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A ritual for…

A ritual for… contacting loved ones Let the power of herbs help you connect with the spirit realm Most of us who’ve lost someone dear have thought how lovely it would be to hear from them in the afterlife, and know they’re okay. The full moon is associated with the supernatural and spiritual realm. Try this simple ritual on the full moon on April 30th to reach out to a loved one on the other side. Step one ♦ Before bed, light a black candle and slow your breathing until you feel ready to connect to the spirit world. Place a photo of a loved one who has passed over, or an item that belonged to them, in front of the candle’s flame and look ‘through’ it, focusing your gaze on the flame itself. Step two ♦ After a minute of focusing on the flame, state your intention, by saying: ‘Through the veil you fell But through this spell I ask to contact thee If for the good of all it be.’ ♦ Step three Blow out the candle and, as you watch the smoke waft away, imagine it carrying your request to your loved ones. When the candle has cooled, place it in a purple pouch (the colour associated with psychic matters), along with the photo or item, and a sprig of parsley – a herb used in rituals to contact those in Spirit. Place the pouch under your pillow. Step four ♦ You will most likely dream of your departed loved one. They may give you a message or guidance. If this doesn’t happen, repeat the next evening. And the next, if need be. Your patience will be rewarded. 28 April 2018

Time for you Expert tip If you can’t remember your dream clearly when you wake up, go for a walk, taking your purple pouch. Let nature help you connect to the afterlife. Compiled by Tracie couper photos istock April 2018 29

Country Walking – the first ever issue, April/May 1987