ago the Great War entered its last few months.

Victory was close. But for who? And at what cost?

The world would never be the same again.

The social landscape of Britain altered forever.

Using songs, readings, poetry and drama, much of it original,

Theatre Workshop Coulsdon explores this final year of tears

and revolution, and looks beyond, to see the impact that this

bloody clash of empires made on the century that followed.

An exhibition on the First World War and the

fallen soldiers of Coulsdon, curated by local researchers, will

accompany the production.

The production takes place at the


Barrie Close, Chipstead Valley Road, Coulsdon CR5 3BE

Hot, cold and alcoholic drinks, plus a range of sweets and snacks,

will be available from the kitchen from about an hour before

curtain up at each performance.

Audience seating is on a first come first served basis,

so please come early to ensure a good seat,

For those driving, there is a large free car park at the Centre.

For those using public transport, the 166 bus stops close by and

Woodmansterne railway station is only a short walk away.

We look forward to seeing you.

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292


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Get DIY ready for National

Home Improvement Week

12th to 18th March

at Coulsdon Home Hardware

Spring is traditionally the time of year when

many of us turn our thoughts to DIY.

Of course, for some, thinking about it is

often as far as it goes, while for others the

prospect of warmer weather and longer daylight

hours is all it takes to get us reaching into the

shed for tools kits and paintbrushes.

But whether you need a bit of added incentive or

just can’t wait to tackle a new project, National Home Improvement Week, which runs from

the 12th tothe 18th March 2018 inclusive, just ahead of the Easter holidays, is not to be missed.

At Coulsdon Home Hardware COULSDON we will be joining DIY retailers nationwide as well as

leading industry names and top brands in the home improvements market to inspire, educate

and support DIY’ers of all skills and abilities to ‘Love The Home You Live In’.

Co-ordinated by the British Home Enhancement Trade Association (BHETA), this is a first

dedicated event for the industry, and we are really excited to be involved.

Visit the dedicated website full of ideas and information,

blogs, social media links and ‘how to’ videos.

Useful advice on a multitude of topics including traditional ‘old school’ DIY and gardening

techniques together with crafts and upcycling projects. We hope to tempt a new generation

of would-be home-improvers to master fresh skills and discover a rewarding, fun and practical


At Coulsdon Home Hardware our staff will be on hand to offer additional advice and support

to everyone who feels inspired by National Home Improvement Week, by guiding them

through the wide range of quality products and helping to make informed choices.

National Home Improvement Week will certainly have something for everyone,showcasing

new ideas, new products and a wealth of inspiration for tackling projects large and small,

inside and outside the home. There’s never been a better time to DIY!

Pick up your

FREE Dulux

dog with this

voucher in store

(While stocks last)

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Come in and

have a look!


Centre &






22-24 Chipstead Valley Rd, Coulsdon CR5 2RA

020 8660 9287

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W. Brown is a family run business that has been operating for over 35

years and have extensive knowledge of roofing and building.

We offer a reliable and professional service throughout Surrey and London

where our main objective is customer satisfaction.

Work undertaken includes:


24 Hour Call Out ● Free Estimates

0208 660 0076 - Office

07534 282525 - Ellis Brown

07836 789769 - Wayne Brown


114 The Glade, Coulsdon. CR5 1SN

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in this space for as little as

£32 per month + VAT

(minimum booking period 3 months)

Call 01737 557888

or email

Tel: 020 8660 2174 | Visit:

Audio & Visual


Internet & Wifi


CCTV, Alarms,

Access Security

Clever Home











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Made to Measure curtains & soft furnishings, blinds, cushions & poles. Experienced design & technical

advice and a professional fitting service. All in the comfort of your own home.


A unique, reliable & independent business offering quality made to measure curtains, blinds and soft furnishings. The

Mobile Curtain Studio visits you in your own home, at a time to suit you, bringing 1000's of designer, non-designer,

classic & contemporary fabrics. You can choose different fabrics from the mobile shop and display them in your own

room, where you can confidently match colours and patterns to your existing interior. We can offer design tips, provide

a professional measuring service as well as offer technical advice.

Call us today to find out more.

To read our testimonials and see photos of our work, visit our website

web: email:

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NPTC Arboriculture, National Diploma Landscape & Horticulture (Merrist Wood)

Your Local Trusted Tradesman

We are a small family business, committed to our customer

satisfaction, providing high quality services at competitive prices.

Check out our customer testimonials on our website and


“We were so impressed with the work carried out on our property. The men

that turned up over the course of the 3 days worked so hard in the snow

and constant rain. The area they worked on looks great and they left the

garden immaculate. We would highly recommend them (and have done so

already) and will be asking them back to complete more work on our

garden in the new year. Thank you! - Caterham Customer December 2017

The services we offer include:

tree pruning

tree removal – specialists in section felling

planting and aftercare

hedge cutting

crown reductions, lifting and thinning

stump grinding

grounds maintenance for commercial and domestic clients



Fully insured and qualified. Free quotations and advice.

Recommendations on request.

Contact Chris on: 01737 555192 or 07500 193383

£60 per bulk bag, with FREE local delivery

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Independent Catholic Primary School for boys and girls aged 3-11 years

Catholic Independent Primary School for boys and girls aged 3-11 years

Catholic Independent




Peaks Primary

Hill, Purley,

Hill, School


Purley. for




CR8 and


girls 3JJ


aged 3-11 years

29 Peaks Hill, Purley,



3JJ. 0208 660 3351

0208 660 3351 email:


educational development email:

of children in

‘The “The educational the EYFS development setting development is excellent.’ of children of children in the in

the EYFS setting is is excellent” excellent.’

Children love to explore the world we

live Children in and love here to at explore Laleham the Lea world we use we

Science, live in and here Technology, at Laleham Engineering, Lea we use

the Science, Arts and Technology, Maths (STEAM) Engineering, subjects

across the Arts the and curriculum Maths (STEAM) to inspire subjects and

encourage across the pupils curriculum to get to to inspire grips with and

these encourage key areas pupils of to learning. get to grips with

these key areas of learning.

Contact Mrs Edwards in the school

office Contact now Mrs to Edwards book a tour in and the secure school

your office child’s now to book place a for tour 2018/2019. and secure

Tel: your 0208 child’s 660 3351. place for 2018/2019.

Tel: 0208 660 3351.

At Laleham Lea we firmly believe in putting the child

at the centre of everything we do.

From the warm welcome as you walk throug the

door in the morning to the playground where all

ages play, run and socialise together as one happy


Bright, light filled classrooms and enthusiastic,

experienced teachers engage young minds’ thirst

for knowledge, helping each developing individual to

reach their full potential and untimately move on to

the school of their choice.

Contact Mrs Edwards in the school office now

to book a tour and secure your child’s place for

2018/2019 . Tel: 0208 660 3351

Limited places




remaining WEEK for

remaining for





- 11.30 am

March 12th-16th 2018

We look forward to welcoming you to our school

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292


Milan Design


Personalised Consultation • Occasional Wear • Cocktail Wear • Jewellery

Smart Casual Ranges • Shoes and Handbags • Control Underwear

Spring Collection

Opening Hours: 9:30am to 5:00pm - Monday to Friday • 9.30am to 5:30pm - Saturday / 01883 332 888

22 Chaldon Road, Caterham, Surrey, CR3 5PE * FREE parking at rear

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A wide range of fresh and frozen seafood

and shellfish available from around the world

Open Wednesday to Friday 10:30am - 4:30pm

Saturday 08:00am - 12:00pm

Imperial House, Redlands, Coulsdon, Surrey CR5 2HT

Tel: 07939 278485 or 0208 668 0931

CR5 Trilogies Quiz


1. Who wrote the Tilly Trotter trilogy, consisting of novels called

Tilly Trotter, Tilly Trotter Wed and Tilly Trotter Widowed?

2. What was the first film trilogy to have all three of its films

nominated for a Best Picture Oscar?

3. Inspiring the name of the oldest daily newspaper in France, what is the name of

the main character in a trilogy of 18th century plays by Pierre Beaumarchais?

4. In the 1980s, which British author wrote Berlin Game, Mexico Set and London

Match, a trilogy of spy novels known as the Game, Set and Match trilogy?

5. In the 1970s, who collaborated with Brian Eno to record the albums Low, Heroes

and Lodger, which became known collectively as the Berlin Trilogy?

6. Which trilogy of novels by Suzanne Collins is set in a nation called Panem?

7. Written by Eoin Colfer and published in 2009 on the thirtieth anniversary of the

first book, And Another Thing is the sixth novel in which other author's

so-called "trilogy of five parts"?

8. Which 2013 film was advertised as "the epic conclusion to the trilogy of

mayhem and bad decisions"?

9. Published in 2002, what was the title of the first in a trilogy of books by

Jennifer Worth that was centred around her work in the East End of London in

the 1950s?

10. Dad’s Army was the first of what is regarded as writer David Croft’s trilogy of TV

sitcoms set during World War Two. Name the other two sitcoms that make up

this trilogy.

Answers on page 88

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WES Electrical Fuse Board Offers are Back!

Does your fuseboard look like this?

Do you still have fusewire?

If YES then you could replace

it with a 17 th edition

MCB/RCD Consumer Unit

Car Charging

Points at Home

Electric Car


£595 + VAT

Your fuseboard is the fi rst line of defence to protect

your wiring system and prevent the chance of

electric shock- how safe is yours?

Replacement Consumer Unit


Earth Bonding & certificate

Multi Room Audio/Music Systems

Sky/Multi Room Visual Systems

Home Automation & Energy Saving Systems

Central Heating & Wiring of Central Heating Systems

Periodic Inspections/Testing & Issuing of Certificates

Cooker Circuits/Kitchen Circuits/ Bathroom Circuits


Main Earthing & Earthing of Gas and Water Services


Fire Alarm Installations/Smoke detectors


Changing of consumer units

plus Music Control

Full re-wires/ part re-wire

Changing Sockets

of your Speakers


Andrew Young

Garden Electrics

Fault Finding

07767 423261 Mobile

CAT 6 Internet Points

01737 555300 Offi ce

BT Points

Aerial Points

75 Tollers Lane, Old Coulsdon, CR5 1BF

Full Public Liability Insurance


Professional Indemnity Insurance

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Cajun Meatballs

with Herb & Tomato Couscous

Serves 4

Ready in 45 minutes

Mince always makes a

great speedy supper –

here lean pork mince

is spiced up with Cajun

seasoning and rolled

into meatballs.


• 450g lean minced pork

• ½ red onion, peeled and

finely chopped

• 1 garlic clove, peeled and


• 25g fresh white breadcrumbs

• 2 tsp Cajun seasoning (see


• Salt and freshly ground black


• 1 tbsp freshly chopped


• 1 tbsp sunflower oil


• 225g couscous

• ½ red onion, finely chopped

• 8 sun-blush tomatoes,

drained and chopped

• 3 tbsp freshly chopped


• 2 tbsp olive oil


To make the meatballs, place the

pork, onion, garlic, breadcrumbs,

Cajun seasoning and coriander in a

food processor. Season well with

salt and freshly ground black pepper

and process for a few seconds until

thoroughly mixed. Alternatively, mix

well with clean hands.

