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Hair & Beauty

Time to come clean: How

do you wash your face?

with Sue Carroll

Summer is now over, even

gauze and toning lotion to

though it may not feel like

ensure all makeup and debris

it as we are still dealing

is removed thoroughly and the

with heat and humidity. While

pH of the skin is returned to

every season brings a new set

its normal level of between 4.5

of challenges for the skin, the

and 5.

end of summer and the start of

For skin fitness and health, the

autumn usually sees a depletion

cleansing routine is the starting

of hydration in the skin and a

block for proper care every

dulled complexion. The first

morning and night. Skin, it’s for

area of skin fitness is cleansing

life… we are only given one, so

and if this is not performed

give it the care it deserves.

correctly the aftermath of

summer will be heightened.

Sue Carroll of Skin

You may think it simple to Know Your Skin Type – and then cleanse the skin with Inspiration has been a qualified

Aesthetician for 33 years.

wash your face; you reach for Choosing a cleanser for your the cleanser. If you do not have

soap in the shower – stop, don’t skin type can be daunting. The a makeup remover and you

Sue has owned and

do it! There is a huge margin of internet is constantly booming have thick, heavy makeup on,

operated successful beauty

error when it comes to washing with suggestions of the latest perform a double cleansing

clinics and day spas on

your face, so it is important to

and greatest products making it routine: wash with the first

the Northern Beaches.

make sure you are performing

hard to weed through what you application, rinse and then

this twice-daily exercise

really need and what you will wash again with the second info@skininspiration.com.au

correctly. There are four things

like. Not to mention your best application. Follow with your www.skininspiration.com.au

you should know:

friend’s advice, and all those TV

infomercials! Knowing what your

Say No to Bar Soap – You

skin needs is essential. Make

might cringe at the idea of

time to speak with your beauty

purchasing something other

therapist, which will often not

than the soap you buy from

cost you a thing except your

the supermarket or health

time. The therapist will ask

food store. But washing your

questions about your lifestyle,

face with that bar of soap can

your skin concerns and will

do more harm than good.

be able to customise the right

Bar soaps contain a high pH


(they are very alkaline which

Stick to a Routine – We all get

leaves the skin squeaky clean;

crazy and we all get lazy. If you

sometimes they are similar to

are washing your face too little,

dishwashing liquid) which can

or too much, you’ll start to see

destroy and irritate the outer

those negative effects on your

layer of skin. In addition, bar

skin. Instead of cutting corners

soap can dry the surface of the

and hoping it will get you

skin, which can cause breakouts, through, stick to a routine, like

wrinkles and create a breeding cleaning your teeth twice a day.

ground for bacteria and other Your face can be washed either

germs. Instead, choose a wash at the basin or in the shower,

or cleanser that is suited to remembering never to have the

your skin condition, one that full force of the hot streaming

is not too harsh with alcoholbased

shower pounding onto your

ingredients. It must be skin. Dehydration and bright

pH balanced and if you have red capillaries may be the result

an oily skin tending towards and then further skin treatments

breakouts, it must not contain such as IPL to remove the

coconut-based ingredients (they redness and oxygen treatments

are comedogenic and will cause to hydrate the skin will follow.

pimples, milia and sebaceous Removing Makeup – We are

hyperplasia). A prescribed all guilty of trying to cut corners

cleanser may be a little more with a quick splash of water

expensive than the soap bar or a wipe with a baby wipe.

initially, but your skin will thank Remove makeup either with a

you for it.

specialised makeup remover

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Hair & Beauty

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