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Issue33 - March 2018

- 112 - Rudy

- 112 - Rudy Lamboray

Can you tell us a little about you? I'm from south of France on the Atlantic side near the spanish border and I've been living in Belgium for a year now. Why Belgium will you tell me ? Less than a year and a half ago I was pleasantly surprised to receive a message from Rudy Lamboray, a very talented photographer from Belgium. So I did not hesitate too much and I met him during a first session in Belgium at his home, i went with my brother who wanted to taste belgium beers, chocolate, wafels etc. And today I'm lucky to say that we are married! The equestrian world is my passion since my early years! Living with Rudy for a little bit more than a year now and sharing the passion of photography i also wanted to start taking photos. The other side of the camera seems to be very intersting too ! I like very much to be a model and see how different photographers want to share their experiences and their approach of art. Model Carolyn White If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be? Regarding past situations, sometimes i wonder : And if I said or done that? Today the situation might be different or better. For years I thought that I wanted to be taller, thinner, to be able to correspond to a wider range of photographic demands. But today I wouldn't change a thing. I came to understand that looking like a category of people did not interest me and that I had to make myself an asset. I think, as anyone, my past makes me who i am now... and i'm proud to live with Rudy who helped me to understand that i finally am important in the eyes of someone. I think everybody should have that chance because this evidence is the best way to accept yourself. (Belgium) How did you start modeling? I have a big problem of trust in myself for many years now. One day I've been told you should try to find a way to be more confident. So as I knew a co-worker who studied photography, we improvised for a little shooting together. Then he told me it was better for me to stop trying to be a model ! Not the best first experience i guess... I trust him for a while then I said f*** off and I did what I wanted to do. I searched for other photographers in my area and I started to work with french photographer Laurent Dourrieu who become a friend. What do you think of the work as a model? I think it's important to do it with a lot of fun, not getting your head up and staying straight in your boots. It's a great experience if you decide to live it as a good one. I think it's not easy every day of course, I feel lucky and spared with the people i meet. There are many people who think that a model who goes naked agrees to get naked everywhere and under any conditions. I'm and will always be master of my body and I am free to decide how to dispose of it without explanations or excuses to anyone. Nudity exists for centuries and i think there is still a big issues about that for the public. I consider my personal vision of nudity as art and i whish to work in this direction. People can express their opinion but it should not be degrading oral or physical behaviors but with constructive critics. So being a model is very rewarding for me, you just have to know how to surround yourself with the right people. You can't avoid shit thinking especially on social medias... it's part of the world but i hate people saying a tits is shocking but a child starving to death... they prefer to zap. Issue 33 - March 2018 - Modellenland Magazine