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Issue33 - March 2018

Model Kamila

Model Kamila Brzezińska, Rosebud (Poland) Winner of the Month Can you tell us a little about you? Hi, my name is Kamila. I was born and bred in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. I studied English philology and speech therapy. I work as a teacher. My main interest, apart from photography :), is sport. I’ve been training pole dance for about three years. I also really enjoy stretching. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be? I guess, I wouldn’t change anything. My imperfections make me unique. I’m petite and pale, but these features distinguish me form other models. Well, maybe I could be a bit taller...:). How did you start modelling? Oh, it was a sheer coincidence :). I didn’t plan it. Some time ago I found myself in a difficult moment in my life and I needed some consolation, so I treated myself to a photo shoot. Its effects exceeded my expectations. For me, the pictures were perfect. A few months later I had another session with a friend of mine, and again I loved the photos. After that my friends encouraged me to set up a profile on, a website for photographers, models, makeup artists and stylists. I did it last year, in April, and this is how my adventure with modelling began. Since that time I had many photo shoots, I met a lot of fantastic people and I discovered the pleasure of posing :). What do you think of the work as a model? Working as a model is very demanding and challenging. The best thing about it is that, it’s like acting. Whenever I’m in front of the camera, I play a different role. I have an opportunity to become someone else. Later, when I look at my photos, I’m often surprised and I say “Is it really me? I didn’t know I look like this” :). It’s a wonderful feeling. However, it’s not always easy. During each photo shoot I have to be careful, pay attention to every little detail, repeat the same poses, stay still for some time. After each session, I’m really tired. But when I see the results, I’m sure it was worth it. Today I can honestly say that this occupation brings me plenty of joy and satisfaction :). What is your beauty regimen? I guess, I don’t have one. I try to sleep as much as I can. I eat what I like, although I know, I should pack away less sweets :). I exercise quite a lot, because it relaxes me. I use good quality cosmetics, and that’s about it. What are your personal qualities which distinguish you from others? I’m easy-going, friendly, hard-working, and open to new experiences, I like challenges. I’m also friendly and a bit naive, probably that’s why I truly appreciate a pleasant atmosphere during photo shoots. I sometimes talk too much and I tend to laugh in stressful situations :). - 66 -

Photographer William Gagnadoux Issue 33 - March 2018 - Modellenland Magazine