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Mecklenburg Lake District - Holidays on the water. House boats are a special highlight. As floating holiday homes they can be hired without a boating licence.

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Boating holidays

Mecklenburg Lake District

Photo: Achim Meurer

Land of the 1000 lakes

The Mecklenburg Lake District – between Berlin

and the Baltic Sea – can be actively explored in very

different, enjoyable ways: water tours as well as hiking

and biking tours.

Into the blue:

Paddlers in the Feldberger Lake District

On tour:

Ranger in

the Müritz

national park


Lake District

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Photos: 1 TMV/Roth • 2 Anne Schüßler

Photo: Christin Drühl

Water tours in the land of

1,000 lakes

The Mecklenburg Lake District invites you

to paddle, sail, dive, swim and enjoy. But

which lake is the best for what type of activity?

For example, there is often a breeze

on Lake Müritz, which means it is perfect

for sailors and surfers. Diving is particularly

suited in the clear and calm water

of the Feldberg lake district and the small

lake plateau is a paradise for paddlers.

There, most of the lakes are connected

through channels or rivers.

A bed with an ocean view

A houseboat or raft is the best way to explore

the region. You can either choose to

sleep in a secluded anchorage bay under a

star-filled sky, or in a luxury marina in one

of the harbour cities. In Europe’s largest

networked aquatic sports area, many of

the 1,117 lakes are connected through natural

rivers and canals. Numerous charter

companies rent boats for 2 to 12 persons.

A boating license is not required; instead,

you will receive a thorough introduction

prior to beginning your journey. Each

amateur captain determines their own individual

sailing schedule. Whether for one

or two weeks or for the entire summer –

there are enough possibilities for taking a

trip. And what’s best: the excellent water

quality in the lakes combines boating with


Untamed, real nature

Several national natural environments

lie in the area of the lake district – or are

located in the vicinity. These protected

regions are home to many rare species

of animals, such as the common crane,

which can be watched from nearby

during the spring and autumn months.

The Müritz National Park is a spectacular

destination for hikers. The park’s old

beech wood forests belong to the UNESCO

World Natural Heritage.

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Booking hotline: +49 (0)39931 538-0

Holidays on

the Water

„Venice, Southern France, Irish canals. Quite wonderful areas,“ says

Robert Tremmel, a travel journalist from Mirow.

But for a breakfast looking out across water lilies and thousands of

birds in the golden autumn, come to the land of 1000 lakes.

Photo: Christin Drühl


Lake District


Motor yachts



Daily Rent

Houseboat is a collective

term for motor

boats with a living

room, a kitchen and

a bathroom. The houseboats

are your own

mobile lodge. The boats

are up to 15 meters

long and have been

elegantly designed. In

search of the perfect

floor plan, Harald

Kuhnle devised the

Kormoran series. It has

become a trademark of

the region and is being

built in Rechlin for the

whole of Europe.

These boats are up to

15 meters long and

are sometimes called

Dutch or steel yachts.

They are pleasant

to drive which is

important if you are

planning a long trip.

Explore the untouched

river landscapes of

Mecklenburg: Havel,

Elde and Peene. The

motor yachts are well

equipped and have

many traditional


Camping on the water

is all about finding and

booking that exclusive

pitch on one of the

crystal clear lakes. Whether

you have a tent, a

caravan or a motorhome

the best pitches are in

high demand. If you

don‘t own a caravan, you

can easily rent a caravan

and raft in a duo which

is called a watercamper/

freecamper made in

Mecklenburg. These Tom

Sawyer style wooden

rafts are mainly rented

out on the smaller lakes.

The Müritz or the

Kummerow Lake

is well known for

competitive sailing for

catamarans, dinghies

and cruisers. There

are sailing regattas,

places to rent boats

and sailing schools for

beginners. Traveling

sailors love the weeklong

journey over

rivers and lakes by

the Binnenrevier. One

of the best things is

chatting to the harbor


Rent a small boat,

for a day of swimming,


and fishing. It’s easy

to do. Many hotels

and tourist information

points provide

information on local


Day boats with engines

up to 15 hp are

license free. Over 15

hp and you will need

a sport boat license.

Alternatively, you can

always opt for a day

course at a sailing


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Photos: 1 Yachtcharter Schulz • 2-5/7 Christin Drühl • 6 freecamper / Eric Stelzer • 8 Lars Hoffmann

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1 Klink Castle, Müritz

2 Marina Wolfsbruch

3 Port of Neustrelitz

4 House boat

5 Catamaran

6 Water campers /free campers

7 Day rental boat

8 Sailing paradise, Müritz

7 8

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Booking hotline: +49 (0)39931 538-0



You can rent the boat on the right

- no boat license required!

No boat license required

You are the captain

Every boat on these pages can be chartered

without a license. So, yes you can rent

it and yes, you can steer.

We call it „license-free.“ This „charter

certificate regulation“ is available , if you

are at least 18 years old and don‘t fall

completely on your head. Is boating child‘s

play? -

Not quite. Your boat rental company

will talk through the theory (3) and then

show you what to do on the boat (4).

It’s not too much to learn. Don‘t Panic,


Your guide

Robert Tremmel (1) is a boat tourism

expert: „The Land of 1000 Lakes is best

explored on a houseboat.” Tremmels

Revier-Tips: on the Internet


Lake District

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Photos: 0 TMV/Roth • 1/3/4 Christin Drühl • 2 KUHNLE-TOURS/Harald Mertes

With over 1000 lakes, the Mecklenburg Lake

District is the largest integrated lake district in

Central Europe. The Müritz is the largest lake

within Germany.

Photos: 1/4 Christin Drühl • 2 TMV/Roth • 3 KUHNLE-TOURS/André Pretzel

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The floating holiday home

Everything you need

on board

Your boating holiday can include having

breakfast enjoying the view of magnificent

water lilies, enjoying soused herrings

from the local fishermen and enjoying a

sundowner on the bathing platform or

aft deck. A floating holiday home always

comes with lake view. All our houseboats

come with heating and electricity on

board, making you completely independent.

All the houseboats have fully equipped

kitchens, showers and toilets and are

available in different sizes accommodating

from 2 to 12 people.

The Kormoran houseboats of the Kuhnle

shipyard in Rechlin have become a regional

brand. The first was launched in 1992.

The inventor‘s story began in Stuttgart...

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Booking hotline: +49 (0)39931 538-0

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Lake District

The travel magazine invites you to try an inspirational

„get to know us“ trip around the area. Page for page, it

will transport you throughout the Mecklenburg Lake

District and its most appealing holiday ideas.

The holiday tips is your handy-sized travel guide. Here

you will find a whole range of ideas ready to help you

plan your holiday in the land of 1,000 lakes. There‘s so

much to discover, from one location to the next.

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