Shape the mixture into 24 meatballs.

Heat the oil in a large non-stick frying

pan and fry the meatballs for 10-15

minutes until browned and cooked

through. Shake the pan frequently to

turn the meatballs.

Meanwhile, place the couscous in

a large bowl and pour over enough

boiling water to just cover the grains.

Leave to soak for about 10 minutes

until all the liquid has been absorbed.

Separate the grains by stirring with

a fork. Add the onion, tomatoes,

coriander and olive oil and season to

taste with salt and freshly ground black


Divide the hot couscous between four

serving bowls. Thread the cooked

meatballs onto metal skewers and serve

on top of the couscous.

Cajun seasoning is a spicy blend of

spices, chilli powder and herbs such as

thyme and oregano. You’ll find it on the

spice racks in the supermarket.

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From a simple door swap to

a full replacement kitchen





Why replace when

you can reface?

• Trusted reputation

• Made to measure, custom-built

doors & units

• Large choice of doors, worktops,

and accessories

• UK’s leading kitchen facelift expert



020 8656 7987

Visit our showroom:

159 Shirley Road, Shirley,

Croydon CR0 8SS

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292


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The Great

British Spring


The Great British Spring Clean

campaign, which is taking place

on 2 - 4th March, has a simple

aim: to bring people across

the country together to clear

up the litter that blights our

towns, villages, countryside and


The campaign is organised by

Keep Britain Tidy, an independent

charity working towards

eliminating litter, ending waste

by creating sustainable practices,

and improving our beaches, parks

and streets.


The goal of the Great British

Spring Clean is to inspire 500,000

people to get outdoors, get active

and help clear up the rubbish

around them, so that they can

‘live and work in places that they

can be proud of and prosper in.’

The campaign works with

individuals, businesses,

organisations and public

bodies, and has some big-name

supporters including Coca-Cola

Great Britain, Lidl, McDonalds,

Wrigley, Costa, Iceland, KFC,

Greggs, Stagecoach, the RSPCA,

the RSPB and the Marine

Conservation Society.


‘Join our growing army of

#LitterHeroes who have had

enough of other people’s litter

and are willing to do something

about it,’ urges the campaign’s

statement. ‘Together we can

make a difference and clean

up the environment on our


You can do some litter-picking

by yourself or with friends and

family, although make sure you

stay safe, particularly if you’re

litter-picking near roads. If you

prefer to join an organised event

or group, the campaign page

has a handy map of what’s on

– and you can also enter your

postcode to discover events

taking place near you. Visit www.


At Killingbeck in Leeds, for

instance, the plan is to clean

up the local nature reserve,

making ‘the green space on their

doorstep’ a nicer, safer place for

both people and wildlife. There

are also plans to do a litter pickup

in the areas covered by Leeds

Health Walks. Meanwhile, Belper

claims to be planning its biggest

litter-pick ever on the 3rd March,

with several sites targeted for

clean ups.

There are lots of events on the

map already – just click on a

virtual map pin to see a snippet

appear, then click the snippet

heading to find out exactly where

and when the event is taking



The more adventurous of you

may like to combine litter-picking

with sightseeing, exercise or


Wayne Dixon, whose adventures

can be tracked by following @

WayneKoda on Twitter, is walking

and litter-picking his way around

the 7,500 miles of Britain’s

coastline accompanied by his

dog, Koda. He is raising money for

Mind and North Inuit Dogs while

also supporting Keep Britain Tidy

and their Great British Spring

Clean campaign. It’s a cause dear

to his heart and Koda’s, as Koda

nearly lost a leg when he was

injured by a discarded can. You

may not have a few years to spare

to follow in Wayne’s footsteps,

but a shorter coastal excursion

could be fun.

If you like to be on the water

rather than walking beside it, you

could join the Plastic Patrol, as

featured on The Russell Howard

Hour. The group paddleboard the

waterways of Britain removing

discarded plastic. ‘We’ll supply

the litter pickers, refuse sacks and

we’ll even dispose of everything

you find – just come along, do

your bit and have fun.’ Visit www. and click on

‘clean-up events’ to find one near


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Recognised by most major healthcare insurers including AXA PPP,

AVIVA, Cigna, Allianz, Simply Health etc.

● Professional & friendly Practice

● Use variety of techniques to treat

all ages - Structural Osteopathy

(soft tissue / manipulation),

Cranial Osteopathy, Westernised

Acupuncture, Photobiomodulation/

Low Level Laser Therapy

● Treatment of pain and stiffness

including neck, back, joints,


injuries, repetitive strain

injuries, postural and tension

headaches etc.

19 Woodplace Lane, Coulsdon, Surrey, CR5 1NE

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Over 40 years


Small, friendly,

family run business

(Father and Daughter)

based in Epsom

Over 900+ Customer reviews

We bring 100’s of samples & colours

to you, all at competitive prices



0800 999 1900

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New Sunday Lunch Menu

Sunday Lunch 12:00—2:30pm

Three course traditional Sunday Lunch plus

Sunday Specials with vegetarian options

and children’s menu

£21.95 per adult, £9.95 per child (under 12’s)

Easter Sunday Lunch 1st April 2018

Book now to avoid disappointment

Coulsdon Manor Hotel & Golf Club, Coulsdon Court Road, Old Coulsdon, CR5 2LL

020 8668 0414

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In the old days, we had combs, brushes and curling

tongs – and that was about it. Now there’s more

tech than you can shake a GHD straightener at,

all of it promising to deliver luscious locks or

silky-smooth skin. So which technology is

actually worth having for your hair?

There are two kinds of gadgets: gadgets

for getting rid of hair you don’t want,

and gadgets for mak-ing the hair

you do want look better. In the first

camp we’ve long had electric razors,

epilators and little personal trimmers,

but lately they’ve been joined by lasers —

well, light treatment anyway. Intense Pulsed Light

(IPL) is one of the gentlest hair removal methods

around, but you can’t do it if you’re about to go

somewhere sunny, and it doesn’t work on lighter

hair or very dark skin.

Beware of any firm claiming to offer laser treatment

from home devices: laser is a more powerful IPL

and it’s the preserve of salon machines costing five


The best known IPL system is probably

Philips’ Lumea, whose products are

around the £250 - £350 mark. That’s a

lot of money for a gadget, but if you

have the right skin tone and hair colour

it means no ingrowing hairs, waxing

or other unpleasantness. It’s safe

everywhere, too.

What about the hair you do want?

The same pseudo-science that infests

beauty products is in hair care too,

with lots of big and clever-sounding

nonsense trying to convince us that a

hairdryer is more than just a hairdryer.

Sometimes a hairdryer is all you need.

The biggest name in high-tech hairdryer

technology is Dyson, whose unlovely

(is it just us? It looks like, well,



The gadgets for trimming, taming, styling and straightening

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Dyson) but very effective Supersonic costs £299.

It’s very powerful, very quiet and stays cool to

the touch, although we can’t help thinking we’re

basically holding a hand dryer next to our heads.

More modest technologies can make a big

difference too. Straighteners with

adjustable tempera-tures can

help prevent

too much frizz,

especially with hair

you’ve coloured, and straightening brushes such

as BaByliss’s £50 2440BDU put the heat inside

the hairbrush to great effect. The same firm

has embraced the other big trend in haircare:

straighteners that also style. The Smooth & Wave

Secret isn’t cheap – at £129.99 it’s up there with

the luxury brands such as GHD – and it looks like a

weapon, but it’s enormously clever: hair is drawn

into its ceramic chamber, held and preheated, and

then it either uses Smooth Mode to straighten or

Wave Mode for waves and curls. It goes up to 230

degrees for even the most untamed hair and takes

just 15 seconds to warm up. That’s important: some

rivals don’t like to point out that by the time their

straighteners reach peak temperature, you could

probably have grown a beard.

It’s very important to shop around for products

like the ones we’ve mentioned, as — with the

exception of Dyson, which keeps a firm hold on its

prices — they’re subject to constant aggressive

discounting by supermarkets, beauty shops and

online sellers. And it pays to be flexible when it

comes to specific brands: the difference in price

between Brand A with nice packaging and the

slightly less cute Brand B can be staggering.


1. Philips Lumea IPL system 2. Dyson Supersonic

3. BaByliss diamond heated brush

4. BaByliss Smooth & Wave

01737 215 481

10% OFF

Minimum order applies

Made to Measure Curtains

Venetian & Roller Blinds


Soft furnishings


Interior Design

Spatial Planning

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Fully Qualified Local Tradesman

All Carpentry Work Undertaken

Kitchen Design, Supply and Fitting

Storage Solutions, Shelving and Cupboards

Door Hanging, Window Fitting, Flooring

1 st & 2 nd Fix Carpentry

External Carpentry

General Maintenance

07891 736702

Free Estimates

Fully Insured

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292


Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, SRA no. 00638162

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The largest range of ink cartridges in the local

area - original brand and remanufactured

cartridges. We also stock photo and plain

papers for your machine, just give us a call and

we can advise you as to what paper is correct

for your machine.

We can even fit the cartridges if you’re having trouble.

Just bring the machine and leads to our shop - by appointment



170-172 Brighton Road • Coulsdon CR5 2NE

Tel: 020 8668 1411

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March Medley

This month’s

collection of recent

releases includes

modern fairy tales, a

psychological thriller

and historical fiction

at its finest.

The Toymakers

– Robert Dinsdale

It’s 1917 and pregnant teenager

Cathy Wray seeks sanctuary at

a London toy store. She soon

discovers that these toys are unlike

any she’s ever seen before.

There’s a clockwork dog that’s

devoted to his master, paper

trees that grow from seed, and

toy soldiers that wage battles on

their own. Cathy learns to call The

Emporium home, and the people

who own it her family. But then

the First World War breaks out,

and nothing will ever be quite as

magical again. The Toymakers is

a must for fans of Erin Morgenstern’s

The Night Circus.

The Sacrifice Box

– Martin Stewart

Five friends make a pact one summer’s

day, when they find an old

stone box in the woods. Several

years later, one of them breaks

the rules and dark forces are unleashed,

including a killer teddy

bear, zombie crows and a demonic

puppet. The five must put aside

their differences and come together

to appease the box before

it’s too late. Aimed at teens and

young adults, The Sacrifice Box is

a winning blend of coming of age

drama and supernatural horror.

Happiness For Humans

– P.Z. Reizen

Romantic comedy meets sci-fi

in this enjoyable novel. Aiden’s

creators know that he’s an intelligent

piece of software, which can

read books in under a millisecond,

review films and tell jokes. What

they don’t know is that Aiden has

developed feelings, or that his

favourite person is Jen, who helps

develop Aiden’s conversational

skills. Aiden decides Jen would

be happier in a relationship, so

sets her up on a date. But Aiden

isn’t the only intelligent AI on the

loose, and not all of them have

such good intentions.

White Chrysanthemum –

Mary Lynn Bracht

Approximately 200,000 young

Korean women and girls were

enslaved by the Japanese army in

the Second World War. Thousands

of these ‘comfort women’ died

from the abuse they experienced.

