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Photos: Matt Cleary; Warringah RC

– also head of Emergency at

RNS – who relayed the terrible

news. He stayed with the family

a month. Love did its best.

People rallied. The NSWRU

and ARU sent people. Holmes,

through his church, had

counsellors at the ground for

anyone who wanted a yarn. The

old boys got everyone together.

Coach Darren Coleman put his

credit card over the bar. They

talked it out. There are no rules

on grief. A message from the

counsellors was that it could

hit you days or weeks afterwards.

And so talk they did.

And they cried it out. And they

held the Ward family tight.

In the weeks that followed

Lachlan’s father Murray was

offered the gig of first grade

assistant manager. He wasn’t

ready. Couple weeks later

Murray’s son, Sam, first grade

vice-captain, suggested to

Dicky that maybe you could

ask the old man again. Harris

did. Today Murray Ward’s

job is, effectively, be Murray

Ward. He hangs out the jumpers

for first grade. Has a yarn

with the boys as they come

into the shed. He drinks a tinnie

in the bar afterwards. It’s

rugby holding its own close

after unimaginable loss. But

people can empathise. And

they can love. You get teary

thinking about it.

No tears at training today

but plenty of sweat and a

little blood. There’s sacks

of footballs, water bottles,

cones, dodge-’em sticks, a

whiteboard with plays on it.

It’s nearly 6pm and still close

to 30 degrees. Pre-season for

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