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Issue33 - March 2018

What is your beauty

What is your beauty regimen? Before the physical aspect for me beauty is a state of mind! What emerges from the man or the woman. A woman who would meet the criteria of beauty but who would be unhappy would not be as resplendent in my eyes as a woman who does not meet his criteria there but who overflows with joy and love, benevolence. Beauty can be everywhere, everything depends on how we look at the world around us. What are your plans for the future? Continue to make beautiful encounters. Continue to make beautiful pictures with my husband because i wish to develop and share my Patreon profile. I would like to be able to do commercial projects, see integrating an agency or others. To be able to improve myself as a photographer and to learn even more on both sides of the lens. What are some of your favorite experiences so far? Without hesitation the one with Rudy Lamboray. During our first session, he was very calm and natural, i feel he was incredibly kind and selfless to me, he was comprehensive, attentive, and the most important, very respectful. I never met a person like him before. Now I am quite rigorous in the choice of photographers and my instinct deceives me very rarely. it has always been a pleasure working with Laurent Dourrieu, Sophie Hornard, Fred Beveziers, Maureen Raway, Jehanne Moll, Mathieu Sonnet, Denis Tancredi, Samuel Lebon, and of course the incredible Fabrice Mabillot, all those so talented and kind persons. Rudy Lamboray - 114 -

What are your personal qualities which distinguish you from others? It's hard to talk about my qualities because I would respond instinctively I do not have much. But I think to be really someone with a very great inner strength, kind of a warrior because of my past. Early years were not really the best part of my life. Do you have any advice for those who want to start modeling? Start only if you feel like it. Speak with other people who already have experiences as a model and if you ever get started do not hesitate to go to sessions with someone you trust. What do you think of the magazine? Well this is a great work ! There are very few magazines giving opportunities for models to express themselves without a weird selection we do not understand very often. People are beautiful when the meeting with the photographer goes well and a sort of chemistry comes out. Personality is the most difficult thing to see on a photo and i'am sure every girls can be a model if they trust what they are able to show without fear of being ridiculous. We are very often guided by what people think and it is good to hear and read all kind of comments based on respect. Like many girls i also receive pictures of d**** from men thinking it will impresse me... Anyway thanks again for giving chances to models to let hear their voices threw this magazine ! - - Samuel Lebon Issue 33 - March 2018 - Modellenland Magazine