White Chrysanthemum tells the

fictional story of 15 year old Hana,

who is kidnapped after stepping

in to rescue her little sister, Emi.

Several decades later, we meet

Emi in her desperate last attempt

to find out what happened to

Hana all those years ago. While

White Chrysanthemum is, at

times, painful to read, it’s impossible

to put down and a must-read

for lovers of historical fiction.

The Beginning of the

World in the Middle of the


– Jen Campbell

This collection of modern fairy

tales is dark, twisted and beautiful,

and range from the macabre

to the heart-warming. You’ll read

about a mermaid in an aquarium,

a boy who suspects his sister has

two souls, and a man who uses

animal hearts to keep his girlfriend’s

love. There are elements

of well-known myths and fairy

stories, but this collection is more

Brothers Grimm than Disney. Captivating.

Everything Is Lies – Helen


Sophia arrives home one day to

find her mother dead and her

father lying in a pool of blood.

The police are convinced it’s a

clear case of attempted murder-suicide,

and Sophia is the only

one who can prove her mother’s

innocence. As she delves into her

mother’s past, she uncovers tales

of a secret cult, and learns more

about her family, and herself, than

she could ever have imagined. A

tense psychological thriller with

plenty of twists and turns.

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07946 549459 / 020 8660 8308

Misted or Cracked glass units replaced

Window hinges, handles, locks

Door handles & locks

A walk in the woods, a day of fun, or a

weeks holiday ~ your dog becomes part

of our family !

Letterboxes & cat flaps

Conservatory repairs / Glass roofs

High Security Composite doors A Rated

Call Karen 07958 140608

For All Your Glazing & window requirements

Friendly local family run business

Free Estimates

All works fully insured: 10 year guarantee

Office: Woodcote Grove, Coulsdon, Surrey CR5 2AG

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Mother’s Day Lunch

Sunday 11th March

Give Mum a day off….

bring her to Surrey National or

Westerham Golf Club to

celebrate Mother’s Day!

Enjoy a delicious 3 Course

Carvery prepared by our chefs

Choice of Starters & Desserts


Coffee & Mints to follow

Only £26.95 per person

(children under 12 £13.50)

(including a free giſt for Mum!)

01883 344 555

01959 567 100

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Health By

World Bipolar Day

World Bipolar Day on 30th March

aims to educate the world about

bipolar disorder, which affects

1-2% of the world’s population.


Bipolar disorder, once known

as manic depression, is a condition

that causes your mood

and behaviour to veer from low

and lethargic to euphoric and

overly-energetic (‘manic’). These

swings can be frequent or only

occur every few months, with or

without stable periods in

between. For some sufferers,

either depressive episodes or

manic phases predominate.

In ‘mixed state’ bipolar,

depressive and manic symptoms

are experienced together, while

‘rapid cycling’ involves repeated,

rapid swings between high and

low phases without stable

periods in between.



Chemical imbalances in the brain,

genetic factors, extreme stress

and trauma can all contribute.

Long-term cannabis use seems

to trigger bipolar in vulnerable


Bipolar disorder affects people of

all ages and backgrounds.

However, it more commonly

develops at 15-19 years of age and

rarely develops after 40.



The nature of bipolar disorder

Alison Runham

means sufferers can find it hard

to acknowledge symptoms and

accept the concerns or help of


Depressive phase symptoms


• irritability

• lacking energy and appetite

• memory and concentration


• lethargy

• feelings of worthlessness, guilt

or despair

• pervasive pessimism

• hallucinations (visual, auditory

and olfactory) and illogical/

delusional thinking

• difficulty sleeping

• suicidal thoughts

Manic phase symptoms include:

• feeling elated and energetic

• talking very quickly

• feeling self-important

• having impulsive new plans

• being easily distracted, irritated

or agitated

• hallucinations, delusions and

illogical thinking

• not feeling like sleeping or


• making uncharacteristic

decisions or statements that

concern others or have

disastrous consequences (e.g.

excessive spending sprees)

Bipolar symptoms may affect your

driving. You must inform the DVLA

(Driver and Vehicle Licensing

Agency) of your diagnosis.



If you or those around you are

worried about your symptoms,

your GP can refer you to a

psychiatrist. They may also do

tests to rule out physical

conditions that can cause similar

symptoms, such as thyroid


Treatments for bipolar disorder

aim to reduce its effects and

alleviate symptoms.

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• Lifestyle changes. The right

nutrients, exercise and sleep

can help, as can avoiding stress

and focusing on activities that

give you a sense of achievement

or calm. A medical professional

can advise you on how to

recognise triggers of your

depressive or manic episodes,

and prepare for and prevent


• Medication. Depending on your

symptoms, this can include

mood stabilisers,

antipsychotics, antidepressants,

anxiolytics (to treat anxiety) or

sleeping tablets.

• Talking therapies/counselling.

This can help you manage

depression and get perspective

on troubling thoughts and


If you have severe bipolar that

doesn’t respond to medication,

ECT (electro-convulsive

therapy) may be suggested. ECT

performed in today’s hospitals

is tightly regulated and can be a

highly effective treatment.

When symptoms are severe, you

may not be able to look after

yourself or make judgements

about your treatment. You can

write an ‘advanced directive/

decision’, which explains your

treatment wishes, in case you

can’t communicate this later.

Your GP or psychiatrist can help.


The Samaritans www.samaritans.

org; Tel: 116 123 from any phone

to talk confidentially 24 hours

a day, 7 days a week, free of


Bipolar UK: supporting bipolar

sufferers, and their families and

carers.; Tel:

0333 323 3880.

Mind: advice and support for anyone

experiencing mental health


Tel: 0300 123 3393.

Saturday 24th March 2018, 10am - 2pm

Oasis Academy Coulsdon, Internet Café

Join us for a delicious variety of cakes, tea and coffee, and lots of laughter.

Students and staff at the Academy have pledged to raise at least £500 for Make a

Wish to help the wishes come true for children in our local community who are

living with life threatening illnesses.

Please support us and help make a difference. We look forward to welcoming you.

To find out more call 01737 551161

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292


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Professional Treatment for;

Low Back Pain

Neck Pain

Trapped Nerves (Sciatica)


Shoulder Pain

Hip & Knee Pain

Sporting Injuries

Ankle & Foot Problems

Repetitive Strain Injury


Registered Osteopaths:

Mr Jitendra Vara

Mr James Marro

Miss Lucinda Johnston

Miss Emilie Roddie

Recognised by BUPA, PPP AXA, HSA & most major health insurance companies

107 Coulsdon Road

(opposite Tudor Rose Pub),

Old Coulsdon. CR5 1EH

Tel : 01737 551743

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147 Brighton Road, Coulsdon,

Surrey, CR5 2NJ.

T: 020 8660 1072

M: 07947 343271


Garden Clearance • Waste Removal • Painting and Decorating

Gutter Cleaning • Window Cleaning Carpet Cleaning • Pressure Washing

Graffiti Removal • House Clearances • Drain Unblocking • House Cleaning

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The History of Alice By Catherine Rose

Screenshot of Alice from the trailer for the film

Alice in Wonderland (1951)

The Mad March Hare is a character

from folklore that was forever

immortalised by the Reverend

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, also

known as author Lewis Carroll, in

his classic children’s novel Alice

in Wonderland. It was written for

Alice Liddell, a friend’s daughter

who looked nothing like Sir John

Tenniel’s famous illustrations. So,

who was the real Alice?

Alice Pleasance Liddell,

who later became Hargreaves

when she married the Hampshire

cricketer Reginald Hargreaves,

was born on 4th May 1852 in

Westminster, London. She was

the fourth child of ten (two died in

infancy) and close to her older and

younger sisters Lorina (known as

Ina) and Edith, who both went on

to feature in Dodgson’s

photographs and writing.

Soon after she was

born, Alice’s father Henry Liddell

became Dean of Christ Church

College and the family moved to

Oxford in 1856 - the same year that

Alice met Dodgson, a keen

photographer and college librarian.

Dodgson took many

photos of Alice during their

acquaintance, some of them

hauntingly beautiful. They show

a pretty elfin girl with a dark bob

and soulful eyes pictured in various

poses, costumes and guises from

Oriental girl to beggar maid.

By the time she was 20, Alice had

become so well-known that the

famous Victorian photographer

Julia Margaret Cameron also

took her portrait. Remarkable for

capturing the personality of her

subjects, Cameron’s photograph

shows Alice, by then an attractive

young woman, staring defiantly

into the lens.

The original Alice’s Adventures

Underground was conceived on a

boat trip that the ten-year-old Alice

and her sisters made with Dodgson

and his friend Canon Duckworth.

Entertaining them with one of his

imaginative stories, the author

invented a fabulous tale about

Alice falling down a rabbit hole

and meeting all sorts of curious

characters on the way. After being

begged by Alice to write it down,

he presented it to her as a bound

handwritten manuscript in

November 1864.

Encouraged by his friends Henry

Kingsley and author George

MacDonald, Dodgson decided to

commercially publish the story a

year later. It was illustrated by the

artist Sir John Tenniel and proved

so popular that it was followed

up in 1872 by Through the Looking

Glass and What Alice Found There,

later to become simply Alice

Through the Looking Glass.

However, around the same time

that Lewis Carroll’s famous novel

was being born, there was a huge

falling out between Dodgson and

the Liddells. It is still not known

what caused the rift as Dodgson’s

diary entries for this time were

removed. As a result, there has

been much speculation over the

years as to what happened.

One theory is that Dodgson (aged

31) wanted to marry Alice (then

11) but the family were against it.

Although times have changed and

we would find this both shocking

and unacceptable today, Victorian

morality was very different and

it wasn’t uncommon for an older

man to choose a child bride. Up

until 1885, when it was raised to 16,

the age of consent for a girl was 12.

Other theories have suggested

Henry Liddell was put out by

Charles Dodgson’s criticisms of

his deanery or that there was a

scandal when, following visits to

see the children while their parents

were away, Dodgson was accused

of having an affair with their

governess. It has also been

suggested that Alice’s mother

believed Dodgson’s visits and

photo sessions had become too

intrusive. Whatever the reason, it

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was clearly a bad enough rift for

her to take the step of burning all

his previous letters to Alice.

Imaginative and creative, Dodgson

loved the company of children and

as a result, his sexuality has later

been scrutinised. Alice herself

never accused him of any wrongdoing

and it was even suggested

that her only surviving son Caryl

(her other two sons died in the

First World War) was named in

honour of the author.

Following the fall out with

Dodgson, as a young woman it is

said that Alice had an affair with

Queen Victoria’s youngest son

Prince Leopold after he came to

study at Christ Church, but that

the pair were forbidden to marry

by the queen because Alice was a


Fast forward just over a century

and the same scenario between

a Prince and another ‘commoner’

who also met at university had a

very different outcome!

Perhaps a clue to their feelings

is that Prince Leopold named his

daughter Alice, and in turn, Alice

named one of her sons Leopold.

Because the illustrated Alice bears

no resemblance to Alice Liddell and

the original story was markedly

changed for publication, some

critics believe the fictional Alice

isn’t based on the real Alice at all.

However, it can’t be denied that

Dodgson made strong references

to her throughout the text.

