Why Renewable Energy is the Future?


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Why Renewable Energy is the Future?


The fact that renewable energy is economical and environment-friendly is no secret. If utilized properly, greenhouse gas

emissions can be significantly reduced and public health concerns can be written off entirely. Sustainability wouldn’t be too

much of an issue either due to constant replenishment of the renewable energy resources, which it might be noted, helps to

keep prices down as well.

We could always do with better means of saving water the increasing scarcity on a global scale is not only alarming but

hard to ignore. Tapping into renewable sources is the key because water isn’t required for cooling during energy

production, as is the case with fossil-fueled power plants. This is one way to put a cap on water consumption.

It is estimated that in a future where 80 percent energy comes from renewable sources, carbon emissions from the water

sector would be reduced by as much as 80 percent and water consumption would also fall down to at least 50 percent. A

healthier environment, little to no air pollution and more water, can quite literally flip the coin on the future.

The Current Progress of Renewables Represents a

Bright Future

You will hear many experts saying that renewable

energy sources are not reliable and they do not hold

the potential to fully power up our energy system. To

back these statements up, they present their own

unique analysis like “what if the sun doesn’t shine or

the wind doesn’t blow, what would you do?”

Well, for what it’s worth, we all know about the economical and environmental mess that coal and carbon has created on the

planet and that renewable energy sources are the only way to reverse this damage and move towards a brighter future.

Even though the scientific analysis that solar and wind power is variable may hold true, it does not take into account a number

of reliable renewable energy resources like geothermal, biomass, and hydropower. Today, New Zealand, Brazil and Norway are

relying 100 percent on renewables to power up their infrastructure. Denmark and Sweden are also making the switch to a

renewable energy supply. This just goes to show that renewables can effectively support the energy ecosystem without any

dependence whatsoever on traditional energy resources.

Homeowners and businesses are gradually making the shift towards self-sufficiency through renewable

energy resources like solar panels and other small-scale technologies to have their own power

generating systems at significantly lower prices.

Moreover, the energy supply ecosystem can be better geared towards meeting high demand with the

help of sufficient energy storage, dispatchable renewables, energy conservation techniques, energy

efficiency and demand management systems. Renewable energy can also be stored by using batteries,

fuel cells and compressed air.

We’re dealing with constantly changing climate and increased global warming today, which fortunately,

can still be curbed if we are willing to tap into renewable energy sources. However, if we don’t act now,

we may lose this opportunity to make things right with Mother Earth for good.

The importance of a future with renewable energy resources can’t be stressed on enough, as it is not

only technically and economically feasible, but also has tremendous benefits it can have on both an

individual and collective level.



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