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Travel Life

Travel Life

Ponant’s new ‘Blue Eye’ to the future

It’s an exciting year for small

expedition ships specialist

PONANT which is upgrading its

luxury fleet with four new ‘Explorer’

class vessels – as well as

introducing an incredible worldfirst

multi-sensory underwater

lounge where passengers can

truly immerse themselves in the

aquatic experience.

Travel View’s Sharon Godden

said PONANT – the only French

cruise line to sail to little-known,

remote lands that are inaccessible

to larger ships – would introducing

the Le Lapérouse and

Le Champlain vessels this year,

followed by Le Bougainville and

Le Dumont-d’Urville in 2019.

“The four new stars of PO-

NANT’s fleet pay tribute to

the great French explorers,”

explained Sharon. “In keeping

with PONANT’s philosophy,

each ship combines a

limited guest capacity, sleek

design, cutting-edge technology

and of course respect for

the environment.”

She said the

new additions

would enable PO-

NANT to offer an

even wider range

of destinations.

“These new


yachts boast

elegantly designed

staterooms, spacious

suites with

bay windows, lounge areas

opening onto the outside, infinity

pool, panoramic view sauna,

a modular marina platform to

enjoy water activities and a fleet

of Zodiac,” Sharon said.

“Their design and size are the

guarantee of a unique cruising

experience in comfort

and elegance.”

The new additions

to the fleet

will be equipped

with a multi-sensory


space called ‘Blue Eye’, designed

by renowned French

architect and oceanographer

Jacques Rougerie.

“Rougerie’s vision enables

guests to perceive and feel

the underwater universe

through three innovative

concepts,” she said.

“The Blue Eye lounge

space’s graphical references

evoke cetaceans and jellyfish

– this inspiration is evident in

the lines of the lounge, the

furniture and the fittings. All

focus is drawn towards the two

portholes, shaped like the eye

of a cetacean looking out upon

the subaquatic


“And the

mural décor

disappears to

make way for

the integrated

digital screens

projecting the

images filmed

live by three

underwater cameras,” Sharon

added. “Placed at the ship’s

strategic points, these cameras

enable guests to witness, for example,

the spectacle of dolphins

playing in the bow waves. It’s an

incredible experiential addition.”

* For more information on

PONANT’s new ships call 9918


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