Perhaps the strongest is an

acrostic poem epilogue to Alice

Through the Looking Glass. A

poignant and nostalgic verse about

that original boat trip, it spells

out her name and begins: A boat

beneath a sunny sky, Lingering

onward dreamily, In an evening of


There is a perhaps even sadder

ending to this story as after Alice’s

husband died, she sold her original

manuscript of Alice’s Adventures

Underground in 1928. It fetched

the considerable sum of £15,400

at Sotheby’s and today is kept in

the British Museum. Alice died in

1934 and her ashes are interred at


Maiden Maintenance

is dedicated to providing the highest

service and customer satisfaction.

No job is too

big or too


I am a female qualified plumber

and property maintainer.

♦ Bathroom design and installation

♦ All types of decorating

♦ Laminate and wood flooring

♦ Tiling, fencing and much more.

The customers’ needs are of the utmost importance

– I am committed to meeting those needs and

exceeding expectation.

I am trustworthy, tidy, reliable and take immense

pride in every job I do. The majority of my work

comes from repeat customers and referrals.

Please get in touch for your free estimate.

Kerrie Sturgeon

Mobile: 07930 408557 Home: 01323 318165


Full Public Liability Insurance



Sanding and Refinishing

Parquet Flooring Restoration

& New Installations

Amtico Design Flooring



Over 16 YEARS Experience


Mobile: 07787 124113


To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292


We know that an electrical fault can occur anytime

day or night; that's why we will always have an

electrician on stand-by ready to solve the problem

- Landlords Certificates

- Rewires

- Routine Maintenance

- 24hr Callout

- PAT Testing

- Regular safety checks

- Surge Protection

- Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors

- Dedicated Circuits

- Wiring Upgrades

- Reactive maintenance with

property maintenance companies

- Full Public Liability Insurance

- No job too small

0208 406 0127 / 07446 905 802

email :

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Come and see

us at the Chipstead

Flower Show

15th July

We offer the following services:

We offer the following services:

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Formative Tree Formative Safety Pruning Surveys Pruning

Upgrades & repairs

Crown Lifting,Thinning, Crown Crown • Thinning Cleaning & Reduction and and Reduction

Reshaping Hedge Cutting and Hedge • Tree Cutting Felling • Tree & Tree Felling Stump and Tree all aspects of plUmBing

aping and Hedge Stump Removal Removal Cutting • Tree • Tree Preservation Tree Felling Order

and Tree Stump & tiling

Removal Conservation Tree Area Preservation Application Order free estimates

Fully Conservation Insured & Qualified Area Application

to Dip Arb L4 Call Michael P. Mulholland

(Merrist Wood College)

nsured & Qualified to Dip Arb L4 (Merrist Wood)

We offer 10% Discount for senior citizens

Tel: 01737 215569 Mobile: 07747 735256


Tel: 01737 215569 • Mobile: 07747 735256


07949 831343

020 3669 5257

Fully Qualified Plumber with

over 20 years experience

Full Public Liability Insurance

A friendly & reliable service

10% Discount

for senior


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Do you have a Stamp collection?

We buy and sell over 1000 stamp collections

every year!

Home visits available in and around Surrey

with offer of immediate payment.

Are you looking to expand your collection?

Let us know what you are looking for and we

will try to find it!

Trading over 40 years.

See website to find out more!

Tel 01932 785635

Proud Member of

APRIL 2017 33

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292


Finance By Ann Haldon

Has Your Local Bank Closed Down?

Dealing with Branch Closures

An increase in the number of

customers using online, telephone,

and mobile banking, in conjunction

with a drive to reduce costs, led to

hundreds of local bank branches

closing their doors in 2017.

According to market research

company, Statista, “In 2016, 64

percent of all individuals used the

internet for online banking ...”¹

So how do you sign up for this if

you’re not ‘tech-savvy,’ and are

there any alternatives if you live in

a remote area, have limited access

to the internet, or simply don’t

want to use online banking?



branch closures taking place in

recent years, online, telephone,

and mobile banking have become

the default methods for accountholders

to meet their banking

needs. Internet banking allows

you the freedom to control your

finances without having to queue

in-branch, and can be a fast and

efficient service.

So how do you register for these

systems, and access your bank’s

online services? Bank systems

and requirements vary in terms

of registration, but in essence

you’ll provide your personal

details, decide on a password, and

choose some security questions

or memorable information that

can be used as an added layer of


When you register online, you’ll

also be prompted to download

the bank’s mobile app to your

smartphone, where you can sign

in using the same information as

for internet banking. Banks may

send part of your login information

through the post for security

purposes, and in some cases you

may have to use a small device to

log in or transfer larger sums of





It’s not all bad news with regard

to in-person banking, however.

A few banks are expanding their

networks in the UK, bucking

the trend of high street branch



Established Swedish bank

Handelsbanken has a network of

more than 200 branches in Great

Britain, with further expansion

plans being reported in the press.

Its business model means that

branches are located away from

the high street, in order to reduce

their operational costs.

Metro Bank

Metro Bank branches, or ‘stores,’

are open seven days a week, 362

days a year. You can carry out all

the usual banking transactions at

Metro, and they have your cheque

book and bank card printed in the

branch on the same day that you

open an account.



A further development that

will help if you’re missing your

local bank branch is the new

partnership between the banking

industry and the Post Office. You

can now carry out day-to-day

banking transactions at your local

Post Office, such as depositing

and withdrawing cash, paying

in cheques, and checking your


Although some of these services

were previously available to a

60 Log into your local community website!

limited number of customers,

the new arrangement allows 99%

of personal high street banking

customers, and 95% of small

businesses, to use Post Office

branches for their day-to-day

banking needs.


One new initiative is helping

customers to access vital banking

services once or twice every

week. Lloyds Banking Group has

partnered with security firm G4S

to provide ‘banks on wheels. ’ In

other words, armoured vans that

travel to locations where smaller

branches have been closed.


It’s also possible to authorise

a trusted friend or member of

your family to carry out certain

bank transactions on your behalf.

They won’t be able to control

your account, but could pay in,

withdraw money, and obtain a

balance for you if you provide the

necessary written authority.

Branch closures are a significant

issue, particularly for older people

living in rural areas of the UK, but

with alternative methods such as

the mobile branch banking service,

access will hopefully be improved

for those who need it.





Tax advisers & cloud accountants

QuickBooks Pro-trainers

B: 01737 551904 M: 07739 098890


Call Mike Devine ATT

to arrange a free initial meeting and quote.

We are a home based firm of accountants and tax

advisers. With over 25 years of experience we offer

a friendly, efficient and cost effective service.

For our range of fees, client case studies and

10 reasons to consider using our services


4 Marlpit Lane, Coulsdon, Surrey, CR5 2HA

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looked at cloud based software? Call us for a

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FRIDAY 2 for 1


*Friday Evenings

Set Tasting Menu

*Changes weekly

*Vegetarian menu on request

*Normally £65 pp

*Valid until 06/04/18



3-Course Prix Fixe


*Tues-Fri LUNCH only

*3 Choice starter/main/dessert

*Mention CVLUNCH

when booking

Please mention

this advert

when Booking!

01883 620451


3-course normally £42 per head*


*Until 05/04/18 *EXCLUDES 22/03/18

*Must mention PF241 when booking

Hair by Rachel

Hair by Rachel

01883 620451 | | 432 Limpsfield Road, Warlingham CR6 9LA


Home based salon opened in

Coulsdon with Free on street parking

Mobile hairdressing offered in the surrounding area


Senior Stylist offering a large range

of hair services in comfortable surroundings

07789 710592

All the benefits of a salon in the

relaxed comfort of a home


2 Parkside Gardens, Coulsdon, CR5 3AS

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Do you need

financial advice?

Christmas is over, we’ve rung in the New Year and you’ve set

your New Year goals. Let me help you achieve some financial


• Can I consolidate my loans & credit cards to save money?

• Can I afford to build that extension I’d always planned?

• Can I finally upgrade to that larger property?

• Can I use my home to top up my retirement income?

These are some of the typical questions many of us ask but don’t always seek answers to for

many reasons - it could be we don’t know who to ask those complex questions, we don’t

think what we want is affordable or we don’t have the time to research the answers.

My name is Wayne Griffiths, I’m a Financial Adviser with over 25 years’ experience in

Banking and Finance and I’m the right person to ask, I’ll have an initial consultation with you

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Investments, pensions, savings, Inheritance Tax Planning, mortgages, equity

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I am happy to come and meet you in the comfort of your own home at a time that is

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Please contact me on on 020 3714 9565 or 07880 200 189 for a free

confidential initial consultation at a time suitable for you.

One solution for all your financial needs

One Financial Solutions Ltd is an Appointed Representative of 2Plan Wealth Management Ltd, which is autorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. It is entered on to the

Financial Services Register ( under reference 461598. Tax planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Your home may be repossesed if you do not keep

up repayments on your mortgage. Most Buy to Let mortgages are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authorty.

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Getting in shape

We are currently in the period of Lent, most

commonly thought of as a time to cut down

on a few luxuries by giving something up.

Somewhat of a New Year reboot perhaps?

The tradition of pancakes on Shrove Tuesday

(the last day before Lent) originates from

people using up their butter and eggs prior to

the austerity of Lent. It seems funny now to

consider such basic products as luxuries to be

forgone though it perhaps reflects a simpler

time; and in any case I am certainly partial to a

pancake, so I am not complaining!

Perhaps you won’t be surprised to learn

that Lent is not simply the Christian Church’s

version of a dieting plan. In fact the idea of

fasting for your physical health has little or

nothing to do with it (and everything to do

with our image-obsessed culture). Lent is a

time of preparation towards Easter which

reflects a period of fasting undertaken by

Jesus. Giving up food is a way of marking the

significance of the period, focussing the

attention and as a sign of devotion to God;

rather than a way to get in good physical


Prayer for Coulsdon & Old Coulsdon exists to

encourage Christians to pray for the town and

its residents.

If you are interested in praying with us you are

warmly invited to join us for one of our prayer

gatherings (which last an hour) on:

Monday 5th March

- 9am - 56 Bradmore Way, Old Coulsdon

Tuesday 20th March

- 8pm – 65 Edward Road,


Whether or not you give up food (I’ve tended

not to personally) Lent affords us an

opportunity to get in good spiritual shape in

preparation for Easter: the celebration of the

heart of the Christian faith: That Jesus

willingly allowed himself to take on the

punishment for wrongdoing for us in his

execution on the cross; and that in rising to

life He won us the right to live eternally with

him. The heart of the Gospel (or ‘good news’)

of Jesus is that if we will turn to Him he will

deal with the consequences of our wrongdoing

and will allow us to enjoy life with Him

forever. If it sounds remarkable it is because

it is remarkable!

I hope you are able to take some time during

this Lent to consider your spiritual health and

to ask some of those big questions about life

that are easy to ignore. My prayer is that you

will find fresh hope as you enjoy your Easter

Eggs at the start of next month!

Peter Russell

Prayer for Coulsdon & Old Coulsdon

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Computer Training and Support Specialists

that come to you!

We can visit your home, workplace or you can

come to us for one2one computer training.

