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Running with the Rats Continued from page 31

a footy player means to sweat

many buckets.

The players run shuttles, up

and back, running and running,

sweating for Australia.

Dicky Harris stands sideline,

shoe-less, pointing out players

who’ve come from everywhere.

There’s Sam Needs of

South West Rocks, off to play

for Seawaves of Japan.

There’s Baxter King from

Taranaki via Western

Force. Dicky picked him

up at the airport. The

Force didn’t do that in

Perth. Stiffed him for a

job, too.

Richard Munchow

came from Darwin and

Penrith Panthers U/20s,

a tidy mover. Another

gun: Max Girdler of

Avalon, played Australia

U/20s. There’s Harry

Jones, a big lump with

pony-tail and beard,

shades of Khal Drogo

in Game of Thrones.

“He’d be a No.8?” I

ask Dicky about Jones’


“No, mate,” smiles

Dicky. “Winger.”

“Jesus,” I reply.

“Yes,” says Dicky.

No mistaking the positional

choice of the chunky

man in the green polo shirt,

Emanuele Fuamatu, for he is

the size of a refrigerator. He

threw shot put for Samoa in

the 2012 London Olympics.

He is studying international

TRUE COLOURS: Other clubs are green with envy!

relations and law at Sydney

University. He gets no change

from 140kg.

Other end of the spectrum

is a thin dude with blonde-grey

hair, five-eighth Myles Dorrian.

The 35-year-old has played

pro rugby for London Irish,

Coventry and across the UK,

contracts lined up by coach

Coleman, a man he’d

never met. When Dorrian

came back to Sydney he

became a Rat, introduced

himself. When gun No.10

Hamish Angus went

down late last season,

Dorrian filled the breach,

experience writ large.

And there’s Dave

Feltscheer, the superfine

fullback. Not a

lot of him. Most of it

beard. But you want

some entertainment on

a Saturday afternoon?

Get down to Rat Park

and watch the No.15 for

Warringah. The Rats

scored a try in the derby

game against Manly in

2014, length-of-the-field,

must’ve gone through 30

sets of hands. Feltscheer

would’ve touched it upwards of

20 times.

And so they run and run,

and run some more, and they

blow like bellows. If it were

cold they couldn’t be seen for

breath-fog. But it’s still close

to 30C so it’s lungs afire stuff.

Not much banter now. These

are hot, hard yards.

The 70-odd players are divided

up into four sectors. In

one Coleman runs an attacking

drill. Dorrian holds up

the white board, points to it.

“Jerry is here, here and here,”

he doesn’t say. There is talk of

“green zones” and “zing” and

“Rangi”. Whatever that means,

they all nod along, privy to

the intelligence, commercialin-confidence.

There’s a defensive drill and

big blokes go hard at each other,

driving shoulders into lower

ribs, physical, jolting stuff.

At another there’s three men

leaping over one another, like

Chinese acrobats. And in the

fourth zone they just continue

to run. And run, and run…

The club had a video made of

their 2017 run into the grand

final and beyond, and late last

32 MARCH 2018

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