8 months ago

2018 VisiVite Doctor and Pharmacy Brochure

Vitamin Science Inc. specializes in the manufacturer of VisiVite nutritional formulas for ocular health which are based upon the most recent scientific literature. The doctor and pharmacy 20-page brochure contains no web or telephone contact information.

VisiVite Dry Eye Relief ® TG-1000 Tear Stabilization Formula Soothing, Hydrating Relief for Dry, Burning Eyes A patented nutritional supplement, VisiVite Dry Eye Relief® TG-1000 has been formulated to relieve the signs and symptoms of dry eye. SEVERE Dry Eye Dry Eye Relief TG-1000 uses a proprietary blend of triglyceride (TG) omega 3s and curcumin that work by supporting the formation of the central aqueous layer of tears. Dry Eye Relief TG-1000 directly replenishes the inner layer with Mucin and the outer layer with evaporation blocking phytosterols. Importantly and uniquely, VisiVite Dry Eye Relief TG-1000 adds polar phospholipids, which strongly conjoin the three tear layers, resulting in improved Tear Film Stability.

VisiVite Quench TG-1000 Soothing, Hydrating Relief for Moderately Dry Eyes Supplied in convenient two-per-day medium small softgels, Quench TG-1000 provides essential, natural nutrients for all day relief from mild to moderate eye discomfort due to dry eye symptoms. MODERATE Dry Eye Pure ingredients, easy absorption, a strong safety profile and high quality standards, are why Quench TG-1000 brings superior results for tear production, moisture retention and overall eye comfort.