Word Processing




Digital Cameras

File & folder management


Internet & Email


We can also

Web Design and virus removal troubleshoot your


issues and help with


recommendations for


new purchases and

migration of data.


PLUS many more!

The number of hours you need is up to you!

CALL JUDY: 01883 346516

Keystroke Associates (Established 1994)

Franchising opportunities available

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‘The Eighth


By Solange Hando

Madagascar is the world’s

oldest island: it first split from

Africa and then from India

around 70 million years ago.

In the Indian Ocean, between

the Mozambique mainland

to the west and Reunion and

Mauritius to the east, it is the

fourth largest island on earth,

almost 1,000 miles long, 360

across, best known for the

unique flora and fauna which

evolved in isolation for a

surprisingly long time.

According to experts, the first

settlers arrived from Borneo

in 500 AD and since then, 90%

of the original forest has been

lost, and deforestation is still

ongoing. Most affected are

the more densely populated

central highlands, laced with

paddies and barren hills, but

Madagascar still claims over 40

special reserves and national

parks – several of them listed

as UNESCO World Heritage –

with a rich diversity of habitats.

Ecosystems range from dry

spiny forest in the south,

dotted with baobabs and

octopus trees, to mangroves

and lakes, deciduous trees and

dramatic pinnacles in the west

and tropical rainforest in the

east, where some of the most

popular national parks can be

accessed from Antananarivo.

Ranomafana is a good 10 hour

drive south of the capital,

the route winding past

colourful villages and hills with

spectacular views. But one can

overnight in Antsirabe, a pretty

place bustling with rickshaws

and craft shops, then continue

the next day. Driving down at

dusk in the final stages, it feels

almost like the end of the world

as the seemingly impenetrable

cloud forest rises all around

above the Namorona river and


Morning is the best time to

explore the park, when animals

are more active. This is where

golden bamboo lemurs were

first discovered in 1986 and,

along the steep trails, nature

lovers may be rewarded with

wonderful sights as they and

other lemurs leap through

the trees, playing with their

young or swinging from

branches. Guides imitate the

call to locate them and also

point out spiders, frogs, red

giraffe-necked beetles and

tropical birds such as pastelhued

cuckoo rollers or magpie

robins. Mossy memorial stones

recall ‘ancient people of the

forest’ among tall tree and

bird’s nest ferns, traveller’s

palms, orchids and lobelia.

Chameleons can also be

spotted, perfectly camouflaged

day or night.

East of the capital, the

Andasibe-Mantadia national

park is an easier option, just a

four hour drive with a choice

of walking circuits and gentle

paths. Palm and dragon trees

mingle with eucalyptus, blue

tea plants, bird’s nectar, berries

and much more. There are birds

and butterflies, reptiles, geckos

and several species of lemurs,

including indris, the largest of

them all, whose melancholy

‘singing’ can be heard at dawn.

On the nearby river islands,

now a sanctuary for rescued

lemurs, black and white ruffed

lemurs, playful ringtails and

lovely diademed sifaka, or

‘dancing lemur’, happily pose

for wide-eyed visitors paddling

in canoes around the reed


Fauna or flora, around 90% of

species are found nowhere

else on earth and one can

barely imagine 14,000 species

of plants, many with medicinal

properties, 170 species of

palms, thousands of orchids,

hundreds of birds, fish and

over 100 species of lemurs,

many endangered or rare. It

is the world’s top biodiversity

hotspot, ‘the eighth continent’,

say some ecologists, and in

this impoverished but beautiful

‘red island’, one hopes the

goverment will bring greater

stability and progress to benefit

both the people and their

incredible natural world.

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All aspects of modern arboriculture

Insured and qualified

Tree Reductions

020 8657 7667

07931 220044

Tree Removal

Stump Removal

Woodland Management

Hedge Cutting

Site Clearance

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Spectacular frames from as little as £98*

complete with single vision refl ection free lenses*

We look forward to styling you!

* Frame and varifocal lenses are available from £178

381 Croydon Rd

Wallington Green SM6 7NY

Tel: 020 8647 8992

116 Woodcote Rd

Wallington SM6 0LY

Tel: 020 8647 3644

141 Brighton Rd

Coulsdon CR5 2NJ

Tel: 020 8660 7343

157 High Street

Banstead SM7 2NT

Tel: 01737 850349

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Under the empathetic aegis of Claire Neville, Head

of Geography at Coulsdon College, a six-strong

team of senior pupils proposed the Society’s

February debate: ‘Old enough to work, old enough

to marry, old enough to vote at 16’. Team member 1

swiftly debunked the idea that 16-17-year-olds would

follow the unimpressive example of their 18-24-yearold

seniors, only 46% of whom managed to turn

out for the 2015 election. Yet 89% of 16-17 year-olds

turned out to vote in the Scottish referendum,

showing how important it is to engage with this

enthusiastic and committed group. Team member 2

countered the idea that under-18s were too young

to understand and assess political issues, reminding

the floor that in schools today, ongoing citizenship

and PSHE studies mean they are already engaged in

adult thinking. So why not extend political studies

at 14, in preparation for the vote at 16?

Team member 3 tackled the argument that the

under-18s were too impressionable, too easily

influenced by radical ideologies or too eager

to echo their parents’ vote. Yet most Scottish

16-17-year-olds, enfranchised by the SNP who

hoped to swing the Scottish independence issue,

decided to vote ‘No’ in the referendum, having

familiarised themselves with the political and economic

arguments. The formation of the UK Youth

Parliament illustrates the increasing awareness

of ‘Generation Z’ not just of political, social and

economic priorities, but also of the significant role

of social media on political thought. Team member

4 argued against the idea that lack of life and work

experience prevents the under-18s from making

rational judgements, quoting from

participants – if you’re old enough to work, marry,

become a parent, pay taxes then you’re old enough

to vote on who should govern the country. Some

Yougov participants noted that lowering the voting

age promoted a commitment and interest in what’s

happening; others pointed out that most people

haven’t got much clue about the practicalities of

politics and that under-18s were likely to be better

informed. Team member 5 observed that political

parties direct their campaigns at people who, unlike

most under-18s, are affected by issues such as home

ownership, employment, taxes, pensions.

However, Jeremy Corbyn appealed to younger

voters by offering policies (e.g, minimum wage

increases, more homes) that reflect their concerns,

which is why the proportion of 18-24-year-old

Labour voters has jumped to 63%. These issues are

also relevant to 16-17-year olds. Team member 6

raised two interesting points: a Commons’ vote

overturned a House of Lords amendment to the

EU Referendum Bill, (paving the way for lowering

the voting age), on the grounds that the estimated

cost would be £6 million and adding that it would be

wrong to change the current franchise from a single

poll. Secondly, the Conservative Party traditionally

polls very badly with young voters and therefore

has a major investment in keeping the existing

voting age. Finally, team leader Claire Neville

urged the floor to recognise that today’s articulate,

well-informed young people deserve to vote.

Opening for the opposition, Treasurer Andrew

Carver began by saying that the right to vote is one

of the most important in our society, accepted as

such by every democracy. But in almost every

country, that right cannot be legally exercised until

the age of 18. Adolescents of 16-17 years, however,

live in a legal twilight zone – they cannot vote, but

they can work, pay taxes, live on their own, marry,

join the Army. The mixture of rights and

responsibilities is complicated by the need for

parental permission for marriage and for

enlistment; what’s more, 16-year-olds cannot easily

obtain credit and are not eligible for the same

benefits or minimum wage as older people.

Back-up opposer Angela Applin noted that there

is substantial support among major parties for

lowering the franchise – the idealism, enthusiasm,

empathy of young voters, however, can make this

group more receptive to radical ideas and less

critical of ‘youth policies’. The recruitment of

teenage Muslims to ISIS and the SNP’s attempt to

disunite the UK by enfranchising under-18s are

worrying examples. Angela also reiterated

Andrew’s list of what 16-year-olds are legally able

to do – marry and join the Army, but not without

parental permission, go out to work, but under

supervision. She concluded that there are too many

risks of political exploitation and subversion

directed by political parties at bright but

inexperienced young voters, and ended by quoting

a respondent in a recent student poll, where 69% of

18-24-year-olds opposed lowering the voting age:

‘A lot of young people are just not ‘worldly wise’

enough to vote (and I’m including myself, 22-yearold,

in this, to some extent)’.

Angela added that a broader and more detailed

senior curriculum of political and economic science

in schools and colleges could successfully educate

our future electorate.

The young visitors triumphed over the Society, with

a win of 11 votes to 8 with 2 abstentions.

There will be no March debate, but on April 16th at

8 p.m. at the Old Coulsdon Centre,

Councillor Tim Pollard and Councillor Andrew

Pelling will lock horns over

‘It’s time for Croydon to come back

to the Conservatives’.

Visitors are welcome; for details,

contact Angela Applin,

020 8668 8558.

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FREE QUOTE • 020 8287 0543

23 Wood Street, Hackbridge, Surrey, CR4 4JT

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Heather Bailey to run the

London Marathon in aid of

the Garwood Foundation

Here is a little about me:

I am very excited to be running my first

London Marathon for the Garwood

Foundation...The Garwood Foundation is the

proprietor of Rutherford School, a specialist

independent school for children with

Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities

aged 3-19. Their aim is to provide inclusive education

to learners whose very special needs

are compounded by a high degree of dependency.

The school’s holistic approach facilitates

learning that is supported and managed by a

specialist range of therapies which address

physical disabilities, sensory impairments and

complex medical needs.

In order to provide a better environment and

specialist equipment, the Garwood

Foundation need to raise funds in order to

buy new equipment for the children that

attend the school. On my recent visit to the

Rutherford School, I saw the fantastic

facilities provided for the children that attend

the school. I know first hand how important

such facilities are to the children and what a

difference it makes to a family when a child’s

needs can be met in a supportive

environment with facilities to meet the needs

of the children so that parents and carers can

be confident that their child is being cared for

in the correct setting. This is a local Croydon

charity and that makes this extra special.

I would really appreciate your help in

fundraising for them.

My running journey...I started running in 2014

and followed the NHS couch to 5k app (this

was a fantastic way to get started running

and I would recommend it if you fancy giving

running a go). With a little encouragement

from some friends I soon pushed onwards to

running in my first organised race in 2015 – the

10km London Winter Run – 10km seemed such

a long way to run at the time ! I have enjoyed

running with many of my friends and family

since then. A highlight of my running journey

was joining Ben Smith (of The 401 Challenge)

when he ran one of his marathons in Croydon

in 2016.

Ben was on a challenge to run 401 consecutive

marathons and it was an honour for me to

be able to run alongside him on one of them.

You can read more about Ben by going to his


I also love running with my four legged

running buddy Bluey (my sisters dog)…

However, in 2016 as Bluey followed his nose

across my path I tripped over him – sending

me crashing to the ground and damaging my

knee in the process – but after some time off

for surgery and physio, I soon got back on

track and was out running again.

I am looking forward to running the London

Marathon but I am also quite nervous thinking

of the amount of commitment that I will

need to give to my training over the next few

months. I know much of my training will be

out on cold wet evenings but I am very happy

to be raising much needed funding for the

Garwood Foundation and that will get me

through the training.

