9 months ago

2018 VisiVite Doctor and Pharmacy Brochure

Vitamin Science Inc. specializes in the manufacturer of VisiVite nutritional formulas for ocular health which are based upon the most recent scientific literature. The doctor and pharmacy 20-page brochure contains no web or telephone contact information.


VISIONARY NUTRITION Since 2001, VisiVite ® has developed innovative professional formulas for ocular nutrition. Today, we offer the greatest selection of condition-specific eye vitamins, allowing doctors to create customized therapy plans based on medical and family history, and current eye health. Doctors recommend VisiVite ® eye vitamins because of premium natural ingredients, easy-to-digest vegetarian capsules, no artificial colors or synthetic fillers, and independent laboratory verification of potency, safety and purity.

SEE CLEARLY - SEE LONGER The ability to see clear, vivid images requires much more than an eyeglass or contact lens prescription. The eye’s structures – the tear film, the cornea, the lens and retina – are magnificent in their complex, perfect function. And yet these minute tissues, sometimes measured in fractions of a millimeter, are fragile, made more so by aging, overall body health as well as genetic risk. Many doctors now recommend the use of daily targeted ocular nutritional supplements for eye health, even in the absence of vision complaints or other problems, because they understand that the eye’s delicate environment functions best when it is properly nourished.