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Embrace the winds of

Embrace the winds of change From calming breeze to blustery storm, connect with the power of the air to bring new opportunities your way 34 april 2018

Transform your life April may be one of the windiest months, but instead of battening down the hatches, why not tune into the might of this commanding element to change your life for the better? The wind has long been revered for its power, with many religions and cultures worshipping deities associated with it. In ancient Greek mythology, Aeolus was the god king of winds, keeping violent, blustery storms locked away. In Rome, goddess Cardea looked after the winds of the compass and the Aztec wind god, Ehécatl, was the bringer of love and passion, while in North America, wind deities were believed to give life and offer protection. But it’s not just gods and goddesses who have control over the air. In the 15th century, Northern European seamen consulted ‘wind witches’ who would string together knots on a piece of rope to conjure up a sailable breeze. Harmonise with nature Now shamanic healer Renee Danielle Baribeau has gone one step further and is showing people how they can harness the wind to help navigate their own lives and better themselves. She has written The Winds of Spirit: Ancient Wisdom Tools for Navigating Relationships, Health and the Divine (Hay House, £13.99) after turning to the wind to heal herself following a battle with drugs and alcohol in the wake of her father’s early death. ‘Harmonising with nature helped me cope with loss. The wind not only sweeps clouds away, but can remove obstacles in our lives and create abundance,’ says Renee. ‘Our ancestors understood how to draw on the strength and attributes of the wind to > Expert tip Wind goddess Cardea can open and close doors in your life. In your head or out loud, say ‘I am ready to let go’ and know she’s shut the door on a problem and opened up new possibilities. april 2018 35

Country Walking – the first ever issue, April/May 1987