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Let your life blossom

Let your life blossom Harness the wisdom of flowers to focus on what you need most to bring you joy We have long enjoyed flowers for their natural beauty and heady fragrances that lift our spirits, yet these are not the only reasons they should be celebrated – these glorious blooms hold special messages for us. The language of flowers, or floriography, has been used to communicate thoughts and feelings for thousands of years. From hidden messages conveyed through the use of their images in books to how flowers are arranged in a vase, different blooms even send out certain messages when presented to people. Giving someone the gift of a red rose is used to symbolise romantic love, or a white rose to honour their virtue. Now, as we emerge from the winter months, colourful flowers are bursting into bloom all around us with wisdom to draw on, says shaman Davina Mackail. ‘Flowers have spiritual significance because they grow from the darkness of the earth, which represents our unconscious depths,’ adds Davina. ‘Their messages bring our inner truth to light and spiritually illuminate us. Act on their insights to manifest the “fruits” of your life.’ Read on to channel the language of flowers in Davina’s bespoke oracle and discover what action you should be taking to allow happiness to thrive in your life. Using this oracle Close your eyes and ask, ‘What do I need to know right now?’ Run your non-dominant hand over the page, with your index finger pointing towards the flowers. Stop where you feel an energetic tugging and place your finger on the page. Open your eyes and read the message of the flower you’ve picked, before doing the ritual at a time of your choosing. 38 april 2018

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Country Walking – the first ever issue, April/May 1987