You can make a donation to my fundraising

page by following this link:

I really appreciate all of your support and

thank you for any donations.

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Property Care and Repair has grown to

become a respected home maintenance

and home repair contractor.

Our attention to detail, unrivaled value

and customer service has enabled us to

grow year on year.

Our full range of services

•Driveway and patio repairs

•Brickwalls, slabbing, shed bases, pointing

•Roof repairs, roof cleaning, guttering & fascias

•Tree surgery & garden services, fencing,

turfing & artificial grass installers,

•Power washing for all surfaces plus weed removal

•Gutter cleaning, interior & exterior painting & decorating

•Wallpapering, laminate flooring, tiling, loft insulation

•Loft boarding

All work guaranteed. References available. Full public liability insurance.

OAP discounts, free accurate and honest quotations.

1a Croydon Road Industrial Estate, Tannery Close, Beckenham BR3 4BY

Office: 020 8485 7888 or 01689 768392 Freephone: 0800 474 8693

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Sunday 11th March 2018.

Mothers Day in the UK occurs on the 4th Sunday of Lent every year

The UK has an interesting history when it comes to Mother’s Day, and that is because

historically, the significance of this date has religious roots rather than the wider

commercial and secular ones surrounding the celebration of Mothers Day in the UK


As mentioned above, the real or original name for the occasion, based on its original

religious meaning is Mothering Sunday. And that event was based around attending

church on that date to honour the “mother” church. The term Mothering Sunday can still

be heard, but the term Mother’s Day in the UK has become much more popular over the

years, as has the public’s recognition and celebration of it, not as a religious occasion, but

as a secular and commercial event to celebrate and show appreciation for our mothers.

Today, many people use the occasion of Mother’s Day in the UK to send their Mother a

card, often with a bunch of flowers and/or a present, such as a gift for a pampering / spa

treatment, some jewellery or even an occasion to take Mum out for a meal at a restaurant

or some other joint activity.

If you are looking for some gift ideas,see the page opposite. (p79)

Make Mothers Day UK 2018 a memorable one for your Mum, Sunday 11th March 2018!

You dont have to spend a fortune either - the purpose of Mother’s Day is to show your

Mum appreciation on the day. This can be a handmade card and breakfast in bed for

example. Alternatively, how about baking some yummy cupcakes or cookies for your


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Links Of London

Mum and Me Charm


T K Maxx

Wooden Natural Body Bath

& Gift Set


Personalised Mum's Typographic Print



Hanging Heart

Picture Frame


Links Of London

18ct Rose Gold Vermeil

Mothers Day Rose Charm



Wilko Mum Mug



Sainsbury’s Home Mum Bear



Large Jar Candle



Mum in a Million Hanging Sign


*All prices correct at time of publication, March 2018*

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Six Things People Hate

About The Lamborghini


by James Baggot

Lamborghini has taken the wraps

off its controversial Urus 4x4 –

but not everyone thinks it looks


While an off-roader from a

traditional sports car manufacturer

is always going to raise eyebrows,

it seems the internet is aghast at

everything from the door handles

to the new Italian car’s name.

On the plus side, the Urus has a

4.0-litre turbocharged V8 under

the bonnet packing 641bhp,

allowing the SUV to reach a top

speed of 186mph – that’s quicker

than the Bentley Bentayga. It also

gets all manner of off-road tech

designed to make it capable in all

conditions, not just on the road.

However, despite the incredible

technology, a lot of people don’t

like the way the Urus looks. So

what exactly has got up people’s



Once you’ve spotted them, they’re

hard to un-see. For some reason,

Lamborghini placed the handles on

the rear wheel arch and they look

like ugly barnacles.

With many manufacturers working

hard to integrate handles into

creases and curves of bodywork

so they don’t ruin lines, it appears

Lamborghini’s designers forgot it

needed them and stuck them on at

the last minute.


Roughly translated, the name Urus

refers to extinct wild relations

of domestic cattle. We get the

association with bulls – there’s one

on the Lamborghini crest, after

all – but this one seems just a little


The Urus moniker sounds clunky

and it’s far from the sleek Lambo

names of old – evocative names

like Miura, Diablo and Countach.

Even Gallardo has more panache

than the new 4x4.


It’s hard to ignore the influence

that Lamborghini parent Audi has

had over the Urus’ interior. The

large infotainment screen looks

good, but unfortunately that’s

where the design appeal stops.

Lower down, the switchgear,

steering settings and drive mode

controllers have all been lumped

together. It all looks just a little

clumsy – and not particularly userfriendly.


In order to top the latest safety

tests, manufacturers have to

incorporate the semi-autonomous

technology in their cars. This relies

on sensors at the front of the car.

Most car makers tuck them away

neatly in the front of the grille,

but Lamborghini seems to have

chosen to make it a ‘feature’.

Unfortunately, it does stick out a

fair bit and makes the front end

of the car look less finished than it

should – we’d have liked to have

seen it fit flusher with the front



The back of the Urus hasn’t gone

down well with some internet

commentators – most labelling it

fussy and over-styled.

The quad exhaust pipes appear

to be angled out, rather than

pointing directly rearward – a

strange styling touch that will also

take some getting used to.


You’d expect a Lamborghinimade

SUV to incorporate a

little sleekness in its design, but

unfortunately that doesn’t seem

to be the case with the Urus.

The windscreen is very upright,

while the rear three-quarters has

a rather unfortunate hint of a

Hyundai Veloster in it. Just don’t

say that too loudly – it will upset

the Italians.

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A friendly family business with traditional

values, supplying all your tyre needs at

affordable prices.

All leading brands . Tyre fitting . Wheel alignment

Wheel balancing . Puncture repairs . Mower & barrow tyres

Call us for a quote or drop in for a free tyre

check. We guarantee great service and lowest

New for 2015!

prices on budget & premium branded tyres.

Hunter 4 Wheel Alignment System

If you suspect uneven tyre wear or vehicle handling problems please

call in for your free tracking / alignment check.

Tel: 01737 557122

Open Mon-Fri 8.00-5.30pm, Sat 8.00-4.00pm

75 Brighton Road, Hooley, Surrey, CR5 3EG (on A23 next to ESSO service station)

20 20 years years experience


Best Best price, price, first first time, time,

everytime everytime

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292


Mad As A March Hare

The phrase ‘Mad as a March Hare’ has been

around since at least 1500 (that’s the year,

not 3pm in real money) and makesreference

to the odd behaviour that the creature

exhibits when the hare’s breeding season

starts. Jumping up and down for no apparent

reason, and boxing other hares, are amongst

a range of generally odd behaviours that have

marked the hare out as a bit weird for at least

one brief period each year. Of course, the

appearance of the Mad Hatter’s completely

barking companion the March Hare in ‘Alice

in Wonderland’ did much to popularise the

whole thing.

But March, and the onset (hopefully) of

Spring, sees a whole wealth of saintly oddities

emerge, some of which make the hare look

positively sensible.

March 1st is

St David’s day, the

patron saint of Wales.

Little is known about

him but we can be

fairly certain that he

didn’t wear a leek, as

became popular for

the Welsh to do on the

day in the centuries

to follow. Another

popular March 1st

activity, at least in

England, was hanging

a Welshman, albeit in effigy form. Some used

dolls, again with leeks stuck in their hats,

and later on, bakers would sell gingerbread

figures, called Taffies, on skewers for people

to buy and presumably dangle from a piece of

string before eating them.

My, what fun!

St Piran’s day is on the fifth, and if we know

little about David, we know even less about

Piran. He was probably Irish and died in

Cornwall, and that was enough for the

tin-miners of that county to claim him as their

patron saint. They regularly took the day off

in honour of the presumably holy man, and

although there may have been many ways in

which he was celebrated, the only one that

has been recorded in any detail was their

determination to get very drunk.

Pope Gregory’s day is the 12th March. He may

have been made a saint, but no-one seems to

have cared enough to put together a decent

bunch of odd traditions. But regardless, one

grew up in a seemingly unrelated way. In

Lancashire at least, the 12th became

‘Gregory Great Onion’, celebrating the fact

that if you wanted a really great crop of

onions you needed to plant the seeds that

day. Obviously. And if you think that’s clearly

a whacky medieval belief, think again. The

practice was recorded as happening in the

late 1930s.

To be sure now, if it isn’t St Patrick’s Day

on the 17th. The patron saint of Ireland is

celebrated enthusiastically across the world

by anyone and everyone who has even the

remotest connection

with the emerald isle.

Saw Riverdance once?

That’s good enough.

From New York to New

Delhi, in every Irish

theme pub, the globe

and occasionally even

the Guinness turns

green and sprouts


Now England may be

joining in with this

world party in recent

years, but the

simmering resentment between the two

island races used to mean that the wearing of

shamrocks or harps in celebration of the day

was more likely to result in friction and

fighting rather than fun. The Craic was a lot

harder to come by in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Which goes to show that however crazy

the natural world gets, man can always get


Paul M Ford writes for GrayDorian

– The Writing Bureau

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• Extensions & Renovations • Loft Conversions

• Driveways & Landscaping • Decking & Fencing

• Kitchen & Bathroom Fitting • Insurance Work

• Refurbishments

• Roofing

020 8669 8318

07967 885336

Free Quotation and advice

All work fully insured and guaranteed


To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292



It’s free to join the library and nearly everything is free to borrow.

Adults and teens can borrow up to 25 items, children up to 15.

We have free wifi, free use of PCs and access to the internet for

up to two hours per day.

Online at,

library services are available 24/7, with a digital library of audio

and e-books to download.

Online Library | Croydon Libraries

For Children


Rhymetime. Tuesdays 10-10.30am. Babies, toddlers and their adults.

Wiggle and Jiggle. Thursdays 11-11.30am. Babies, toddlers and their adults.

Storytime. Thursday 8th, 11.45am-12.30pm. Babies, toddlers and their adults.

Craftytime. Fridays 3.45-4.30pm. 3-7 year olds and their adults.

Rock & Rhyme. Saturdays 10-10.30am. Babies, toddlers and their adults.

Storytime. Saturdays 3-4pm. 3-7 year olds and their adults.

8-12 year olds use the fun and interactive LEGO Education programmes, WeDo or StoryStarter.

WeDo shows how to make models which can be programmed to move; creative stories can be

inspired with StoryStrarter. £1.50 library members/£3.00 non-library members per session.

Both in cash. Advanced booking required.

Monday 5th, Monday 19th, Tuesday 13th and Tuesday 27th February. 4.00-5.00pm

For Adults

Derek Coleman will deliver a free Wildlife of the River Wandle talk on Friday the 16th of March

from 10.30-11.30am. Please contact the library to book a place.

Adult Craft Mornings - Adult Colouring & Dot-to-Dot and Knit, Stitch and Crochet group.

Every Monday 10.30am-12pm.

Reading Group - Second Thursday of the month at 2-3pm. The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton will be

discussed on the 8th of March. Copies available from the library.

