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Fah Thai Magazine March/April 2018 - Infight Magazine of Bangkok Airways

Fah Thai is the inflight magazine of Bangkok Airways. It is YOUR MAGAZINE. It is distributed with our compliments on all Bangkok Airways flights. We hope you enjoy it.


OVERTURES BEAUTY AND HEALTH 20 SPOTLIGHT Be Light With summer’s approach, it’s time to change your routine to a low maintenance one. Let your products make the season feel light and prepare yourself for a bare, sun-kissed look. Our essentials provide you with a lighter touch but a stronger protection. DAZZLING SPRING BODY OIL 100ML FROM ERB (890 Baht) Pour a generous amount and apply liberally all over a damp and freshly showered body to nourish your skin with olive oil and grapeseed oil. ORIENTAL EXPRESS FLEURFUME HAND CREAM 25G FROM ERB (290 Baht) Notes of lemongrass and bergamot expresses the scents from the tranquil East. The sparkling and invigorating scents from Thai botanical ingredients deliver a perfumed Eden. AROMATIC WOOD AROMATHERAPY CONDITIONER 200ML FROM THANN (550 Baht) Leaves hair soft and shiny, helps repair, restore and strengthen your crowning glory from the sun’s strong rays. EDEN BREEZE HAND CREAM 40G FROM THANN (790 Baht) More sun exposure does a number on your hands too. Revitalise dry and aging hands with 6 natural precious oils in a non-greasy lightweight but intensely enriched formula. HAND SALVE 3OZ FROM BURT’S BEES (250 Baht) Moisturise rough, dry hands with 100% natural ingredients. Brimming with botanical oils, herbs and beeswax, this hand salve offers skin the hydration it craves, plus nourishment. OIL-FREE FACIAL SUNSCREEN SPF30 PA+++ 40G FROM THANN (1,000 Baht) Protect against the damaging effects of harmful UVA and UVB rays on the skin and prevent premature aging and wrinkles. WORDS PASSAKORN HONGTHONG STYLE SARANYA ARIYAKUL PHOTO APHICHAT SUKHUNNEE SPECIALIST DREAM SCREEN SPF 45 PA+++ 45ML FROM BENEFIT (1,350 Baht) It absorbs instantly to help prevent skin from aging by protecting against sun damage and leaves your skin feeling moisturised. LIGHT SUN FLUID SPF 50+ PA+++ 50ML FROM LANEIGE (950 Baht) Provides moisture to skin and keeps your skin healthy and moisturised by forming a protective layer that protects skin from various external environments. HYDRATING PRETTIFYING FINISHER SPF 35 PA+++ 50ML FROM ORIGINS (1,600 Baht) Fortified with energising coffee beans and panax ginseng, it instantly restores luminosity as it perfects your skin to look smooth, supple and vibrant. Tips Remember what the SPF number means: the numbers are a guide that tells you how long you can stay in the sun without getting burned. An SPF of 15 means that you can be in the sun for fifteen times longer without burning than you’d be able to without sunscreen. Apply generously. Wearing sunscreen is a great start, but it won’t live up to its sun protection potential if you’re not putting enough on. Don’t rely on clothes for protection. Covering up is a great added measure of protection, but experts say that an average t-shirt only provides an SPF of about 8. Don’t miss those hard-to-reach or easily forgotten spots, like your ears, behind your knees, and the tops of your feet. If they’re exposed, it’s getting some unwelcomed love from the sun. TOTAL AGE DEFY CREAM SPF 15 SUNSCREEN 1.69OZ FROM SEPHORA COLLECTION (1,230 Baht) This anti-aging facial cream produces visibly younger-looking and beautiful skin. Safety First As the temperature rises, the number of day dreams do too, of days at the beach or a picnic in the park. We may love the feel of a little sun on our face, but we’ll get by with help from some SPF for sun safety. FIRMING BODY LOTION 200ML FROM TRILOGY (1,040 Baht) Fragrance of lavender, frankincense and rose geranium gets your skin moisturised, more firm while improving your skin’s elasticity and texture. CAVIAR RAPID REPAIR SPRAY 125ML FROM ALTERNA (1,280 Baht) A vitamin-packed spray that helps revitalise hair while adding instant shine and moisture that can be used as a finishing shine spray for a lustrous look. FIZZING BATH CUBE CHERRY BLOSSOM 18G FROM SEPHORA COLLECTION (50 Baht) Indulge in a special moment of well-being as the colourful cube dissolves in bath water – leaving an inviting milky-ness that leaves your skin silky with a delightful scent. Just sit back and relax and be assured it’s all tested to be kind to your skin. MOISTURIZING HAND CREAM 50ML FROM SEPHORA COLLECTION (260 Baht) A moisturising hand cream that protects and leaves your hands feeling supple all day long. NOURISHING VELVET CREAM MANGO 250ML FROM SEPHORA COLLECTION (520 Baht) A luxurious yet light ‘whipped cream’ texture, with a delicate fragrance, and a feeling of comfort upon application. It provides a light sensory experience, complementing their bath scents collection. STOCKISTS Burt’s Bees MF Siam Paragon Tel +66 (0) 87 811 4554 Erb 5F Central Chidlom Tel +66 (0) 62 597 5563 AHA BOTANICAL BODY SOAP 236ML FROM MARIO BADESCU (300 Baht) Refresh your skin with a body wash infused with fresh fruit extracts to thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate skin. Sephora 1F Siam Center Tel +66 (0) 2658 1616 Thann 3F Gaysorn Village Tel +66 (0) 2656 1399 21