10 months ago

Fah Thai Magazine March/April 2018 - Infight Magazine of Bangkok Airways

Fah Thai is the inflight magazine of Bangkok Airways. It is YOUR MAGAZINE. It is distributed with our compliments on all Bangkok Airways flights. We hope you enjoy it.


GALLERY OPPOSITE Sakhoo Sai Moo and Khao Kriab Pak Mor (Steamed Tapioca Balls with Pork Filling and Steamed Rice Dumpling) are like twins – always together at the same snack stall. Sakhoo Sai Moo uses tapioca to wrap the minced pork filling while Khao Kriab Pak Mor uses a rice flour wrap. Deepfried garlic, aromatic herbs of coriander, lettuce, and fiery chillies complete the taste. TOP Making Thai sweets requires patience and attention to detail, right up to the final presentation. Their inspired origins trace back to traditional times when the colourful desserts got their bright hues from flowers and plants and this practice continues to this day. Blue comes from the butterfly pea flowers, yellow from night jasmine flowers and green from pandan leaves. 82 83