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Boating Life

Boating Life

Photo: Lori Wilson


Open Day

The Avalon Sailing Club

and the Couta Association

NSW are hosting an Open

Day on Saturday 24 March

for families to check out

what the club has to offer

for kids and adults. The

club’s committee invites locals

to enjoy a trial sail on

a family friendly Coutaboat

– “the prettiest sailing boat

you will see on Pittwater!”

Hours are 10am-4pm.

More info Larry Eastwood

0417 244 406.

Yes harm, if no foul!

Pittwater is unique with its

rocky shorelines, intertidal

mudflats, mangroves and saltmarshes

each having a different

impact on the health of boat


If you own a boat you already

know how important it is to

antifoul annually.

A fouled hull can cause

serious problems affecting

a vessel’s performance and


Applying an antifouling paint

to the hull of your boat prevents

the attachment of fouling

organisms such as barnacles,

weed and slime.

With no antifoul your hull will

become a breeding ground for

all types of marine life and the

longer the growth is there the

harder it will be to get off ...

prevention is the key.

Owners should check the

underwater coating of their

vessels, if they’re not active,

every couple of months and if

‘fouling’ is starting to settle,

they should give the area a

wipe down or scrub depending

on what type of product

has been used, says Northern

Beaches-based yacht coating

expert Kane Barfoot.

With more than 25 years’ experience

in paint application in

the yachting industry, the technical

sales representative for

International Paints explained

antifouling paints worked by

delivering a controlled, steady

release of biocide (such as copper)

from the paint surface into

the microscopic layer of water

next to the hull.

It is this layer of biocide that

stops the fouling from settling.

“Modern antifouling paints

are specifically formulated to

release just the right amount

of biocide to keep the surface

clean throughout the season,

without the need to scrub your

boat,” Kane added.

While some may try doing the

job themselves it’s generally a

task best left to the experts.

Kane recommended avoiding

getting the job done in cold and

wet times of the year, as these

conditions can sometimes affect

application of any product used.

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