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What Should I Know About Puppy Potty Training


SOME DOGS WILL REFUSE when they’re taken out at designated times. If after ten or so minutes you can’t get the puppy to use the bathroom, place it in its crate for about fifteen minutes and try again. TO GO You probably need to aim for visits outside every two hours, and note your puppy’s schedule. They will gradually be able to hold more in their bladders and bowels, but at first they won’t be able to hold much. Make sure not to keep the puppy waiting as you observe this schedule. As the dog becomes more reliable, you can lengthen time between visits outdoors. It’s important not to scream at your puppy if it has an accident, and remember if the accident occurred when you weren’t watching, the puppy isn’t likely to remember it. If you catch your dog “in the act” simply take them outdoors and use a word like “No” to remind them that all bathroom business is conducted outside. Dogs that are routinely stressed out due to owners shouting may have a harder time mastering potty training.

ANOTHER in puppy potty training is to make sure to not leave water available to the puppy about two hours before bedtime. This may help reduce need to urinate at night and gradually train your dog to wait until morning to use the bathroom. On the other hand, if the puppy does make sounds or signs that it needs to go at night, you should get up and take it outside. GREAT TIP It can take work to be effective in puppy potty training, but over time your puppy will master this skill, especially as it matures. Some people really don’t have the time to devote to puppy potty training. If this is the case, you may want to consider adopting an older dog that can be trained more quickly or that is already trained.

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