We now have a Live Well Advisor in the Coulsdon Library to support people who want help to

access the JustBe website or to have a chat about their lifestyle. Every Tuesday Morning 9.30-

11.30 am. Do your Health MOT on the JustBe Croydon website -

Free one hour one-to-one IT help sessions on Saturdays between 11am and 2pm.

Please contact Coulsdon Library to book.

Opening Hours

Monday 9am-6pm, Tuesday 9am-6pm, Thursday 9.30am-6pm, Friday 9am-7pm

and Saturday 9am-5pm.

Coulsdon Library at 167 Brighton Road, Coulsdon, CR5 2NH,

Tel 020 3700 1007 email:

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To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292


Answers on page 88

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Tim says "This is one of many images created

by dropping objects into a jug of water to get

interesting patterns. Using a table, backboards,

flashes and a willing assistant to drop the objects

it took a few attempts to achieve the desired

effect. It's great (if somewhat messy) fun, why

not give it a try? Vary the shutter speed until you

get the desired result."


6th Monochrome Print Competition (2/3)

13th Street Competition (2 of 3)

20th "Tides and Tempests"

by Rachel Talibart

27th Colour Print Competition (3 of 3)

We meet each Tuesday evening (7.45pm for 8pm)

in Cameron Hall, Canons Hill,

Old Coulsdon.

Visitors £5 (refunded on joining).

Others First

“If anyone intends to come after Me, let him deny

himself [forget, ignore, disown, and lose sight of

himself and his own interests]...”

Mark 8:34 (AMPC)

Perhaps you would agree that we live in a culture

of self-indulgence more than self-denial. At the

same time we love stories of people who sacrifice

themselves for others. Such stories inspire us, and

make us feel good as we watch them on TV from the

safety and comfort of our own living room.

In the bible book of Mark chapter 8 Jesus begins to

tell his disciples of how he must suffer many things

and be rejected and be put to death (verse 31).

Peter gets upset with what Jesus says, and Jesus

rebukes him, saying that Peter is not mindful of the

things of God, but the things of men (verse 33).

It is in this context that Christ explains the Christian

virtue of self-denial, which is one of the ‘things of


So what is Jesus saying? That Christians should not

enjoy themselves? No, that is not the thought. If

you would follow Him, he explains, then the story

of your life includes denying yourself. The Amplified

Bible, Classic Edition, which is quoted above,

expounds it well. Life is not all about you alone, and

what you might want, but it’s about putting the

interests of others before your own. “You, before

me”, is a way of expressing it. Your children first,

your husband first, your wife first, your parents first,

your neighbour first, your enemy first, etc.

What if we applied this concept to a paraphrase

of the famous love passage of 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Visit, see us

on facebook or contact:

How might it read? The person who, in Christ, denies

herself or himself is patient and kind; she or he is

never envious or boastful, never inflated with pride.

That person is not rude and does not insist on his

or her own rights or way, for Christ’s followers are

not self-seeking. He or she is not resentful, and

pays no attention to a suffered wrong. If you deny

yourself, you don’t rejoice at unrighteousness, but

you rejoice when right and truth prevail. She or he

whose life-story includes self-denial bears up under

anything and everything that comes, is ever ready

to believe the best of every person, hopes under all

circumstances, and endures everything. The Love of

Jesus in such a person never fails.

With Easter coming let’s remember the ultimate

example of all time of putting others first –

Jesus’ sacrifice for all humanity, followed by his

resurrection from the dead!

Prayer: Father, without the guidance of your Spirit,

how can I follow your Son, Jesus? Help me please,

to follow Him truly, and let my life story include the

virtue of self-denial that I may follow Jesus in putting

the interests of others before my own. In Jesus’

name. Amen

GCI Coulsdon Community Church meets at 11.00am

on Sundays In Coulsdon Community Centre Upper

Hall. For further information please contact Pastor

Brian Smith or

01798 813133. To receive daily e-mail messages

like this one please go to

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292


CR5 Just for Fun Crossword

KIDS Answers from p86

The crossword answers


1. Ping Pong Ball

2. Dartboard

3. Bowlingball

4. Net

5. Basketball

6. Sportsbag

7. Pin

8. Alley

9. Table Football

10. Bat

Henry is left with ‘3 pins’

after three attempts to

knock the pins down.


7. Swap over (6)

8. To be on a ship (6)

9. Not new (4)

10. Outside (8)

11. Angry (7)

13. Funeral fires (5)

15. Almost two pints (5)

17. Below (7)

20. Observing (8)

21. Story (4)

23. Educational establishment (6)

24. Required (6)


1. Female sheep (4)

2. Recording room (6)

3. Burglars (7)

4. Belief (5)

5. Every sixty minutes (6)

6. Widest (8)

12. Inconvenience (8)

14. Combining (7)

16. Calculate (6)

18. Respect (6)

19. Foolish (5)

22. Vegetable (4)

Trilogies Quiz Answers from page 29

1. Catherine Cookson, 2. The Godfather trilogy 3. Figaro

(the French newspaper is called Le Figaro)

4. Len Deighton 5. David Bowie 6. The Hunger Games

7. Douglas Adams' (The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

novels) 8. The Hangover Part III 9.Call The Midwife

10. It Ain’t Half Hot Mum and ‘Allo ‘Allo

Just for Fun crossowrd asnwers from above:

Across: 7 Switch, 8 Aboard, 9 Used, 10 External, 11

Annoyed, 13 Pyres, 15 Litre, 17 Beneath,

20 Watching, 21 Tale, 23 School,24 Needed.

Down: 1 Ewes, 2 Studio, 3 Thieves, 4 Faith, 5 Hourly,

6 Broadest,12 Nuisance, 14 Merging, 16 Reckon,

18 Esteem, 19 Silly, 22 Leek.

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CR5 Trip Down Memory Lane

These Frontiersmen were passing through Coulsdon in about 1905 on their way to Brighton

to test the 120 lbs packs on the horses. The building on the right is the old Red Lion and the

twin-gabled building on the left is now the site of Waitrose.

Are you interested in local history? Then why not join the Bourne Society.

Apply to : J Hurrion, 7 The Towers, Hayes Lane, Kenley, CR8 5YL



Saturday 31 March 11am - 3pm

Grange Park, Old Coulsdon

Come and meet

Join us for a fun Family Day Out and help us raise funds to further improve Grange Park








Easter Egg


Arts &


the Easter


Proudly sponsored by In partnership with

Friends Of Grange Park, Old Coulsdon

Old Coulsdon

Cupcakes WI

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292


What’s On in the Community

FREE page for local charities and non-profit making organisations

Here to help you

The South East Cancer Help Centre is a local charity that over the last 30

years has helped thousands of people affected by cancer.

Talk to us and explore the ways we may be able to help you, whether it be

through information, counselling or the wide range of complementary

therapies we offer.

We have local NHS recognition and provide a friendly, supportive environment

with only one purpose – to help you cope

Visit or call 020 8668 0974 for more information

South East Cancer

Help Centre,

2 Purley Road,

(Tesco Development)

Purley, CR8 2HA

Registered Charity No. 1011509

Talk to us – we’re here to help



9.30 am - 4 pm

in the Guide Hall , Tudor Parade,

Old Coulsdon

Come and see the work of

Local Artists

Admission Free, Refreshments available

Wolves FC play in the Surrey Youth League at

a good standard. We train and play our home

games at Wallington Sports & Social Club on

Mollison Drive in Wallington.

We are looking for some new players

(1 Goalkeeper and 2 outfield players for next

season) In terms of age group, players will

need to be starting Year 4 in September 2018

and be of a decent playing standard.

Please do make contact with

Adriano Zucchelli

07814 143100

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What’s On in the Community

FREE page for local charities and non-profit making organisations

Old Coulsdon Community Friendship Club

Meetings: 2 for 2.30 p.m.

Venue: The Cameron Hall

Old Coulsdon Congregational Church

Canons Hill, Old Coulsdon

All welcome

Contact: Joan Dixon Tel. No: 01737 851467

Feeling like a friendly chat?

A warm welcome awaits you on:

Wednesday 14th March

(2.00 for 2.30 pm)

Talk by Andrew Parr MBE on East Surrey



Wednesday 11th April

(2 for 2.30 pm)

“A Year at Wisley” - talk with slides

by Colin Jones.



You can join the Purley Lit at any talk or

ring Yvonne Walker 01737 552654.

Held in URC hall, Brighton Rd

(next to Purley Hospital) starting at 8pm.

Visitors £5.

More details on the web site:

Tuesday 6th March

Bob Gamble will be giving a talk entitled

‘Introducing the Brontes’.

Tuesday 20th March

Hugh Jones will speak on ‘Knole and the


The RSPB Croydon

Local Group

Monthly Illustrated Wildlife Talks in

South Croydon

Whitgift Sports Club, Croham Manor Road -

off Croham Road, South Croydon, CR2 7BG

Second Monday of each month, 2pm and again at 8pm.

Admission £4.00. Everyone is welcome, not just RSPB


Free refreshments. A selection of RSPB goods, nuts &

seeds are on sale.

Parking limited on site but free in adjacent roads.

64 & 433 buses stop nearby in Croham Road.

Monday March 12th 2018: “Green Birding”.

Gary Prescott has cycled to all the RSPB and WWT

reserves on fundraising trips and in 2016 recorded 318

different species in Europe in the year. He will describe

his experiences and the concept of Worldwide Green


For more information contact John Davis

on 020-8640 4578

or see

Note: on request we give illustrated bird talks to local


To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292


What’s On in the Community

FREE page for local charities and non-profit making organisations

Coulsdon & District Horticultural Association

Founded 1937 now in its 81st year


Saturday 24th March, 2018

Congregational Church, Cameron Hall, Heath Room,

Canons Hill, Old Coulsdon.

AGM in the Heath Room 2.30 p.m.

Show open to the public 3.30 p.m.,after judging of the exhibits is complete.

Anyone who wishes to show Spring Bulbs or Plants at the show MUST BE MEMBERS.

Doors open for those wishing to EXHIBIT at the show from 1.30p.m. in the Cameron Hall.

Details available from the show organiser – Mr. J. Wood, 22 Rickman Hill, Coulsdon, CR5 3DN

Tel: (01737) 552549 or on a Sunday Morning at the Store Shed between 28 & 30 Waddington Avenue,(open

every Sunday 10.00 – 12 noon between February – October), where garden products are

available - to MEMBERS ONLY – at reasonable prices. Membership fee is £3.00 per year.

Come along and see what Spring Flowers you can grow in your garden.

Dates for your diary.

Saturday 7th July, 2018. At the Old Coulsdon Village Fair, Grange Park, with plants for sale.

Saturday 8th September. 2018 GRAND AUTUMN SHOW - Oasis Academy, Homefield Road, Old Coulsdon.

Charity Classic Car Run 22 April 2018

organised by The Rotary Club of Croydon Jubilee

We Start

the Annual Classic Car run at Denbies Wine Estate, London Road, Dorking, Surrey RH5 6AA and take

a stunning route over two counties through the high grounds of Surrey Hills and country lanes of

parts of “Old Surrey & West Sussex”, incorporating the most beautiful villages and hamlets. Picnic

at one of the beautiful sights on the way or enjoy a lunch at one of the plentiful pubs.

