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Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing

Healing at cellular level

In her former demanding full-time role

in anaesthetics and intensive care, and

as a mother of three young boys, local

doctor Jasmina Dedic-Hagan admits it

was a point in her life where she was

struggling to keep up.

“I was tired, sleep-deprived, waking up

achy and battling brain fog,” the newest

member of the Avalon Wholistic Medical &

Dental Centre revealed.

“At about the same time my son was

experiencing severe eczema and a conventional

approach was not working for either

of us.”

With an academic record including an

honours degree in Molecular Biology and

Genetics from Sydney Uni, a PHD in Molecular

Biology from ANU and a medical degree

from the University of Melbourne, it was

natural for Dr Dedic-Hagan (pictured) to

investigate further.

“I came across functional medicine, an

approach that seeks to find the root cause

of illness, understand its molecular basis

and provide personalised care,” she said.

“This appealed to me as I had background

in genetics and molecular biology and believed

that what we experience as a myriad

of different symptoms has its origins at a

cellular level.”

Dr Dedic-Hagan spent the following two

years training with the Institute of Functional

Medicine in the US and finding ways

to implement what she was learning in her

general practice.

“Every patient has a story and their life experiences,

environment and genetics impact

their health,” she explained. “I take these

elements into account and tailor a personalised

treatment to optimise outcomes.”

Dr Dedic-Hagan said she particularly enjoyed

working with women who were going

through the challenging phase of their lives

that involved juggling work and family.

“These women work incredibly hard and

often become very depleted, physically as

well as emotionally,” she said. “It is very

rewarding when I see that improvements

in their health lead to happier families and

healthier communities.”

Prior to joining the Avalon practice Dr

Dedic-Hagan worked across Sydney and

also on the Northern Beaches as a part of a

Palliative Care team.

“I always felt that working on the beaches

was something special – I enjoyed working

within a close-knit community, in a beautiful

environment, with people who love to live

life their way,” she said.

Family aside, these days Dr Dedic-Hagan

does make sure she carves out some time

for herself, which usually means yoga, a

bike ride or swim. A former elite alpine

skier, her perfect holiday still includes challenging

mountains with plenty of snow.

– Lisa Offord

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