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No pining for plastics

Surfrider Foundation is rolling

out a new program to

certify and encourage local

businesses that are making a

difference to our ocean, waves

and beaches.

Passionate protectors of

our playground, the not-forprofit

sea-roots organisation

is hoping the free Ocean

Friendly program will reduce

the excessive plastic entering

our waterways by stopping the

pollution at its source.

Surfrider Northern Beaches

Rowan Hanley explained

by implementing six simple

changes that eliminate unnecessary

single-use plastics,

Surfrider will certify and

promote the business on its

website, social media and community


“Plastic pollution in our

oceans and on beaches is a

critical issue that breaks our

hearts, but it is an issue that we

can fix in our own backyard…

indeed, we have a responsibility

to do so,” Rowan said.

“We are hoping the program

will make a significant difference

to the cleanliness of our

local beaches as well as gradually

encouraging consumer

and business habits to become

more sustainable.”

The first Northern Beaches

Ocean Friendly business is

4 Pines in Newport, which is

single-use-plastics-free and

sets incredibly high standards

of social and environmental

performance, accountability

and sustainability.

Receiving the accreditation

certificate last month 4 Pines

Sustainability Officer Kiera

Murphy said: “It’s not about doing

extra things, it’s just about

doing things differently.”

To qualify for Surfrider

Ocean Friendly certification,

establishments must implement

six compulsory criteria:

1. No polystyrene foam use;

2. No single-use plastic straws;

3. Reusable tablewear issued

for dine-in and non-plastic

utensils for takeaway food;

4. No water sold in plastic


5. No plastic bags offered; and

6. Proper recycling practices.

PLASTIC NOT FANTASTIC: 4 Pines Sustainability Officer Kiera Murphy, Surfrider

Northern Beaches’ Rowan Hanley and Brendan Donohoe (President)

and 4 Pines Venue Manager Chris Owen.

There is also the option to

adopt extra practices, including

discounts to customers

who bring in reusable cups,

bags or containers; energy-efficient

lighting and energy star

appliances; vegetarian/seafood

sustainable options and water

conservation efforts.

The Surfrider Ocean Friendly

program will begin in earnest

on the Northern Beaches from

April, with a special focus on

Avalon where its vibrant and

environmentally conscious

groups are already working in

earnest towards becoming a

successful single-use-plasticsfree


Local business owners

interested in accreditation can

contact Surfrider Foundation

Australia via operations@surfrider.org.au

– Lisa Offord

8 MARCH 2018

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