We end

at Glorious Goodwood Motor Circuit, Chichester, West Sussex, PO18 0PH. Nestled at the foot of

the Sussex Downs just a few miles from the sea, the track is the only circuit in the world to

remain entirely in its original form. Should you wish to have a bite at Goodwood it has the

Aero Club and NAAFI wagon.

The entry price

is £45 which includes the car, the driver, one passenger, a run pack, route guide and finisher’s

plaque. Additional passengers are £15 each. Space is limited to 150 cars.

All surplus will go to local charities

Closing date for entries is 19 April 2018

Contact details:

Tel: Dhiraj 020 8686 7757 (9am - 5:30pm) 020 8654 4545 (6pm - 9pm)

Tel: David 020 8688 0273 (6pm - 9pm)

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What’s On in the Community

FREE page for local charities and non-profit making organisations

Children’s Activities

All activities must be booked in advance, unless otherwise stated.

Children under eight must be accompanied by an adult.

Sunday 1st & Monday 2nd April - Open Day &

Easter Egg Hunt

Explore the gardens looking for clues to find the

eggs. 1pm-5pm Cost: Adults £5 children, £2. NO


Wednesday 4th and Friday 6th April

Toddler Trails and Tales (2–4 years)

Enjoy the story of ‘The Scarecrow’s Wedding’ and

go for a walk around the park to bring the story

to life. Return to create artwork linked to the story.

10am–11.30am or 1.30–3pm. Cost: £7.50 per child.

Thursday 5th April Forest Fun (4-7yrs)

Join us in our Forest School area, explore Cedar

Wood, make woodland crafts and enjoy a snack

around the fire. 10am-12noon or 1.30pm-3.30pm.

Cost: £7.50 per child.

The Gatton Trust, Gatton Park,

Reigate, RH2 0TW

01737 649066

Monday 9th April Feathered Friends (4–7


Find out more about the interesting birds that live

at Gatton, through crafts, trails and games.

10am–12noon or 1.30pm–3.30pm. Cost: £7.50 per


Wednesday 11th and Friday 13th April

Toddler Trails and Tales (2–4 years)

Enjoy the story of ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’ and

go for a walk around the park to bring the story

to life. Return to create artwork linked to the story.

10am–11.30am or 1.30pm–3pm. Cost: £7.50 per


An ‘Eggcellent’ day out for the whole family

The Children's Trust Easter Fair

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Themed Market

Easter Egg Decorating

Wacky Wheelers mini-tanks

Fairground Rides


Local band “Atlantis” providing music throughout the day

FREE Entry for children (under 16) Adults £3

Book now via

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292


What’s On in the Community

FREE page for local charities and non-profit making organisations

East Surrey Choral Society (ESCS)

present their

Easter Concert

24th March 2018

Caterham Valley URC, Harestone Hill

Caterham CR3 6SX at 7:30

The Creation by Joseph Haydn will

be sung with the choir with soloists

from the Guildhall School of Music and


Tickets on the door or online at

Adults £10 (incl. programme &

refreshments) Children 14 and under free.

Registered Charity no. 1105863

The Choir for Female Voices performs a varied and

growing repertoire at both public and private concerts,

including carols at Christmas.

New term new challenge

Come and join us!

Rehearsals are held on:

Wednesdays: 7.30pm

Methodist Church

Limpsfield Road, Sanderstead

For more details or to enquire about membership

call Jill 07957 627 783

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What’s On in the Community

FREE page for local charities and non-profit making organisations

Saturday 21st April 2018


Formerly Croydon Decorative & Fine

Arts Society

Meet Monthly (2nd Thursday) at 10.15

All Saints Church Hall, Sanderstead

We are looking for like minded people

that are interested in Art.

We have expert lecturers to do the talks.

8th February The Trees Wave.

Virginia Woolf, works by Vanessa Bell

14th March Emperor Quianlong,

Renaissance Ruler and Fine Art Collector

For further details phone 0208 657 2496 or


To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292


What’s On in the Community

FREE page for local charities and non-profit making organisations


A professional, confidential and caring service

For more details contact us on 020 8668 4189

Old Coulsdon District


PC, Laptop, Tablet, iPad & Android Tablets

Staying Put (Croydon Council)

Help to live in own home

Legal & Will Advice (Free)

(Streeter Marshall)

Advice Services Croydon (ASC)

& Age UK Croydon (Free)

Nail Cutting

(Age UK Croydon)

Citizens Advice Croydon

By appointment

(tailored to your specific needs)

Mondays (By appointment)

Between 10.30 am -11.30 am

Wednesdays (By appointment)

1.00 pm – 2.00 pm

Tuesdays (By appointment)

10.00 am – 12.00 noon

Wednesday 14 th , 21 st , 28 th

10.15 am – 12.45 pm

& every Thursday (By appointment)

10.30 am – 12.30 pm

Referral Service


Brownie Leaders 18+ for Brownie pack

for girls age 7-10 needed in

Old Coulsdon

Can you spare max. 2 hours a week

term time?

Tax Help for Older People (Free)

Purley Counselling Service

Mondays (By appointment )

10.30 am – 12:00 noon

Daytime or Evening appointments

For more help and information please drop in or contact us on the number below

Centre Opens Monday to Friday 10.00 am – 2.00 pm


Open Mondays - …….. Fridays 10am - 2pm

24 High Street, Purley, Surrey, CR8 2AA

020 8668 4189

Provided by

Free training given.

Good fun and very rewarding

Contact District Commissioner

96 Log into your local community website!

What’s On in the Community

FREE page for local charities and non-profit making organisations

Worried about debts?

Looking for a job?

Struggling on a low income?.

Then get in touch with your local

Christians Against Poverty ( CAP )

centre who would love to help you.

All you need to do is visit the website

at, choose the service

you are interested in and enter your

post code.

Or you can email

to request more details

Welcomes lively over 40's

to social events including

barbeques, theatre, walks,

meals etc.

New members evening – 1st

Thursday of the month at 9pm


Linda 020 8668 1382,

Glenn 020 8656 9007,

Shirley 020 8651 5835.


Clockhouse Singers

Think you can’t sing?

Want to sing better?

Just want to sing?

Come and find your true voice with

your local Community Choir

The atmosphere is very relaxed, and

beginners are welcome.

Saturday mornings

10:30 a.m. to 12 noon

Whitethorn Avenue Methodist Church,


(Opposite Beechwood Avenue)

Young people welcome from age 7

with Safeguarding policies and

Certificated helpers

Call: Anna Crowther on 020 8668 3769


or just turn up!

St Andrew’s Contact Group

Monthly Pop In Teas

at St. Andrew’s Church

Hall, from 2-4pm on the

second Tuesday of every

month. A cup of tea,

sandwiches and cakes

are served for a modest


The Contact Group Volunteers invite you to

join them for companionship and friendly

conversation. If a lift would help, contact

Monica Jefford 01737 555996

St. Andrew’s Church, Coulsdon, CR5 2DD.

To advertise call Lucy on 01737 557888 or 07703 209292




LJ Accounting 50

One Financial Solutions 63

Tax Data 61

•Aerials / Satellite

Communitech 19

•Architectural Services

Jameson Architectural Services 70


JT Blinds 13/15

Mobile Curtain Studio 20

Opal Interiors 41

Surrey Blinds 23

•Building Services

AVACO Scaffolding 19

Exclusive Extensions 66

MJ Building Services 13

SN Building Services 45

STL Building Services 83

Taylors Building Services 25

•Care Services

Right Care For You 45


Ben Saunders Carpentry 41


Carpets 4U 38

CSL T/A Coulsdon Flooring Co 31

Janes Flooring 57


Brite N Breezy 59

Ovenu 14

Surrey Carpet Care 53

•Computer Services

Computer Solutions 55

Fahy Consultancy 67

Plum Planet Computer Tuition 65


Your Life Matters 61


Carlton Video 37

•Education & Tuition

Laleham Lea School 27

Oasis Academy Coulsdon 49


BGW Electrical Contractors 58

Michael Steele Electrician 45

PatMan Electrical Testing 9

Surrey Electrical Services 65

Wandle Electrical Services 23

Watt Electrical Services 30

•Estate Agents

Daniel Adams 1

Park & Bailey 2

John Brown 100


James Knight of Coulsdon 29

•Gardening Services

Absolute Gardens 35

Aralia Tree Services 59

CJ Gardening 70

Daisy Garden 81

Emsworth Tree Care 41

Expertrees 26

Gaskells Gardens 74

Little Oak Treecare 73

Manor Gardens 69

•Hardware Store

Coulsdon Home Hardware 17

•Health, Hair & Beauty

Coulsdon Opticians 71

Foot Health Centre 69

Hair by Rachel 62

Jane Naylor-Maury Osteopath 37

Mobile Hairdressing by Shirley 19

Old Coulsdon Osteopathic Clinic 51

Relax Therapy 25


Coulsdon Manor Hotel 39

•Interior Design

Opal Interiors 41


Dream Doors 33

•Ladies Fashion & Accessories

Milan Design 28


Alpine Lock Services 20


Alsted Manor Farm 58


Car Body Solutions 73

Coulsdon Auto Parts 21

Jemca Toyota Croydon 99

LEXUS Croydon 3

Robe & Hitchen 35

Top Marks Tyres 81

Wallace Automotive 67


Paintsmart 34

Southern Decorator Supplies 75

•Pest Control

BEE OFF Pest Solutions 14


Animalia Dog Walking Services 9

Anwells Veterinary Practice 34

Little 4 Paws 41

Sitting Purrfect 57

Whoof Whoof Doggie Day Care 65


Andrew Franklin Photography 7


KWS Plastering Services 67

SWS Plastering 14

•Plumbing & Heating

Dapson Heating & Plumbing Serv. 50

DV Services-Plumbing/Install 22

GC Gas & Heating 61

Jonathan Davidson Heating 22

MPM Plumbing 59

SE Services-Heating & Plumbing 75


Advanced Print 43

•Property Maint/Handyman Services

David Tuppen Handyman 43

Maiden Maintenance 57

MJ Services ~Elect. & Plumbing 50

Newhill Handyman 74

Property Care & Repair Services 77

RCB Maintenance 73

Warwick Property Maintenance 54


Chez Vous 62

Coulsdon Manor Hotel 39

Curry Leaf 21

Karnavar 6

Surrey National Golf Club 47


BB Roofing 53

SG Roofing 55

Tacey Roofing 73

W.Brown & Sons 18


AVACO Scaffolding 19


Posada & Co 12

Rowe Radcliffe 66

Streeter Marshall 42

•Sports & Recreation

Caterham Dance School 43

Old Coulsdon Colts 15

Surrey National Golf Club 47

•Stamp Collecting

John Curtin Ltd 59


Vapepit 85

•Weddings & Event Services

Coulsdon Manor Hotel 39

Surrey National Golf Club 47

•Windows & Doors

Atlas Glass 3

Selsdon Windows 52

The Surrey Glazing Company 46

Model shown for illustrative purposes only. *Terms and conditions apply, ask in Centre for details.


Hatching a plan to

move this Spring?

Make a move with your leading local

and experienced independent agent



01737 551111

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