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What Should I Know About Puppy Potty Training


IT ALSO TAKES TIME You cannot expect most puppies to be fully trustworthy on the issue of always going outdoors until they are at least six months old, and some smaller breeds may need even more time for their bladders to mature. The first golden rule of puppy potty training is to remember that puppies are babies. It doesn’t make sense to get angry at the puppy for accidents, anymore than it would make sense to yell at a human infant for still using a diaper. To avoid lapses, you or other family members are really the ones in charge of making sure the puppy gets to an acceptable place to do its business. This can be accomplished in several ways.

POTTY TRAINING CONTINUED First, when you’ve gotten a puppy, you should use a crate so that you’ll have some time to not watch the puppy. Crate the dog anytime you cannot watch it completely. You really have to watch the puppy at all times to prevent accidents before they happen. When you want your dog with you, keep it on a leash attached to your clothing or to your wrist. Any signs that the puppy may be getting ready to urinate means you should get outdoors immediately. Expect accidents in the beginning, and keep the puppy on floors that are easily washable. If an accident does occur on the carpet, be sure to use carpetcleaning materials designed for removal of pet stains, so no residual smell remains. Keep designated puppy areas clean of accidents right after they occur to avoid encouraging your dog to continue using these areas as bathroom spaces. (It helps to keep a regular schedule of feeding and bathroom times when you’re in the midst of puppy potty training. A few minutes after your dog has eaten, take it out for about 10 minutes. Don’t use this time as playtime, but if your puppy does have a bowel movement or urinates, give it praise.

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